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  1. We have had China, USA, Brexit and now we are gonna have Finland. I wouldn't want to have Finland. But what's been going on over here lately is very troubling. Read this article: Could Finland become the next Ukraine? By Reuters and Dave Burke For Mailonline Published: 11:25 GMT, 19 October 2016 | Updated: 19:32 GMT, 20 October 2016 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3851326/Finland-sees-propaganda-attack-former-master-Russia.html#ixzz4Nfl14Qcb A quote: "Andrej Illarionov, Putin's chief economic adviser between 2000 and 2005, told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: 'Parts of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland are states where Putin claims to have ownership. He said the Putin regime sees Finland's independence as "treason against national interests". Btw, I saw this article through Twitter as GoaTrance.NET retweeted it. Good job @GoaTranceNET! https://twitter.com/GoaTranceNET
  2. Okay. My soundcloud is out of use, don't know the problem with it and don't have time to concentrate in fixing it..
  3. Am I stupid or what but everyone is talking about a remix that should be on a future release. Is it available somewhere for listening right now?
  4. Like "not nitzho" is a virtue. Dammit, bring on my cheese. I today was listening to Eyal Iceman and next stop is I will unwrap Zopmanika's Mysteryland CD and frighten my neighbours Thanks for the review, MDK!
  5. You stole my words Richpa is 110% giving all answers all the time and that's a lot of work measured by the time that is off from label handling time!
  6. How do I enable private messages? I turned them off and now I cannot find an option in my profile settings to turn priva msgs on..
  7. Heya! i am also waiting for the CD. In case it includes my fav track Lazarus. So what's it gonna be?
  8. Nice topic I was born in Vaasa, Finland, after that living in various places in Finland (+a short while in Minnesota, USA), currently in Tampere, Finland.
  9. A fan picture for all who love Aavepyörä. Taken @ Helsinki 13.8.2016 @ Retroactive feedback loop open air where Taika-Kim played a truly crazy, fantastic live set!
  10. Psynews wasn't for any help on the above, was it? Today I was vacuum-cleaning the device and the problem got solved. The conclusion: Pioneers need some sucking
  11. Was calling my ex 4 times today (for a reason)..no answer..all comes into my mind: Don't You!
  12. Yep, thanks for the consolidations but my mom was a tough case, a nurse who'd seen all..peace to her soul and yep, kinda interesting that in my all dreams she presents herself in a uber cheerfull manner; that's why I don't even actually miss her.. she is with me right now!
  13. I don't quote of the above stuff but ha, that must have been an insane dream! Really helpfull as you said. Making some sense of this world, trying it at the very least. What wonders me personally in my dreams is that my mom, who actually has passed away (cancer) is always this cheerful, happy person with a no sign of any sickness..that's so awesome that my dreams are so "healthy" about her. As to you, dear, medical student, bro of goa, THANKS for sharing this spectacular dream with us!
  14. Are you up to this? It is not like Sigmund Freud said that all is hidden sexual pent-up. I have a wild imagination as I sleep, what do you think about this and please, share yours as well! At the best this is gonna be so much fun I was in our summer cabin as a huge snake came to the patio. I called my elder sister who said: it is just a grass snake, catch it and cook it up. Everybody in my family ended up eating the snake but I was resistant. Then I took a bite and something nearly broke my teeth. It was a tiny stone. My sis took the stone and said: no worries: this snake is a progressive snake because veterinarians feed the snakes these stones to get their teeth fixed
  15. C'mon Finns: Get it sorted out! Good luck anyways. (and @Taika-Kim: thanks for the last at Vuosaari: you were truly amazing above any words --- really: it was such a treat: thanks for coming and playing there ) @ Penzoline: you have no idea what you missed! Next time: be there!
  16. Beware: do the planking slowly forwarding http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3030983/The-ultra-competitive-exercise-fad-ruin-health-called-planking-suddenly-sweeping-gyms-Pilates-classes.html I just hurt my right arm, I don't know if my triceps brachii got pulled but now I have a pain on my right wrist; I think it is from planking too eagerly
  17. Yep, that outfit would certainly look better on any festival than the usual hippie look! Btw, Ghost was playing this summer at Tuska, Finland's biggest metal festival http://www.tuska-festival.fi/en/ghostand a couple of my friends saw them and gave big kudos for the performance
  18. Great, great stuff, thanks for sharing!
  19. Nice and definitive Looks like a visitor stopped by A few more: Happy Horse-pusta Agneton-joy of jumping Scandinasia-north recursion loop-F1 Paul Eye-goa trance therapy
  20. Exotic-silk road Bill-Bill for a president (not Hillary) Rotwang-dobermann Penzoline-Rammstein:Benzin Mars-observatory
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