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  1. Pure Bliss !!! The whole album is nothing short of amazing. "The" Psychill journey. One cant get tired of this album, and this is more than rare. No favorites - just all bliss! 10/10 .
  2. Sure Entheogenics - Spontaneous Illumination - Is a must have, but their Entheogenic album ( first album) is even more so, imho the best psy-chill album there ever was. :posford:
  3. +1 Great tracks, a bit less chilled then their earlier ones, makes a good listening all together.
  4. +1 I would add that rio-barra track a classic chiller. There was only one track I didnt like on the album, forgot its name, but thats ok considering that there are 10 :clapping:
  5. The first 2 Entheogenic albums, and the first Shpongle are the 3 best so far, no doubt there ! .
  6. Much better then Golden Cap, different to their first albums, and different to other releases. Cant say if it is their best, but its one of the best albums out. The more original release in the moment. 9/10
  7. Yes, its only available through their website, I guess more and more artists are doing it this way. .
  8. good to hear, will have to check this out.
  9. Heavely over-used in the last 10 years if you ask me.
  10. Always ready for a new Entheogenic album. :clapping: Curious what it will sound like this time?
  11. Love it! Very diverse, great flow and the overall quality seems to have been improved substancialy. Fav. Golden Cap!!! Kashmir day trip!!! Zero Plus!!! The solution machine 10/10! .
  12. All great, really fancy that Vibrasphere remix. .
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