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  1. Looking for tracks that could fit under or somewhere around the description in the title. thank you so very much
  2. yeah, I sort of did.. I used to hate darkpsy, but after listening to some faster stuff it actually felt quite emotional. I will probably put a link up in the demo area when I finish ~4 tracks. This site seems quite dead, but maybe I'll get 3 or 4 listens. as for the "mistake" it was meant to deliberately confuse the listener. Because confusion is a feeling too.
  3. http://soundcloud.com/frontier-xpell/your-ego-is-your-dark-side what do you think about this? has a lot of soul IMO, although more energetic than dark
  4. Thank you, mate! I really dig this tune
  5. Im sure it isn't, that's not the point.
  6. There is a download called "hallucinogen live at radio 106.8" that has been available in many places for ages now. I downloaded it and the first track (track 01 lol) is really great. Could anyone please identify it?
  7. Nice! Thanks alot, it saved me a lot of time searching (and im busy). Gratefully, dajek
  8. Hai guyse! I'm doing a reported speech on goa / psychedelic trance and i would like to know if there are other semi-reliable and hopefully resourceful sources except wikipedia where i could grab some knowledge on the subject?
  9. I've exchanged a few words with Neuromotor, he was playing @ the same event right after me. I've never heard any of his music tho...
  10. border community twisted traum schallplatten no particular order
  11. I have listened to this only once, but it seems very good. Sure, sleepwalkers are fillers, Elephant Machine sounds like the not-so-good parts in Shpongle 3 as Towelie said and I personnally don't like I am a Freak much, but overall it's really good. 9/10? 8.5/10 for sure. But this is only after the first listen...
  12. Yeah it works that way, but I want to know if there is a way to program the parameters.
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