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  1. A Grain of Sand is a very impressive song. It's good news that Portamento is still working on something. Let him know that we support him !
  2. Ah, I knew you were listening to Goa trance. I hope you'll make some one day !
  3. I have been waiting this for years. Back to Space is still my n#1 album. This is huge news. And of course, it's on Global Sect. It had to. Thank you GS and Mr. Zsolt.
  4. Wow, that's ambitious.
  5. That sounds cool, but what's a self-runner ?
  6. Hello gentlemen. I missed the party it seems. What's that all about ?
  7. Project : OmegaHertz Title : Accelerating Universe Format : Single Label : Elxis Discographic Genre : Goa Trance Release Date : 02/22/2021 I am one to believe that whoever really wants to enjoy a fragment of music needs to understand the intent that preceded its creation. Only then will its true purpose be shared from mind to mind. To say that music is an assembly of sounds is like saying that a book is an assembly of words. We need to be touched by something more meaningful, lest our journey into sound becomes vain and futile, and the songs we once loved f
  8. Scandinasia


    Don't do this. It is wrong by all means. The best way to criticize is to be examplar.
  9. It's all about the quality. Underground music is much more creative, more intense, more intelligent, more innovative. The artists express themselves through the music. There is a need of personnality. Cheap commercial music proposes a product. It sells something and uses recipes to make people buy it, at the detriment of the creativity. Personnally, I wish that underground music ceases to become underground and go mainstream. Standards need to be raised.
  10. @Imba Interesting. The mast time I've heard "future prog", it was to name Zenonesque mixes. Example : https://youtu.be/EMlRfQSDsBI Anyway, the mix you shared seem to share common points with Zenon esthetic (listen at 18:57 of the mix you shared for instance). It's as if these guys turned some Zenon stuff into commercial stuff, which is really bizarre.
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