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  1. I didnt get this If i dont get it tomorrow they can fuck off and i get it somewhere else
  2. I tried that sometime ago and while its damn cool its one of those too easy to use things.. just make random beat or some preset gate/arpeg synth then click randomise voila! you have a idm tune
  3. In day i use my stereos and when its late.. maybe after 9 i put on headphones
  4. I read rarely but when i do theres something playing on the background.. tho it doesnt matter since i cant "hear" the music when concentrated on the reading.. Its quite same when browsing the internets, album starts and then ends and i cant remember hearing it
  5. Checking band called The Legendary Pink Dots .. sounds cool
  6. Its so crappy i allmost died from it ..no .. but its cool! really, ofcourse too short
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