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Found 6 results

  1. After a long absence from the recording scene, Magus is back with an album featuring previously unreleased psychedelic trance tracks. The Music That Never Was is a music selection covering the length of the Greek bands recording career. Artist: Magus Title: The Music That Never Was Label: +Dream Team Format: WAV, MP3 Release: 11/2011 Tracklist: 1. Huspetakel 2. Liquid Mint 3. Tura Buna Ce 4. Nature In the Machine 5. Stretching Lizards 6. Word Salad 7. Something for Nothing Info: http://magus.eu.com/ Link: http://itunes.apple....was/id47768421
  2. Artist: Nostromosis Title: Wood Illusion EP Label: Self Released Date: 2011 1. Mowgli 2. Wood Illusion 3. Mantras of Druids 4. Ents 5. In the Middle of the Glimmered Trees This is Igor Sidorov and I think he has a new EP out on Timewarp Records. Wood Illusion dates back a few years and is his first released ep. I think he first released it by himself and then I guess Goa Records decided to pick it up, slap on a new cover, and now you have the honor of paying $7.50 for it. And I think it shows an artist that has some great ideas, but also has room to grow. I liked Mowgli a
  3. ~ Hari Om Tat Sat ~ Here are all tracks released by aGh0Ri in 2011 on several psychedelic trance labels from around the world. These tracks are in different night tempos, ranging between 147 and 180. Not organised in any particular order for listening as released on different compilations with their own stories. You can find the complete albums on Sonic Tantra and aghori tantrik websites. ~~ http://www.sonictantra.com http://agh0ritantrik.weebly.com ~~ Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/apureb0sx ~~ aGh0Ri TanTriK - Mr. Twister (Rootwork Recs, Australia
  4. Hi psynews hope youre all doing well. Iam Fernando Hood (aka smiley pixie) , once oppon a time I had a goa and psytrance music project called "Message To Earth", started in 1999 and lasted until 2006/7, maybe a very few of you remember my tracks on good old mp3.com and Acidplanet , http://www.message-to-earth.web.pt/ . Anyway i have a new hangout were ill be releasing old and new tracks My new page is www.messagetoearth.bandcamp.com These are my Latest Releases: Hope you guys like it. All the releases are on a "pay what you want" basis p.L.U.R
  5. With new tracks coming from the lab and a new liveact in mind, I decided to share my actual 2011 liveact for your listening pleasure. 4 tracks live on guitar and 6 tracks mixed live Enjoy and, as always, comments are really appreciated http://soundcloud.com/xamanist/xamanist-liveact-2011 Peace & Light
  6. survey1

    [EP] Alienn - One

    Release Notes: Title: One Release Date: 11.November.2011 Label: Hypergate Records Mastering by: Sidhartha // Audiocrafting.com Tracklist: 01. Alienn - One 02. Alienn - The Access 03. Alienn vs Stereopanic - Chemical Kinetic Alienn needs no introduction so lets go right to the tracks: 01. One - It's a good track, the melodies are well placed, and the pace convinces me to hear it until the end because it gets more and more powerfull as the time goes on. It ends pretty well with lots of variation in the bass tones and leads, nice start Mr. Patrik
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