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  1. MIA, which style is this?

    Sounds more like Electro than HipHop ? I do not like hip hop so why would Ilike MIA if it were HIP HOP `?? eg M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video) M.I.A. PAPER PLANES official video Also looks like the track might have references to 9/11 (it were paper planes kind of right?), also of you look closely she seems to wear a Metallica shirt in 2 sequences (ride the lighning)? Seems to support that this is not run-of the mill stuff also from the content not only musically...
  2. Young German people seem to listen goa trance

    I really do not like House (maybe except some very early stuff), the term electro was as I said for electro-indus or ebm like 242 and FLA etc. Ya know the a bit "goth like" people, even if the music was quite different from the 2 scenes. As I said house was for sure not that I would refer as electro LOL (But I am spitting hairs I know excpecting a younger than 35 or so aged girl to like such music was a bit blue eyed, so it turned out their "electro" was some indi style with perhaps a few keys (why they called that electro no idea, seems more like emo-rock LOL)
  3. Young German people seem to listen goa trance

    Anyone went to Die Grube back in the days ? There I heard first "progressive" it was announced as goa. I did not like it first - but later discovered some stuff is good...
  4. Pioneers of goa trance

    Kraftwerk (and perhaps DAF):
  5. Young German people seem to listen goa trance

    German girls might be the worst choice to speak about music and styles.... I tried to but they name styles totally different and do not know bands. Remember the dark clothed one ca. 25 in a clinic I said I listen "Electro" (as EBM,Indus was among my faves along with psy and metal). We tended to say Electro for EBM all the way in the scene. Do you like Front242 ? Never heard of that. But they are one of the Top 3 famous bands. Turned out with "electro" she meant some lame indie-emo shit
  6. How Infected Mushroom became so famous?

    Tbh I like Lady Gagas early Piano music more than this
  7. Music like FLA without the screaming vocals

    BTW: Pretty good, interesting interview with Bill
  8. The Squirrel

    First of, I feel with you. Also with the animals in this thread. I also had 2-3 experiences in this regard... Can you perhaps tell me what band it was and in which city ?
  9. Crop Circles Are No Hoax

    Pls. start. I think its a hoax... alien propaganda... like UFOs etc.
  10. 2 nights with Machine "Fucking" Head

    Neither Meshuggah nor COB are my cup of tea... both sound to "plastic" to me. However 3-4 MH albums are really cool. The Blackening + Burn My Eyes come to mind first.
  11. Beware, Tomorrowland is an Illuminati festival!

    We can make a case in regards to psy with all its symbolism. This case however would be only a strong one, if many more artists would make it "big": Almost no one know psy or goa anyway. It was shocking to see that so many ppl. think this pathetic band "eagles of death metal" would ply death metal. They do not even play metal. That shows even a style pretty popular (DM) is not recognized by most "normal" people. How would it be psy ? We can only look in the most famous band(s) if they have satanic/illuminati symbolism. Cause only these would make an impact. And it must be signed by a big label. Most popular would be Infected, right ? So one could examine them. BTW: Their (eodm) popularity and sales rose like a rocket after the Paris event - which was most likely another "false flag"
  12. Music like FLA without the screaming vocals

    FLA have some instrumentals, even techno + goa mixes... Ah and check PRO TECH, which is basically another sideproject from Bill I believe but pretty unknown. It has simmilar sounds to FLA but more techy and no vox.... I probably can find 10 more tracks, which would fit. But not complete band names tbh. I mean complete albums eg. of this style are quite rare. You can find however albums with instrumental EBM/Indus tracks but they do not have the FLA touch of course. If ur looking for the FLA sound. Also I would like that you give FEEDBACK on the suggestions given. I am always at a loss when ppl. ask for music, ppl. provide it but they dissapear without saying what & why they liked or hated the suggestions
  13. Rate the above track - Fun game

    Thanks for "7" Ollie, I also rate your track a 7. First off I heard several Darshan, but somehow their style could not convince me like some others. Also I am a bit tired of 303 meanwhile. Even if is is not used so blatantly than others here @ Manuser: For you track almost the same goes like said above. However I also would say its a bit too long for my taste (for this style).. I give it a 6.5 therefore Next one:
  14. What music are you listening to right now?

    LOL I checked some stuff from the 90ties out, ans seems I missed 3 or 4 releases, among them Sandman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UySPrgigICg This sounds like instrumental EBM
  15. Rate the above track - Fun game

    Of course cool track, 8/10 I think 3 or 4 are even better. Soemthing which should fit the more darker mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8-cr9-gLIM