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  1. @recursion loop The 3 songs are ok.. they certainly do not hurt. Would not make it in my top popsongs tho. Same for the one @RTP posted. "Aigel" reminds a bit on Miss Kittin - which I find much better (at least the album I have)
  2. What does the bibel say about this I wonder ? If there was God he must KNOW for sure what the difference is ! Waaaiiiit.. it seems God does not approve of synthbased music at all
  3. Of course no difference, it is all techno ahem I meant "OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ" One can also sort it in the modern genre "copy&paste"
  4. No it would be more like (example) AION (UK) (4) vs. AION (RUS) (12)
  5. This reminds me, long ago, I was browsing the Metal category in a 2nd hand CD shop in Essen (I lived there for a while) I found a CD named "Cassandras Nightmare", it was 6 or 7 Euro, I remembered I had some MP3 from an artist with the same name which I quite liked, but that was (as most of you know) some kind of dark goa. Bought CD, researched and turned out that there was a Death Metal Band "Xenomorph" too. I like Deathmetal but the electronic one is better than the metal one in this case
  6. Hi, I believe Discogs does not list / allows entries as "release" which are only streaming based, or? They do allow download releases to be listed however. This is not so bad with country modifier I think. However there is a danger a new artist will be created at Discogs for Mohn? That would then lead again to confusion I mean your name is Mohn and Discogs gives Mohn (3) name (when 2 other Mohns already exist), but it may show up then as Mohn NL (2) if another Mohn in NL already exists And your releases now are on 2 different names... What about eg. Spotify ? I asked this above already
  7. Wonder if Element belongs to the category, they had a hit - "The Crow". I have the "Transform" album and saw them live at some party in the woods. They used a guitar but not rockish sounding more like a pad layer. Opening track of album: Will listen later to some of the other tracks posted Edit, here a track from 2nd album, bit irritating vocal imho
  8. A Russian wanted to buy 2 CDs from me..this was the 1st time since 2 years or so I checked the cost to send outside of the EU....and it seems it basically costs 3x as much now. Luckily we found someone in Germany to send the CDs who visits the Russina guy I guess
  9. Multi-Media


    Grumpy old women too: MERKEL sadly in our case
  10. Short notice, I do not think that there is an evil intent (like "hijacking" or "stealing"). Just there are so many many more artists than even 10 years ago. One can pile up some samples or download a "beat" and rap over it - VOILA you are now an artist and you wanna share you super music with the world. But you need a name right? Some are too lazy I guess to research if the name they like is already existing.. This is easy, just type in artist name + music or band in the search engine. My artist name was also "hijacked" by an US based synthpop duo in 2017 or so. Either did not look u
  11. Of course the artists are in the info, I do not claim others music for my channels (like I noticed some trend people uploading mixes and covers etc. without naming the original creators on YT often times monetized). But I also said to not look the info up Btw. "hitech" also reminds me of drum n´bass and "gabber" which I also dislike, I have not a single song of these styles
  12. Just a short post, as no one wanted to guess artists in my mix here are they: Sun Control Species, Liquid Soul and Nasser in that order... Edit post TOO short, so some more musings. Even if I like darker music (also from metal) I have severe problems liking the new "darkpsy" stuff, seems too fast and random and nervous. Perhaps better for younger people But worse I found the "Psycore/Hi-Tech" subgenre (listened to examples from the 2 guides)..note however I like older "darkgoa" like Dark Soho some Xenomorph etc. Seems Vibrasphere is a band most like somehow.. FreQ I also like
  13. I had a Spears Megamix - ok only as MP3... but her music did not age so well for me. Also Womanizer is from 2008. Here a 2011 title which sounds pretty decent - don´t know if she has more newer stuff, seems to have disappeared Also found right now, some German language stuff, seems decent too. 2015 I heard also a "hiphop (grime?)" song from her, which reminded me on M.I.A. (not a bad thing I guess) 2020: Learned that Paradise Lost last album was in top10 in Ger and Austria for quite a while, does not make it pop I guess. But here a song from the album "
  14. I found Lily Allen a while ago this song (+video - note the cool drummer) seems good enough, that I wonder if it is a cover version from some 70ties song?? From 2009 so outside your age range 2013: 2017, although a bit too "quiet" for my taste one must admit good song:
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