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  1. Have you heard the album Angels Trumpets, released in 2015? It pretty much has all the elements you are referring to, storytelling etc., and I consider it Filipe's best album. Other than that I won't comment bc I am not a promoter, only an "independent messenger" posting stuff I feel has value to the community. This time the value imo are "rarely" seen lower BPM's, nicer cover than usually + that CD is cheap: 6 dollars + shipping. Thanks for answering the topic, tho, glad someone is.
  2. Tracklist: 1. Magic Lamp 2. Ja'far 3. Camel Ride 4. Dark Pyramids 5. Maharaja 6. Arabian Nights Released March 7, 2017 Music written, composed, produced and mastered by Filipe Santos Artwork by Mystical Arts https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/arabian-nights
  3. I disagree. 5 the most recent new threads are important on the front page on the right up. With any troll those "highlights" of news don't last very long. Annoying.
  4. This is gonna be one of my def favs of 2017, knowing it already :-) Counting the days! Btw, the artwork is classy, good job GoaTree's sister did.
  5. Tracklist: 01: Mayana (2017 remix) 02: City of black lights (2017 remix) 03. Over the clouds (2017 remix) The Quote: "This EP contains remixes of the 3 best tracks from my first album Inner polarity, released on Metapsychic records exactly 10 years ago. These are the tracks that, in my opinion, best stood the test of time." released February 26, 2017 Written, produced and mastered by Omnivox. Available in bandcamp: https://musicbyomnivox.bandcamp.com/album/inner-polarity-10-years-remix-ep
  6. Ah, forgot to say: thanks for the detailed review @Mr.Anarchy. We don't have too many good reviewers on the forum: you inevitably are taking a good position in reviewing so thanks, it is a pleasure to read thoughtful reviews
  7. I am planning a new party I am also hoping that Balkan Goa Fanatics tickets sell good. Fingers crossed.
  8. I got my early bird ticket and these are available until the end of February for 50 €. So now go and buy yours and join the gang!
  9. The compilation is really something but the comparison/aim to be better than The World Beyond --> no, no. The World Beyond was and is a gift, a superstar with a born talent delivered in a holy package. The Veil Of The Moon is full of all possible talent too, but it rose to NHL via AHL, via hard work, not as a superstar to hit NHL as a teenager and keeping its post to win all trophys. There are two ways: firstborn type of gift and then the gift of another baby that was made like an every evening wrestling practice with sweat and not that much of romance. Very welcomed, though, and loved baby, this last one, too. What is just said above is not to take anything away from the excellency of this new compilation. It really got me. Acid after acid, talented producers delivering their best. A very CD worth material, something to be cherished now and in the future. Fav tracks: 1. Clementz-Black Dwarfs (instalove and just so the best) 2. Dragon Twins- Illa Tahin 3. Proxeeus-Dagon ++ all the else, too, because it is very balanced greatly moving acid blizzard from the first to the last. Thank you Neogoa Records for the job exceptionally well done!
  10. Noticed it is in bc, too, instabuy. Folks, this track imo is the best by GoaTree EVER! Go check. Like now! https://goatree.bandcamp.com/track/cell-connections
  11. This release will be a blizzard! Just in a few days it is available for download, as for now the YouTube clips have convinced me that this is gonna be one of the major releases of 2017. Just WOW!
  12. Thought I'd share this because it's been long since awesome GoaTree has published new material. He's been publishing more downtempo under Saluberrimae lately. Really great track, psytrance style
  13. This is really something! Thanks for sharing! Waiting for more cool life moments from psynewsers
  14. We have psynews picture thread: it is about psynews members in pictures. Here's a different challenge. Post some of your coolest life memories in a picture. It can be from a festival, home, travel destination, whatsoever. I will start. This is a (bad quality) pic taken in Rovinj, Croatia in 1994. I was working in hum aid but on a free time, like evenings, me and my buddy, who was studying theatre, were doing some street pantomimes and would gather a nice applause
  15. Yep, I guess death is still one those unsolved mysteries in life, belongs to life but still every time it happens to someone close it is a "new" situation to handle with. One just cannot train it, every incident is unique. Sorry for your loss @Happy Horse.
  16. I have issues with dust; that's why I wouldn't consider Connection. For Zna I am not sure how abundant is the dust. I am def interested in Zna this year because of the line-up, but my first choice is Balkan Goa Fanatics Sea Edition, to where I have bought a ticket. Croatian islands are rock-based, not sand, so no dust, also nice to dip in the sea. Transylvaliens (from what I have seen in pics) looks like another perfect location, it is grass soil. (Sorry for going a bit off-topic here talking about other fests, but on the other hand it is not offtopic at all bc for instance the only reason that has kept me from attending Connection is the dust as long as there is better locations available). For me all kinds of convenience issues are more important than line-ups. It is def a sign of getting old. I also prefer daytime dancing like some others here. The best would be if I didn't have to sleep in a tent and hehe, that's the way I am gonna have it this summer on the fest I mentioned
  17. I just read in fb that earlybird phase ticket selling started one hour ago for non-Balkanians. I am sure Stevo will fill you in.
  18. Better than I thought (what I dared to think, to expect). Very, very good. Btw, Richpa once told me (years ago) that he'd appreciate more descriptive comments than just a few words or one sentence. I stroke back with joining psynews, hahhahahaha..well, still my brain appreciates more than words can tell (despite of psynews )
  19. Thanks ppl for the nice words and stuff. Feeling way better atm, good music always helps in the hardships of life, but you already knew that, right? Btw, it's been so pretty in Finland this week, the shot is from my balcony this morning :-) Edit: can you spot "a face" in the pic which I did? Cool, I think
  20. Awesome gig 3 weeks ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HTyRNavk4
  21. Anu Katariina


    Hard topic. Got a phone call this morning. A very good friend had died. Via own hand. I have a few experiences of death. Saturday is gonna be 7 years the day my mother died. Cancer, but still the endcome came all of a sudden. Also, some years ago, my best friend died Saturday evening on a bar floor. Autopsy didn't show any sign of drugs, alcohol in blood was less than one promille. Life goes on for me, but these kind of news always bring me some kind of "surrealistic" feeling. A feeling of something "above". It is very weird and hard to explain. Certainly it is a shocking moment.
  22. This is a decent EP, didn't fit in my top 10 but not far :-)
  23. Uptempo: 01: Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising (Neogoa) 02: Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi Records) 03: Chyanacid-Book Of Changes (Good Dance Recordings) 04: Ba'al-Holier Than Thou (Good Dance Recordings) 05: Sionnach-Hyper Blaster (??? Record Company) 06: Lunar Dawn-Triglav (Neogoa Records) 07: Agnetivax-Achieving Moksha (Sita Records) 08: LSD- Full Fractal Vision (Neogoa Records) 09: Nebula Meltdown-Urban Renaissance (Sangoma Records) 10. V/A Zamaneh Sanguine (Good Dance Recordings) Edit: I only evaluate those that I have bought. Can be there are releases that'd fit in top 10 if I had bought them..
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