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  1. I have the a bit rare DCD "Live wired": were this is from, in fact it was even the box w/ a vhs tape and sticker etc.
  2. And here some (not trance related) more examples, most obvious:
  3. If you want the most comprehensive pred. programming examples (not only for virus or vax etc.) then refer to my old friend SPUD who needed to migrate from YT to BC as ofc YT does not like much "alternative views": https://www.bitchute.com/channel/EwThp4LG5tpG/ I am nexus77 btw. in the comments And if you should be confused what he has with the space NEEDLE and the submarines, he was one of the 1st to "predict" a major false flag event near the area of Seattle (which has the space needle - needle ofc for the vax) and it might have to do with a submarine. Coincidence was that I read a novel 3-4 yrs ago which also had the very same theme. And do not take this TOO serious if you are not open to this theme of pred. programming / zionists / nwo / etc. Here an example from Psy scene for possible vax pred prog: the delta of course for DELTA variant_ Has even a masked guy w/ what seems a radiation sign or biohazard sign!! here more x-ray / radiation theme - but tbh the titles seem not much connected ecxept perhaps: Supercell + Dr. Rayman Ok this is a bit out there, but--- .. can be interpreted you getting an alien (to your body) spike protein injected.... also has the CIA in the name EDIT; The Delta were in this sampler:
  4. I have a Nord as rack version it is quite cool / fun to play around with... can recommend. But maybe a bit outdated these days (if one believes that something like outdated even exists re. music instruments :P)
  5. LOOOL the time flies So here finally a 1.30 snippet (preview):
  6. I found this website for the word: http://www.cronomi.com/ But not sure what you meant, probably you were ironic or sarcastic with some insider info that I do not know I can put the orig. Globox track back in the public no problem I guess It had not many attention anymore anyways
  7. Well, guess perhaps I can re-start w/ music this weekend, I was too lazy last weekend So wish luck that everything still works, I had to move my "office" from my fathers house to my small flat...
  8. The band was quite good, esp. the earlier material.... I wonder if anyone has interest for the ON TOPIC CDs at all? If yes, pls. post or send a PM cause I do not want to list them all if no one is interested anyways. These are mostly VAs btw.
  9. I sell my CD stock! I have ca. 400 CDs to sell (EUROPE only) ..Metal, Industrial,EBM,Punk,Goa,Trance,Alternative and more I have listed some of them already here are the first 2 packages, one is 70 and the other 50 CDs: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/50-goth-industrial-ebm-cds-auch-einzel-verkauf-tlw-rar-/1931497353-78-1030 https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/70-metal-alternative-punk-hardcore-cds-auch-einzelverkauf-rar/1931484931-78-1030 Here the lists copied: 70 CD package: 1.flux - protoplasmic 2.pro pain - contents under pressure digi 3 sensorium - jajazralah 4.slayer south of heaven 5.sick of it all - live in a world full of hate 6.grip inc - nemesis 7.paradise lost - gothic 8.pantera - vulgar display 9.satyricon - dark medieval times rar fog001 10.jesus jones - doubt 11.amorphis - tales from... relapse rec. 12.misery loves co - happy? 13.babylon sad - kyrie 14.rammstein - herzeleid 15+16.mindrot - dawning + forlorn ep 17.meszada -blossom 18.sad whisperings - sensitive to autumn 19.+20. biohazard - state of the world + tales from teh hardside mcd 21.tristitia - one with darkness digi 22.sub dub micromachine - rabautz 23.death by dawn - one hand,one foot.. 24.fleischmann - treibhaus 25.helfahrt - wiedergang promo 26.metallica - master of.. 27.trail of tears - existentia promo 28.kittie - spit 29.celtic frost - parched with thirst... 30.my dying bride - turn loose.... digi 31.moonspell - wolfheart 32.eterne - still dreaming 33+34.phantoms of future - call of.. + chimera 35.nightfall - eons aura ep digi rar 36.rebelhead - fight back digi 37.panacea - is it a human demo/promo unb. CD 38.krypteria - all beauty must die promo 39.+40.secret discovery - slave + alternate 41.midnattsol - nordlys promo mit voice over 42.draconian - turning season within promo mit voice over 43.alestorm - captain morgans revenge promo mit voice over 44.beyond dawn - revelry promo 45.theatre of tragedy - storm promo shortend 46.your army - ignite promo 47.sundown - desingn19 5 track promo 48.la ira de dios - cosmos,chaos,destruction promo 49.phantoms of future - call of the wild promo 50.summoning - dol guldur promo 51.april tears - seventeen 2 track promo 52.aherusta - and the tides.... promo 53.indica - a way away promo 54.fairytale abuse - perversion of angels promo 55.evereve - sesons promo 56.+57.syrach - a dark burial promo mit voice over + days of wrath promo 58.unlight - death concecrates.... promo 59.dawn of winter - peaceful death promo 60.machine head - old mcd digi 61.anti nowhere league - scum promo 62.dillinger escape plan - calculating infinity promo 63.evol - saga of the horned king promo 64.european hardcore - the way it is v/a 65.new breed - the future sound of metal v/a 66.stahlhammer - feind hört mit promo 67.chaoswave - the white noise within promo 68.schacht - abwärts promo 69.gernotshagen - weltenbrand promo 70.rockhard lauschangriff vol. 85 v/a Habe die 2 Samael vergessen: Exodus EP + Passage Promo 50 CD package: 1.alien produkt - ignorance 2.artica - ombre e luce 3.morendoes - there is no salvation 4.+5.haujobb - homes and garden + frames 6.malaise - fifty two ways 7.violet second - pictures hurt my eyes rar 8.run level zero - symbol of submission 9.+ 10. head on fire - nostalgia + sunrise ep 11.seven trees - embracing the unknown orig zoth ommog 12.x-vivo - out of the smell... digi ep 13.static icon - slave 14.the inv. spirit - live (werkhof,hohenlimburg) rar 15.necrofix - nefarious somnabulance 16.object - ethane asylum 17.pain machinery - hostile 18.cassandra complex - grenade 19.spiritual cramp - to say goodbye promo 20.imperative reaction - eulogy for sick child digi 21.cradle of spoil - 1000 jahre celtic circle rar 22.remembrance - oblivion 23.dismantled - same 24.tears of passion - desperation digi 25.saltillo - ganglion promo 26.london after midnight - selected scenes a.vision rec. 27.incept date - archipelago 28.lost image - concept of evil 29.chassalla - shadows 30.goethes erben - leben im niemandsland live rar 31.silvery - high class high digi 32.miriam - when beauty is... promo 33.implant - brain fx ep 34.sin - jelous mind mcd 35.+36.blind passengers - walking to heaven mcd + forgotten times ep 37.+38.+39.+40.love like blood - swordlilies + LLB EP +demimondes mcd + flood of love mcd 41.+42. solitary experiments - compendium promo + trial and error ep promo digi 43.dreamlike horror delightful suicides promo 44.this is ebm sampler 45.nordschlacht - silence,beauty and cruelty promo 46.guilt trip - feed the fire digi 47.second disease - flame the dark true 48.+49.human decay - mind display ep + perfect visions 50.madre del vizio - dio dio dio I also sell up to 5 CDs singly, you do not to buy the complete package! The next lists in a few days incl. the Goa/Psy/Electro CDs !!!
  10. Imagine if Mili Vanilla make a big announcement of their return to the music scene or 2 Metallica members join Megadeth and NOT a single webpage, magazine or newspaper cares about it . This would improve our world I feel
  11. Took a listen and if you scratch everything except Gagas main lead vocal it might be listenable
  12. Made the "promo" track private meanwhile, but here is a "2nd" version without any "promo" or bought plays. I added 2-3 samples and tried to "master" it a bit (I had not an unmastered file from Globox but used the limited one) sounds now better then 1st version here at home... But when send to YT- ofc fucked with it - still clueless how to best upload there to get better results This had 40 views in 7 months even with nicer picture
  13. Have not read the last replies, if anyone is still in on this, but I have not had time/muse for music the last 4 months. However I setup my audio stuff last week again and may complete the track. Just cause I do not want to have wasted the time and effort (same as the other projects I started) I may upload it and get 30 plays and then be done w/ music for a while or
  14. Sure and the camera view is cleverly positioned to highlight the 2 reasons But my tractor post was OT, has nothing to do with music... So back to music, a vid "Larnell Lewis Hears "Enter Sandman" For The First Time" has 5 Mio views.... First, why is it so interesting for so many if someone hears something for the 1st time, I have seen MANY simmilar vids egh. Christians react to Cannibal Corpse, Blackmetaller hears HipHop first time etc. Second WHO the F is Larnell Lewis ? I could google to know.... I could understand it when it was eg. Trump or Putin or another popular person that such a vid gets such attention How about TRUMP listens to "Fuck the USA" the first time, YUP this would be cool...
  15. Strange looks like the view count is "jumping" it is now at 2776 ... so overnight from 2251 views @RTP has posted... or has "algo" put the vid up now? "Advertising" is mostly costly (nice ryhm!) and needs bigger platforms to have an effect....eg. A facebook page with 100000s of followers might be effective but also expensive (for adds there etc.).. sadly playing live is out of the question now the C thingie shifted things even more to the online/digital realm (not only music) It for sure helps if your a hot female.. eg. Miss Monique has over 580000 views for her House sets or the Asian drummergirl with her drum covers has 2.4 millions on her last vid !! I HIGHLY doubt if there were no visuals to the perfomances that these numbers could be reached, plus ofc they get recommended a lot by YT itself now. How about 7,7 Mio views for a girl on tractor? Getting OT now sorry
  16. @RTPI suggest the thread to be closed, as the goal "trigger the algorythm" was not reached, after the bought views, the plays went back down to a trickle (eg. 2-3 plays in 2 hours) Edit, seems your promoter only delivered around 850 views that were counted.. And now it is too late, I believe the views need to be closer to the release date, so DO NOT buy more now, this will only increase the numbers but seems to do nothing making the vid more "popular" on YT But what I noted again, putting all those tags in seems a waste of time, as a minimal amount of plays came from the YT search..
  17. First part was meant ironic with I put "grow" in "" and 2nd part is truth... but I will delete the sentence The experiment failed also, so no "marketing" for the method at all.. But I learned not to trust pure play/like numbers anymore
  18. For my part I did not encourage anyone for anything of THEIR stats - ONLY for this single experiment....(or can you point where I wrote people should do this in general?) Also it does not matter cause MANY are using this already for years. ....and the purpose of this is explained in the thread linked in the FIRST post...*sigh*
  19. No - it had 1680 plays last time I checked ca. 23.00. Edited.
  20. So the 1000 views (plus a bit more) were delivered, but not the 100 Likes...also nothing bad happened, vid still there , no warning from YT etc. If someone wants to buy some more he can go ahead all plays from my "promoter" are done If someone want more detailed data, just ask...
  21. @RTP: I had just reached 100 subs 2 weeks ago, then gained 2 more (whow), and now have 111 means I got 9 new subs (thanks) in 1 day. @GluonYou asked what the 10,- gets? I opted for a package not only views, esp. the 100 likes seemed cool for the price,see: ->Youtube Pakete (Lieferzeit: sofort lieferbar) Youtube Pakete: 1000 Views + 100Likes + 2 Kommentare 9,99 € (9,99 €) Wunschkommentare hinzufügen: Cool love GOA, Niiiice oldschool track!! Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO4xGTCcwsQ1 9,99 €-Enthält 1,60 € MwSt. (19%) ZWISCHENSUMME:9,99 € ZAHLUNGSMETHODE:ÜBERWEISUNG GESAMT:9,99 € ENTHÄLT 1,60 € MWST. (19%)<- Also GOOD news, I chatted with promoters support and asked if my money is received,. they said no, but I can send them a screenshot from the banking and he said he will start the thing. Means we should see above = 1000 Views + 100Likes + 2 Kommentare delivered, in the next hours... SO KEEP going guys, share play repost etc. I posted it in 5 forums (only 1 is remotley "electronic music" so this will do not much but I did what I could!) plus play it 3 times / a day with some hours in between!! I have no "social media" so others NEED to step in there
  22. So far ONLY regular views, seems the bank transfer will reach my seller only at Monday (over the weekend banks do not work, however I thought in these days the process would be automated). 210 views (NOW) in 1 day is very good for my tiny channel but in grand scheme of things basically nothing However 22 Likes and 3 comments...is good Evidently the algorythm did not pick it up so far.
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