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  1. I love The Light Of Shidapu album
  2. Ale


    PERFect IS merging - «dark sound manipulation» like "Toi Doi : Technologic" with - «powerful base line» like "Astral Projection : Trust in Trance" with - «agressive gothic atmosphere» like "Infected Mushoom : The Gathering"+"Dark Soho:SunSpot" with - «industrial feeling» like "Tim Schuldt : Single collection"+"Sandman : Witchraft" with - «insane chill out» like "Batthe of Future Buddhas : Demonoizer" with - «laughing foolish» like "Rastaliens : freestyle" OR - «the best of the goa past» with powerful nitzhonot base line
  3. Spectrum Analizer is the perfect example of a stupid title of a stupid music ! Do you know more ? i want laugh more
  4. The best kind of music must be the old Hallucinogen sound manipulation with a more powerful industrial modern (not todays full on) base line
  5. return to produce that music now !
  6. this topic is for Message From God first due to i loved first 3 albums but now it is nothing to do with aliens spirit i want someone return to produce something like first MFG first 3 albums
  7. todays psytrance is not psytrance due to it is not the alien spirit
  8. todays psytrance=hardstyle=schranz=hardcore=hiphop i lost my resistance !
  9. someone write todays psytrance is modern psytrance i write todays psytrance is old not psytrance due to it is the same old base line of 2002, 2003 years having nothing to do with psychedelic trance that's annoying modern psytrance must be strong goa trance dancefloor don't want it, who care? music is for brain first
  10. Goa and Psytrance are 2 different things. Comparing Goa to modern psytrance is like comparing gold with a yellow stone. Keep that in mind.
  11. powerful goa trance, something like Electron Wave album this is Evolution concept: strong on goa trance
  12. Ale

    Koxbox - U-Turn

    crap this album have nothing to do with Dragon Tales
  13. Ale

    a dream

    dark soho, mfg, space cat, infected mushroom, orion, talamasca, space tribe, etnica, pleiadians, cosmosis, future prophecy, dna, man with no name, sandman, oforia . . .
  14. Ale

    a dream

    is it possible old goa trance maestros bored producing full on return to produce goa trance one day?
  15. standard ambient is weak i want powerful ambient i loved The mistery of the thirteen kristal skulls i want more
  16. Ale


    Goa generation, The dark side of goa, Goa girl ... A radio in my country play full on and say Goa, don't say full on; people think unhearable full on is goa! Goa was best kind of music for listening
  17. i want to read something RIDIcolous an FUNny made by label to describe to convince someone to buy lovely topic
  18. due to all tracks are like one track the dj work is died
  19. NO! buy it! i bought! this is awesome! dark goa trance, i love it! i want more
  20. from todays dark full on to psyschranz from todays israeli full on to nonsense dance from todays progressive trance to progressive house You can put your suggest names!
  21. is todays psytrance new music or the old 2006 sound? i found true psychedelic trance freshest than todays phalse psytrance
  22. Ale


    2007,2008,....next millenium=2006
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