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  1. some sunshine reggae need to improve my mood before going to the doctor
  2. each country has great artists but German sound is perfect esp i like releases by plusquam-rec.
  3. Haldolium`s last album Emou - apres midi total commerce
  4. Simon is the most talented artist of the present try to argue about this
  5. Body & Soul - Girls & Boys (Boys Mix) *THUMBS UP*
  6. H.U.V.A. Network - Distances advised by NT ehh, something very familiar... *EDIT from here
  7. Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun (2004) Ishq - Magik Square of the Sun (2005) Beyond Sensory Experience (dark ambient) VA - Butterfly Dawn (DRAGONFLY`s release)
  8. nobody mentioned Hallucinogen - Twisted? Im shocked !
  9. very pleasant, relaxing music highly psychedelic listened many times and did not get bored 9,5/10
  10. yes, i thought Shiva Shidapu is pure goa anyway he rocks!
  11. Antix is closer to progressive house
  12. 1. Jefferson Airplane 2. Velvet Underground The Beatles
  13. YES! THAT`S IT! perfect german sound (one of) the best prog release lately
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