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  1. Second Kettel... even his more upbeat tunes have a strangely depressed/melancholic vibe to them. Much prefer it when he's doing soundscapes such as He's His Own Man or Halt Him. Loving Formless by Gridlock right now, although it's definitely more IDM it has some beautiful soundscapes and sonic experimentation. I'll second Proem if you like darker music, and Ochre as a complete opposite to Proem. Also try Lusine ICL - Language Barrier, it's very atmospheric.
  2. Findlay Brown - Come Home Coldplay - Fix You Radiohead - Pyramid Song Radiohead - Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work Five For Fighting - Easy Tonight Goo Goo Dolls - Slide
  3. Nothing's changed in that respect, then.
  4. I don't listen to that kind of generic trance.
  5. +1. There's some good moments, but it's mostly boring, self-indulgent, laziness. I mean come on, half the tracks sound like their own material.
  6. Okay. 1. Secede - Tryshasla 2. Stendeck - Faces 3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon 4. Kattoo - Hang On To A Dream 5. Chicane - Behind The Sun 6. Trentemoller - The Last Resort 7. Moby - Play 8. Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms 9. Jaia - Fiction 10. Infected Mushroom - B.P. Empire
  7. Agreed. Much better than a lot of the tasteless 3d renders. I can agree with some of what the journey man is saying - I also feel there isn't enough variety in the scene, and a lot of the music can be generic, especially with sample CDs. Rather than bitch about it, why not explore other types of music? I'm listening to a great selection of tunes I love, so should you, not bitching about what's out there that I don't like. As for this album - well, to be honest I've had my fill of sampled vocals, but I'd probably get it if it were the same standards as In Dub and Blumenkraft (which still are on my playlists ) There's instances where the vocals can make all the difference - Ott's remix of Tea Daze for instance. So, it really depends on the artists, not what they're using.
  8. Yes. But saying that we should have banners and then telling us we should block them defeats the point. I take it that Psynews gets a LOT of traffic, with a lot being from guests. They're far more likely to click a banner than to donate money.
  9. Nicely put. I definitely feel that way too, though I do like collaborating. You just got to meet the right people, I guess.
  10. Defeats the point doesn't it. If everyone was blocking advertising, there would be no market for banners. How do you think Google got big? Donations?
  11. I wish to register a complaint with the moderators of the forum! Oh wait.
  12. A different font perhaps. Even without the text I don't really dig the cover. But then it's taste, isn't it?
  13. Running through the album full length. :posford: But after that I reckon I'll be spinning some Kettel.
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