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  1. So my friend doesn't believe me when I say EBM was played in goa in the 80s (he's a goth ). So can we post some video evidence please? I know there was a video posted a while back... but I forget it's name. Pretty much anything with music from goa in the 80s. Ok I found the thread in question, any chance of some quotes from interviews? I'm looking myself but I must goto bed now.
  2. Well Goa Gil might have published the record on his label but all the info says it's made by Sergei Nazarenko. An excellent album, some top tracks of various moods. Definitely darkpsy, with some very energetic tracks, but I think that concidering Enhichikens unique style and the variety of moods here this one is that'll appeal to the usually non darkpsy listeners (who might only like derango and a few others, not that this is necassarily similar to them). I mean there's definitely some quite sad tracks or parts of tracks, and that's not something you necassarily hear on every darkpsy album. There's a medium to heavy idm influence in the same way that there's a strong dub influence on a lot of psybient, but as people said to call it idm is a bit silly since it's psy. I agree with the comparison to psykovsky, if you like him then you will probably like Enichkin. Not that they are that similar though. 8/10 Favourite tracks: The twilight zone, In memory of love
  3. This just in: Newschool goa is too shit to take drugs to
  4. What an excellent album, I saw this guy live and he's a great DJ. His music is just as bloody great, I wish he was still making stuff. So many great tracks, no one bad one. Pincusion man, The Retinal circus, In the hands of the randomizer and the entrapment of john dory have to be the best ones though. Retinal circus is just so sublime... and the entrapment of john dory has to be THE saddest psy trance track I've ever heard. I want this played at my funeral!
  5. To be fair though the reason it fails is due to changes in things most of the time, and buying windows doesn't entitle you to 20 years of updates either.
  6. Yeh it's pretty good. Some cheese but some seriously fucked stuff too
  7. You're probably right, but you did say you didn't like guitar music. I mean some of the members here are into stuff like tool etc so they might be inclined to like that sortof thing more (although probably not the pop rock crap on yb's latest)
  8. Their last album was still pretty damn good though.
  9. I love this argument. Alcohol gives me a hangover therefore lsd makes you feel worse the next day. Highly logical
  10. I'm in blue and a black checkered hoodie... and yeh my hair really needs a cut, but my hairdesser has been booked
  11. That actually seems alright, a bit slow at first though, it builds energy pretty well though.
  12. Karlheinz Stockhausen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_VPCeyM2nY&feature=player_detailpage Philip Glass John Cage ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN2zcLBr_VM BTW karlheinz stockhausen-Microphone 1 & 2 is seriously the weirdest and one of the trippiest things I've ever heard, you guys hould definitely check out if you're into psy. I mean lets put it this way, it starts out with what sounds like a balloon being rubbed along some metal thing... and from there it just gets weirder, there's also some really insane voice effects I don't think I've ever heard before.
  13. You could use audacity to record what you hear then post it.
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