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  1. ALBUM: Frobenius Ring Infection ARTIST: Math Dealer GENRE: Experimental/Psytrance 01 Edge of Chaos 02 Pumping Lemma 03 Borromean Rings 04 Diophantus 05 Piezoelectric Crystals 06 Banach-Tarski Paradox 07 Blum Blum Shub 08 Lokavibhaga All tracks mixed, recorded and produced by Math Dealer. Mastered by Stewart Emery. Artwork and Design by Stewart Emery. A Climactic Records release. In association with Mathematician Records Art and Music Gallery. (2014) OUT NOW BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE! http://www.beatport.com/release/frobenius-ring-infection/1406601
  2. New release from Climactic Records - Frobenius Ring Infection - Math Dealer - (Psytrance experimental album) Available now exclusive to Beatport! http://www.beatport.com/release/frobenius-ring-infection/1406601

  3. Hi guys, I am paul psr ryder, here is my psychedelic trance music production set over the last 2 years.... Hope you enjoy, lots of different genres in here... http://soundcloud.com/paulpsrryder/sets/psychedelic-trance-music
  4. Psychedelic | Breaks & Bass | Underground | E.D.M Record label official site: www.climactic-records.com Send Demos To: admin@climactic-records.com Description www.climactic-records.com Description Climactic Records are an independent and international record label founded in December 2010. The label prides itself on its unique mixture of Progressive Psytrance, Darkpsy/Psycore , Drum and Bass, House, Down Tempo, Electronica, Ambient, Dubstep and Techno. A truly mixed record label but in all the right ways. We spoke to Paul Psr Ryder, manager of the label and he tells us they offer digital distribution for all of their artists. The label works in as a kind of collective, helping both our live performers and DJs achieve distribution, gigs and the recognition they deserve. We also have a lot of changes so come so keep checking on us. For a full list of all the artists on the label checkout their website here www.climactic-records.com You can also find climatic records at the following online stores: Beatport, iTunes, Juno, BlackMarketRecords, Audiojelly, Amazon mp3, Spotify, Shazam, Rhapsody, juno, Pulselocker & many more ARTISTS A - Z Audioscope: http://soundcloud.com/mathdealer Audiotronik-Trip: http://soundcloud.com/audio-tronik-trip Cryptonym: http://soundcloud.com/cryptonym Digital Skunk: http://soundcloud.com/digitalskunk Dj JammyD: http://soundcloud.com/dj-jammy-d Dj Shelley: http://soundcloud.com/shelley23 Dj Yogi/ Jogyvinyl: http://soundcloud.com/dj-jogyvinyl Gaea Knight: http://soundcloud.com/gaea-knight Gingold X: http://soundcloud.com/gingold-x Illian: http://soundcloud.com/maxim-illian Ipomoea Psycolor: http://soundcloud.com/markus4markus Logic Frequencies: http://soundcloud.com/logicfrequencies Mark Black: http://soundcloud.com/mark-black-uk Math Dealer: http://soundcloud.com/mathdealer Nebulist: http://soundcloud.com/nebulist paul psr ryder: http://soundcloud.com/paulpsrryder Phal:Anx : http://soundcloud.com/phal-anx Psylatino: http://soundcloud.com/komicfusionproductions Rimedag: http://soundcloud.com/rimedag Sean Inside Out: http://soundcloud.com/sean-inside-out Synchrosphere/ Continuum Mode:http://soundcloud.com/microversemusic Zed Reactor: http://soundcloud.com/zed-reactor CURRENT RELEASE CATALOG Alien Nation - EP - Audioscope - 29/09/2014 Continuum - EP - Continuum Mode - 25/08/2014 Zero Dimension - Album - Mark Black - 19/05/2014 Climacteria - EP - paul psr ryder - 01/04/2014 Self Titled - EP - Digital Skunk - 03/03/2014 Astro-Logic - EP - Nebulist - 03/02/2014 50/50 - EP - Rimedag - 09/12/2013 The Secret Of Skull Island - Mark Black - 15/11/2013 The Chic Vs Shock - EP - paul psr ryder vs Vicky Merlino - 27/10/2013 No Name - Album - paul psr ryder - 04/10/2013 Human Project - Album - Gingold x - 19/09/2013 Channeling - EP - Audio-Tronik Trip - 28/08/2013 The Phoenix - EP - Jogyvinyl - 15/07/2013 Chemical Overdose - Album - Cryptonym - 01/07/2013 Touch My Heart Feel My Pain - Album - paul psr ryder - 17/06/2013 Me Casa Es Ru Casa - Album - paul psr ryder - 11/01/2013 Horny Bass - EP - Rimedag - 12/03/2012 Deep Into Forrest - EP - Cryptonym - 14/09/2011 Solar Storm Second Phaze - Album - Various Artists - 30/03/2011 Booking inquiries, please contact us through our page or email us at admin@climactic-records.com Have a demo? Contact us via email at: admin@climactic-records.com www.climactic-records.com
  5. New Release from Climactic Records ALIEN NATION - AUDIOSCOPE ( Darkpsy EP ) Available now Exclusive to Beatport! http://t.co/M3ZlC5qhbD

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