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  1. @Padmapani Guess these ES1/ES2 basses are good enough for me, I process them of course a bit... also my system is not the newest so I am glad to have the low CPU/RAM consumption of these built-in Synths. Well I just realized that my music might be too far away from true Psytrance anyway, so I better post not here in the thread anymore
  2. Psst... don´t tell that you can make decent basses with such an old "built in cheap softsynth"....let it be our Logic secret ... I use both 1+2 in fact cause I found they do the job good enough so I do not need any "bigger" VST for it..(or expensive analogue gear YES it will be better but is it worth the cost) Btw. I found this here which includes a "linear phase EQ" too and they say it is free and can be used in other DAWs: https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/ And this, cost 29,- https://photosounder.com/splineeq/ Btw. What is the name of the Logic build in linear EQ?
  3. Never mind, I found an answer here: https://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26603 I always thought that a CUT in Logic is "harsher" sounding... here an answer from above thread: "You shouldn't EQ just so there's "less chance" of things muddying the mix. EQ filters shift the signal phase and add artifacts, even to the audio band you're not directly affecting with the EQ. The steeper the slopes and bigger the cuts or gains and the worse it gets. You get a few of these stacked up in the mix and it starts to become very audible." (by "Fader8")
  4. Ghost producers ?? Interesting what exists today in the nets... but this was already common in the 80ties have pretty faces and dancers that could not sing stand in as the artist, eg. Milli Vanilla I sorted the most expensive tracks 500-1000€ and listened to 4 of them I can hear the production is not bad, but if the style suits one is another question. But be careful if you wanna listen it is quite loud (guess they do not normalize them down as streaming sites and YT does) - I do not find much goa/psy there however https://edmwarriors.com/tracks/sales?productType=track&genre&price=500&price=1000&daw&element&instrument&tone&bpm=0&bpm=200&sold=true&page=1&onlySales=true I can see the value of eg. fiverr when you need a vocal or guitar for your track, but buying COMPLETE songs and saying they are your own is a bit strange tbh.
  5. Anyone knows "Die Grube" ? Was in the Sauerlandish woods? I remember we went there 3-4 times, it was mostly Goa what they played and the chill area was a chill area not a techno area. Was surprised to read Die Grube is even included in the German Wiki for Psy - must be closed now for some years. Then the last time we went there, we were dissapointed what they played...sounded more like techno to our (goa) ears. I asked a girl she said, "this is progressive psytrance", did not like it much at first. Later the sound grew on me and I even found some faves like Atmos, Vibrasphere. I need to remember other names I like from the progressive departement. But the chill was still chill.. the prog stuff was played on main floor. From what I read on Wiki being included in ASOT, would be quite a boost....
  6. There may be saturation devices with which to select a certain frequency range to saturate - I have only ones that saturate everything. The same is true for Exciters (which I guess are some kind of saturation too?) Btw. I sometimes just use the "channel strip" low or high cuts as it is very fast to use.. I guess this may be a bit harsh to CUT instead of filtering? Opinions?
  7. I made a mix without much sidechain, do you want to take a listen? Edit, uploading as private to SC now, will send you the link - if you have time... Nope I am not going to spam my music in this thread haha
  8. Yup and you were right.. I rather stay in what I am better in = darker, noisier, industrialized sounds. Edit, OT
  9. Cosmosis used the "Bass Station 2" which is a hardware device IIRC I really do not know which style my tracks are really - I make what I like - guess it is not even 90% psytrance. My trial in the "commercial trance" genre which I had sent to @astralprojection is not anymore one of my fave tracks - he just identified also that it is not that cool. This new one started could go to EBM if such vocals were added (with steady 4/4 beat which original EBM did not use too often - more "modern EBM" I mean, which is oth more often than not is not "EBM" anymore LOL This sentence is confusing Yes, EBM used 303ish stuff too, see live performances by Front 242 very prominent there. The main problem is that music needs to sort in to genres at last anyway, as soon one wants to "release" it.. I do not like the ABL2 as a MAIN bass synth so far...I often use the ES2 (quite old and not CPU hungry at all) for this task it seems good at Juno like basses
  10. As I have solved the issue above and while experimenting with the ABL I got already 1/3 of a new track (means another began and not finished *sigh*). I ran into trouble with the 303 sequence together with kick and main bassline. Seems frequencies got themselves into the way. I learned how to make room to a certain decree but when I cutoff/lower too much of the low of the 303s it becomes too thin. How do you deal with this? Perhaps lower the main bassline in volume while the 303 plays or put a sidechain on ? I made a track with lots of sidechain and a mastering engineer (=AP fromt his forum) told me it was way overboard, so I am now careful with that... I recon many use the 303 also as the main bassline, which I do not do. I have a regular synthbass for that.
  11. @AstralSphinx Hey, the Miranda track above is quite nice, but has not much "PSY" in it at all and yes 3 minutes is short for trance/techno. Edit, yes I note it is not a very complex track and mostly arps thrown together... Btw. there are rap/hiphop titles often with 2.00 -2.30 length part of the WHY? is that Spotify gives you a play count for a 2Min. track already. There was one guy who uploaded 1 Min. snippets to Spotify etc. then promoted the shit out of it and played it with bots etc. millions of time. He made good money before someone noted the fraud...other reason is attention span of most people shortened which also is true for music. Even a 1Min. intro might be to long for todays listeneres and they just skip the track if it not brings beats or melodies etc. early on.. But what is "ASOT"?
  12. So here are many people who have musicprojects or labels themselves. I noted that in the last years copyright laws are now sharper.. so start here to read a thread in a German forum re. copyrights: https://recording.de/threads/alte-sample-libraries-und-heutiges-recht.233919/ He is asking about older sample CDs but the thread also widens to the topic of filmsamples and pictures. I use(d) such moviequotes a lot just like MANY psytrance and/or techno and/or industrial-ebm bands. Never got trouble except 2 copyright strikes at YT, one of which was my own title ironicly taken from a released compilation, the other was from Warner Bros for Bladerunner content. But nothing more happened, the videos were not even deleted. Also noted a distributor who I signed up with forbids even these small filmsamples in the "AGB" (business terms) I would like to hear anyone got in trouble or knows someone who was in trouble from using movie/news/game samples ? I am not talking about ripping other music off thatr is lame and I agree it should be punished!
  13. Does not matter much to me, if I remake an old (already "released" even if only online) track of myself, I would make that clear in the title and description...this only confuses and I do not like confusion.
  14. Nice track btw. did I miss more of Indoor, seems they went under my radar "back in the days"? Here album in question: https://www.discogs.com/de/California-Sunshine-Rebirth/master/439140 Reviewer says: "Most of the songs are remakes, but what remakes they are" Seems to miss however some credit to original musicians if I am not mistaken? If I would make a "remake" I would certainly give credit. Edit, just noted they have an album named "Let there be light"....
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