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  1. Here's the sample of Agrabah, Rayavana-Inside The Magic Lamp (so beautiful imo)
  2. I can't help myself but this fucking track mentioned is the best from SITA ever. I am nuts listening to it over and over. And, yeah, this topic should stay on the front page in psynews..c'mon psynews ppl..did you even listen to this recommendation?
  3. Wow! Awesome topic! Alphaville's album is my first CD!! It got it in 1984 when it was released. I was 13 years old. My family had the firsts stereos with a CD player in my neighbourhood. My parents favoured to buy " eternal" music like classical and The Eagles (hahaha). CD's were expensive; some 100 Finnish marks (former currency before euro) that would translate into 14 euros that's a big sum of money at that time. Anyways, I still have the CD: it is in a storage: will post a pic here as I retrieve it. I was a huga fan of A-Ha Loved this hit Who'd forget Sabrina (and Samantha Fox also of the same caliber that was already posted) I am not gonna fill the whole thread
  4. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 That above presents multiple hearts I send to Agrabah and the label. There is nitzho and then there is nitzho. This has vibes of the style Eyal Iceman uses, can't rate nitzho but is it oldschool style? Maybe. And Eyal Iceman is in my top 5 producers of all psytrance styles. It is hard to get any new music from him maybe but yeah, Agrabah became a great substitute. Never realized from those short psyshop samples the album would be this great. I know it will still grow on me until I drop it as saturated after 100 listens. This is a route only great releases get: last time it was Artha's album with a bee cover that got the same treatment The co-op track with Rayavana stands out as the best track. And what is it again that classical music melody they have beautifully laid hands on? Can't recall. I put the link here. https://beatspacesita.bandcamp.com/track/agrabah-rayavana-inside-the-magic-lamp 4,5/5
  5. Ah, finally signed in psynews. Thanks for the answers @psychedelic chipmunk and @ Dolmot. I am still trying to adapt. Today is the start day of BGF fest to which I bought a ticket in February. Psynews is a place-to-be under the circumstances bc facebook makes me feel like an outsider (all pics) I am trying to leave the niche, too..asap. There is hope as long as there is life
  6. "Calling this a brief history is like comparing the entire works of Mozart to the latest Katy Perry album." :-DDD I like this part Btw, Talamasca is LIVE in Finland this summer. Good for those who''ll go see
  7. This thing still kicks, big time. Happy two-year old toddler Happy birthday Sadhana (on Monday June 19th)!
  8. I need some peer help/condolences! I was supposed to attend this and that fest this summer. Karma decided otherwise. I know it is good for the scene to be attentive, to be present, to bring your LIVE enthusiasim on board. But if one just can't. Family, work, money etc. Thanks god we have psynews that does not take the membership (of psynews) away according whether one is attending the fests or not. Have an awesome fest season all you who will cherish goa trance LIVE!
  9. I like the track. I cannot leave detailed feedback as @Antic did but this is a good mood (up>)lifting. Pleasure to hear. Now I am following you in sc
  10. This kid, the singer, André Linman I have been following since he was a kid. He is from my little hometown Vaasa, Finland and had a band called Sturm Und Drang, a hyped teenage band in Finland..now this. The video is made in Lapfjärd church, the second oldest church in Finland..finally some good use for churches As for now One Desire is touring Europe with Swedish Eclipse. Melodic rock/metal
  11. This album, especially its re-mastered version of 2015 is one of the goa albums I appreciate as the very best! Glad to have the limited version CD that I am listening now
  12. Oh, I didn't realize this forum had such an impact. Very cool, indeed!
  13. And as reading the stuff from the past I realize how much Mirza Arronax was involved. We certainly all miss him as he is taking new steps living on a new continent. Hope he will be still involved somehow in the future , maybe some downtempo would be great. But even if no; he certainly has some everlasting impact on the history and development of Neogoa Records. Everlasting as a 50% producer of The Gate, which I still consider as the best goa trance piece in the whole world. Getting sentimental here so I'd better sign out and start preparing for tonight's NHL playoffs
  14. Oh, you made a fresh thread. For curiosity I went to see the old Neogoa news thread. Just was checking but ended up reading all the stuff posted in 2010; how Neogoa started as a radio stream..then I had a feeling of WOW..it is a long path and tremendous development from those times. Gives lots of perspective as to what the label (read: record company) is as for now. Kudos for your limitless love and work for the scene @ Richpa & co
  15. You are so wrong. The Triquetra boyz are Children Of Bodom fans so that's their energy heritage! Angels don't kill They are just Children of Decadence!
  16. Agreed on Crossing Mind. Anyone else hearing the sameish melody @ 0:55 (of the YouTube clip of Crossing Mind track) as Pentatonix-Hallelujah? Only a good thing imo.
  17. GoaTree really delivered on this one: what do ya think? I love the track :-) https://goatree.bandcamp.com/track/cell-connections
  18. Dear Nhjo, please stop spamming the forum. All good and blessings to you in the hardships of your life.
  19. :excl: Haha! >go for it Mikey! But maybe you'll wait for the Cd... if there's a chance for a custom made piece with a little bigger hole in the middle than 1 cm diameter
  20. Let's say it also here: a CD is on the making, check out label news section of what Richpa posted. I am looking forward! PS. Thanks all who have liked my posts, now I have a Donald Duck car license plate worth of likings!
  21. Lufthansa flies to Cluj, that isn't far and from there a train/bus to Sibiu. If this is for any help.
  22. Sometimes I think, ponder over, why I am active in psynews. This kind of polls are one of the main reasons: I have my vote Thanks to @ psynews and also @Rotwang for doing this!
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