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  1. hey Tamlin!! i forgot about your music. how come you have never put out an album? I remember Upside Out from years back, thats the craziest fucking track ive ever heard.
  2. i think it depends what you want to do as far as the recording bands setup. if your going to be doing the final recording i dont see why you would waste your money on protools. the only advantage would be if the rock band wants to do vocals/drums at a bigger studio with isolation booths, things like that. i think you would be better off getting sx/logic/whatever, UAD card and a soundcard with a massive number of i/o to be able to skip the mixer. you will have to spend a shitload to get a mixer thats not the weak link in the sound quality chain. line 6 toneport is a nice piece of gear for recording guitars. really the problem is drums/vocals for recording rock. mic on drums is an art in itself, vocals i have no idea. really i would think twice about this whole setup, with a psy setup and toneport you could do a rough rock recording but its going to be a huge project to get things right as far as a total proper solution for drums/vocals. would be better off asking that on prorec or some board like that.
  3. just do a search for akai and different ethnic drums. i use to have one for my kurzweil, ancient instruments or something like that, nice multi samples of everything you could want. some instruments i never even heard of before. should be able to pick up old akai disks on the cheap now too.
  4. haha ever hear Neil Young - Harvest Moon? thats one of the most beautiful albums ive ever heard. Kind of like campfire music with acoustic guitar and harmonica. check that out if you never have.
  5. i responded to this on isra "75% plus of tracks released easily have stolen software used to make them. go to the prodution forum, everyone uses waves plugins, 1000 bucks easy for it. most flyers are probly made using a stolen version of photoshop. alot of visuals are made with stolen video software. the only thing thats not pirated in this scene are parties. really, who cares?" personally i dont buy cds at all. i dont even think listening to psy at home is much fun. i download more or less to see whats good that i would like to hear live. everyone bitches about this and takes this stupid moral highground about cd buying, the big artists make more than enough money for playing parties. its all about the parties, everything else is just promotion for parties IMO.
  6. wow, was expecting this to suck from the lame ghreg on earth - sigil weaver lite cover. this is baddass from the samples on saikosounds.
  7. your music fucking blows. twistedpsychology uses the same exact bassline in all 4 of those tracks. go buy some creativity
  8. get this album if you want to hear some pyschedelic, insane creative shit. its simply amazing.
  9. Ott sounds fantastic...how you can any long time Simon fan possibly say that hallucinogen clip sounds good? Its just the same 5 cliche things he does now over and over and over. slower moving line over rolling melody, pumping bass/kick, throw some filter delay somewhere, then some weird flanged out sound, probly some chopped up vocals at some point in this track im sure. What made simon great is that you never knew what his new stuff would sound like, now its just cliches of himself.
  10. yea IDM is equally uncreative at this point. Bluetech is still great psychill wise IMO, i will buy his next album without question but i think thats just because hes a serious musician. I think this is just how genres go after a time. You have the early innovators, then a bunch of a copy cats and then maybe you get a really good musician who can do fresh stuff but overall it gets stale. "Breakcore" is really where its at but thats getting a bit old now. check out anything on sublight, they have really been putting out the innovative stuff the last few years www.sublightrecords.com
  11. psy chill does blow, nothing compared to the creativity of this wacko
  12. i remember trying this also and was not that impressed by it. I'm going back to hardware actually. The prices of softsynths are getting stupid. this is not worth 200 bucks when good 90s hardware synths are 400-500 on ebay.
  13. oh yea because you know they are both so busy without having a real job, smoking weed all day. this zappa cover could be a good one for shpongle 6
  14. sentire.deviantart.com havent made much in the last 2 years though.
  15. awesome i seen koxbox live around 1999 and they threw in some pyschopod. the sounds coming out of the speakers sounded inhuman. best party i ever went to.
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