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Found 10 results

  1. Artist: Talamasca Title: Psychedelic Trance Label: Dacru Records Date: February, 2013 1. Psychedelic Trance 2. Cosmic Company (Talamasca rmx) - Digicult 3. Day Dreaming 4. Nightmare (Talamasca feat. Lucid Rmx) - XSI 5. Take Control - Talamasca Feat. Mesmerizer 6. Super Hero 7. Winter Tale 8. Fallen Angel 9. Time Simulation (Live version) "Psychedelic trance originated at the parties on the beaches of goa. The sound is more modern created on the latest electronic equipment." Someone forgot to tell Cedric. This is blatant false advertising. And Dacru, what the f*ck were you thinking? "No Cedric, No! Bad Cedric!" Once a master of the genre that has now seemed to pass him by, Cedric Dassulle continues his epic freefall into generic full-on and dated music production. This might have sounded great a decade ago, but listening to this album has me questioning whether or not you give a sh*t any longer. Sickeningly sweet melodies abound and it wouldn't surprise me if you slept on a bed of sugar underneath cotton candy blankets. Do you get paid by the sample? Because the tracks here are bursting with them. Cringeworthy cliches are everywhere as this leas common denominator full on train barrels into what were you thinking town. I'm embarrassed for you Cedric. Please tell me that your 10 year old nephew got into your Cubase and submitted this to the rocket scientists at Dacru. That's the only logical explanation. A countdown? Really, a countdown? This actually happened. From 10. He continues to make albums like this and further throws dirt on what he did in the past. The message is obviously not getting through. This is as cheesy and uninspiring as it gets. Cedric, you are this close to becoming a punchline. Stay away from this unless you want tooth decay or diabetes. P.S. US customers if you pay 15 bucks for this before shipping you should have to turn in your citizenship. Goastore Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  2. Artist: Talamasca Title: A Brief History of Goa Trance Label: Dacru Records Date: June, 2017 1. A Brief History of Goa Trance Astral Projection 2. A Brief History of Goa Trance Electric Universe 3. A Brief History of Goa Trance Etnica 4. A Brief History of Goa Trance Hallucinogen 5. A Brief History of Goa Trance Juno Reactor 6. A Brief History of Goa Trance Man With No Name 7. A Brief History of Goa Trance Oforia 8. A Brief History of Goa Trance Transwave 9. A Brief History of Goa Trance X-Dream "I live for this moment here." I mean... *sigh* What in the actual f*ck is he doing? I'm trying not to sound like a snobby purist, but how is this anything but sh*tting all over the artists he is said to admire? Calling this a brief history is like comparing the entire works of Mozart to the latest Katy Perry album. Talamasca is C├ędric Dassulle and he left any and all of his goa credibility behind him long ago, let's just put that right out front. At this point he's like my bloated orange president with the lies. Remember his album Psychedelic Trance? Me neither cause it was far from it. I can best describe this effort as him taking parts of tracks from the artist he said had influence on him and "full-oning" it until any sense of soul and spirituality has been wrung out of it. Loaded with cliches including cringe inducing triplets and a cornballing of original melodies. It sounds exactly how you think it would. I mean...how in the f*ck do you make the melody from Etnica's Trip Tonite sound like it's full-on cheese regurgitation? How do you do that? Simon Posford is rolling over in his grave for the callous way you neutered LSD. Just because you insert the samples from the originals doesn't mean a connection is forged. This is what Hollywood does to once proud franchises so congratulations. This doesn't make me want to hear this album again. It makes me want to hear the originals to see how it was correctly done. You wanna honor those artists? Either re-learn how to make goa trance or just stay the hell away from their music. Psyshop
  3. Artist: Astral Projection Title: Y-Salem Ep Label: Dacru Records Date: May, 2017 1. Y-Salem (Astral Projection Remix) 2. Y-Salem (Remastered) Sigh. The original track was from the precursor of Astral Projection first released on the Trust In Trance compilation. It was meh back then and a remastering maintained its meh status. There is absolutely nothing redeemable about this lazy as f*ck effort. Did I hear a rumor that Suntrip was going to release an ep by these has beens? A little advice for Joske and Mars...better check it first. They haven't reached shameful Talamasca status, but we'll see. So disappointing. It's like they're striving for mediocre. Not linking to it. Embarrassing.
  4. Artist: Power Source Title: XOXO Label: Dacru Records Date: July, 2017 1. Introstellar 2. The Question 3. Night & Day 4. New Sparks (Space Cat Edit) 5. Skywalker (Filteria Remix Edit) 6. Astral Projection feat. DJ Jorg - Mahadeva (Power Source & Innerzone Remix) 7. Power Source & The Muses Rapt - Galactic Wilderness 8. Seville 9. Dasvidanya Ah Power Source clearly all out of f*cks to give. One of the more notable names that was almost a seminal figure in the goa scene. This project (which began as a trio and is now the sole property of Shahaf Shvarzman) beat us over the head with some say their only standout track Goaway. I however believe them to have had at least a few more with Memory Bubbles, Granada, and Skywalker, but clearly if you kicked out their contribution the goa pyramid would still stand solidly. So now it's back and we know the trap that can be a hazard of returning artists. It's a trap that Power Source jumped into with two feet screaming "F*ck it!" all the way down. This album is pure Dacru full-on with goa and trance elements which might require you to get some sunglasses when listening to it as the shiny and modern production could very well blind you. I like what Space Cat did with Sparks and even though it's pretty good we already heard the Filteria Remix of Skywalker on Ten Spins Around the Sun. The Mahadeva remix was also entertaining, but it just made me want to hear the original. Look I was never a huge fan of this project to begin with, but If you can listen to the last track without dry heaving than perhaps you should apply for sainthood. What the unholy f*ck? It's not bad with it's great production and power, but I don't have time for just not bad. There was potential here, but for me there wasn't anything that was particularly memorable. Psyshop Beatspace
  5. Artist: Digicult Title: Soul Samadhi Label: Dacru Records Date: February, 2015 1. Digicult Vs. U-Recken - Sundara 2. Soul Samadhi 3. Jaia - Mai Mai (Digicult Vs. U-Recken Rmx) 4. Digicult Vs. Tropical Bleyage - Aradhana 5. Man With No Name - Evolution (Digicult Rmx) 6. Digicult - Star Travel (Talamasca Rmx) 7. Lost In A Mental Universe 8. Digicult - Red Planet (Spirit Architect Rmx) 9. Digicult Vs. U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Rmx) Digicult is a project that has always flirted with goa trance and sometimes outright produced it. I suppose you would have to label him a "full-on" act, but without all the cheese and simplicity that usually rides shotgun. Loved his albums Lucid Nation and Out of This World. With this his fourth album he remixes two goa classics and perpetual missing people Astral Projection remix one of his own tracks. Now usually when an artist from the full-on genre attempts to remix goa standards images of the album we shall not name pop up and we begin to behave like a poison victim. Now I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass. It's not healthy for either of us and that would entail me getting closer to your ass than is comfortable. The cliche's are here from auto-tune to the triplet bass lines. This is pop-full on and he could probably parlay this into a Vegas residency. Sundara encapsulated all that is wrong with full-on and all that could be right. What sets Digicult apart from the vast majority of full-on artists however is his attention to detail. An example of this is the track Aradhana which gives a wink and a nod in the goa direction. Another good one was Lost In A Mental Universe where he does his best Electric Universe impression. Plenty of artists bombard you with melodies, but he adds atmosphere and more things to grab a hold of. Makes it a lot more bearable. But you don't help your cause when you let Talamasca anywhere near your music. What I heard with that track was equal part Eskimo's Popcorn and Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene which of course added up to get the f*ck outta here. Still like I said it's a pop full-on album that doesn't distinguish itself from the huge pile we already have. He seems to have given up and just decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Got bills to pay homie and these frat boys love it when the beat drops! Oh well I hope he at least is scoring some quality groupie love. Besides I was really only interested in the goa remixes. And unfortunately it reaffirmed my belief that he should just leave it alone. There's a reason we haven't seen a recreation of the Mona Lisa with nothing but finger clippings and dandruff. You just know it would be terrible. And disgusting. The Astral remix is quintessential Astral with their signature sound and they continue to do just enough to keep you on the line hoping for a new goa album that will most likely never come. So in closing I will say that this is not an essential piece of music (I know you're shocked) and not even essential for the Digicult collection. You can tell he still has the talent and ability to make deep, meaningful tracks, but with this he has dipped a little too close to the euphoric Paul Van Dyk cheesiness. And I'm too old to put my hands in the air and wave them around like I just don't care. Here's to hoping that with his next album he just says f*ck it and makes the brilliant goa album I know he is capable of. C'mon dude...you know you wanna. Psyshop Beatspace
  6. Artist: Various Title: Orientation Vol. 1 Label: Dacru Records Date: June, 2006 1. Chromosome - Solstice Deluxe 2. Farbo - Tranceforming Pi 3. Ephedrix - Add Guitars To X 4. Alternative Control Vs. Bishop - Anaxadora 5. Digicult - In The River 6. Freakulizer - Radioshow 7. Barak - Love and Distance 8. Chemical Drive - Last Galaxy 9. Ephedrix - Fade To Grey (Ephedrix Remix) 10. Digicult - The Zen Mind "I want to stay on track. I want to accelerate my personal growth in the right direction." Well that's noble and I don't want to tell you your business, but...you're doing it wrong. After many years listening to this music and having written hundreds of reviews could I have finally stumbled upon sh*tty psytrance patient 0? The jumping off point that infected psytrance worldwide and made full-on a four letter word? Of course not. This was made in 2006 and the mountain of sh*t was Everest level by then. But my God this is like discovering a fully preserved T-rex. Only it's not actually a T-rex at all, just a giant glob of his sh*t. This is truly unlistenable music saddled with cliche' after cliche' that will have you reaching for the aspirin bottle. And they made six of these? If you go ahead and order this be prepared to be disgusted
  7. Artist: Digicult Title: The Lucid Nation Label: Dacru Records Date: May, 2012 1. The Optimist (vs U-Recken) 2. Microcosmos 3. Rite of passage (vs DNA) 4. Into the heartland (vs U-Recken) 5. Matter of thought 6. Medusah (vs Tropical Bleyage) 7. Last Warning (BeatNik rmx) 8. The Moksha Medicine (vs Hux Flux) 9. Awaken the dream (Tropical Bleyage rmx) Friends. I don't haz dem. Unless you're counting internet friends and I have like...400. So sad. But Belgian duo Digicult (Davy Piessens & Bert De Decker) do and they stopped by to give a hand on their 3rd album. If you're not familiar with their style (shame on you) they create the more evolved and dare I say mature kind of full-on. First I was struck by the great artwork and it instantly reminded me of A Broken Frame by Depeche Mode. Good looking stuff. The Optimist- Here they go with fellow intelligent full-on producers U-Recken who was responsible for one of my favorite albums of all time Deeper Into Man (never mind the gay as sh*t title. What? Please, the only way that title would've been gayer is if it was called Pardon Me Sir My Penis Seems to be Stuck in Your Rectum. *Excuse me a sec...Really? You gotta be kidding me...for that? So what, I can't even make gay jokes now? Sigh* My representation informs me that I need to apologize to the gay community and all who were offended by my previous statement. And that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Said every teen that wasn't excepted by their parents. Ever. Nah, if you're gay, I say be the gayest gay that ever gayed. But for God's sake use protection. If the scientist on the forefront of gay knowledge has taught us anything is that homosexuals are disgusting and probably all have aids. Paris Hilton...alienating every single population group one stereotype at a time. Back to the track it's got a little bit of everything. The Middle Eastern twang of the sitar, evolving melodies, and sufficient sunshine to give the ol' colon a sunburn. But they do it the right way and create a nice story with some powerful breaks. Microcosmos- These two flirt with goa enough to keep them on my radar. This isn't a goa tune, but it feels ethereal with the female vocal and warm break. It's a soft track with melodies creeping in before other leave and I don't think I'm going out on a limb saying it strays into euphoric trance territory with that big, fat synth arpeggio. They wen't all Paul Van Dyk on us. Rite of Passage- See this is where I was a little nervous. If intelligent full on is surfing the big wave, then DNA...how can I put this. They're the fat guy with the cooler spilling water all over everyone as he waddles in search of the perfect spot (never close) to lay him and his 6 sandwiches down only to fall asleep to burn and attract a cadre of seagulls. Sorry gentlemen, but you can only run on your record. I bought a DNA CD once, but I didn't run on it. More like jumped on it. Repeatedly. To the absolute shock of nobody it is full-on, but it is very well produced and comes off very warm and inviting. Good for you guys. Into the Heartland- Back with U-Recken and if you'll pardon the Britney reference, they did it again. These two projects have a knack through effects and melody of turning a simple full-on track into something much more lush. The break is delicious and the whole track has an encapsulting feel similar to Iono or Tesseract Studio's progressive work. Matter of Thought- "How are you feeling? Are you in pain?" Nah, he just grazed me. And now I'm even better as this track takes thumping bass coupled with soft acoustic guitar and runs with it. But they also brought the heat with more euphoric arpeggios. Good stuff, this is how full-on should be done. Medusah- Tropical Bleyage? Sounds like happy hour at the local Applebees. Try their two entrees for under 20 bucks...it's a winner. No idea who this is, but man is it good. Layers of ripping synths, sliced strings, nimble leads, and powerrrrr!!! Not much to say, but take this one all in. Last Warning (Beatnik Remix)- "I dream...I dream I am floating on the surface of my own life, watching it unfold...observing it." I'll have what he's having. Love the sample and intro with the effect of his words repeated in an evil Hal I can't let you do that warning. Unfortunately that was the best part as the rest of the track is pure filler. Sad, that one had potential. Shoulda called U-Recken. The Moksha Medicine- "Huxley was on his deathbed when he used LSD for the final time." There are plenty of people who like Hux Flux. I am not one of them, but the collaboration here works well. Lead sounds switch and melodies fade into each other. This is back to what the duo does well. The guitar crunch fits in nicely with the robotic and futuristic vibe. Awaken the Dream- And it just don't stop as happy hour at Applebees continues with a Tropical Bleyage remix. And just like the 5th Long Island Iced Tea it goes down so smoothly making me feel warm all over. Insanely full and rich with more ancillary sounds than my knees on a crisply cool morning. Beautifully done full-on that gets mucho replays in this house. Am I going to put a bumper sticker on the back of my jeep that says I Love Full-On? Maybe. It would have to find space between No Fat Chicks and Nuke Gay Whales for Jesus, but this is a discussion we can have. This duo continues to show mastery over this genre creating deep and evolving storyines punctuated with great atmosphere. So yeah, I have no problem recommending this. Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Goa Store Audiojelly Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Electric Universe Title: 20 (1994 - 2014) Label: Dacru Records Date: November, 2014 1. Electronic Pulsation 2. One Love 3. Galaxia 4. Out Of Time 5. Online Information 6. Sunset Skyline 7. Spectral Blue 8. Meteor 9. Renania 10. Love Is Not A Crime 11. The Prayer 12. Journey Into The Subconscious 13. Mind Of God 14. Gajin Rocker 15. The Self 16. Solar Noir 17. Tune Up 18. Psycho Acoustics 19. Bodhisatva 20. Freedom "And suddenly I was thrown into this expansive, amazing feeling...of freedom." Boris Blenn doesn't have to do sh*t. He doesn't have to prove sh*t. Psytrance Jesus practically invented the genre that allows talentless artists to make crappy full-on and believe they're Tiesto. You could argue he and a select few paved the way for those who would come after, and that without him the genre wouldn't be the same. This album celebrates his two decades in the game and is a great cross section of his huge and impressive body of work. Beginning with his best goa selections like Electronic Pulsation, Galaxia, and of course Online Information. Then not unlike the entire scene at the time he took a nap during his more experimental phase with with tracks like Spectral Blue and Renania. This is where I catch a few ZZzzzz.... Then after a few selections from his awesome album Cosmic Experience each he supplants himself in full-on territory. And I don't think he's moved since. I'll chalk his Higher Modes album up to bad drugs, a vengeful hooker (we've all been there, am I right?) or a throbbing case of not giving a f*ck. Once Boris released Cosmic Experience each subsequent album had the same style. Track names? Why the f*ck you gotta bring that up? At this point you either love where his music is or tire of hearing the same track ad nauseum. With his goa days long behind him this style of full-on is what he does and what the younger trancers know him for. The last track is from Journeys Into Space (haven't heard it yet) and it sounds even more cosmic and euphoric if that is at all possible. This is a great double CD of material and an adequate representation of his musical catalog. I don't think you can go wrong with it especially if you consider yourself a fan of his later stuff. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  9. Spirit Architect & Djantrix Liberation EP Dacru Records Tracklist: 1. Liberation 2. Fluorescence 3. Full Moon Forget the shitty album cover, try not to pay attention to the busy and senseless graphics going on there, try to look past that overly dramatic block lettering announcing the artists' names up at the top. This is not Israeli full-on masquerading with spiritual imagery while secretly making music for the fist-pumping guido who thinks its cool to wear his sunglasses in a dark club past midnight on a Saturday. This EP deserves better than that cover. Granted, it's almost good but it does look like someone's pastel kit puked on the rest of this thing. And the dude in the middle...my guess is the graphic artist just ran out of ideas. Spirit Architect and Djantrix do not run out of ideas, though. This trio of producers absolutely kill it where it matters the most. The Spirit Architect duo are Ovnimoon Records veterans and many, many moments in these three fiery full-on tracks they showcase exactly the sort of sound that landed them that prime gig to begin with. These are three floor fillers, pumped full of energy, energy and more energy. Make no mistake, though, there is nothing derivative or typical about these productions. In fact, Spirit Architect and Djantrix use enough progressive touches throughout to add some nice variety, even the samples are held to a minimum but used effectively and all three tracks have awesome and tantalizing effects. Lest it be forgotten that these are made for the live crowd (though this is awesome at-home listening) they all feature great build-ups and climaxes that don't feel like you have heard them before. The best place to hear this is out in the woods in the middle of an afternoon where the crowd is empowered from having killed the night and have no intention of turning away from the party at hand. This is peak-hour stuff - festival peak-hour, that is, when in the afternoon everyone comes out to play - when nothing surrounds you but trees and sunlight and familiar faces and ear-to-ear smiles. Liberation is an EP that deserves to be played at those moments for those kinds of people. Great stuff on this one!
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