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  1. Perhaps the same, I noted not many people in the vid , perhaps 2-3 or so. But even a garage can be a club, it is just very trvue kult underground then
  2. I was in Isratrance forum too - seems long ago - quite empty over there now. I heard forums losing traffic in general because of f-book etc. TikTok and Instagram (I am not on any of these places). I found a video from NHJO where he plays in a club in Seoul (sp?) not sure if his own music but sounded not too bad I will glady listen to the Psynews track if it will materialize btw.
  3. Here a newer Xeno track(mix) - his older stuff was better - but it has the same samples like the old VAC track "Phucking Freak" both overuse the film quotes "a bit" even the music itself is somewhat sameish ofc Xeno is faster https://xenomorph-official.bandcamp.com/track/sociopath-homicidal-pathology-mix Have read it is from "Seven" movie..
  4. That looks bad ass, were can I download it, ooops I just noted 160=min bpm 2fast4me
  5. Seems 80% of new topics are made by this guy, but would it not belong to the promo section..? Also why open a new thread just make ONE for your band and post your offers in this one?
  6. Agreed - this may also be one of the reasons modern production suck, not only in Electronic but also in Metal. 95-96% of listeners will not hear much difference anyway, when they use shitty headphones,bad car stereo and also not very hifi systems at home. So why would "engineers" still care much...only the musicians itself mostly want their music good produced, but seems confused themselves that overcompressing, clipping and mixes with too much high (mid-high end in modern Metal is way to prevelant compared to the more grave sounding stuff of older days, drums sounding programmed not played et
  7. Have listened to some of the examples in thread, I do not find very dark also most of it seems random noises thrown over kick/basslines (also too fast + "nervous"). Does not hold up well to other dark styles from the electronic music realm. Perhaps one of the reasons that people think "Psytrance is shit" or "Psytrance has no future"..when you tell em you like Psy but not the happy and trendy new stuff, then they google dark psy find this and think ohh well this is shit too Chiva Chandra ahem Cydonia not included I liked their stuff quite a bit..
  8. Sorry no idea I have read positive things about Reaper and 60 days "for free trial" + cheap...this sounds like a fair offer to me. And a question has anyone tried out the speedsound stuff ? He seems the most active poster in this section. But why does he post a new thread for every offer he has instead ONE ? Would it also not be promo? He does not give much tipps at all or wants to discuss it seems.
  9. Quite the same here, stopped a little bit later tho. I have/had at a high point ca. 600-700 CDs plus 100 vinyls or so. But from MANY genres, I also got some free promos when I was writing reviews for an online music magazine. My 3 main reasons not buying CDs anymore: a) My income has lowered b) I have not found so much newer music I would buy at all c) re-selling CDs is "quite" difficult esp. for unknown artists.
  10. How about REAPER, it can be tried out legally and free for 60 days. It worked on my somewhat older Win7/64bit sys. However I could not get into it really, I de-installed after 3 days. BUT you are not me and might like it Plus: cheap. A new license includes free upgrades through REAPER version 7.99. There is only one version of REAPER. The license price depends on how you use it. $60 : discounted license. $225 : commercial license. You may use the discounted license if: You are an individual, and REAPER is only for your personal use, or You are an indiv
  11. I can make a noise or industrial-techno / metal mix...but goa nope Got bored by melodic psy anyway, a track of mine was accepted in a techno contest, so I guess this is more my direction even if I like almost no "newer" techno, strange.
  12. Here are a lot of experts... I have an OT question... "Techno contest" in another forum (one is from me): https://recording.de/threads/techno-contest-das-voting.234894/ Can you guys listen to track no. 11. "Tresor" it sounds totally familiar to me, NOT saying the artist has stolen something ... and yes it is bit psytrance-like not 100% techno imho. ..but I need to know if I am the only one who knows a quite simmilar track from the broader "psy" genre..THANKS.
  13. @recursion loop The 3 songs are ok.. they certainly do not hurt. Would not make it in my top popsongs tho. Same for the one @RTP posted. "Aigel" reminds a bit on Miss Kittin - which I find much better (at least the album I have)
  14. What does the bibel say about this I wonder ? If there was God he must KNOW for sure what the difference is ! Waaaiiiit.. it seems God does not approve of synthbased music at all
  15. Of course no difference, it is all techno ahem I meant "OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ" One can also sort it in the modern genre "copy&paste"
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