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  1. Check us the following days, we will reveal the last headliner of this years edition.
  2. thanks we just got voted in europe top 10 festivals to go to
  3. Here is the full lineup for the 2017 edition : Live sets : AGNETON (BE) ANCIENT CORE (RO) ARTIFACT303 (RO) ATMA (RO) ASURA (FR) BLISARGON DEMOGORGON (MKD) CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE (MKD) COSMIC DIMENSION (MKD) DIGITAL MYSTERY TOUR (FR) DJANTRIX (MKD) ETNICA (by Maurizio Begotti) (ITA) FLANGER STRANGERS (HU) GREEN COSMOS (HU) HAGENITH (MKD) HOTEP (CRO) LIFEBLOOM (RO) LOGICAL ELEMENTS (RO) MENKALIAN (MKD) MORPHIC RESONANCE (SP) OMNIVOX (CRO) PLEIADIANS (by Maurizio Begotti) (ITA) SHADOW NOISES (MKD) SPIRIT ARCHITECT (MKD) TOTAL ECLIPSE (FR) ZOPMANIKA (MKD) DJ sets : ANOEBIS (BE) AZTHURA (RO) C.K. (UK) DALTON TRANCE TELEPORT(CRO) DAMZAH (BIH) DaPEACE (SRB) DOPAMINE (RO) GRIFFIN (MKD) GNOME (BE) G/MIRO (JP) HASE (RO) HRUSCSOV (HU) INNER (CRO) LX-D (GER) LYGOS (RO) MAWSKI (RO) MOZZA (SRB) MYKL (DE) NUDE DUDE (RO) PH (HU) PLEXIGO (GER) PSYLEV (RO) SHUVA (RO) SJAMA'DAN (BE) SKELETON HEX (BE) STEV0 (CRO) STOLE (SRB) SYL (RO) ZENESIS (RO) Also there is a huge surprise , that is that Asuea will play a full goa-trance set besides his ambinet set. The goatrance set will be composed of two old tracks , rest is pure new creation, never heard and of course unreleased. Also the chances he will ever play another goa-trance set are close to 0 , so be sure you dont miss this. P.S - another unthinkable surprise may be possible!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/transylvaliens/videos/1327139427350778/
  5. Hello wonderfull creatures. We have decided upon the date of the festival for 2017 and i also wanna give you a good news. We extended the festival by 1 day Meaning it starts Wednesday untill Sunday , with the normal on site afterparty Lineup will be announced in 25 December ! Ah yes, 2017 date is 26-30 july !
  6. I believe CHI-AD will start releasing her albums as her owns, cause till now she didnt released in fact any album, someone else did it. So id advice you to follow her and see news about this. Im sure the artist will be happy if you buy directly from her.
  7. Hey there, As most of you know , i believe this edition of Transylvaliens Festival is a must for goa lovers and not only In case u didnt find the information you are looking for, please write here and i will provide with an answer. All the best, Remus
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