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  1. Scandinasia


    Don't do this. It is wrong by all means. The best way to criticize is to be examplar.
  2. @Padmapani : This is not bad hi-tech. It's good hands-up music.
  3. It's all about the quality. Underground music is much more creative, more intense, more intelligent, more innovative. The artists express themselves through the music. There is a need of personnality. Cheap commercial music proposes a product. It sells something and uses recipes to make people buy it, at the detriment of the creativity. Personnally, I wish that underground music ceases to become underground and go mainstream. Standards need to be raised.
  4. @Imba Interesting. The mast time I've heard "future prog", it was to name Zenonesque mixes. Example : https://youtu.be/EMlRfQSDsBI Anyway, the mix you shared seem to share common points with Zenon esthetic (listen at 18:57 of the mix you shared for instance). It's as if these guys turned some Zenon stuff into commercial stuff, which is really bizarre.
  5. Well, it's not that bad. It's commercial and very extremley formulaic/unoriginal, but it does the show. Cheap is good sometimes. Moreover, that's the kind of stuff that make people want to dig into more serious psytrance. After all, I myself first listened to extremely cheap commercial trance (Van Buren stuff, euro trance, Israeli full-on) before getting into regular, and then into the most obscure and underground parts of the scene.
  6. Two good candidates for me are : Profondita - Ciel [Altar Records] (genre : psychill) Florian MSK - Le Vacarme de Diavel [Zenon Records] (genre : tech-trance)
  7. Bandcamp link. Dreamy acid techno with a Japanese Goa feeling. All analog. Tracklist : 1. X995 2. X996 3. X997 4. X998 5. X999 6. X1000 Enjoy !
  8. Scandinasia


    Of course that the future is bright, and it's not optimism. But we need to face our demons.
  9. Scandinasia


    This needs to be contextualized with what has happened this year all around the world : _destitution of the President Rousseff in Brasil _Panama leaks (that proved the corruption of many major politicians in countries as different as Saudia, Uzbekistand, Iceland and UK) _Brexit _terror attacks in Europe and the Middle-East _political scandal in South Korea There are connections. The world is shaking, and multiple epiphenomenons are being manifested of a profound global disease.
  10. Oh man, I disagree so much. These parts are awesome. I am easily disappointed by Goa music. I've quite disliked many of the recent Suntrip releases (like City of Moons), and I am always honnest in my opinions. I do think however that the Crossing Mind project has a certain style whose apex consists in harmony, precision, and antichaotic stuff, and I understand your uneasiness. He is doing with his music something contingent, that he could not have done. But I do consider that these experimentations are most tasty, extremely enjoyable, and really moving. They do touch my heart. But contrary to his last album, I feel more energy in this one. I also firmly disagree about the supposed 'cheesiness' of this sound. These sounds are unique. They are sweet and child-like, but I've never heard something like this before. This sweetness is the part that I like most. They are like little characters diving into a major phantasmagoric whirlpool. In other words, sweet melodies create an epic story-telling that adds a profound dimension to the music. This album is fantastic. But it is not the Grand Oeuvre of Crossing Mind.
  11. Anyway, knowledge is the antidote of fear. The world is now going in the wrong direction, but in the end, it'll be OK. We just have to take our responsibilities. LOL
  12. In France, we have this principle. You are free to say whatever you want, but you may be sued and condmned afterwards. We can't prevent from speaking. The best thing to do with fear-mongering people (be them neo-fascits, hate preachers, propagandists, etc.) is to speak with them and counter them with arguments. Moreover, a few ridiculous videos stating an end-of-the-world delirium are not worth being criminalized. If they boost your anxiety, you are the first responsible of this anxiety. Feelings can be mastered in the same way that an animal can be tamed. If people are gullible, it is their own fault. Overall, there is an increasing fear-mongering speech that is slowly growing in the world : it comes from nationalists, conspiracy theorists (be careful with that term, because it is use to discredit some real critical speech), millenial Christians and Muslims, various cults, etc. In France, for instance, the most visited political websites are conspiracy theorists/far-right propaganda platforms. And many people (people sensitive to far right ideas, or who have growned in lower-class homes, or who are religious) in France believe in a conspiracy. Why is that ? It is because our political system is utterly corrupted. To condemn those who spread rumors would be hypocritical, because if they are efficient, it is due to an increasingly uneasy social climate born from the current globalized system. This is what needs to be adressed first. This kind of videos is an epiphenomenon of a bad social condition that needs to be fixed. Our people sees conspiracies in the same way that an ill person will have hallucinations out of fever.
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