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  1. To correct a little bit my post above: actually it is downloadable already! Downloaded and listening. This is gonna be a nice weekend !
  2. I have to tell that I like your professionalism, Suntrip. Checked your webpage and there it is: the release date, one week from now. I am of an unpatient type and lately there has been too much waiting after album promos + seldom knowing the exact dates well in advance concerning other labels but you so when someone does it dynamically and custom-friendly it stands out: a virtue that all labels should follow.
  3. This EP and the artist is my new catch. Oh man, Iceman, what kind of discovery it is! Often it happens in life that the best finds we make are those that were non-expected. So was this. I was checking psyshop and discogs if the long awaited Sky Technology album'd become available and since it wasn't I went on surfing previous material provided by Sita Records. And this was the stuff I came across. Been on repeat for two days now 24/7. Wondering why this release hasn't attracted a single comment underneath the review. All three tracks are available in Soundcloud and they have thousands of kilos plays: Return to the Classix has over 48 kilo plays. This is nitzhogoa to the core in all its cheesiness and drama. Just the way I want it if I listen to nitzho. I have hard time listening to combos that are representing goa and nitzho. I am an on-off person. Mostly I listen to goa but if I listen to Nitzho it has to be it. Nothing in between. This EP is an answer to that shout. Getting familiar with it I have to reconsider all the comments to various goa releases I have made during the path: stating something being "mindblowing".. "awesome".."phenomenal"...why did I do that because those superlatives belong to rarities like this EP and The Gate from The World Beyond compilation. I should have saved my breath: this is phenomenal and mindblowing.. a few else maybe are in addition but not many. Or then I just have to invent new magical words to my vocabulary ;-) starting with this. How about " a release to kill for"? Good nuts are hard to find says a squirrel. I have to renew my whole thinking of evaluating the goa tracks and cultivating the praise after hearing this hell of a ride. Thanks for the review. I am glad someone paid attention! And yeah, Eyal Iceman: you have a new die-hard fan! This EP goes easily to my top 5 of all albums/EP releases in the genre of goa including subgenres.
  4. Generally speaking; since I recently joined psynews, I have been slightly surprised on a positive side how psy/goalisteners have also heart for metal. Often I find it rare to come across with this kind of a match among ppl, so I am pleased to meet some soulmates on this forum, really. The wider perspective one has to music the better, so why to narrow it down? So I am glad this thread is nourished in here. Rock on, ppl!!
  5. Death and trash blended..sure very interesting. Officially deathcore. Dunno about these subgenre definitions, but yeah, even though I am very picky concerning metal especially (read: hard to get even a chance in my listening palette) I found this listenable even though I am fond of pure vocals blended with growls (normally so, i.e. excluding COB and a few others like Lost Society, hah): a thing that's not existing here. But I listened the whole album through and consider it a victory, Richpa, for what you presented :-D
  6. I have butterflies in my stomach because from what I have understood the release date is just around the corner. This compilation will be a nice continuation of the ancient Slavic theme after Lunar Dawn's Kolovrat and presents lots of skill in production and mixing. Just bring it on!
  7. I am horny with and without a helmet and seeing lucid mad dreams about this omnipotent album worth gold soon emerging in the horizon...siiiick!
  8. Acoustic mayhem!

  9. Since the live perfomance of The Gate (Arronax Live @ Neogoa vs Timewarp, Das Haus) cannot be linked directly here go and check Arronax fb official posted May 6th: awesome 4:23 min live capture of The Gate from big PA oooohhh!! https://www.facebook.com/arronaxtrance?fref=ts
  10. I guess it is time for me to comment on this topic, too. The World Beyond is a cohesive, skillfully brought-together album with some serious highlights like The Gate. Those who know me have already heard through facebook how this spesific track kinda changed my life since I was in a heavy metal listening period for long and did not pay attention to so much goa..until I heard The Gate. Dammit! Such a devastating listening experience it was and still is on a daily basis. Ppl might not believe but this The Gate def is my number one goa track ever brought into the existence. Listen to the basic beat!! Who produces that if not the best psychiatrists in the world = the best psychedelic music producers on the fuckin' planet <3 <3 <3 The gate is such a baby, a zero level, and I will never let it go!
  11. On the preview @1:20 I picked up similiarities with @4:58 Gotta be a coincidence since Trinodia remix is so fresh and thereby cannot see too much influences switched the owner. Anybody else hearing the same?
  12. Thergothon from Finland-one of the pioneers of funeral doom. Hasn't been active for about 20 years. One and only album is this, lovers will love and haters will hate. The fanbase is still wide as shows the compilation album released by Russian Solitude Productions in 2009: Rising of Yog-Sothoth Tribute to Thergothon Review: http://www.metal-rules.com/review/viewreview.php?band=Various+Artists&album=Rising+Of+Yog-Sothoth%3A+Tribute+to+Thergothon "A little background is necessary. Thergothon are widely considered the fathers of the sub-genre ‘Funeral Doom’. The Rockdetector book, the A-Z of Doom, Gothic And Stoner Metal says, “Thergothon are renowned for releasing one of the most melancholic and bleak doom albums of all time.” (p. 410) Coupled with the facts that the band only recorded one album and broke up before it was released, and the fact the that their only album, STREAM FROM THE HEAVENS, was the first album on the esteemed Avantgarde Musc label, (AV001), this is one of the true gems of doom metal. This an innovative band that is truly deserving of a tribute CD, moreso than perhaps a 13th or 14th tribute to Ozzy!"
  13. It was never even an option for me to let anything or anyone come between me and music. -Alexi Laiho

  14. Thanks for the link and I read all. Hard to live with delusions and be on a declining path of chemical selfdestruction, if that is the case. Just feeling sad for this person.
  15. I am getting really curious: what did this Filipe do on the first place? I do not know that history.
  16. Dragon Twins sample, sample 3 on Soundcloud, has a really nice twist, enough chilipepper to my taste!
  17. Especially thanks for Timewarp of letting CD collectors have their supplies increased by this one.
  18. I happen to like male vocals. Flowy starting track with those provided with nice echo auxiliaries and acid and bit of full-on impact that I crew up loving the genre with; makes a valuable listening experience. The whole release then continues as such and doesn't let me down. On Ektoplazm the current rating is 90,91% with 99 votes. I think it is too little. I was the 100th to vote, gave 5 stars. Looking forward to the new album, absolutely!
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