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  1. Some cool tracks, did not know oldschool goa was still made by so many. Even if I ventured away from classic goa one must say most of this stuff is well crafted. I remember when I searched on YT for newer psytrance mostly g... or lets say "not my taste stuff" came up but some with mios of plays, go figure...
  2. Willkommen (in der Wirklichkeit), we are glad for new members, hope you write in the forums and not only post you music.
  3. Psytrance/techno with indus elements ?: Older piece from me if someone has suggestions for what styles to sort in my stuff it would be cool...(I need this sadly for Spotify etc. later. I can not found my own style there) I have severall where I do not know style.. this is more techno I believe:
  4. For some reason YT suggested to me at least a dozen times...and now the 13th I went and listen it. It is a nice song, has 107.000 plays, from 2015 and not very commercial. So do not know why YT wanted to get the word out for this track LOL
  5. Staffan, thanks for the link, its good music right there...
  6. I am really cool about IM and the guys having success. No one forces me to listen to it AND... Britney Psy is already there, plus Eminem, Nickelback and Billie EIlish "Psy"... also I noted that titles sorted in psytrance at youtube have up to 10 Mio plays ! I never heard of these artists tho. I can give a link to above tomorrow. Seems "psytrance" is now quite fashionable (if the uploaders/channels did not abuse the terms for whatever reason?). Luckily for me neither IM nor above is competition for my music project - but it is just to much music in general nowadays out there, one goes under in the mass anyways.
  7. More "expanded"... I do not listen so much to eg. 80ties wave/pop anymore cause it gets boring over time, same with Metallica/Slayer or "Gothic" or "EBM" (I still like this style very much tho but there is not much new stuff worthy to listen I only noted the last F.L.A. for being cool) ......like years ago..also really true oldschool goa (I mean the minimal 303ish stuff) not much anymore I added more "progressive" styles in Trance and TripHop ala Massive Attack... plus some modern pop like Lorde or Lana Del Ray aahh and esp. M.I.A. (the one from Ceylon?) Also more black metal then 10 years ago
  8. My bad, but....no......... and WHO the F is Dana International ? OK.....(not the best voice even Britney sounds better on her early trve stuff LOL)
  9. Haha, the 2 x CD History Of Trance Part3 was also my 1st (Original) psy/goa release I bought... I had heard before stuff from party goers which I knew back then, I got tapes from them with Prana, E.Universe, Juno Reactor etc.
  10. Ok here one that might be a bit OT it has not much psytrance and is with female vocals. But still very cool... but seems cure fans do not appreciate the change.. as it is the only one I have with more thumbs down. If you like and have a YT please thumbs up. THANKS!! The 2nd oldest piece from 12-13 yrs ago or so... Btw. will make an album timed for late Sept. / Oct 2020.. I am sure fans of (older) psytrance with many other elements as techno, industrial, electro, ambient.. should like this. So I would be very thankful if you like the stuff, spread the word / sub / like / subscribe Ah and this will be of course my own material these covers are more or less for fun projects but might serve as free bonus tracks.
  11. Hi folks, I am back after long time, I also restarted some "music making" now with more psy/goa elements my earliert ones were more dark ambient/industrial/electro... I selected 4 x 80ties songs that in original are not 100% electronic, but my covers are. Will post each one in this thread every week and then show my own creations too So here the earliest one: Taken from "Songs From Fans With Devotion" (Lim CD issue 500 copies) - Note, "Barrel Of A Gun" under the name "Split Effect", but it should be "Alpha Quadrant" this was my 1st "solo" track but had no new bandname.
  12. Sounds more like Electro than HipHop ? I do not like hip hop so why would Ilike MIA if it were HIP HOP `?? eg M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video) M.I.A. PAPER PLANES official video Also looks like the track might have references to 9/11 (it were paper planes kind of right?), also of you look closely she seems to wear a Metallica shirt in 2 sequences (ride the lighning)? Seems to support that this is not run-of the mill stuff also from the content not only musically...
  13. I really do not like House (maybe except some very early stuff), the term electro was as I said for electro-indus or ebm like 242 and FLA etc. Ya know the a bit "goth like" people, even if the music was quite different from the 2 scenes. As I said house was for sure not that I would refer as electro LOL (But I am spitting hairs I know excpecting a younger than 35 or so aged girl to like such music was a bit blue eyed, so it turned out their "electro" was some indi style with perhaps a few keys (why they called that electro no idea, seems more like emo-rock LOL)
  14. Anyone went to Die Grube back in the days ? There I heard first "progressive" it was announced as goa. I did not like it first - but later discovered some stuff is good...
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