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  1. Hello to all. Glad to be a member of this amazing forum. I've always been wondering about what what illustrated album cover of genres like "Trance" or subgenre of Trance like PsyTrance usually express. CEV/OEV that DJs experience when they are under the influence of Psychedelic Substances like LSD/DMT? Is there something to consider when choosing a title for songs and albums?
  2. Hi Guys! Scandinavian forest-Goa from Gubbology, out now on Bandcamp. After having quite a few tracks released on compilations from Troll N Roll records, Visionary Shamanic records and Hypnotica records, it's time to announce the first full length album from Gubbology. A handpicked selection of tracks made between 2012-2016. Some have been used in livesets. Some have been up on soundcloud for while. All of them is influenced by the old school Goa stuff to some extent. But there is also some forest and darker influences thrown into the mix. Enjoy! Bandcamp: https://gubbology.bandcamp
  3. WICKED WITCH Artist dark psytrance 'Wicked Witch' released his album 'Kanibal Vuduist' on 13th October, 2019. Independent production with mature quality patches, hallucinatory experience through sound to visualize the underground India. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD! Wicked Witch - Kanibal Vuduist (ALBUM 2019) [TRACKLIST] 1. RHYTHMIC SCREAM 2. KALA MAGIK 3. KAYAPSYCLOBIN 4. NAGYAGA 5. RABBIT HOLE BLINDS 6. CANINE FELINE 7. HENNIN SNARE 8. SERUM 9. PUNGENT POTION 10. LORD OF THE TREES -PE
  4. Artist: Xamanist Album: Out of Time Label: SY Records Artwork: Peter Paxx Release date: September 16th 2019 Samples: Out of Time samples Buy it here: Out of Time on Beatport I have the pleasure and the excitement to announce that my third album "Out of Time" is out now, released by SY Records on Beatport! 3 years of work and inspiration concluded into 9 diverse tracks that navigate to, from and between the realms of goa, psychedelic and progressive trance. In every track I experimented something diferent: diverse approaches, sounds and structures.
  5. Artist : JaraLuca Album: Fata Morgana Label: Goa Madness Records Release date: October 12, 2017 Tracks: 01 Artha - Mahabharta (JaraLuca Remix) 02 JaraLuca - Solar Spectrum 03 JaraLuca - 604 Caliber 04 JaraLuca - Acidic Goacamole 05 JaraLuca - Just A Little Madness 06 JaraLuca - Fata Morgana 07 JaraLuca - Equilibrium 08 Lectro Spektral Daze - Quite A Trip (JaraLuca Remix) 09 JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos If you count the number of reviews in this 2017 section, it is scarce if you compare it to earlier years. Some say it hasn't been a good year for goa, but I think
  6. > Follow Artmox : - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/artmoxofficial - Website : https://www.artmox-music.com - Bookings E-Mail : booking@plusquam-agency.net - Bookings Hotline : +49 (0) 1573 83 89 153 - Plusquam Records : http://www.plusquam-records.net - Manager : Thomas Vitali - E-Mail : contact@plusquam-records.net Artmox is an progressive psytrance act from germany and was founded in 2004 by Timo Müller. He discovered goa- and psytrance parties in his area in the year 2000, when he was 20 years old, and was instantly infected by its uni
  7. As the title suggests, can you think of an album that is really bad or even out of place, but it was actually released by a quality label? As an oldschooler two come into my mind. First: Brainman - Brain Food. The 6th release of legendary TIP records and...what the hell is that? Who is that guy and what is he doing in TIP? 0/5 Another one, not bad, but seriously out of place is Total Eclipse - Access Denied. Jazzy drum and bass? by Total Eclipse? In Blue Room? WTF??? So? What albums do you think are out of place?
  8. If anybody is interested in trading this CD, please send me a PM or contact me at my email: mlk1kly2@gmail.com Here are some albums that I would like: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/72147-wtb-classic-goa-trance-albums/ Case & CD is in excellent condition. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/KEU8k
  9. It's no secret. Master Imba has been cooking up some sweet new goa tracks and rumor has it that Suntrip is going to release an album with him. So let's speculate what the album will be like. Will it feature nothing but 8 tracks of collaborations? Will it have any terrence mckenna samples in it? Maybe the album cover will be made by Imba and feature more penises than the goa overdose 2 cover! Maybe it will come out on Christmas day and each cd will feature a little dime bag inside of it and a message from Master Imba himself, spreading peace and goodwill to all men and wome
  10. Artist: Mothership Loudspeakerz Title: "Psyber" Label: Zombster Records Format: CD, WAV, Mp3 (320, 192) Catalog: ZMB132 It's time for Mothership Loudspeakerz new album, the proof that with the right adjustments and new elements, the 145BPM formula can still rock the dancefloors! Rolling baselines entwine with FM-based cybernetic madness, creating the foundation for a series of track that share the same "dark" feeling without being a collection of audio clones. Long story short, think about a fusion of Psytrance, The Prodigy and sci-fi soundscapes! Get your copy here! http:
  11. After a long absence from the recording scene, Magus is back with an album featuring previously unreleased psychedelic trance tracks. The Music That Never Was is a music selection covering the length of the Greek bands recording career. Artist: Magus Title: The Music That Never Was Label: +Dream Team Format: WAV, MP3 Release: 11/2011 Tracklist: 1. Huspetakel 2. Liquid Mint 3. Tura Buna Ce 4. Nature In the Machine 5. Stretching Lizards 6. Word Salad 7. Something for Nothing Info: http://magus.eu.com/ Link: http://itunes.apple....was/id47768421
  12. ALBUM: Frobenius Ring Infection ARTIST: Math Dealer GENRE: Experimental/Psytrance 01 Edge of Chaos 02 Pumping Lemma 03 Borromean Rings 04 Diophantus 05 Piezoelectric Crystals 06 Banach-Tarski Paradox 07 Blum Blum Shub 08 Lokavibhaga All tracks mixed, recorded and produced by Math Dealer. Mastered by Stewart Emery. Artwork and Design by Stewart Emery. A Climactic Records release. In association with Mathematician Records Art and Music Gallery. (2014) OUT NOW BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE! http://www.beatport.com/release/frobenius-ring-infection/1406601
  13. 11 tracks full of dark atmospheres, pressing melodies and movie quirks made by czech producer UNTR. check the album preview here:
  14. Illuminati return, with a full on PsyTrance belter. This has everything, fast paced, and energy rich synths, punchy percussion, kicks, snares and hat work. It is the full on package, a modern day Psytrance fully fuelled album. Addictive, seductive, it's an album that will burn itself into your very essence, and one you'll play over and over again. TRACK 1 (FULL LENGTH PREVIEWS ON SOUNDCLOUD) TRACK 2 TRACK 3 TRACK 4 TRACK 5 TRACK 6 TRACK 7 TRACK 8 TRACK 9 Download From ITunes Download from Beatport Visit http://www.emlrecordings.org
  16. Thanks to an AWESOME user here who is selling his massive collection of 500+ psytrance albums, I am now the happy owner of many legendary titles such as Derango - Tumult, Penta - Horn Please, and OOOD - Free Range. Some of them are even in slim special edition digipaks! He gave me an awesome deal and I think everyone here should go check out his thread right meow. I will slowly but surely be reviewing many of these albums soon!!! I am so excited, these are my first phyiscal copies.
  17. Hello friends, The release of the day is Time Machine, the debut EP from the mexican act Paranoia; four tracks in pure 145 BPM psytrance, a mental trip through space and time in the realms of the spirituality of the psychedelic culture. Are you ready to make the first move? then go here! If you want to have a listen to the other upcoming releases follow this link http://soundcloud.com/zombsterrecords Zombster Team http://t.co/dFZR0uAy http://www.beatport.com/label/zombster-records/24601 https://www.facebook.com/ZombsterRecords http://soundcloud.com/zombsterrecor
  18. Release Info: Artist: Atma Album Title: Music Revolution Label: BMSS Records (Brother Moon Sister Sun) Format: CD Album Genre: Psychedelic / Melodic Full On Tracks: 10 Catalog#: BMSS1CD005 URL: http://www.bmss.eu Release Date: 25. November 2011. Release notes: It has been 20 years now since Andrei Oliver Brasovean embarked on his journey into the world of electronic music production. After a long and successful career with different musical projects, Andrei is surprising us again with a brand new Atma album: "Music Revolution". While most of the electroni
  19. As promised, this year we're going to focus more on psytrance what we've said took a tangible form with this! Psyship by Starship Anjuna is pure spacey psychedelia with a subtle taste of the old-school vibe, perfect to set the mood for a morning set, for an outdoor event or just for personal occasions Get your copy here! http://www.beatport.com/release/psyship/1039354
  20. For a limited period of time the newest Para Halu album is available for a special friendly "EarlyBird" price of 5 euros at www.psylife.net , Adam's own label. Support the Artist directly! Coming soon to all music shops... Acid Waltz released 15 February 2013 Psylife Records proudly presents the new album of legendary psytrance artist Para Halu. As a result of always evolving musical ideas and the constant desire to create something special and extraordinary Para Halu have influenced several producers in the psytrance scene during the past 10 years and Adam Hohmann proved
  21. Hi! Thank you for your consideration! Artist: _________Anix Gleo Title: __________Fatum Label: _________Arkona Creation Records Format:________CD, Digital Tracks: ________08 Mastering: _____Colin OOOD release date: ____02 November 2012 Catalog number: _ARKNCD005 Listen: http://anixgleo.com/...lbum/album.html http://arkona-creati...anix-gleo/fatum Buy: http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com/ This album was created in three years. Each of the tracks was born first on paper in the form of logical-art scenario, and after with the sound it gaine
  22. Hi everyone! An update from the Furthur Progressions stable in London... Coming soon is Cimi's debut album White World Bridger - 2 years in the making, and featuring collaborations with Flegma, Zyce and Hamish. http://www.facebook....149198648428027 Come and Like us / Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates: http://www.facebook.com/furthurprog @furthurprog http://www.furthurprogressions.com
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaoCVmXJAkY
  24. SatanicElectro’s musical talent manifests in the record through a unique old school Goa trance, heralding a new era, and joining the ranks of artists working today in the melodic psychedelic trance zone. Demonstrating his knowledge and experience, not only trance music but also as a rock drummer, catapulted through commitment and passion to the original psychedelic trance sounds of Goa, also indicate the potential of this movement. SatanicElectro "Focus On" LP is free to download in WAVE, FLAC and MP3 files.
  25. Net label GoaTrance.pl presents a new old school Goa album SatanicElectro - Focus On. SatanicElectro’s musical talent manifests in the record through a unique old school Goa trance, heralding a new era, and joining the ranks of artists working today in the melodic psychedelic trance zone. Demonstrating his knowledge and experience, not only trance music but also as a rock drummer, catapulted through commitment and passion to the original psychedelic trance sounds of Goa, also indicate the potential of this movement. SatanicElectro "Focus On" LP is free to download in WAVE, FLAC and M
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