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  1. Haha, just Danish irony! I probably jumped around as much as any other and it was just fun that the photo op actually worked out. One helluva party for sure! And yes, working on video here incl footage with stickman and skeletonman ).
  2. Hi K-BAN and all you other psynews'ers Yeah, damn, what a blast and so happy we were able to get the photo shoot in place Not easy with you-know-who jumping around and never being around for the photo.. But yeah, absolutely amazing festival. I had completely forgotten how amazing these festivals are. My last one was Boom 2006 but ZNA was just as amazing if not more. The right size where you met people again, absolutely freaking awesome spot, perfect weather & water and lovely, lovely nice people. I would change nothing. The only question is what will be cooking in Portugal in 2016 ..?! (Boom to big, will need smaller).
  3. I will be going with a bunch of first time and experienced Danish burners, yes. If you need a camp let me know!
  4. It's terrible not to mention unethical.
  5. They're not THAT crazy Anyway. Fair enough. Happy selling
  6. Got the AKG 701s and I'm very pleased with the :drama:
  7. I am by no means an expert on Brian Eno but I really like his album "Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks" with Daniels Lanois and Roger Eno. If you've heard the OST to Trainspotting you've heard the track Deep Blue Day which I absolutely love. The remainder is much more space ambient though and without melodies or themes. Just spacey atmosphere. It shouldn't be hard to find in a 2nd hand bin.
  8. + 1 Please do elaborate why you have a problem with this release
  9. Friday there was a guy at Fælledparken sporting a handheld laser. This is the guy telling me about dragonlasers.com I hope to see the laser beam tonight so I can pick up some more information.
  10. Hope is okay to post this question here. Recently I saw someone using a handheld laser. He told me he'd bought it from dragonlasers.com but I never found out which one he used. Anyway, it looked shit impressive. So I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with handheld lasers? I am considering purchasing this but this choice is only based on the price tag which is affordable.
  11. Be sure to check the festival universo paralello held in Bahia over New Years. It's fun
  12. It seems the after party will take place on Ilha de Boipeba. Psymas and I plan on going. If any psynewsers are going feel free to drop me a mail.
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