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  1. Artist: Lost & Found Title: Consumed Label: Self-Released Date: December, 2014 1. Consumed 2. Drone (feat. Z3ro) 3. Mental Wealth 4. Nitro (feat. CPU) 5. Other Side 6. Subterranean (feat. Deliriant) 7. Eraser 8. Wing In The Sand 9. Trails 10. Decay "Look at me...and tell me if you know me." Do you know what joy is? I suppose this gif of Imba caught fangirling when invited backstage to a One Erection concert certainly could qualify as his joy. However as a Suntrip DJ I'm sure he no longer carries on this way. Probably. Well, maybe. Actually this video was shot last week. But I'm talking about true joy. Joy that isn't fleeting. Joy that has been years in the making and doesn't change with the season. It's called porn Santa. Don't act so innocent you judgmental bastard. Like you aren't a reindeer fart from diddling the little people. This is Gerhard Oliver and he has delivered the album night time psytrance fans were hoping for. Decoder was fine and supplemented with additional tracks added later, but it was one of those albums that you felt could've been better. After absolutely stellar tracks on compilations I know I expected more from his debut. Like a man whose wife left him for another woman I was confused. Sad. Angry. Which drove me to several...unscrupulous habits *points to Santa* That guy knows what I'm talkin' about! Well after a couple years Gerhard is back and he dropped a new digital album a la Beyonce' right in your lap. But he did ya one better. It's free. Take that Queen B. And man it's a wild ride. The opening title track tells you all you need to know. Sound and fury. It's dark and throbbing (get the f*ck off me Santa) with an industrial flair that will blow the doors off. An album best listened to all the way through to swim in the murky atmosphere laden with high-tech effects. Thumping beats and Trent Reznor angst combine for a powerful journey. It's cold and futuristic. The tracks with other artists were particularly great including the added bonus of CPU awakening from his seemingly eternal cheese stupor. The last track is a dark ambient delight speaking of life after a scorched Earth military annihilation. While not perfect, it's certainly a great album. Another cool thing is that each track seems to have a different image tagged to it. Not a big thing but a nice little touch. Highly recommended. Psynews Link Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Dimensional Gateway III Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2012 1. PharaOm - Space Outpost Titan V [142 BPM] (07:40) 2. Trinodia - 7th Ace [139 BPM] (09:02) 3. Screw Loose - So Much To See [145 BPM] (08:10) 4. Astrancer - Fenomena [146 BPM] (09:41) 5. Decadent Sympozium - Lux Invictus [144 BPM] (08:20) 6. Nova Fractal - Redemption [146 BPM] (10:08) 7. Lunar Dawn - Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years) [147 BPM] (09:22) 8. BlackStarrFinale - Sagittarius A* [145 BPM] (10:59) 9. Menkalian & GoaHuman - Spirit Of Life [120 BPM] (06:34) Creator of the Neogoa label (and now Graviton Records head) Ivan Richpa presents the third installment of the phenomenally successful Dimensional Gateway series. Not only did he compile all the tracks (which I can only assume meant going door to door with the requisite begging and threatening) but he's also responsible for the impressive artwork. A gateway should be ornate, impressive...making you feel like you are about to enter something substantial. To what dimension does this lead? Richard Gere's hamster could not be reached for comment. Gateway drug? I don't think so...unless it's a gateway to laughter and a bag of Doritos. 2. 2 bags of Doritos. And some funions. Crackers. Ritz crackers with some cream cheese. And do you still have those pork rinds? "I tell you B...why doesn't he get some help? Why? I'm tired of tip-toeing around this, he has to know he sounds like this. It's been over 70 years and I still can't understand a f*cking thing Donald says!" So here we go on the journey through the 3rd and presumably final gateway with the usual cast of characters as well as a couple of fresh faces. Space Outpost Titan V- I don't like it. I'm sorry I don't. Oswald Pfeiffer recently released his debut Tesseract (for free) and I found it to be a great album, but this sounds nothing like it. The problem I have with it is that it relies too heavily on samples. In fact it sounds as if the track was built around them instead of using them as an enhancement. It also doesn't help that the samples themselves are quite cheesy. But one thing I did like was that he experimented with a different style. While I might not like it, I definitely respect it. 7th Ace- Daniel Eldström is no stranger to the scene having released Human History (also for free) and Stargazing on Ovnimoon Records. This one is a combination of spiritual goa meets outer space goa. Twirling melodies as you would expect, but when that 303 growls to the surface I take notice like teenager at a Hooters. You can tell he is a storyteller as his break is vast and the launching pad for more snakey leads and a nice full climax. And I think that a nice full climax is something we can all agree on. So Much Too See- "This is one corner...of one country on one continent on one planet that's a corner of a galaxy that is a corner of a universe that is forever growing, shrinking, creating, destroying, never remaining the same for a single milisecond and there is so much, so much to see." Yeah...take it all in. So. Much. To. See. Proof that the Balkans not only dominate progressive trance they have goa trance square in their sights and Sasa Dukic lays a rumbly goa smack down on you. That 303 bounces like it's dancing on a hot stove and did you check the way he slid that sample in there without giving you a chance to catch your breath? It catches you up without strangling you with melody, but you don't have to ponder whether it's goa as he layers nicely. Great track. Fenomena- Like a lot of you Bruno first came to my attention with the Dzog Chen track on the Pyramidal Trancendence comp back in 2006 and it's been high expectations ever since. I mean how do you top that? Well he didn't do it here, but he nonetheless made a ok track. It has power, but not much evolution. Even with that shortcoming it still sounded full and very spacey to my ears. Lux Invictus- Here is the first of the fresh faces with a very shiny and shimmery lead melody line. It's another track that smacks you right in the beginning without many twists and turns, but it's still good. Methinks Ivan may have stumbled upon a gem here. It will be interesting to hear more stuff from this project. Redemption- we all have all done things that we weren't proud of or maybe wish we could've done better. "Ok, so you missed the question on the contents of a twinkie, I dunno I thought you were gonna nail that one, but, but let's move forward. All you gotta do is get clear of this last test and we win the million dollars. You can do it, redeem yourself. That's it, wait for it wait for it...Oh c'mon!! Damnit, you had this!" More Croatian dominance as Renato Brnić delivers another long goa tale. The beginning and break resembles Filteria's Filtertraces and he has a great Shawshank sample with Morgan Freeman speaking about...you guessed it redemption. That guy's voice is legendary. I'd be riveted listening to him read the terms of my mortgage. Besides Morgan's awesomeness it's a goa track that doesn't sound like a goa track. Sure the elements are there, but none of the cliche stuff that some are sick of hearing. Great track. Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years)- Lunar Dawn owns the Chuck Norris of tracks on this compilation. Overtly aggressive with searing leads and 1970's power. I really don't know what that last part means. "B*tch, don't touch Chuck Norris's steering wheel!" With a nice calm before the storm intro you can tell right away this isn't your daddy's buddhist monk goa trance. He layers sounds like my kid stacks leggos. Which reminds me: When Chuck Norris steps on leggos, leggos cry. The pace is brisk with only short breaks and it travels like a tsunami adding to it's destruction total. One if my favorites surely! Sagittarius A- Luis Pabon seems to believe that you have nothing better to do with your time because he offers an 11 minute track. AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO IT! It's got lasers in it. You like lasers. And that lead that sounds like the one in Blade when they walked into the "club" and the showers came on. Only it wasn't water. Oh no it was blood. That's how you do a vampire movie Twilight b*tches. Powerrrrrr. Sorry about that I was leaning on the r. Spirit of Life- And to close things out we get some fresh blood here with a downtempo-ish type track. I like that it's not a true downtempo track. After the previous tracks that would be like going through the windshield at 65 miles an hour. I think that's like 476 kilometers for the Euros. But you might want to check my math. The sound of this one is more melancholy and Lord of the Rings than Event Horizon if you get my meaning. Still nicely drifting and a great way to close it out. So there you have it. Ivan has done it again with the 3 volume of this series. Plenty of goa with a heavy dose of psychedelia to see you through. As with the previous albums this one is also free and I think will be available December 1st. Congratulations to him and all the artists that continue to make this series something to look forward to. Coming Very. Very. Very. Soon. Mdk
  3. Hi, this is my first Progressive Trance Album. You can download it for free! Enormous - Miranout / Full Album / Progressive Trance / Free Download!!! Tracklist: 01.Apex 02.Digital World 03.Exodus 04.Mechanism 05.Miranout 06.My Spring 07.Rabbit 08.Reflex 09.Solar Download links in YouTube description! YOUTUBE
  4. Raw Drumz is a Free and simple Samplepack from Ocean Swift Synthesis, like the name suggests this pack contains several Electronic Drum Samples – to use in any music genre https://soundcloud.com/hoodart-art/rawdrumz1?in=hoodart-art/sets/raw-drumz-ocean-swift https://soundcloud.com/hoodart-art/rawdrumsz2?in=hoodart-art/sets/raw-drumz-ocean-swift Check it out -> https://oceanswift.net/rawdrumz/ just register/login and download for free! :party:
  5. Artist: Arronax Title: Crossing The Rubicon Label: Neogoa Date: July, 2014 01 - The Beginning Of Our Journey (144 BPM) 02 - Reaching Exosphere (142 BPM) 03 - The Holtzman Effect (142 BPM) 04 - Dreams Of Planet Earth (143 BPM) 05 - Crossing The Rubicon (143 BPM) 06 - Lightning Bolt (144 BPM) 07 - Crawlers' Pathway (142 BPM) 08 - Point Of No Return (120 BPM) I'm sorry with any other actor this would come across as fierce determination. A real let's get down to business situation. But with Macauly...I mean, it just looks like he's giving a very large man a handjob. And look at him...he looks disinterested like he's done this a million times. Where was I? Crossing the Rubicon. Passing the point of no return. There's no going back. These are all phrases you might hear yourself saying if you you find yourself at Taco Bell at two in the morning. Elmo knows. Sometimes you gotta rock that sh*t out. Did you pay attention to that gif? He's actually rocking one out at 142 bpm. Time it, that's some funny sh*t right there. I just watched that for 8 minutes. But let me be clear...Nothing good happens at Taco Bell at two in the morning. But I'm not at Taco Bell. And it's 3 in the afternoon. Where I am is on a blistering full power journey through uncharted space. Arronax is Mirza Aljić and he has crafted this four on the floor melodic goa trance that holds no pretense. It is what it is. Some goa softens you up and takes you gently into the good night. Not this. This will beat you into a state of trance. A hurricane of futuristic cybertechnology where the colonization of space is well underway. And I love it. Power, layers, furiousity...it's got it. Couple that with Ivan's artwork and it's a visual journey as well. It moves at ludicrous speed and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you like storming goa trance with some old school snarl then cross the rubicon. There ain't no goin' back. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  6. Artist: PharaOm Title: Tesseract Label: UAF Records Date: June, 2012 01 - Two Parallel Worlds (138 BPM) 02 - Psychic Vampires (with Baron Samdi) (138 BPM) 03 - Psychokinesis (138 BPM) 04 - Awakening Bodhisattva (Part 2) (138 BPM) 05 - Starseeds (138 BPM) 06 - Tesseract (138 BPM) 07 - Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Timeless Remix) (138 BPM) 08 - Clvmns (Genesis Addict Remix) (138 BPM) "Everything...emotion, feeling, fear has drained out. And now I'm a cold shell. I'm conscious of things around me now." Oswald pictured below He sure does love his weenie! is releasing his debut full length album on UAF for free. Should be no surprise this partnership continues as he released his first EP Awakening Boddis..Bhodist...Awakening on UAF along with his "alter ego" Baron Samdi EP as well. Now I didn't go to some fancy pants business school, but I do know that your profit margin has to be very low when you give your music away. Maybe the Euro is some magical currency that operates on principles I can't begin to understand. The more likely scenario is that most blue octopi I have cone into contact with don't give a sh*t. Especially the French ones. Not that I'm complaining. He is quite talented to be sure and most likely does this because he loves creating music. Which is how it should be (and unfortunately in this genre has to be). Great for us, but bad for rent. Two paralell worlds- "I remember reading it somewhere. Each of us has a twin in another world. An identical twin...maybe that woman I saw!" What an opener! Holy f*ck is it deep and groovy That bass and kick are thunderous! This track has a chip on its shoulder with exaggerated bounce and great sample placement. It undergoes welcome changes but never strays far from its shimmering style. While I wasn't crazy about the key change near the end, that is a minor quibble when the rest of it was so good. Psychic Vampires- "My teacher left me to my darkest lesson. That in the end we are alone. And there is nothing but the cold dark wasteland of eternity." See, that's the kind of sh*t you get at community college. This is a track with his Baron Samdi alter ego which is kinda silly cause it's the same guy. Sorry, but it is. He didn't collaborate with him, he is him. Now I didn't care for his Cursed Bloodline EP mainly due to the sound, but this tells a pretty good tale. It's symphonic in a 19th century London gothic horror way with piano riffs and choir pads. Very dark and eerie. Psychokinesis- This is a thumping good track characterized by a wobbly 303. Tasty! He gets all euphoric with an airy lead and re-introduces that 303 to make sure you didn't forget he makes goa. Damn fine goa. Awakening Bodhisattva (Part Two)- This is obviously part two of a track from his first EP. It's a fine track with nice melodies, but it didn't stick with me. There seemed to be a lack of depth that was evident in the previous tracks. Starseeds is light and airy, ideal for those afternoons in the sun. Not intense, just reflective. The sample is somewhat unnerving, but fits well with the track. Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Timeless Remix)- "Do you know anything about time travel?" Mother pus bucket this track seems to be everywhere. Call Me Maybe doesn't get these kind of spins. Ah, but there is a reason for that young Paduan. It thumps and at the same time wraps you in a satiny body harness. Unfolding before you with sonic booms and future possibilities. It then kicks into high gear with the shimmery lead treatment. A good tale that flies by. Tesseract- "There is no God!" Gonna have to call bullsh*t on that one, miss. The pace is picked up and the melodies are thrust forward. It rages after the sample above picking up some 303 sounds along the way. New leads come in and I'm fully on board. Hear that? That bass is astoundingly clear giving the track a nice bottom end. And I do love a good bottom. "You promise me you'll erase this, right Freddie?" Clvmns- With a mid tempo track to wrap up he hits me with a cheesy melody that I'm happy to skip. This one is not gonna find itself in the album closing hall of fame and it does cause me to roll my eyes a bit. I think a moody downtempo track would've been the cherry on a chocolate cake of an album. But he gave you his hard work for free so beggars can't be choosers. The sounds in this album are very crisp with the leads twinkling nicely above warm basses. Power was not sacrificed in any way so kudos to you Keamia for a fine mastering job. The cover art is beautiful in every aspect so congrats to Oswald and Ivan. What you get is another goa trance album that was very enjoyable to listen to. For free. While not being in the upper echelon of goa trance albums, my hat is off to you Oswald for making a pretty good one. Good stuff sir. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. It's my 26th bday and I am giving you this special one for free download! Download & Info: https://suntriprecords.com/news/id/272/ Enjoy!
  8. Hello everyone! I present you my new psytrance track "Tribal Ceremony" It's focused on organic sounds and beautiful melodies while still being energetic. You can also download it for free! Tell me what do you think. https://youtu.be/iU39CK3mypc
  9. Artist: Phobium & Phobosphere Title: Cubes Combined Label: Self Released Date: April, 2012 01 - Phobium - Sitte Ute (Album Edit) (100 BPM) 02 - Phobosphere - Arpochi (Album Edit) (67 BPM) 03 - HPC - Dissociate (Phobosphere Remix) (50 BPM) 04 - Phobium - Another Orbit Around The Sun (120 BPM) 05 - Phobium - No Longer Current (Album Edit) (90 BPM) 06 - Phobosphere - Hello Czechia (70.6 BPM) 07 - Phobium - Wait For It (119 BPM) 08 - Phobium - The Bird, The Bus And Renoise.exe (100 BPM) 09 - Phobosphere & Phobium - That Side & This Side (60/120 BPM) 10 - Phobium & Phobosphere - Space Flight Satellite (Album Edit) (100 BPM) 11 - Xerxes - Phurther (Phobium Remix) (60/80 BPM) 12 - Phobosphere - Need Help (80 BPM) 13 - Phobium - In The Wake Of Voyager (60 BPM) Norwegian producer Henning H. Ottesen offers up a compendium of previously released tracks, remixes, and special album edits. His last album Time Is Now was pretty damn good so like a good psy and ambient listener I like to check in with Ektoplazm from time to time. With this release (under two project names) he's all over the downtempo and chill map. The music is smooth and relaxing (loved Another Orbit Around The Sun) with plenty of detail to keep your attention. Don't believe me? Homie made a track with a bpm of 70.6! Precision. He picks up the pace at times with breakbeat tracks like the shimmering Wait For It which then becomes a pretty formidable goa track. The tracks are short for the most part, but far from snacks. I didn't find one track that I didn't enjoy and the last half of the album I'd say is a slow drift through the silence of space. Well worth a listen. Free at Ektoplazm
  10. Artist: Various Title: Art From The Heart Chapter II Label: Old Is Gold Date: August, 2011 01 - Jayex & The Wonderboy - Witchcraft Night (145 BPM) 02 - Radical Distortion - Evil Machine (142 BPM) 03 - Jikooha - Riot Here! Riot Now! (144 BPM) 04 - Qlipadelic Rythm - Ganesh Soul (140 BPM) 05 - The Wonderboy - Kings of Camouflage (145 BPM) 06 - Snag The Sunshepherd - Aura (146 BPM) 07 - NK-47 - Know No Silence (145 BPM) 08 - Hybrid FX - Shamar (148 BPM) 09 - Afgin - Cleopatra (143 BPM) 10 - ArmagedDance - Sun And Snow (136 BPM) 11 - ArmagedDance - Away From Eden (113 BPM) God Awful. Have you ever seen something and said that? Nope that's just terrifying. I've never actually vomited spontaneously, but perhaps here... Hey I"m a dog person, but this...f*ck where would you begin to try and pet this...abomination. "Ok...I'll come peacefully. Let me get my fur coat." Need a lawnmower to shave that thatch. He is every cab driver I have ever had in NYC. That's how I felt when I saw this cover. So ugly. So we've got flowers (opium maybe?) mountains, crazy colored clouds, the Earth I guess, and then...what the f*ck is that? Riiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg...yes, it's attention. I craves it. Aw f*ck it, if that's his way of expressing himself more power to him. It's a free country, but good luck finding a job that doesn't involve circus tents and cotton candy. And how does getting laid work? Can't imagine they're lining up for some reptile lovin. How bout that first visit to the girlfriends parents? Actually he's been married for almost 10 years so if that doesn't prove there is someone for everyone....and no she isn't a turtle. Guy's actually really smart. So yeah, this cover is ugly. Maria, no offense but uh...I wouldn't put this on the resume. Less is more, and there is just too much "more" going on. But file this in the don't judge a book by its cover drawer, because there are some seriously good tunes to be found. As you can see this is the 2nd chapter in the Art From the Heart series and like its predecessor it is also free. It's a who's who in the genre of today's goa trance with some names I am sure you will recognize. And some not. But surely if you've been following this music, then you know of the label. They have released the 3 Golden Vibes goa trance compilations and of course the album when the world became aware of Uber-talent Afgin. Witchcraft Night- I swear I've heard that tribal chanting sample, but I cannot put my finger on it. Hmmm...notice it's over 9 minutes and that gives me pause because normally I cannot take 3 minutes of Wonderboy tracks. Just my preference, but I feel he is a better compiler. But this one isn't bad. Flutes, bass sweeps and a general happy vibe until it shifts after 4 minutes. The break sees a return of the chanting sample and I have to admit the flow is very enjoyable. Good job. Evil Machine- Civil servants mistakenly believe they can save Sarah Connor by beating the sh*t out of one of HP's budget models. Alas the blows struck weren't fatal...and laser printers hold a grudge. It's full steam ahead with power and multiple waves of melody. Gotta like the energy in this one. Riot Here! Riot Now!- "No more naps! I mean it...and get that f*cking cauliflower off my plate!" Japanese badasses Jun Iwai & Masakazu Shimodi win the title of don't f*ck around track with a straight out of the box stormer that oozes with intensity. Layers of melody and the presence of some crunchy guitar that doesn't seem out of place. Boom. Ganesh Soul- Very good track by this newcomer with yep you guessed it more layers of melody. He strangles one lead like I want to strangle those baloonheads on Fox News. Wipe that f*cking smirk off your face Steve Doocy! It loses the initial power it had, but it's still good for what appears to be the first release from this project. Kings of Camouflage- nothing to see here, keep it moving people. Aura- I didn't hear his album. Was it good? This was a little too...full-oney for my liking. Pass. Know No Silence- 18 year old (you sonofab*tch wipe that smile off your face!) Israeli Nadav Kahanowich makes some awesome goa trance. Melody + Power = wish I was 18 again. This is not your 4 on the floor type stuff. I mean yeah it gets to that, but it also has other interesting rhythms. He starts tacking on the layers for a pretty good track. Shamar- Kinda has a simple bass line, a bunch of Indian(?) chants or vocal, especially the break. I think if I was bumping this in my car, they would think I was a terrorist. Then I would be brought in for questioning, they'd check my internet history (and I definitely don't want that) and then put on the no fly list...it's a whole thing. It's a little on the thin side, but still enjoyable and pumping. Cleopatra- This gentleman needs no introduction and the soft Indian vocal means the promised land of bollywood can't be far away. Man, he shows us how it's done. Bubbling synths and bass lines, layers of 303 madness, and just smooth as silk flow. It twinkles and then growls for a great ride. One of my favorites. Sun and Snow- Artur Mataryan from Mother Russia has released several albums that are worth checking out. Here he brings rising and falling synths and layers of sound. It's got an outer space feel and is floaty. Good one. Away From Eden- Artur again to close the compilation with a short downtempo track. Big pads and percussion form the foundation with a nice flute melody. Good way to end. So it is what it is. Please overlook the cover and give this a try. Several styles of goa are represented with some good results. It's free so you have nothing to lose but time. Ektoplazm Mdk
  11. Function Loops has announced the release of Trance Producer's Ultimate Studio Kit a new bundle for all trance producers. Trance Producer's Ultimate Studio Kit is a collection of over 7GB, packed with loops, shots, MIDI files, kits and presets. It contains all the elements needed to create full tracks: basslines, synths, leads, arps, pads, vocals, drums, atmospheres, effects, guitars and much more. There are 3400+ files in total, all the loops being key and BPM labeled. This bundle is compiled from over 15 best-selling Function Loops trance sample packs (over $400 of value), and is available now at special discounted price of only $99 (regular $149). Video demo: All the audio material is 100% royalty free.
  12. This is Vol 1 in a series of Progressive Psy + Psytrance mixes that are longer in length. The bpm's in this set flow back n forth from 138-140 through out the entire set. Enjoy the journey! ॐ **Track-list** - Captain Hook+Astrix - Bungee Jump (Protonica remix) - Gaudium+Easy Riders - High on Lucy - Rocky - Paganka - Darma - Dejavoo - Vertical Mode - Time Machine - Astrix - Sapana - E-Clip - Overload (Inner State remix) - Manmachine - Indigo - Helber Gun - Biological Rhythms - Genetrick - Perception Disorder (Modus remix) - Side Effects - Resting Souls - Timelock - Impulse - Darma+Ace Ventura - Acidbro - Maitika - Sideroad - Flextool - Energy Device - Drukverdeler+Dj Exanimo - Universal Program - Sonic Entity - Artificial Gods - Aho - Change Going On - Zentura - Nova Era ONE Love + Light
  13. Ah man this is wicked! Top Class-A progressive psy (with Goa flavoured 303's). This guy had a ton of releases on various comps high quality comps, surprised they're giving this out for free. You can also get a hard copy on psyshop if interested. It got a track with cosmosis too. https://liquidrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hypnocoustics-transformational-structures-lp-vol-1-3-free-download
  14. Hello everyone. These are my attempts at creating some Goa/Psy-Trance. All releases are free to download. Cheers! https://bellatraxrecords.bandcamp.com/ http://www.discogs.com/label/780400-Bellatrax-Records Electro-Magnetic - Andbahti The tracks within this EP were created in between mid-June and mid-July 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Anunnaki Empire / New Horizons The tracks within this EP were created in between the 12th and 21st of March 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Sol The tracks within this EP were created in between the 20th and 26th of February 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Flight The tracks within this EP were created on the 11th and 12th of February 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Overlord / Above The Clouds The tracks within this EP were created on the 6th of February 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Moondust / Nebulus The tracks within this EP were created on the 29th of January 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Orionis The tracks within this EP were created in between the 23rd and 25th of January 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Dimensional Density The tracks within this alien-themed EP were originally created in 2001-2002 and released privately on CDr in 2003 with the title 'Psychedelic Experiments'. Jerzy B - OctaMEDicine The complete and not-so-complete primitive tracks within this album were created during the years 1996 to 1999 on the Amiga 1200 computer using OctaMED Soundstudio.
  15. Made this for fun after finishing the album covers. Inspired by the track Magnetic Force. Download 1200p and 1080p @ http://gasolin3.deviantart.com/art/Sky-Technology-Wallpaper-545173062
  16. Hello Humans. KobraVoltz Previously Known as WoozyBytes is a PsyTrance project born in the depths of Cyberspace. We're committed to bring you something different , where every track is a new and different journey. We will be releasing some of our tracks for free in mp3 128kbps only ( If you need better quality, send me a private msg, maybe we can sort something out ). Please feel free to download, share, comment, copy, broadcast, break it apart or trash it , see License Here. Also constructive criticism is always welcome. Please follow / like our pages if you enjoy our sound. We hope you enjoy. Here are the first 2 tracks ( more coming soon ). Peace
  17. Hey all! Our dear label artist Persistent Aura decided to compile some of his more succesfull party-tracks in a free release that is directly downloadable from our website Go have a look under the free music section--> http://www.sita-records.com/releases/free-music/ and enjoy! Oh and it's wav format so it's prety big...
  18. So I've browsed through common CD stores a few times this year and made a couple of orders, but for some reason I haven't followed the free release side since March or so. I'll probably go through it all at some point, but now I'd like to get started somewhere. A few good releases for background listening while getting stuff done this weekend would be nice. In short, what's been good so far? And if I may ask... Yes, please: - title (+optionally label etc.) - link to the release - a few words or at least an approximate genre No thanks: - YouTube spam - everything and the kitchen sink - self-promotion
  19. Keim and I made a new track and we need your feedback. It is a very harmonic track with smoth melodies, but it also has a hard bassline Please tell us what you guys think, we hope you like it! It's a FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Hey everyone I've recently made one of my track "Secret" downloadable for free! It's available in both mp3 and wav format. Go check it out! https://soundcloud.com/aptitudelive/aptitude-secret
  21. Welcome to the Smörgåsbord, an eclectic selection of delectable audio treats and sonic snacks for your ears. Compiled by Jeremy's Aura and jointly released by Omnitropic and Maia Brasil Records, this release brings together an extraordinarily talented group of playful, fun-loving musicians. Each and every artist on board has a distinct sound with no compromise to artistic individuality and integrity. This compilation is presented with the simple intention of sharing the one thing we all have in commonthe love of music! 01 - Globular - Playing For Rain (101 BPM) 02 - TRD - Derive And Detach (85 BPM) 03 - Radioactive Sandwich - Everything Is Awesome (65 BPM) 04 - Jeremy's Aura - Drinking Cornish Clouds (105 BPM) 05 - Easily Embarrassed - The Capital (96 BPM) 06 - Shantam - Fiddle Sticks (100 BPM) 07 - Spacey Koala - My Cat Is A Dragon (108/128 BPM) 08 - Tron Sepia - Salamander (137.77 BPM) 09 - Supersillyus - Enigmagician (99 BPM) 10 - Ekoplex - Nama (128 BPM) 11 - Zoungla - Flower Sun (75 BPM) Additional credits are listed on the Omnitropic web site. Download it direct from Omnitropic or Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/smorgasbord http://omnitropic.com/smorgasbord/ Omnitropic web site: http://omnitropic.com Omnitropic on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Omnitropic Omnitropic on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Omnitropic
  22. VA - We Are Dead (Horrordelic Recs, 3 CD, Free, 2013) Horrordelic Presents 3 CDs of Deadly Psychedelic Trance!! Here I will post the FREE albums as they are released 1 by 1!! ...Every Moment Of Life Is a Step Towards Death... Cd 1: 01.- Necromicyde - Almas Del Purgatorio 02.- Gromo - Awevo Sta Muerta Estachingon 03.- Toxinexia - Evil Game 04.- Karash - G War 05.- Cispailonx - We Are Dead 06.- Sick lion - Hitter 07.- Psy Horror Noize - Pennywise The Dancing Clow Rebirth 08.- Indaco - Day Of Dead 09.- Darknesss - Below Dimensions 10.- Phal - Anx - Tomorrow is Another Day CD1 MP3 File(175 mb): http://depositfiles.com/files/9yqat08pi CD1 WAV File (1gb): http://depositfiles.com/files/knhxx02z3 Cd 2: 01.- AQ'AB'AL - 02.- Chemical Spoon - Green 03.- Master of horror - The Devil Kiss 04.- Xtraterreste vs T-Virus - Universal Conspiracy 05.- Aghori Tantrik - Realms of Fire 06.- BrainKore & Yuppi - 2T 1T 07.- Leonofobia - Fatal Error 08.- Positr0n - American Horror Story 09.- Insane el rato - A cyborg day front of the sea 10.- Maleficium - Dr Doll CD2 MP3 PACK (169 MB): http://depositfiles.com/files/pr4rery4l CD2 WAV PACK (1.04GB) : http://depositfiles.com/files/ge05onlo9 Cd 3: 01.- Kujata & Mexkline - Arametika 02.- M.Y. Project - the shamanic contact 03.- Tantrix Terik - Kurenai 04.- Lepudness - Acid Wavex 05.- Miquiztli - Day 6 06.- Psy4tecks - Overdrive 07.- Yuppi & SooSpicey - Surrealistic Happenings 08.- Inimical Disorder - Goremala 09.- Brain & Bones - Im Dead 10.- Suffer Misery - Infernatum Et Satan CD3 MP3 PACK (182 MB): http://depositfiles.com/files/g05mllb40 CD3 WAV PACK (881 MB) : http://depositfiles.com/files/otbx4w24x ..........Thanks to all the artists for their support.......... Mastered By Altered Behaviour (Primeiro Studio) Free Release by Horrordelic Records[/img]
  23. Title: Simple Man - TRIP 2.0 Artist: Simple Man Label: Simple Man Music (free) Genre: Exotic House Format: Digital Download Release Date: 20.09.2014. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist TRIP 2.0​ Simple Man's second beautiful album. Special melodies. The style is really unique: Simple Man is the first Exotic House artist. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist. Exotic House: special progressive house music with egzotic melodies and clear, peaceful and affectionate atmosphere. Simple Man: music without record label, so every track is Free. Exotic House: the uplifting magic. You can download it easily (free) from the official site: DOWNLOAD HERE​ Tracklist: 01 Sky At Night 02 Voyager 03 No Money No War 04 Fire Harmony 05 Symphony Of Dolphins 06 The Jungle 07 Dance In The Rain 08 Message From Earth 09 Club On The Moon 10 Feel The Sun JOIN SIMPLE MAN'S FACEBOOK IF YOU LIKE THIS MUSIC "Clear head is the Clear Head! Improve yourself! Be aware of temptation and drugs! This is the real freedom, the real power!" Simple Man ​
  24. Horrordelic Records presents: VA: The doors of Shiva Artwork by Paranoia Sector Mastered by Anomalistic Records Download Free Wav/MP3: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/va-doors-shiva-horrordelic/ Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlcSeDBp29_dIDwYCEAGCSobQmXAd8UL Music is a transmitting pole of God! It should electrify you with His presence! When Shiva speaks, it is poetry itself, It is the sky caressing the Earth, from His lips did song itself take birth.In this rare painting, Shivji sings a Dhrupad on His Primal Tanpura. As Ganesha accompanies on the Pakhawaj, The Goddess of Ragas, Ragini Rageshwari herself appears.The picture depicts once again, how lord shiva is the Origin of all things. Aum Namah Shivaya! Lord Shiva is known for love, but he is also known as a protector. The tracklist for this album is: VOL 1 1] Mk ultra- Natraja Tandava [150bpm] 2] Ohm-in - No-Identity [152bpm] 3] Highstyle-Sexy dance fighting [148bpm] 4] Yaotzin Tech -Regression's [150bpm] 5] BAR - Trinetra [152bpm] 6] DarkChico - Power Of Mandalas [152bpm] 7] Voodoo - Sik Bastards [163bpm] 8] Leonofobia - Great Strength [155bpm] 9] Skup - Energy Invasion [152bpm] 10] Yogh - Zargh [149bpm] 11] Dark Cygnus - Sahasranama [159bpm] 12] T-Virus - Karma [160bpm] 13] Gloomy Phantom - The Twilight Zone [166bpm] 14] Hector Miller - Pure [???bpm] 15] Plasma force - Legend of Shivatron [170bpm] VOL 2 1] Gloomy Phantom - Soulcatcher [160bpm] 2] Xochipilli - Secret Shiva's Face (knowing the unknown) [160bpm] 3] Miquiztli- Inside [160bpm] 4] Neosapiens & Massive Noise In The Top of The World [160bpm] 5] Psy4teks - Ancient Voices [160bpm] 6] Limbo- Shamanic Ritual [160bpm] 7] Paranoia sector- Chronic Pain [164bpm] 8] Paratrip- Blazer Lights [169bpm] 9] Psyoyorale - Om 'Doom [160bpm] 10] Dirty Phreak VS. Deadhead - Delirium in Detail [174bpm] 11] Qakbatzulu - Om Namma shivaye [190bpm] 12] Lyzergik Brain - Mahamrityunjaya Mantra [178 Bpm] 13] Master of Horror- Beyond the Doors [160bpm - ???bpm] 14] Lepudness Energy Heaven [178bpm] 15] Fractal DNA vs Plasma Force - Dimensional Disintegration [180bpm] VOL 3 1] Crone - Fire And Blood [170bpm] 2] Sepehraka - In my Head [180bpm] 3] Maantrik frequency(Btoxik&sampler) - New world shit [180bpm] 4] Baphomet Engine - Casaducarai [185bpm] 5] Kliluk- Everything is possible [186bpm] 6] Azzault Om Namaha Shiva [180bpm] 7] Mentalsystem vs Necronomus - Torturer of souls [186bpm] 8] Mekanikal mind - Of Course [190 bpm] 9] Yoshua Em - I am a Ghost [190bpm] 10] Walhalla Project - Florestrial [180bpm] 11] Dhrupad - Naamo [The Doors Of Shiva] [194bpm] 12] Lisergico Saeure The King among Physician [190bpm] 13] HOSMO ZONIK - This Is Me [190bpm] 14] Manik buluk- Anadenant Peregrina [195bpm] 15] DarknesSs - Darkness In Shiva [210bpm] This is Free Release to for you to copy and share please! Horrrodelic 2014. Download top
  25. check my 1st Psy Minded Track and tell my what u think !! FREE DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW My website ( click Download Track ) : http://www.quadrixx.be Soundcloud ( just click buy ) : https://soundcloud.com/quadrixx/two-bits Bandcamp : ( click "buy now" ) : https://quadrixx.bandcamp.com/ feel free to donate 0.00$ - ZERO (or more) when downloading this track. thx for your vist !! like my FB page : http://www.facebook.com/quadrixx.be visit me on Google+ : http://www.google.com/+QuadrixxBe check myspace : http://myspace.com/quadrixx/portfolio follow my twitter : https://twitter.com/Quadrixx
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