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  1. OPs point was not only the melodic one, to which I agree certainly if we take popular music, to a large extent music eg. in the charts is melodic. Except much of this hiphop shit fashionable in the last years. The Op also provided some names as example what he meant has future, eg. Vini Vici or Astrix IIRC. So I looked up Vini Vici tracks (I posted 2 above) and did not find them futuristic or bringing something new to the table (I found them a bit cheesy tbh), so was wondering why this would have future in particular? But if cheese and age old concepts are now the future ok - then I am not :) You could have looked up remixes yourself, there are enough: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=einstürzende+neubauten+remix Also Skinny Puppy have more then enough, and only some tracks are known for the melodies, in fact much of theirs were also quite noisy: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=skinny+puppy+remix But I guess in the end it is a matter of taste, or of own definition of a term "has a future" or "is dead" (in musical terms, not medical LOL)
  2. What is a "real producer" (definition?), only one with huge FB,Insta etc., pages and one signed with a big label? I am not real too for sure How much do you guys work on music btw.? And how long does it take to complete a song (or track?)
  3. This is a bit insulting, I watched the video and even asked some questions about it...also explored some other content by the OP (or as some would say gave him clicks). That the thread turned the way it did, shows even threads with no future can be turned into something worthwhile to read imho. Even if OP does not care about his thread at all At the melodic topic, guess the British industrial pioneers or Einstürzende Neubauten had very little melodies at all (as the name implies it was more noise and rythms), however somehow started a music movement and are considered "cult" or groundbreaking to this day. Later mixed with Kraftwerk and early wave it became ebm and techno and... in goas case added Indian and Hippy music influences
  4. Oth. mhh... this sounds a bit like the Future Ducks, does it not? Also seems he does not play his older hits...
  5. Thanks for the reminder, those slower tracks are quite cool from him too @mudpeople Good to know, must have been around the same time when EBM (supposedly) died too @Padmapani Yeah I remember the first 2 Talamasca albums.. but I found also some newer tracks to be listenable, if I want some melodic stuff, and the tracks I mean are not as cheesy as for example the first 2 in the Beatport top10 for "Psytrance" hehe
  6. Ah ok, I thought it was more about other songs... Check this and note how much they "stole" or "licencensed" - I mean The Prodigy is a big name, so guess they could not just take these well known artists and sample them, without the copyrights holders consent?
  7. @Padmapani That Sillicon Sound track was one of my faves years ago, but also due to my Blade Runner obsession, did not age so well.... Interesting that Talamasca and E.Universe count also (now?) in the full-on department, did not know that. Guess their early stuff was just named goa for us
  8. At the least something well known, my guess:Darude-Sandstom. If not - something other in that category (rave/trance in the charts!)
  9. EH? I always thought the Future Ducks would be some guy in London doing a parody of newstyle Psy and also of the Future Sound Of London. Seems to go deeper than I thought... so this thread brought some interesting info at last.... I was bit amazed btw. when I posted in a Trance thread in another forum, there seem only to be a few guys liking or even knowing (real) psytrance. I postet 2 cool examples from X-Dream and Man With No Name - or what I thought would be good examples. But no one commented in the positive about them. However later I posted the Ducks Video and someone said, even if this seems like a parody he fuckin´likes the sound @AstralSphinx The track you posted sounds quite minimal too me. I am even more confused by new goa genres then I am about industrial I must say. Eg. what is full-on exactly this name does not imply minimal for my understanding.
  10. Hello mods... can you clean up the "HAHA" from this thread and put it to the "OT" forum? Cause the poster does not want to discuss the issue he brought up..
  11. Crazy stuff from Poland https://cultesdesghoulesofficial.bandcamp.com/track/idylls-of-the-chosen-damned ..and from Germany https://lunaraurora.bandcamp.com/album/mond
  12. Fuck this shit, the OP trolled and is not coming back. Btw. I noted he has a label: http://www.ghostlabel.gr And made videos about how to become professional in music... (quite ironic eh)
  13. He makes some points - but he need to explain them more, so I am curious if the OP will come back and reply... or just drop a video link and is gone. OTH who cares if most people today hate dark psytrance (as he said), the ones making it do not want to be popstars anyway (I guess?). @Bartzabel I find it interesting that some (or even many) psytrance fans like some blackmetal (me too), perhaps one of the reasons is.. it is not that far apart musically. Bold statement? I explain, both styles use repetitions (eg. tremolo riffs or 303 patterns) and trance inducing sounds
  14. Another one - even if track itself is good, but what you perhaps call vocals kind of destroy it. Also are you saying the people making darker stuff have no future and should stop and instead emulate the artists you named? Just curious ? So we have even more same sounding music? So the age old Indian "Namaste" or U.F.O. theme is the future or something new ? Trying to understand...
  15. @Bartzabel Well articulated post @Open Source I do not know much famous, new Psytrance or what I heard was not my taste.Seems Vini Vici mostly produces together with others..but here a track which seems to be from him alone: (I pulled these tracks cause you named this band) Maybe I am missing something but can you explain what is so great about it? It has even the ethno elements from old and cheesy samples ? Note not dissing the artist, it is well produced!!
  16. Sadly not so much time at the moment, but I took a listen to 2 tracks from them and I like it so far, one can hear X-D influence. @technosomy I read a bit in the review section and found them there, also someone in this thread mentioned it too. The one I heard was also good, I need to check more out Thanks for the good posts in this thread to all btw.
  17. See here: I posted 2 vids from him, in one he also said what he used on the early works, not much and he also explains why it worked better with less..
  18. Ok, here their Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/40195-Future-Prophecy They have quite a lot of stuff, which would be the 2 you recommend? @Padmapani Have listened to the UX track twice now - and it is a good production for sure. For whatever reason it did not "catch me". Also I dislike the "choral" samples / voices..apart from that nice one.
  19. @recursion loop I don´t think other than it is also an electronic song with harder beats it has much to do with industrial or even ebm. However I am an old crumpy man, so better not listen to me Also - even if the OP said "what do you miss in music", I guess he meant more goa/psy - so my posts may have been a bit OT...I did not want to get into the genre discussion and better hear your words when you said "do it yourself"
  20. This was kind of harder ebmish synthpop: (kinda one hit wonder tho)
  21. Godwins law: " “You can tell when a USENET discussion is getting old when one of the participents [sic!] drags out Hitler and the Nazis.”" Industrial splintered in so many subgenres that I lost the overview, but martial is yes, often with war themes, but I believe faster and has "march" like drums structures (or so....). I already complained in other threads about "modern industrial" which is more rave/hardstyle and not indus at all.. so I will not post about it (oops... I did it again). What is industrial here ?? (4.5 mio views?) ALSO -9DB by YT normalization could be in the winners.. In German is a nice word "Etikettenschwindel"
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