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    An auld drunkard, whom Begbie had been looking at, lurched up<br />tae us, wine boatil in his hand. Loads ay them used this<br />place tae bevvy and crash in.<br /><br />- What yis up tae lads? Trainspottin, eh? He sais, laughing<br />uncontrollably at his ain fuckin wit.<br /><br />- Aye. That's right, Begbie sais. Then under his breath:<br />Fuckin auld cunt.<br /><br />- Ah well, ah'll leave yis tae it. Keep up the trainspottin<br />mind! He staggered oaf, his rasping, drunkard's cackles<br />filling the desolate barn. <br />(с) Trainspotting
  1. some sunshine reggae need to improve my mood before going to the doctor
  2. each country has great artists but German sound is perfect esp i like releases by plusquam-rec.
  3. Haldolium`s last album Emou - apres midi total commerce
  4. Simon is the most talented artist of the present try to argue about this
  5. Body & Soul - Girls & Boys (Boys Mix) *THUMBS UP*
  6. H.U.V.A. Network - Distances advised by NT ehh, something very familiar... *EDIT from here
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