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  1. I didnt get this If i dont get it tomorrow they can fuck off and i get it somewhere else
  2. I tried that sometime ago and while its damn cool its one of those too easy to use things.. just make random beat or some preset gate/arpeg synth then click randomise voila! you have a idm tune
  3. In day i use my stereos and when its late.. maybe after 9 i put on headphones
  4. I read rarely but when i do theres something playing on the background.. tho it doesnt matter since i cant "hear" the music when concentrated on the reading.. Its quite same when browsing the internets, album starts and then ends and i cant remember hearing it
  5. Checking band called The Legendary Pink Dots .. sounds cool
  6. Its so crappy i allmost died from it ..no .. but its cool! really, ofcourse too short
  7. Sorry but goatrance and jazz is like day and night, cant be compared but i agree goa is not some divinie music that only godlike creatures can make.. its very simple music in the end
  8. Here we have had Psy and Rap events Texas Faggot with Notkea Rotta .. awesome
  9. Thats damn good album .. but cant really think of anything else like it
  10. hehe yea the bass wasnt good.. hope its better now click
  11. Hey thanks! I,m working to make it longer and less cheesy, the bass example is terrible
  12. Huopatossu Mononen - Mua Pelottaa .. one of best tracks ever, psychedelic "Schlager"
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