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  1. Ok, I've been using strictly VB-1 now(on Ableton) I'll say I'm 80% there. Whats crazy is how simple that Skazi bass sounds but how many plugins I have used on my chain to achieve anywhere near it! I feel like I'm making a hardstyle kick haha. I resampled a single bass note and I actually like what i'm hearing, the thing I hate about doing that is when I pitch up the notes they sound like shit, but it does work for consistent basslines. I have Camelphat and Camelcrusher but ended up getting better results with the more simple Camelcrusher. Oh and EQ does a world of a difference but we already knew that
  2. Hello everyone, so I've been trying to make Skazi type basslines(from 2003-2005 era) And I can't seem to get anywhere close. This is pretty much exactly the sound I want to make.. I've been using Sylenth1 and Zeta+ but have gotten better results with Zeta+. Also, after switching to the bandpass filter I got that much closer to that sound(but not after wasting hours on the go to low pass filter) ....But still nothing as crisp, deep, and punchy as Skazi's stuff. Any tips and or Vst recommendations will be gladly appreciated.
  3. Ah ok, do you guys have any track samples?
  4. What is the Killargh bass? Any examples and best vst to achieve it?
  5. Nice one! The fundamentals is there in what you made, I'm using omnisphere and have gotten pretty close.. playing it in a track with pads and white noise it would sound pretty good , but still nothing like U-recken's quality
  6. One of my all time favorite Psy tracks, so awesome and yet it seems nobody was inspired by it? Any tracks out there similar to Penta's Lost In Space? :? O_o
  7. You can hear it at 0:07 mark.. The sound is used on a lot of Psy Tracks, but I can't get it to sound as awesome as the top producers.. Any tips will be greatly appreciated
  8. Agree, U-Recken new album was sub par his other ones, his production is still top notch. Thumping yet laidback Full-on nonetheless. 7.5/10
  9. Morning... My fav' style I'll just leave these two here.. you can take it from there..
  10. Is'nt Rastaliens Dutch ? Love them
  11. Holy crap!! I've been looking for the name of that track for years and finally found it "Kailum - Guarana" Thank you OP !!!! ..the one you posted is a remix? where can I find the original?
  12. Artists I've been hooked on for the last few months.. U-Recken <---One of the best discographies ever Digicult Tropical Bleyage Sonic Elysium On the Goa side.. E-mantra Filteria Goasia Quality all over the trance scene !!!!
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