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  1. Sure and the camera view is cleverly positioned to highlight the 2 reasons But my tractor post was OT, has nothing to do with music... So back to music, a vid "Larnell Lewis Hears "Enter Sandman" For The First Time" has 5 Mio views.... First, why is it so interesting for so many if someone hears something for the 1st time, I have seen MANY simmilar vids egh. Christians react to Cannibal Corpse, Blackmetaller hears HipHop first time etc. Second WHO the F is Larnell Lewis ? I could google to know.... I could understand it when it was eg. Trump or Putin or another popular person that such a vid gets such attention How about TRUMP listens to "Fuck the USA" the first time, YUP this would be cool...
  2. Strange looks like the view count is "jumping" it is now at 2776 ... so overnight from 2251 views @RTP has posted... or has "algo" put the vid up now? "Advertising" is mostly costly (nice ryhm!) and needs bigger platforms to have an effect....eg. A facebook page with 100000s of followers might be effective but also expensive (for adds there etc.).. sadly playing live is out of the question now the C thingie shifted things even more to the online/digital realm (not only music) It for sure helps if your a hot female.. eg. Miss Monique has over 580000 views for her House sets or the Asian drummergirl with her drum covers has 2.4 millions on her last vid !! I HIGHLY doubt if there were no visuals to the perfomances that these numbers could be reached, plus ofc they get recommended a lot by YT itself now. How about 7,7 Mio views for a girl on tractor? Getting OT now sorry
  3. Obviously it was Psykovsky who rated your post confused
  4. @RTPI suggest the thread to be closed, as the goal "trigger the algorythm" was not reached, after the bought views, the plays went back down to a trickle (eg. 2-3 plays in 2 hours) Edit, seems your promoter only delivered around 850 views that were counted.. And now it is too late, I believe the views need to be closer to the release date, so DO NOT buy more now, this will only increase the numbers but seems to do nothing making the vid more "popular" on YT But what I noted again, putting all those tags in seems a waste of time, as a minimal amount of plays came from the YT search..
  5. First part was meant ironic with I put "grow" in "" and 2nd part is truth... but I will delete the sentence The experiment failed also, so no "marketing" for the method at all.. But I learned not to trust pure play/like numbers anymore
  6. For my part I did not encourage anyone for anything of THEIR stats - ONLY for this single experiment....(or can you point where I wrote people should do this in general?) Also it does not matter cause MANY are using this already for years. ....and the purpose of this is explained in the thread linked in the FIRST post...*sigh*
  7. No - it had 1680 plays last time I checked ca. 23.00. Edited.
  8. So the 1000 views (plus a bit more) were delivered, but not the 100 Likes...also nothing bad happened, vid still there , no warning from YT etc. If someone wants to buy some more he can go ahead all plays from my "promoter" are done If someone want more detailed data, just ask...
  9. @RTP: I had just reached 100 subs 2 weeks ago, then gained 2 more (whow), and now have 111 means I got 9 new subs (thanks) in 1 day. @GluonYou asked what the 10,- gets? I opted for a package not only views, esp. the 100 likes seemed cool for the price,see: ->Youtube Pakete (Lieferzeit: sofort lieferbar) Youtube Pakete: 1000 Views + 100Likes + 2 Kommentare 9,99 € (9,99 €) Wunschkommentare hinzufügen: Cool love GOA, Niiiice oldschool track!! Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO4xGTCcwsQ1 9,99 €-Enthält 1,60 € MwSt. (19%) ZWISCHENSUMME:9,99 € ZAHLUNGSMETHODE:ÜBERWEISUNG GESAMT:9,99 € ENTHÄLT 1,60 € MWST. (19%)<- Also GOOD news, I chatted with promoters support and asked if my money is received,. they said no, but I can send them a screenshot from the banking and he said he will start the thing. Means we should see above = 1000 Views + 100Likes + 2 Kommentare delivered, in the next hours... SO KEEP going guys, share play repost etc. I posted it in 5 forums (only 1 is remotley "electronic music" so this will do not much but I did what I could!) plus play it 3 times / a day with some hours in between!! I have no "social media" so others NEED to step in there
  10. So far ONLY regular views, seems the bank transfer will reach my seller only at Monday (over the weekend banks do not work, however I thought in these days the process would be automated). 210 views (NOW) in 1 day is very good for my tiny channel but in grand scheme of things basically nothing However 22 Likes and 3 comments...is good Evidently the algorythm did not pick it up so far.
  11. OH YEAH Baby *jumps around*:
  12. All went good so far, I ordered a YT package for 10,- (i do not want to spend much on this of course - only to see if it works at all)... they send me the order confirmation already but not that they received the money. So everything is "organic" for the meanwhile....hope they deliver at Saturday.
  13. AND HERE the new thread:
  14. If you have not read the thread from which this one originated, do so here first: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/76586-tell-me/ I will start and I believe @RTP wants to be the 2nd. Important note, there need to be at least 1 day between using different "promoters". So just do not jump in - but wait in line. Do not forget the likes ! F.A.Q.: 1) Can I participate but do not want to spend anything? - YES you can, just do the usual things: Play, like, share, comment, sub. For playing IMPORTANT note, do NOT play this eg. 5-times a row. First this will only count as 1 play and second this may be judged as suspicious activity. Best is play it 2 times a day but 8 hours apart on the same device (or IP). Play it COMPLETE, cause playtime is more important then 30 secs or just a click. If you have f-book,twitter etc. share it.. 2) Which "promotion company" should I use? - In the other thread there are some example links, but it is up to you. 3) This is stupid, what a BS!! - Maybe..and you can bitch about it as much as you like, but AFTER the experiment is over 4) When is the experiment over? - 100000 views or if the video suddenly dissapears obviously doohh You only need to grab the url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO4xGTCcwsQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO4xGTCcwsQ
  15. ANYWAYS, tomorrow Gluons track goes online and I make a new thread in the OT section for it....so watch out guys.. everyone can help even without spending just share, like and play the track. If anyone has FB, twitter etc. share it there.. I do not have or like "social media" at all so can not help in this task tbh. I will post it in 3 or 4 forums and that´s it for me Plus ofc buy some views.. Good evening gents.
  16. Here some info: "Base79 is a next generation online media company, creating global audiences for video content. Outside of North America, Base79 is YouTube’s largest partner and Multi-channel Network. The company manage over 800 YouTube channels and work with 400 premium content partners including BBC Worldwide, Endemol’s Tiger Aspect, IMG Media, Ministry of Sound, Guinness World Records and a growing base of YouTube content creators. The company generate 650M views a month on YouTube. As an independent company, Base79's unique technology and media relationships create a generation of new and safe revenue opportunities for its partners. Base79 have specialist advertising sales teams, working with global brands to create targeted and innovative ways to engage with video content and communities on the web. Established in 2007 the company began as 'My Video Rights', and were leaders in online Rights Management and multi-platform video distribution and monetization. The company have offices in London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Sydney, and plans further expansion in 2013. The team at Base79 are YouTube Certified, and received five original programming grants from YouTube to become their largest original content providers." From https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/base79 No wonder small Youtubers stuggle to get even 100 views, but another aspect is their is just too much content in the web now-a-days. Alone on Spotify 25000 tracks are uploaded a day I heard
  17. Someone above already explained Mr. L. channel belongs to Trancentral and also posted prices to get promo from them..260€ was the lowest amount - edit, post by Psytones on Page1. "Trancentral was founded by Lev Group Media (Doron Levitas and Omri Dolev), Shahar Bar-Itzhak and Yanniv Gold." So I guess these guys are the ones to ask I noted one has the name Gold, so sounds promising Here their www: https://levgroupmedia.com
  18. Ok I found it what it means, typical for Goa I guess... Well my freeware video editor seemed to worsen audio a bit, so I uploaded your movie "as is". Went well - goes live FRIDAY 14.00. Until then stay safe Y´all WHAT are people using to get best Audio to Youtube ? I only mean free or cheap programs?
  19. I can insert a title also add some effects and export as MP4, this is recommended for YT..if you do not object? I do not know how it impacts audio, my freeware editor has no options for audio q. guess it just takes the one from source file. Uses "Lib264" video codec What is the symbol - is it your logo?
  20. @Agneton: For sure there are some nice pics, however you never know the copyright situation, we for sure do not want someone make a claim and all the work is for naught and vid perhaps even deleted... My link provided dozens of free to use girls (ahem ).... Also size is mostly too small : (I mean size of pics not size of tits) Nice flowers:
  21. Women listen Psy too And I found other (psy) tracks with girls too. Edit, seems every 2nd video has some kind of girl in fact if one types psytrance into YT search But you can judge just chose one you like, if you think yours is ok for the track then use it...sadly others do not join in so we had more opinions
  22. Seems a bit too dark/spooky for the track....but would fit one of my darker tracks (post the url?). What is the size of pic you need? EDIT, here some nice girls it says "free": https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-woman-leaning-on-wooden-fence-3321584/
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