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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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is it bad?

be optimistic :)

i am going to the dentist tonight. i can't wait :D


im not listening to anything. moment when i realise i should put some music on.


thank you moni :)

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filteria - tiny universe


lots of Apsara this week (not that i have much music at work. most of it is prog trance and i am on goatrance mode these days)

preparing to make a short review of this compilation. Lemmiwinks, fear!

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Squarepusher - Iambic 9 Poetry


:wub: :wub:

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Killing Joke - Seeing Red


i wonder why some killing joke songs were ever remixed into goa/psy versions, whats the story behind this?

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Edan - Beauty and the Beat. :blink:


Hip Hop with a 60's sounding psychedelic twist, strange but brilliant.



Suntrip recs comp - Apsara :D


Really enjoying this. Not usually my style, but I like some variation. Quality.

Cheers to Mars and Anoebis.



Filteria - Sky Input :)


Another Suntrip release. Again not something I usually listen too, but I'm enjoying these tunes a lot. Ukiro, your artwork is tasty mate. Very autumn.

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dunno. let's see what winamp says.


*puts headphones on*


seems like it's: TICON - You Can Have My Fraggles


nice :) but i will skip it.


now it's: Midi Miliz - Feet In The Air


yay :)

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