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Psytrance tracks with singing that don't suck


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I know, the default answer would be ''fucking none'', but I have one.

Xenomorph-Totalitarian Democracy


Normally I would hate that track since it involves guitars and singing, but I actually love it. It's very energetic, always makes me dance and the chorus is pretty catchy.I think it works both as a psytrance track and as a normal song, normal as it has an intro-bridge-chorus.

I don't care about the message, not because I disagree with it, I just don't care about political messages in my music.




On a similar note


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Great remixes by Tarsis/SBK:








Ollie Wisdom singing on this one fits his Batcave punk-goth background, sounds fantastic IMO:





Cool robotic vocals were one of the best things of "We Interface"




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singing in really needs to be uses as another instrument, so in that sense it would be more apt to say "vocals". tracks with proper singing, like how we're accustomed to in other types of music just has no place, especially in a party type environment...well there're always exceptions to the rule :)

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Even if it's more of EBM than psytrance properly said.

Hey, cool mate Headscan was one of my faves of futuristic ebm with tech-trance influences, so here we go with one of the BEST:




But my answer would be that PSYTRANCE with vox mostly suxx. Regardless we find some tracks with vox that are cool, but they are not psytrance (anymore) then. There are a lot of tracks with tech-trance-electro feel with good vox, but psy or goa-------- no :(


Here the mix from X-dream (still psy? don´t know)


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