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  1. a good one https://www.facebook.com/Formula1/videos/705964502893868/
  2. Memories from Neogoa 5th anniversary party in Helsinki a year ago. Choosing music is serious business-with GoaTree
  3. I am not promoting anyone. But I show my fanship ALWAYS if I am a fan of someone. Ask around. As for AP why should I be their fan. Music is okay, I can listen to it in a DJ set or whatever but I am not choosing to listen to them. Generally I prefer smaller names than mega stars. I am also a party organizer; that's why I always seek for smaller operatives. I wish I could divorce this forum. I often get annoyed in here. Mostly it is because of you.
  4. Me too! Check also Ba'al Holier Than Thou. I just got the Cd and it is awesome!
  5. Go, dear, go! Kiss the boys from me. I cannot unfortunately be there.
  6. Never taken one pill..referred to Mr.synthesizers and cats
  7. Time to congratulate the winners and mourn with those who lost this thing.
  8. Any haters out here? I guess maybe so. Why don't ya try to live up to a hippie spirit with no-one influencing you, only music?
  9. I am on a nostalgic mood so here's my own capture, my own video posted on my YT channel that I took 28.12.2014, COB playing in my hometown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ci2SPNxJHc
  10. No, not at all. When was the last time @ mars you actually listened to Filipe or is it history talking? I am all yours, dear, for shipping! When you feel so.
  11. as it seems no one is willing to discuss serious shit...so boring and empty comments and no comments on this at all...well..i agree with scandinasia.. off topic..my right arm being broken i will write short-handed with my no-typing left hand's one finger..living with that next 6 weeks
  12. i am listening to lsd voyage in your mind cd atm..a safe bet for any goa head seeking psytrance since this is psytrance with goa vibe and a flowing excellent thing from the new-zealander pan producer..meaning he's good at house and chill, too
  13. i ordered holier than thou..it is incredible, check it..available as cd through kunaki off topic...sorry for capital letters missing..typing with left hand one finger..broke my right arm at halloween..it is immobilised with a gypsum cast on topic..anyone guesses what is the storytelling in holier than thou..it is even more inrcedible than the music itself
  14. Found this mix today via Twitter: you don't wanna miss it if you like deep house. Ridiculously good! Tracklist: 1. Fairchild - Intro 2. Dahu- How Do They Know (Nick Devon Remix) 3. Audiofly - She Gave Me Love 4. Francesco Chiocci feat. Black Soda- Black Sunrise (Musumeci Remix) 5. Tim Green - Only Time Remains 6. JOBE - Colossus 7. Dino Lenny - Living In A Song (Gardens of God Remix) 8. Matteo Bruscagin & Visnadi - Indian Stories 9. Valentino Kanzyani - Flying (Cid Inc Remix) 10. PAX - Reign (KatrinKa Remix) 11. Dj Tennis - Chirality 12. Mind Against - Gravity 13. ID - ID 14. Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith Hypnotica Remix) 15. El_Txef_A - Mugarrirantz feat. NAPOKA IRIA (Dave DK Remix) 16. Chicola - Childhood 17. Khen - Anise 18. Cid Inc. - Gaurdian 19. Stereo Underground Music - Endless Sun & Röyksopp - Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix) 20. LOPEZHOUSE - Crosses And Angels (Guy J Remix) 21. Jeremy Olander - Panorama 22. ID - ID
  15. Ah, I had all forgotten about this. Ppl in Istra told me that Bura brings sand from Sahara. Is that true? And Knin has such beautiful landscapes as all Dalmacija does. Very nice.
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