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  1. gotan project - el capitalismo just finished...moving into: prem joshua - lahore connection
  2. nope, not the messenger. thanx tho. as mentioned earlier, they are relatively newer, darker tracks from the past year or two.
  3. toi doi - particule still one of the CRAZYIEST tracks iv ever heard...akes a bit of effort to live up to toi doi's music. aaah...the old memoriez.
  4. don't tell me you don't know this!!! SKAZI(!!!!!!!!!) - some track that i don't know the name of..but im sure someone else will tell you. (so i guess u can say i don't simi-know this either) and no, I'm not kidding....i just don't remember the name right now. But I'm guessing it has the sample "What time do you plan to take off?" or something similar...if so it just MIGHT be "Animal" but the superstar himself before he lost his balls. If so, we can conclude that you no longer qualify to post on this forum so I guess we'll be seeing you later. Have a good day. np - Androcell: Purple Aura
  5. good. I see both you and NT are up right now. I'll stick around for a bit myself before headin' out..
  6. Faithless - God is a DJ (original version...unspoilt )
  7. Need your help with two trax: 1) There are two vocal samples in this track. The first one is sort of a "wooo" that appears throughout the track, sometimes in the foreground and sometimes in the background but always 'swooshing' around from side to side. The second sample is of a guy saying something along the lines of "what was/is that sound?"...im not exactly sure how it went for all the right reasons 2) Terence McKenna sample appears somewhere in this track. Its somewhat of a long sample, if I remember correctly it was well over 15 seconds long and ended with "...I was in space/out there". Unfortunately I can't remember much more of this but any help will be much appreciated!!
  8. because many people mistake Hindi for Arabic
  9. possibly...but there was also less music to go through to find the 5% good stuff...i dont' think anyone has the patience to listen through copious amounts of bad releases to find a couple of good trax these days. btw...pls post that list if/when u get done with it;)
  10. did i kill this topic with the sample? A: Mr. Peculiar - Lessons an easy one: "...its like liquid, slides all over everything..."
  11. said it before, sayin' it again...everything was downhill since the gathering..i think they are about to hit rock bottom soon at the rate they are going.
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