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  1. Heya all! I met with Penzoline today downtown Tampere, Finland, where with both live. I am curious to know how and when ya ppl meet fellow psynews members. Maybe in festivals, but other than that? I had good time with @Penzoline: and what did we talk about?: other psynewsers ofc, haha, and the scene overall + the becoming parties in Finland. Great chat! Merry Christmas to everyone as for now, gonna be afk the upcoming couple of weeks
  2. Lol, I know..that hard drive breaking was much more funny this time than the previous times :-)
  3. How did I break it? I was chatting in fb and then 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666..sequence came and suddenly it was all over..called a friend: he said number 6 went there, haha. I took the computer to recycling the next day and got a new one: this is like a dream with SSL and Intel i-series 6th generation..soo I hope it tolerates Anu Katariina
  4. Appreciate Bandcamp even more to save my bought music. Happened again that I broke my computer on Sunday and lost lots of downloaded music. Well, I am used to it..I break one computer per a year
  5. Haha, another candy day: I found it! https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/track/80000-pounds-of-crude
  6. Yep, I listen to it now that you mention it: liking. It is really hard to pick one or two or three favs because there are many. My friend pointed out this one; he thinks it is the best track by Filipe and it is a bit different https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/track/tequel-parsim But the most different track and my number one whatsoever from Filipe is 80 000 Pounds Of Crude. It is nowhere available, went down with Submoon Records, unfortunately.
  7. geez this track, what a blizzard! https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/track/tanakh
  8. Rajasthani in a bigger size Album: https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-of-rajasthani I feel like a child in a candy store wanting this and that from GDR but went for only this CD+digital dl today. I think this is the best cover art so far from GDR, such a sweetie pie. @Starkraver I will help you, leave the family man (MDK) and the admin out of this (whenever you are willing to purchase). You shouldn't worry about GDR going away: I think it is going nowhere but is here to stay @Acid brain: I remember one of your fav tracks was Martian Law (from 80 000 pounds of crude EP), am I right?
  9. That's cool if you really could make it, you both. I seriously think I am not coming because one fest abroad is my aim during one summer and not even a question what is it going to be. What I said above about ZNA: I was ranting. Ofc I would like to do nothing but go to goa parties all summer along.
  10. That's why this forum exists: to say an opinion. As for Ayahuasca remix I have a strong bondage to the original track; those are situations I generally have hard time to swallow any remixes. But one cannot please ppl 100% so it was good this remix was done despite of me As for the digipak release: nice service for the community. I do like Birds will go to heaven album but since I am reducing CD buying overall I will skip this one. But full support to the digipak & hopefully it gets all sold.
  11. Unfortunately I didn't like this according to the hype. It is good listening but maybe "too funky" for me. Good to see, though, that Finland goa/suomi scene has something like this to air out!
  12. I don't..compared to the original which I still consider the best track by beloved Proxeeus. I only have a headache..
  13. I think he is outrageously wanting to hit ZNA, no kidding, nice try Btw, I wanna go to ZNA too, besides 10 other fests
  14. I got the gypsum cast off. My hand is like a dead limb. Trying to stretch the wrist joint...hurts like hell. The doctor said I should go above the pain limit otherwise it is going to be a bad hand
  15. Sorry pal but why the f..k should I or anyone else fund you to go to a party? I have a dozen goa trance related projects at least before your request to put my money into. Anyways, respect for the courage for even to ask
  16. Geez this album is unreal. Got the CD on Wednesday and now been on repeat like 50++ times. Thank you big time Cronomi..just extra thank you: so extraorninary it is!
  17. Nico is half-savage. His dad is 100 % Finnish, that's where the savage part comes from So now he is free to run in bushes and be free from all F1 crap that Kimi is looking forward to be free from soon But the rumors say Nico is gonna make a come back. Time will show.
  18. An interesting topic that made me think.. I can't recall that I had ever lied online (psynews, facebook). No need for that. Ppl with whom I associate online are those with whom I am comfortable with so no need for making up stories. I am a liar of irl. Mostly my relatives. My old dad would not understand what his daughter is up to, e.g. psychedelic music scene. So I am lying a bit in necessary circumstances just to save him from worries. Also: I have lied to my boss at work a few times about why not coming to work: telling that I am sick even tho I had a hangover. That just has to be balanced: a few times is maximum and one has to be a good worker even more bc of the lies for not to arouse suspicions. Generally: sometimes a "white" lie is better than truth to save ppl from unnecessary worries. Mainly I value truth very high.
  19. I am in love with this TAS project from Austria https://www.facebook.com/tasvision/?fref=ts
  20. This Semper Fi track name made me smile. Semper is a leading baby food brand in Scandinavia and Fi refers to Finland (domain of Finland-based web pages) https://semper.fi Anyways, looking forward to the release of this EP
  21. I am so happy to hear that, also that you were able to attend. Did you meet LD in person? Btw, tonight the boys are in Amsterdam on their way back, hopefully all goes okay..it is Amsterdam
  22. I have to apologize @Happy Horse and the artist also of my previous position of this album on Label news section: I don't know what I was thinking but soundcloud samples didn't get me and I was also unhappy of a non-customer friendly marketing with a review coming too early like some smaller circle basketweaving and even without artwork at that point if I remember right. But I'd be pathetic if I didn't live up to my motto "There was never even an option for me to let anything or anyone come between me and music" and didn't let the music speak for itself now that it is on hand. If I was a guy I'd get a boner on this release but cuz I am a girl I don't know what I am getting but butterflies (or bees according to the artwork) anyways. This Is a major album of 2016 with all psychedelia that I don't remember any other release has delivered on this level for a long time. Fav tracks: 1. Dream Telepathy, 2. Mahabharta 3. Secret trip Artwork: 5/5 Overall rating 4,5/5
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