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Found 20 results

  1. Artist: Lunar Dawn Title: The Purge Label: Neogoa Records Date: July 31, 2022 Tracklist:- 1. Being Into The Trance 2. Divisive 3. Loose Me 4. Self Aligned 5. Liquefactive Neurosis 6. My Faith 7. Volatile 8. Being In A Trance 9. Out Of This Place Well Well Well. That didn't take long and I'm not surprised. Of course Neogoa came back, they had Lunar Dawn to release. It's essential and necessary and sometimes that means that you put your life aside for a moment for a higher purpose. . . Filthy Goa Trance The musical styling of this release was a surprise. The cover gives it away but still, when I think Lunar Dawn I think tribal Eastern European melodies n rhythms'. Well not no more, this sounds like the creation of hanging Lunar Dawn in a cage with UX over the volcanic pit of our past and our future for 3 years. That changes a man. As always, if you want people to keep making this music for our sweet little minds then giving them money for their work is a pretty good incentive. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-purge
  2. Artist: Sky Technology Album: Rainbow Spirit Label: Neogoa Records Release: September 29, 2019 1. Hidden Secrets 2. Escape From Babylon (Sky technology Remix) 3. Winky Dink And Nod (Album Version) 4. Fake Dance 5. Katedra – Collision Course (Sky Technology) 6. A Ray Of Light (Album Acid Version) 7. Just Do It 8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version) 9. Rainbow Spirit 10. Memories of Another Life Sky Technology is Dmitriy Kolosovskiy who has released 4 studio albums including Rainbow Spirit. I kind of remember Spirituality although I Don't think I ever listened to it through and through, the rest of his albums are going to require some searching from me. I have thoroughly enjoyed his features on various compilations and have until now thought that he mostly did Neogoa and down-tempo Goa which he rules at. I’ve listened to Rainbow Spirit from start to finish, back to front, and shuffled all about. I get the most enjoyment on the Shuffle option and decided to review from that angle. 4. Fake Dance: Damn this fella is going fast and hard on this album. If I heard this on a dancefloor in the deep hours of the night I would come out the other end a jabbering jattering jittering mess. For at home listening it’s a little too hard for me, but That doesn’t mean I can’t see the place for this crazy ass song. The Final louder and more intense lead is pretty wild and enjoyable. In fact it’s absolutely wild. 6. A Ray of Light was one of my favourite tracks off of the Call of Goa Vol. 3 Compilation and the Album Acid Version just brings it to another level. Sky Technology brings the energy right from the start to the finish and doesn't skimp on the light rays of aural sensation. 8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version): Does he mean they don’t eat alien protein anymore? Damn kids have changed. I believe this to be one of my favourite on the album. 9. Rainbow Spirit comes at you with more another machine gun bassline and a bright Nitzho melody that turns into a pretty exciting midway break before coming back just as hard. The main break and final leads stand out here, the rest of the track doesn’t quite hit home for me. 2. Escape From Babylon comes in a bit of an easier pace to keep up with and instantly brings the vibe of a banger. This is most certainly my album favourite. The leads whip around each other while the kick pounds onwards never giving up. 10. Memories of Another Life starts with all the potential of a track that could be chill. Aint gonna happen though hombres. The track really takes off at 3:18 and gives us a taste of something we haven’t heard on the album yet. 3. Winky Dink And Nod has all the feels of a Nitzho track found in the deep forests of Scandinavia. Squelches and bubbles envelope the track and keep it dark and deep. 1. Hidden Secrets is tribalistic goa and another track with a difference on the album. Maybe one of the best produced tracks here with an entire catalogue of elements working towards a beautiful piece of work. 7. Just Do It is another fast and hard machine gun pound fest. Not a favorite but definitely appealing to those that like it fast, hard, relentless and extreme. 5. Katedra - Collision Course (Sky Technology Remix) Obviously this isn't going to be some rinky dink Sloa Version of Collision Course... Wait. Has Katedra even released the original of this track yet? Well gonna be a gatling gun firing rounds of bass in your face with the fastest strobe light we have. I really loved the screech lead that came in at 2:40, but have to stop myself from being disappointed that it doesn't spiral into something more amazing. The only reason this thought hits me is because the final bar sounds like it's about to jump into a different rhythm and start bouncing all around the place, instead it repeats itself onward. Putting this unreasonable expectation aside Sky Technology's remix is balls to the wall great and finally a fast and hard track that I can listen to over and over again. That is the album folks and Folkettes. A nice mix of Goa and super fast Goa that changes the music I expect to hear when I see Sky Technology release a track. Other than some bass lines that I wasn't a huge fan of I think the album has mostly solid tracks that will tear up a dance floor without a doubt in my mind. I have about 6 favourites which is decent 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10. Most of the track sit between a 7 - 9 minute run time which is completely appropriate for their intensity. Trance2MoveU made a comment on his spirituality album in 2016 "Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time." Well that holds for this album too, a little bit of both for our pleasure. Well done to all involved, another extreme album to add to the growing collection of chaos that has been released in 2019. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-spirit
  3. Neogoa Records is proud to present you our latest release, a full length album by The Maniac – Into Madness. Man behind The Maniac project is B. Deepak from India, who started producing Goa trance music in 2015, being inspired by both old and new Goa trance musicians and juggernauts such as Pleiadians, Prana, Green Nuns Of The Revolution, Cosmosis, Filteria, Proxeeus and Morphic Resonance, to name a few. In 2017. he made his first appereances on Timewarp Records and since than he published many different tracks on compilations and at his official Bandcamp page. His latest release and first under the Neogoa Records banner – Into Madness was in the making for last 2 years and it brings the best of The Maniac sound and idea. Complete album has been produced on a smartphone hardware and technology, which makes it unique when it comes to the releases we hosted so far on our label. On Into Madness album each track oozes with high-octane tempos and rich acidic textures spiced up with crazy melodies – a prefect combination to represent the dark mythos of H.P. Lovecrafts’ works which are an important part of this record and big inspiration for The Maniac music. All tracks written and produced by B. Deepak. Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs. Artwork design by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Records. Available in all digital formats now + limited CDr (60 copies) - Shipping starts 4th December 2020. Download/buy at Bandcamp: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/into-madness Tracklist: 01 - In Unlighted Chambers (150 BPM) 02 - Cult (156 BPM) 03 - Effluvium Of K'thun (156 BPM) 04 - Awakening Rhan Tegoth (150 BPM) 05 - Blessings Of Chaugnar Faugn (151 BPM) 06 - In The Court Of Hastur (152 BPM) 07 - Daemon Sultan (156 BPM) 08 - Temple Of Nephren-Ka (158 BPM) 09 - Originator Of Madness (154 BPM) 10 - Sacrifice To Tsathoggua (160 BPM) YouTube: SoundCloud:
  4. Artist: Veasna Title: Spectral Flux Label: Neogoa Records Date: June, 2018 01 - CP46TA 02 - Lobotomites 03 - Telepathy 04 - Spectral Flux 05 - Aviation 06 - Exosphere 07 - Voyager 1 08 - Wormhole 09 - Lost In Space "It is not an argument...one is clearly right and the other is clearly wrong!" Is there anything Tyrion can't do? Good things certainly come in small packages, but alas Veasna is Patrick Dinklage not Peter. This is his second album and I'm not going to be too wordy with my description of what can be found within, but I will say I was impressed. Well, after listening to the first track... my skepticism grew. Eyes were turned sideways. I mean this is the definition of a "meh" track. And the key changes in the latter bits? Et tu, Neogoa? But, no that disappointment was short lived and he came back with solid tracks the rest of the way through. Lobotomites was very GMS sounding combining liquid goa with a heavy dose of psychedelia. Telepathy came with the growl and shriek and Exosphere had an odd sounding progressive vibe, but that 303 growl quickly stole the show. That said my favorite has to be Aviation. The M-run groove was well represented here and had me dancing around the room like a crazy person. It does what you would expect a goa trance album to do in this modern era without over reaching. Solid without being spectacular. Neogoa Bandcamp
  5. Artist: Lectro Spektral Daze Title: Infinitely Intricate Unfolding Kaleidoscope Label: Neogoa Records Release: Feb 23 2018 Tracklist: 1. Experiences And Encounters 2. Acid Feels 3. Observing From All Around 4. Matter Into Energy 5. Seen Something 6. Thoughts They are Like Flames 7. Yellow And Green And Blue Patterns 8. Wave After Wave I gotta say at first i was confused. Lectro Spektral Daze does some great stuff, some of my favourites, his use of breaks is intelligent, the builds keep me guessing and the fun just jumps from all his tracks. The confusion however came from my first few listens on my car speakers and a pair of little in ear phones. The highs and Lectro’s use of sweeps caused me to wince in pain. For example in Acid Feel at the 4 minute mark the washed out sweep made me pull my earphones out and turn the volume down. At 6 min the highs build to a similar discomfort I went through some of his older tracks and heard similar sweeps and highs that didn’t cause me the same discomfort. Then Neogoa were all ‘lets review this bad boy aye’. So i thought, it must just be me, the team themselves couldn’t have messed mastering up that badly (I'll always believe in you Neogoa). And so I should, on proper speakers everything changed. 'When you face animosity you don't give up, you turn the biggest loudest rig you have access to on and hit play' 1. Experiences and Encounters - Nice little intro, and a cool kick and bassline, very Lectro Spektral styled. The progressive influences come through in the beginning and it doesn't take long before the track (Almost explodes into energy), if those leads were just a little louder, if they just roared a little more. Regardless the melody doesn't get old and we soon come to the first big break, it’s a good one too, then the track really blasts off, i love that lead that comes in around 6:20 coulda listened to that for the rest of the track really. 2. Acid Feels - A warm acid filled track, that doesn't take long to draw you into a deep trance. Overall a pretty positive track. The pain from the washy sweeps is gone and the high builds teetered on the edge of painful without actually crossing the line. 3. Observing From all Around - Starts without much messing around, cool knob turning and big drums lead us into our first melody. The use of one off sound effects and connected samples is pretty sweet. It really takes off at the halfway point. And that break at 6 min! Thats what im here for, This really where Lectro stands out from the crowd, the change of direction is awesome. A great track and favourite of mine. 4. Matter into Energy - Another short intro, very educational all the same, and we are met by warm full-on sounding pads.A floaty sense of funk surrounds fills this track. As the promo track to the album this didn't really grab me, after a few more listens I’m turnt right up. Another great break, this time more intense. Instead of over-layering with melodies other sounds and fx are used to keep your interest. 5. Seen Something - A light star spangled first act leads us into another cool melody which takes center stage. I would’ve liked the leads after the first melody to roar at me a bit more, instead they are placed deeper into the track drawing me in. The broken beats around 5 min are sweat and another LSD trademark i appreciate. This is one track however where we coulda dressed the kick drum up in a little tree costume and sent it to the backstage to offer the rest of the song more room to move. 6. Thoughts They are Like Fire - They do don't they? Who'd have thought. We get some cool loops and wacky sounds drawing us into the track before the melody takes over, not overly complex but lasts longer than the other melodies we have heard so far. 7. Yellow And Green And Blue Patterns - Goa trance can be a little bit like a game of rugby. Sometimes the Full Back has the ball and takes center stage, other times they just sit there to support the rest of the team. Sometimes the Wing gets the ball and takes center stage, they get some help from the others but it's really all them going for it. For the first half of this song i would have liked more focus on the ball carriers. So much coolness happening but not a lot taking focus...It deep tho. That being said, this was without a doubt my favourite track, Why? You guessed it, that break is beautiful. Tear inducing, uplifting, beauty. This is what i came here for. The purity of the second half of this track is unreal. 8. Wave After Wave - Who is that lady? Is that the weird girl from American idol, i gotta find her . . . - Mary roach, My God Lectro, did you get Mary to talk about acid on your track? My lord, has she changed her name to Guilbeaux yet? The rest of the track is too hot to trot, another favourite of mine, the chopped up melody and broken beats take over and make me to jump around. The voices in the back are a great addition. Lektro’s strong focus on breaks, nice use of builds and jump inducing fast paced changes have been mixed into a deeper style of trance. While at any point he could have brought parts of his track into stronger focus, what we get instead is balanced deep listening journey. I agree with the label when they say “...putting the listener into a unique state of deep trance led by trademark LSD melodies and pulsating drum-kicks…”. I enjoyed all tracks and loved three. I think Lectro has real talent, the album isn’t crawling with influence from other artists which tells me this amigo has his shit together. The work also shows that Neogoa is willing to release something a little bit different and unique. That being said I think the album could have gone a different direction into masterpiece territory, it’s art no doubt, good art too. Random snippets of sound, good melodies and awesome changing flow, more focus could have gone into bringing out some of the ‘bigger’ sounds, This may have taken away from the deep trance state induced rhythm of LSD, but it could have paid off big as well. Don’t get me wrong, the work is incredible and i was happy to purchase it, but i feel LSD has the potential to release the Magnum Opus. I read somewhere that what really separates the great originals from the rest is sheer volume of work. From art to engineering, more albums means more greats. If you catch my drift. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/infinitely-intricate-unfolding-kaleidoscope
  6. Artist: VA Title: Dimensional Gateway 5 Label: Neogoa Records Date: December 2017 Tracklist:- 01 - Sun Sith - Arrival 02 - BlackStarrFinale - The Scattering 03 - Lectro Spektral Daze - I Ate Seven Of Them 04 - Xamanist - Star Forming Galaxy 05 - Maan - Field Quanta 06 - Third Eye Channel - Katarza 07 - Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep [Short Mix] 08 - Dragon Twins - Shattered Sense 09 - Negan - Wäwära Well wowie, If ever a compilation could fit into the theme of 2017 (Quality over quantity) this is it. Neogoa Records have released their 5th in a series of Dimensional Gateways. Unlike the dark portals of this world, defined by stability and assurance, dimensional gateways are like tunnels bored with unstable magic that can lead to bliss, new worlds or eternal imprisonment. One thing is for sure, the gateways will always be a journey. As a newbie to the genre it would be foolish of me to say something like ‘This has been quite the year for Goa’ But i’m young and foolish so. This has been quite the year for Goa. We’ve seen some pretty remarkable releases that have been top notch in terms of either production, originality, or nostalgia. While the review section for 2017 has been pretty empty most of what is here is gold. Sun Sith: … Holy shit. Sun Sith are Lunar Dawns Kristijan Ilisinovic and Sasa Precanica. Two lifelong friends who have dedicated themselves to absolutely blowing our minds with music. This has gotta be the darkest work of theirs. And i’m going to peg it as the track of the year. Blackstarfinale: Oh no, how is this melody going to work? Am i about to listen to pure aged chedder? Nope, you better not believe it. The scattering is a mix of uplifting twisted chopped and screwed bliss. Pretty freaking awesome how they work this track. Lectrop Spektral Daze: Yea you did LSD, you ate more than seven didn’t you? You ate a whole bag! Whats that? Only seven per bag? Oh well yea, you ate seven then congratulations! Some of us are too busy studying to just go and eat shrooms in Mexico. Great track, if you like drug references in your songs you’ll like this. Also if you like good songs, well this is one for you my friend. Beautiful beautiful track. Xamanist - Star Forming Galaxy: Every now and then i come across a track on a comp that makes me wonder why i passed that artists album up when i came across it. Progressive trance must have been the flavour of the month when i came across 7, but I tell ya, i’m going back to right my wrongs right after this review. A banging track and another one of my favourites. Aaaaah i love rolling basslines. Maan - Field Quanta: A nice driving bit of trance that starts with subtle bits of acid getting tossed around, easy to dance to though not the most unique track floating around with not much to differentiate it from other producers. The builds are all pretty fun though. Instead of leading to explosions of hysteria they end in slightly disappointing returns to the bassline. Katarza - Third Eye Channel: A less exciting track that gets points for being trippy, though without endless amounts of energy pulsing through it. More of a floating track then an arm flail enducing stomper. Instead of keeping your attention with hard melodies Katara mixes the beat up by skipping kicks and messing around with the basslines. Dragon Twins - Shattered Sense: Some spooky throat noises (Singing? chanting?) starts our journey into what is a remarkable track. The melody is insane, but then it disappears? I could have easily had another 6 minutes of that penetrating my cranium. Man i’m bitter about that, the lead was incredible. I guess that’s how some stories go. Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep (Short mix): We are lucky it’s easier to dance to Proxeeus’ tracks than pronounce them. Everytime i try I end up with a deep and very bad Estonian accent... The track is what you would expect from this wizard, awesomeness. Edit: Holy heck Proxeeus! That final 1.5 minutes. Negan - Warawa: Whats that? Fun basslines? Negan (Did Negans lose part of himself) has got us covered. The track is madness from start to finish, the acid lines are all over the place in the best of ways. Hare Krishna would have indeed been a bad boy. And we made it out the other side. Dimensional Gateways aren't so bad are they, 5 down and we are still kicking. I'm starting to think these things are more stable than i've been told. Wizards and their bullshit friends, just like politicians. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/dimensional-gateway-5
  7. Artist: Various Title: BGF Chronicles Label: Neogoa Records Date: July, 2017 Part One: 01 - Aerosis - Whole New Beginning 02 - Ephedra - Fanatic's Tribute 03 - Triquetra - Headphone Zombie 04 - Siam - Bizarre Sunrise 05 - E-Mantra - Valley Of The Kings (Fiery Dawn Remix) 06 - Kurandini - Celestial Death Of Yama 07 - Griffin - Dark Frequencies (BGF Version) 08 - Mania - Cosmic Flux 09 - Omnivox - Beyond Dreams Part Two: 10 - E-Mantra - Distant Signals (Early Version) 11 - Journey Into Sound - 42 12 - Zopmanika - Subconscious Whispers 13 - Sky Technology - It Is Alive 14 - Mindfield vs. Lunar Asylum - Exposed 15 - Omneon - Transform Last 16 - Veasna - Silent Spring 17 - Syb Unity Nettwerk Experience - MorphoGenesis (Live Studio) 18 - Third Eye Channel - Once Upon Heard the party was epic! Our favorite (well my favorite, I can't speak for all you guys) goa trance netlabel is at it again with a large digital compilation mastered by sonic impresario Deimos and cool as f*ck artwork by label head Ivan himself. Most people don't know this but BGF stands for Big Girls For Ivan because I've heard he likes a little meat on the bone. Fine that's not what it means. It stands for Balkan Goa Fanatics which is a bunch of far East Europeans who seem to really like this goa music. This release nicely coincides with the label's 7th birthday so hopefully Ivan got a nice plump stripper for the celebrations. So inside is a who's who of European goa artists beginning with blast from the past Aerosis, laying down a warm, progressive style that feels comfortable like the ass groove in the couch that takes years to construct. Flavor of the month Triquetra deliver a track that grew on me especially when the second half became a twirlers paradise. Like most of you I like my goa with a heaping helping of forest and Dark Frequencies has more in common with North Sweden than India. Disappointed in the Omnivox track though. Has to be one of his weakest ever. A few others... Subconscious Whispers...wow! Transform Last...double wow! Exposed...not so wow. Stevo you know that doesn't belong here. Morphogenesis was a classic from 20 years ago, but I don't know if this is updated or he recorded what he played live. Don't really care, but I'll say it is deliciously old school. Overall a great release from these crazy Balkans. Quality always comes before quantity so when you come across a label that delivers both it's really rare. Neogoa Bandcamp
  8. Artist: GoaTree Title: Black Star Of The Death Tracklist: 1. Carbon - Nomad (GoaTree Remix) 2. GoaTree - Vader 3. GoaTree - Damned 4. GoaTree - Labyrinth 5. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death 6. GoaTree - Cell Connections 7. GoaTree - No Time To Waste 8. GoaTree - Hide And Clap I have heard of GoaTree but I dont think I ever went through his music so I'm doing this with a fresh set of ears. This is the black star of THE Death, not of death in general, but of a certain, particular death. Mysterious, wouldn't you say? Anyway, if you are expecting a dark and serious atmosphere like I was, you shan't be dissapointed! Lets begin! 1. Nomad (GoaTree Remix): Introduces us to the theme of the album which is the combination of goa and dark/forest and I couldnt be more happy with it because it mixes the best of both worlds! It made me bounce around in my chair which is always a good sign! Highly psychodelic! 5/7 2. Vader: I expect nerdgasms just because of the name alone! Anyhow, the special part of this track, beside it being an amazing track, is its sample: "Vader... was seduced... by the dark side... of the force." It repeats a lot but its so damn catchy that I couldnt stop myself from saying it along with the track every...single...time! The track itself is 303 and melody heavy. At 7:20 we have a cool little playful melody followed by a great semi-climax. Masterfully composed track. Love it to bits! 7/7 3. Damned: 5/7 4. Labyrinth: Has a 3 minute long intro which builds up into a melodic explosion which persists for a good part of the track but it doesnt overstay its welcome. The track then slowly winds down to its conclusion. Great stuff! 6/7 5. Black Star Of The Death: I always have high expectations for title tracks and I was pleasently surprised this time. IMO, its the best track on this album. It has a HUUUUGE climax. I love successfully executed climaxes! 7/7 6. Cell Connections: A more simplistic track which sounds very oldschool to me. Has a dose of playful and funky rhythm. 6/7 7. No Time To Waste: First part of the track is high-tech heavy which then weirdly transitions into a twisted folk melody. Wasn't particularily impressed by this one but its far from being bad 4.5/5 8. Hide And Clap: A nice conclusion to the album. Nothing special but it does it job of signing off. 5/7 Summery: A darkpsy infested goa album with a couple of gems. Tracks are complex, well and patiently structured and decently varied. This release is of a big caliber and it came as a pleasant surprise. 6/7 You can download for free or choose to support the label and artist (name your price) at: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/black-star-of-the-death
  9. Artist: Ohm Mind Title: Birds Will Go To Heaven Label: Neogoa Records Date: October, 2015 Angkor Thom Unleash The Ohm Jungle Out Of Galaxy Doors Of Imagination Singing Owls Ultimate State Of Consciousness Cosmic Trance Birds Will Go To Heaven Ugh...still working the bugs out of my Spock disapproval algorithm. As of right now he can be slightly...heavy handed. Looks like it's back to radio shack. Even though the bugs need to be worked out he mirrors my feelings to a lesser extent. Of course I don't want to smash my computer. Counterproductive, expensive, and it doesn't solve anything. The simple solution is to say that I find this boring and choose not to listen. This is the debut album of Belgian Jeremy Cambon and I feel he has underwhelmed me. Perhaps it's his choice of sounds or the quality of production, but this release does not grab me. Decent, but not something I would actively reach for. There were some moments where I was intrigued, but they were immediately followed up by uninteresting melodies. I consistently felt like the tracks dragged on with no fruitful conclusion. Thin sounding without a lot of power. Based on the thread in the Artist News and Label Announcements I shall be in the minority. That's ok, I don't mind going my own way. The artwork is beautiful and was done by Richpa while the mastering by Deimos so it's got that going for it. Probably with time his production will evolve and improve, but right now this album doesn't hold up to other releases even within the Neogoa catalog. Free at Ektoplazm
  10. Artist: Saluberrimae Title: Time Is A Flat Circle Label: Neogoa Records Date: March, 2017 01 - Trapped Inside (95 BPM) 02 - Jesenné Prebúdzanie Do Letného Rána (80 BPM) 03 - Jennifer Connelly (80 BPM) 04 - Time Is A Flat Circle (70 BPM) 05 - Loophole (70 BPM) 06 - The Abyss (95 BPM) 07 - Čiernobiela (70 BPM) 08 - Frozen (110 BPM) 09 - Večerná Ciga Na Balkóne (80 BPM) 10 - Gestonkenflapped (70/140 BPM) "I had a dream last night when I woke up, I remembered it but...just a moment ago...huh. It's gone" The downtempo/psychill side project of Lukáš Bartošek (Goatree) is a nice mix of dub, chill, and ethnic music with real instruments. There is so much to unpack here with a bunch of great ideas. A lot of the tracks have a repetitive phrase which brings a sci-fi feel as if big brother is watching. Very mechanical and sets the stage well. The title track is a pensive thinker that exhibits a slow, hypnotic burn. Loophole has a slow awakening like a beast being preparing for a strike. Čiernobiela has a post apocalyptic feel with a ponderous hip-hop beat. Reminded me of NIN Reptilian. Frozen turned into an industrial influenced crawl with a very throaty 303. Was that a bit of Southern guitar licks on track 9? Felt like a hot summer day on the Mississippi delta. So what it does, it does well. While I liked the ideas unfortunately a few did not realize their potential. Either there wasn't enough evolution or the great bits didn't last long enough. The jazzy elements in tracks 2 and 3 just weren't for me. It's good music and I like where he's going, but for the above reasons it misses greatness. But just.
  11. Our new compilation is now available on Ektoplazm too! Download for FREE on Ektoplazm: http://bit.ly/DG4-Ektoplazm Support this release via Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/DG4-Bandcamp Review: http://bit.ly/DG4-Review YouTube: http://bit.ly/DG4-YouTube SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/DG4-SoundCloud The new chapter in the Dimensional Gateway series, Veil Of The Moon, ritualizes the annular Solar Eclipse with Goa trance over three different stages, making for the most fitting soundtrack to this event. Even though it has been more than four years since the last Dimensional Gateway compilation appeared (and in the meantime, the team behind Neogoa Records introduced other interesting ideas and concepts on releases such as The World Beyond, Svemirski Hod, and Celestial Transvibrations), this moment is perfect to return to our own roots and unleash fresh works by some new projects, but also welcome back a few of our contributors from the early days. Veil Of The Moon offers plenty of darker and acidic vibes, but yet it keeps the melodic aspect present in competent and solid Goa trance form. Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design. Tracklist: ☽ Stage 1: Conjuration Through Three Astral Orbs 01 - Dragon Twins - Illa Tahin (145 BPM) 02 - Veasna - Dendrites (145 BPM) 03 - GoaD - Voids (146 BPM) ☽ Stage 2: Into The Throat Of The Lustrous Spiral We Dive 04 - Clementz - Black Dwarfs (145 BPM) 05 - GoaD vs. Proxeeus - Acid Implant (147 BPM) 06 - PharaOm - It's Alive (144 BPM) ☽ Stage 3: Driving The Possesed Spirit On Moon Chariots 07 - Proxeeus - Dagon (146 BPM) 08 - Negans - Silver (145 BPM) 09 - Cybernetika - Unknown Entity (153 BPM) Mastering by Deimos at Deimos Soundlabs Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design Compiled by Richpa YouTube preview: SoundCloud preview: https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/dimensional-gateway-4 Download: February 26th 2017
  12. Title: Dimensional Gateway 4 [Veil Of The Moon] Label: Neogoa Records Release date: 26.02.2017 Tracklist: 1) Dragon Twins - Illa Tahin 145 bpm 2) Veasna - Dendrites 145 bpm 3) Goad - Voids 146 bpm 4) Clementz - Black Dwarfs 145 bpm 5) Goad vs. Proxeeus - Acid Implant 147 bpm 6) Pharaom - It's Alive 144 bpm 7) Proxeeus - Dagon 146 bpm 8) Negans - Silver 145 bpm 9) Cybernetika - Unknown Entity 153 bpm For the release of this compilation I have waited for half a year! Richpa announced the release pretty early and had made a bold statement that he and the artists are working really hard and that it may surpass even "The World Beyond" in some sense. Considering how much I love The World Beyond and how well it was received generally, I was instantly baited into hyping over "The Veil Of The Moon" and my expectation was very high! Was I let down, or were my standards met by this new Neogoa release? Stay with me, fellow traveler, and I will tell you! 1. Dragon Twins - Illa Tahin: The journey begins with an evil sounding track. With screeches and subtle acid lines, this track sounds like a perfect blend of the old and the new. It hinted me of Psychopod and the weird psychedelia reminded me of Hallucinogen's "The Lone Deranger." The track steadily builds up to 5:20 when it unleashes the sound of many spirits pouring in from a Dimensional Gateway! A driving and unique sounding track and a great intro into this compilations! 6/7 2. Veasna - Dendrites: I call this track "R2D2 broadcasting a message." Again, a track true to the oldschool ways. Long intro, careful arrangement and peculiar sounds reminding me of Etnica - Starship 101 in a way, giving of the ambient of being in a spaceship with all its beeping and zapping. A good track! 5/7 3. Goad - Voids: I couldn't guess who's track this was when I was blindly listening to the playlist, but then the acid lines kicked it and everything was made clear, but still, when I saw who's it was, I expected to hear his typical style from "Galactic Aviator." Maybe it has just evolved... Anyway, the combination of ambientish synth melodies and subtle acid makes this track sound slower than it really is, almost hypnotic! I like the progression very much here and at @4:35 its just pure bliss! 6/7 4. Clementz - Black Dwarfs: BOOM! This track got no chill and it exlodes right of the bat with some... I have no idea how to describe it! Its AWESOME. If I heard that live I'd go feral! Now the thing I dont like is the easterish sounding melody that comes after. IMO it doesnt fit at all and it kinda ruined the track for me. It has amazing elements but some of them I dont like when put together. 4/7 5. Goad vs. Proxeeus - Acid Implant: Oh crap... I knew I was in some acid trouble when I saw whose it was! This track is simply put a good acid track. You can hear typical Goad style elements and typical Proxeeus elements amalgamated into one ACID MONSTER. This track feels like a 303 exorcism! Now I wasnt particularily amazed by this track, but I got what I wanted from it, ACID and none does it better! 5/7 6. Pharaom - It's Alive: LOOK WHO IS BACK! And with a blast too! One of the catchiest tracks I've heard in my life. I am not even gonna try to describe it, you will know what Im talking about! 7+/7 7. Proxeeus - Dagon: I had high hopes for the Proxeeus' track since he is my favorite artist. Typically, the track bears a Lovecraftian name, this time its named after his story, Dagon (A great story btw). Dark, acidic, melodic and strangely atmospheric as all his tracks. The track loses power a bit as it goes, which isnt bad at all. The reason why this isnt a 7/7 is because the mid-track climax left me desiring more of the same. So its 6/7 !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! The unexpected climax at @3:45 is very climactic! 8. Negans - Silver: Negans proved himself with his recent "Dance Macabre" and I was very happy for seeing him included here. I would never guess that this was made post 2000, such is his style. The track is all around amazing. It has an amazing conclusion to the track! For the lolz, the track at @5:40 has this quiet rhythmic thud sound which made me trip that my neighbors weren't very happy with me listening to this music and were bashing at my wall! 7/7 9. Cybernetika - Unknown Entity: Welcome to the forest, traveller! Indeed a forest trance-ish sounding bassline and FX + your typical goa sounds makes for a travel into the unfamiliar. The track progresses into a more melancholic realm than the one it was in at the beggining. The track opened the floodgates to my emotions. A truly worthy closing track for this album! 7/7 Conclussion: An acidic, darkly melodic, old-school influenced and heavily atmospheric compilation, worthy of everyone's attentions and deserving of being a part of everyone's collection! It has definitely met my expectations and I am very satisfied! The cover artwork by Richpa is really good IMO and purple is my favorite colour so naturally it speaks to me. I find it my duty to express my gratitude to Neogoa Records and its collaborating artists who had been working really hard to bring us this high quality content and for FREE! Thank you very much Richpa and everyone who is a part of Neogoa Records! Final grade: Great 6/7 Since it releases on 26th, I will edit in the download links. Until then, you can listen to all the tracks on Neogoa's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ219DWmXDDmxKpYWk6RDhfhw9oJEPC5O EDIT 26.02. : Available on Bandcamp: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/dimensional-gateway-4-veil-of-the-moon
  13. OUT NOW: Free download (via Bandcamp): https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/wanderers We got great news for all psychill lovers. Neogoa Records (in co-operation with AE Records) will release new full lenght album by Perfect Blind featuring top notch downtempo music and some really great collaborations with PsiloCybian and Subscale. This album will be available for free download on Ektoplazm and in limited digipak format at Perfect Blind Bandcamp page. Full annoucement and more infos will be posted next week. Samples:
  14. Neogoa Records is proud to present the long-awaited new Ultimate Xperience (UX) release Lazarus Rising featuring new productions by this legendary psychedelic trance act. This conceptual mini-album is the introduction for the upcoming Ultimate Xperience double-CD album, The Realm Of A New Dawn, which will include most of the music from this release and should come out sometime in early 2017 under the Neogoa Records banner. Kris Kylven, the mastermind behind the project, put a lot of effort and time into making this release possible. Here he introduces a new vision and direction for the project, an important and vital part of the Goa trance scene with vast experience and knowledge spanning two decades. Now, Ultimate Xperience is ready to take one step further and present this music to the world in the best possible fashion! All tracks written, performed, engineered, and produced by Kris Kylven @ Universum Maschine Studio (Laibach, Slovenia) except track 5, originally written by Ben Watkins & Mike Maguire (appearing here with kind permission). Mastered by Charles Michaud @ Préférence Mastering. Track 7 post-production mastering by Mark Nomen at dB Factory. Artwork design by Kris Kylven and Richpa at Neogoa Design. Download ► http://bit.ly/get-ux YouTube ► http://bit.ly/yt-ux SoundCloud ► http://bit.ly/sc-ux Download at Ektoplazm.com: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/ultimate-xperience-lazarus-rising https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/ux-lazarus-rising Tracklist: 01. Ultimate Xperience - Andromeda (145 BPM) 02. Ultimate Xperience - Kingdom Of Heaven (145 BPM) 03. Ultimate Xperience - Across Thee Universe [space Time Continuum] (145 BPM) 04. Ultimate Xperience - LAZARUS [sanctum] Mix XIII (145 BPM) 05. Ultimate Xperience vs. Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] (142 BPM) 06. Ultimate Xperience - Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] (120 BPM) 07. Ultimate Xperience - Thee Aud‡ssey [Continues] [The Faithealers Remix] (127 BPM) Written , Performed, Engineered & Produced by Kris Kylven @ Universum Maschine Studio - Laibach - Slovenia 2016 Mastering by Charles Michaud @ Preference Mastering | www.preference-mastering.com Track #07 post production mastering by Mark Nomen @ Db Factory | www.dbfactory.kiwa.fi Artwork design and concept by Kris Kylven and Richpa @ Neogoa Design | www.facebook.com/neogoadesign Track #05 originally written by Ben Watkins & Mike Maguire [under kind permission] Track #06 influenced by Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity Track #07 remixed by The Faithealers Lazarus Rising is dedicated to "Lazare B;" & Family: M-Rick & Nath Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] is dedicated to Xavier Morel Ultimate Xperience LIVE are: Kris Kylven: Leader / Mixing / Synths / V Drums RX Heaven: Live Electronics / Midi Guitar Jan Rechberger (Amorphis): Pearl Drums & V Drums Bo Ian Wook: Mixing More Neogoa Records at: www.facebook.com/neogoarecords www.twitter.com/neogoarecords www.instagram.com/neogoarecords www.youtube.com/c/neogoarecords More Ultimate Xperience at: www.neogoa.net/ultimate-xperience/ www.facebook.com/UltimateXperience
  15. Artist: Lunar Dawn TItle: Triglav Label: Neogoa Records Date: April, 2016 1. Jav 2. Nav 3. Prav 4. Golden Arms Of Kresnik (Journey Into Sound Remix) 5. Svarog's Celestial Fire (Proxeeus Remix) 6. Golden Arms of Kresnik (Lectro Spektral Daze Remix) 7. Svarog's Celestial Fire (Dragon Twins Remix) "Darkness! No parents! Super rich! Kinda makes it better!" I did not realize that Triglav was also the name of a heavy metal band from the Ukraine. But I ain't about that. Gotta love Neogoa. A label whose only goal was to release quality goa trance for free has certainly blossomed into something quite irreplaceable. While they still stay true to the mantra of goa trance liberation they've also dipped their toe into limited album sales. To which I say thank God because the music they release is certainly worth having in physical form. Lunar Dawn recently released their debut album Kolovrat which was steeped in Slavic folklore and mythology. Triglav is a continuation of that with 4 extra tracks (remixes of two tracks from that debut album) for those that order the digipak. This duo is no stranger to an album full of remixes or have you forgotten the Blessings From Irij digital release? On top of that the artwork in the form of wallpapers are also included. The cover is quite intricate and invites the eye to search out new apects every time I look at it. Jav certainly sets the medieval atmosphere with a very folksy and Games of Thrones gravitas. You can just feel the mud of the land and the privileged royalty. Nav is where we get down to the business of goa trance. And also where we get a real world instrument contribution on the bouzouki from Amir John Haddad whcih adds to that ethnic vibe. I'll be honest I felt very European listening to that. Prav for me was the weakest track that felt too full-oney without any of the feelings of the others. But then we get to the remixes and it's a tough job to remix great tracks. One thing that is a must for a remix is that it cannot be a carbon copy of the original with just a few different sounds. And the two chosen for remixes were some of the best tracks on Kolovrat. Golden Arms of Kresnik and Svarog's Celestial Fire are such epic tracks that carry the medieval folk melodies as a shield on one arm and a battle axe of goa trance in the other hand. The remix by J.I.S. gives it some hyper motion with other melodies and a break that was quite appealing. The LSD remix of the same track however felt unremarkable and inferior to the original in pretty much every way. Too herky jerky for my tastes. Proxeeus had me with that 303 wobble and I never looked back while the Dragon Twins applied a little BOTB acidic flare to their effort. Both with great results. I appreciate the effort that went into this and for Lunar Dawn and Neogoa to offer this as a physical release well I think it's got its place in my collection. Happy to have it there. That said it's not the shiniest gem in the Neogoa crown with a couple of tracks that fall short of greatness. Sometimes I felt that it was seemed more important to incorporate the ethnic mythological feel in the tracks that the actual goa trance took a back seat. I didn't feel that way with Kolovrat. It was so deep and involved and struck a harmonious balance. That said the majority of the music found within is really good. Sound quality is beyond reproach from my ears and the art is a joy to behold. Free at Ektoplazm, but don't be a cheap f*ck...buy the digipak and get the 4 extra tracks.
  16. Here you can listen to yesterday's awesome radio show from Helsinki with Veasna from Neogoa Records as a special guest: choose Back 2 Mad 10.8.2016 http://player.basso.fi/#
  17. Impossible Astronaut is now available for pre-order. Shipping starts on February 29th >> http://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/impossible-astronaut Nikola Petrović (Imba) has been known to many people as a guy who promoted Goa trance music with his netlabel UAF Records and who gave a huge contribution to Neogoa Records on many compilations and joint project such as Future Architecture. He is also a member of Goa trance groups such as Space Elves, Stellar Force, Stellarians, but lately he has been known simply as Imba, a productive Goa trance producer who made an appereance on many different labels and who did a lot of interesting collaborations with other musicians. Now, the time has finally come for his debut, stand-alone release on Neogoa Records. Impossible Astronaut is a collection of his finest works, but with new refined sound and mix, with a lot more power and energy with interesting acidic melodies typical for his music. The digipak version of Impossible Astronaut brings you over 50 minutes of top notch Goa trance music: 3 new tracks + Dimension 5's Omega Centaurus remix and collaboration track with Phargua. Pre-orders for this limited version will start in few days, so don't wait too much, since it's an unique opportunity to own this music on hardcopy. Free/digital version with only three tracks should pop-up on Ektoplazm sometime in March. All tracks written and produced by Nikola Petrović (Serbia) except: Track 04 (featuring Sander Moyson - Belgium), Track 05 (written and produced by Charlie Clarke, Kerry Palmer, Nick Wenham - United Kingdom), released on 'Dimension 5 - Transdimensional' album in 1997 at Intastella Records (INTA CD01), remixed by Nikola Petrović. Mastering by Igor Čeranić (Croatia) at Deimos Soundlabs with artwork design by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Design. Artist: Imba Album: Impossible Astronaut Label: Neogoa Records Style: Goa Trance Format: Limited digipak / Digital Release date: Digipak (February) Digital (March) Official Website: http://www.neogoa.net Tracklist: 01 - Klaki On Acid 02 - Impossible Astronaut 03 - Chloe's Thing 04 - Unknown Vibrations (feat. Phargua) * 05 - Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus (Imba Remix) * * - bonus digipak tracks Preview: http://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/imba-impossible-astronaut More Imba at: > http://www.neogoa.net/imba/ > http://www.facebook.com/imba604 > http://soundcloud.com/imbagoa More Neogoa at: > http://www.neogoa.net > http://facebook.com/neogoarecords > http://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords > http://twitter.com/neogoarecords > http://instagram.com/neogoarecords > http://google.com/+neogoarecords > http://youtube.com/c/neogoarecords Latest Imba release is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Get this 3-track #GoaTrance EP right here: http://goo.gl/nPSfbYGot problem downloading the file? Here is how: At the release page click on 'Buy Now' and enter zero (0) as a price (or donate, if you like what we do), and leave your valid email where you will recieve a download link. You'll be asked to fill the zip/postal code and country fields as well, after that hit submit and you will get the link for download to your email. Don't forget to change the file type from MP3 to FLAC or WAV before starting your download (in case you prefer high-quality audio-formats). Enjoy the music and let us know what do you think! In case you're wondering what about the Ektoplazm download. We will have this one there as soon as they start accepting applications for new music.
  18. Full Fractal Vision by Lectro Spektral Daze is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.neogoa.net/full-fractal-vision/ in WAV/FLAC/MP3. ‪#‎GoaTrance‬ New Zealand-based Lectro Spektral Daze returns to Neogoa Records, this time to present his new album, Full Fractal Vision. The man behind this project, Danny Marshall, is a hard-working guy who always delivers something new and interesting and this one is no exception. After his well-received debut on Neogoa Records, Out Of Body Experience, he invested a lot of effort into expanding his creative vision even further, resulting in six new and previously unreleased tracks as well as two amazing remixes by Neogoa’s finest, Lunar Dawn and JaraLuca. There is no better way to start this new year than to rejoice in this highly energetic, trippy, and synthesizer-driven Goa trance album. All tracks written and produced by Danny Marshall (New Zealand). Track #4 remixed by Łukasz Zając (Poland). Track #8 remixed by Saša Prečanica and Kristijan Ilišinović (Croatia). Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs (Croatia). Album art painting by Monika Bičkei (Croatia), with additional editing by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Design (Croatia). Artist: Lectro Spektral Daze Album: Full Fractal Vision Format: Digital Style: Goa Trance Cat.Num: NEOG045 Release date: January 25, 2016 Tracklist: 01 – Constant Awareness (145 BPM) 02 – Rave Drugs (145 BPM) 03 – Almond Eyes (145 BPM) 04 – Quite A Trip (JaraLuca Remix) (145 BPM) 05 – Farther From Ordinary Reality (145 BPM) 06 – Almost Nothing (145 BPM) 07 – Quite A Trip (145 BPM) 08 – Farther From Ordinary Reality (Lunar Dawn Remix) (145 BPM) Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. SoundCloud: http://goo.gl/DoVdFT YouTube: http://goo.gl/Jp8d71 Samples: http://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/full-fractal-vision For more free Goa trance music, please visit us: www.neogoa.net
  19. I am glad to inform that Proxeeus and Neogoa Records along with Goa Trance Lovers Finland (myself as a party organizer) will be featured in a psytrance radio programme Back To Mad @ Bassoradio http://livetaajuus.fi/radio/bassoradio/Wednesday 18.11.2015 22.00-24.00 p.m. Finnish time (UTC +2). The radio show is preliminary to Neogoa Rec 5 Year Anniversary Party in Helsinki, Finland 20.11.2015. Tune in for Proxeeus interview first time in Finland along with his selected tracks
  20. OUT NOW: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/future-architecture-2 Underground Alien Factory Records and Neogoa Netlabel will join their forces again and release a direct sequel to highly succesful compilation Future Architecture, released back in 2011. and still available for a free download at Ektoplazm. Imba and Richpa will present the best music from both labels and hopefully satisfy lovers of old and new Goa trance! Name: Future Architecture 2 (Compiled by Imba & Richpa) Artist: Various Label: UAF Records, Neogoa Format: Digital (FLAC, WAV, MP3) Tracks: 10 Style: Goa Trance Release date: February 2014 Tracklist: 01. GoaTree - Human Apocalypto [106 BPM] 02. Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner [139 BPM] 03. Aerosis - Cape Quetzal [138 BPM] 04. Celestial Intelligence - Light After Darkness [143 BPM] 05. Adrenalin Run - Spoiled Brats (Premature Incubation Mix) [145 BPM] 06. Dreamweaver - Penta [146 BPM] 07. Cosmic Dimension - Alien Civilization [142 BPM] 08. Trinodia - Psychedelic Sun [137 BPM] 09. Magic Science & Imba - Ghost Town [144 BPM] 10. Omnivox - Inner Polarity (2014 Rework) [147 BPM] Previews: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/various-artists-future Artwork design by Richpa @ Neogoa Design | Photos by Alexander Synaptic Mastering by Deimos @ Deimos Soundlabs For more informations about this compilation, please visit: http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com http://soundcloud.com/neogoa http://www.facebook.com/neogoa.netlabel http://soundcloud.com/uafrecords http://myspace.com/uafrecords
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