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  1. I listened to the mix throughout today: it was relaxing and calming. Thank you!
  2. I am improving, Starkraver is good, indeed, and Psychedelic Chipmunk is doing even what every pro athlete isn't capable of. @ Manuser: nice to hear from you! 3 mins close is way great of a result
  3. Hey ppl: where are you going with the plank challenge? I have improved: 65 seconds scored!
  4. + 1 Antic604: I admire your capability to transfer your music listening experience into words. How in the world did you learn all the terminology anyways: it is not taught anywhere. This comment by @Abasio "Maybe what we need in the review section is a dictionary/thesaurus to help people understand the psychobabble we come out with" on a thread https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/72069-a-simple-terminology-tutorial/page-2would be so great to have!
  5. Haha, I understand. UK weather is terrible, always raining and mold everywhere because of that. Thanks. here's another pic, windows on the right, yep, they're tall And see: snow gone by now! Makes sense. good luck with your renovating! I wish the outcome will please the eye I am from a middle class family. My mom, who died a few years ago, was a nurse, my dad is a retired high school sports teacher. But we here in Scandinavia invest in housing; we have to because we spend 2/3 of the year inside. This home house of mine is nice but nothing unusual here. Next week as I am back in Tampere I'll post a pic of my living room and you ppl can rate 1-10 how "teenageish" it loks like, haha
  6. Sorry for my late response. It is Alvar Aalto, not Ingvar, and I like his architecture, too. So nice that your family has a dacha in a Finnish-named place, Järvi is a lake, yes, but kannel is a singular form of a string in a string instrument kantele https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kantele Kuolemajärvi translates as a death lake, indeed. I was shorthanded of time yesterday so I answer this part now. Hahaha, sounds so familiar. And it is hell of a cute thing! Familiar because LD boys both have a semi-"gay"crush on Ville, too, and if not a gay crush, then a crush anywayz, lol. How would I have avoided of hearing any of that, hehe? Once they were here I took them to a bar owned by Kris Kylven's friend, Jussi69 of the band 69 Eyes; there's HIM band stuff around the walls and if Ville is spotted anywhere downtown, this place is it. Kiki and Sale were sooooo excited in that bar. Kris Kylven, btw, told me that when he lived in Helsinki, Ville lived upstairs and "it was a bliss to hear Ville play there". I have been on a HIM gig once, 31.12.2014, and this pic is from there before the doors open taken of me by a HIM fan from France. The poster I got from this gig, signed by HIM band members, I gave to Sale (of Lunar Dawn) and it is now in the prime spot of his room
  7. Yes, so sweet. Baby pics are always awww.. but gotta say your 5-year old is very cute, too; such a harmonic face; is he gonna be a model? And those mushrooms remind me of my childhood; had some kind of a fetish over mushrooms as a kid, had to get all the books Thanks. Back in the days my mom visited Athens and she wanted that statue stand to be doric style As for the wooden floors, yes, they're common but it is even more common to put fake wooden floors, laminate flooring. Thank you. I like it also. The furniture came to us at the beginning of 1980's but since it is Alvar Aalto (a famous Finnish designer of the past) series it will look cool until the end of the world I guess First snow came yesterday to some parts of Finland, heavy wet snow, only traces left today. Thanks Robbers come through doors more commonly with a modern technics. My dad is so careless nowadays, leaves the house key under a door mat etc. I always tell him it doesn't mean that you're 84 and been never robbed so that's gonna be automatically so: watch out! I am jealous of your weather!
  8. If you are an Eu citizen you can basically jump in, if not there's gonna be much paperwork. I suggest you apply into med students exchange programme.That's what I did in 1996 when I attended CromSic exchange programme @ medical faculty of Rijeka Here's contact info http://www.fimsic.org/sivu/exchanges
  9. I have been a week with my dad who's 84 years old and took a shot from the living room This is my original home, also.
  10. On request, gentlemen: Helsinki downtown take by me 30.12.2014 Helsinki town part Kallio (Paul Eye lives here close) Tampere, my current city Turku where i lived 13 years My hometown Vaasa Some wilderness pics: Looking for gold Wife carrying contest metal heads @Tuska open air Stamps
  11. I think Filipe was quite entertaining on this forum and basically he has a good heart. At least he was contributing something with his music. But yes, like Mr. Anarchy said, I also have noticed some climate change lately over here, smart guys like Scandinasia don't bother to get involved with discussion anymore. Lots what's been talked about in off topic isn't really generating any good will. I have been also a part of these fruitless discussions and maybe it was wrong to start this topic, like Padmapani said: these kind of topics become repetitive. So I suggest to leave this thread here, everybody. Go rather see how beautiful landscapes Richpa posted in Croatia topic. And I wouldn't mind if, referring to Finland, you'd watch our NHL rookie's hat trick from last Wednesday. Patrik Laine, 18 years old, representing Winnipeg Jets, has all the gifts to become our next hockey superstar
  12. Anu Katariina


    Imgur working again; I hope the posted pics will now stay.
  13. You speak up your mind, don't ya. But this comment is rude. Look what this dude Richpa is done for the community of goa universally. It is terribly awry to refer to his personal sustenance. Show some respect, please!
  14. Anu Katariina


    Awww..what a topic.. How many pages you could swallow from me about Hrvatska? Croatia is the reason I ended up in psynews; it is the reason for several and after that several life incidents of mine. I love and hate the country. I am saving you. Just this one story this time. Pics taken in the summer of 1994 and as for now I took mobile phone shots of the original polaroids so excuse the terrible quality. And the pics will disappear sooner or later because I am using Neogoa slack to post the pics (Imgur site not fuctioning) Me and my Finnish buddy Joni dressed up as pantomime characters on the way to a refugee camp. On a way to Karlovac refugee camp..we took boxed/canned food and some medical supplies with us. The aim was ofc to bring physical help but also mental "cheering up"; that's why the idea of doing pantomimes at the camp; here's Joni and our local contact Eva Me as a "clown" and refugee kids Finally, the camp wanted to offer us a meal; fries and sausage. We were hesitating but they wanted us to eat. I am in front on the right. Ppl have been saying to me how "good person" I am doing all this volunteer hum aid work, but no..I was just an adventurous young lady, 22 years of age, almost 23
  15. Anu Katariina


    I cannot log into Imgur; the site said it is over capacity. Once I am able to post pics I will respond to this topic.
  16. I was touched by these kind words. I am really glad that I've had a chance to meet 4-5 (LD is one artist but 2 ppl) Neogoa Rec artists (Proxeeus, LD, GoaTree, Veasna) in person and that has happened in Finland and def I'd like to be your host, too, if life is favourable and you'll appear over here some day. What a blast it'd be Really? He comes to India? Wow!!
  17. Haha, I wonder how you knew that and it is saippuakauppias btw (double p). And yes, we are a quirky nation: families go naked to sauna and it is popular to swim in an ice hole at winters. We have generally a poor self-esteem; our athletes seldom compete well under pressure, we have more metal bands in proportion to the population than any other country in Europe https://jakubmarian.com/number-of-metal-bands-per-capita-in-europe/etc My bad, let's drop it here unless someone has any revitalizing to say.
  18. Hi! You aren't disturbing if you write I just get a break from cramming law books I am grateful every day that there's been peace since WW II and I wish it to stay that way. I wasn't expecting many responses on the topic, a few responses came; I realize the subject is of a sensitive matter. Generally, many my friends abroad have this false impression that Finland is some kind of a safe haven and there's nothing to be concerned about safety. The bottom line isn't whether Putin is coming or not: he is already here. The new nuclear power plant building in Finland is underway and the vast majority of the power plant is owned by Russian Rosatom and it is said to be under manual supervision by Putin. The plant construction work, technology, fuel etc. come from Rosatom. The project is in other words alarmingly to increase Finnish energy dependence on Russia. We would just let it happen because we are always bowing to the east. The east is intimidating us and then we just flip. It is sad. My limit of standing intimidation was when lately Russia has been questioning the legitimity of Finland's independence declaration in 1917. Feeding bullshit like that, if it continues, can suddenly become first a question, then a partial truth and then truth. A matter like that shouldn't be even discussed. I am not russophobic. I like Russian culture, food, sports achievements, music in all variety (on a classical side my fav is Shostakovich: I have 5 CDs of his music) and I know most of the Russians, like R-loop, are level-headed people. I just wish leaders like Gorbachev would be in power. It is not right to intimidate others, not as a clown, not as a state. And now some Anu's law (going offtopic in offtopic): this clown seiche has landed over here. What about in your countries? Are the clowns chasing ppl?
  19. Thanks. I can be erratic considering psynews easily. Left fb, tho, it does for me for time saving atm. And I am not adding you once I re-activate my account next year. So be in peace from my erratic behaviour. As for the article it isn't scary for me, it isn't feeding anything. I said it is troubling. Because I wouldn't wanna have this topic as I said. But we are dealing with a bare truth. These are things I am living with on a daily phasis in the current athmosphere in Finland. The article is very good in expressing the way I personally think so it could be from my own pen if I knew how to write such an article.
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