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  1. Jayex's psystep/dnb project Smoke Visions is also worth mentioning:
  2. https://surf10rec.bandcamp.com/track/scientist-at-forest
  3. Jayex - Soul Echoes (Surface Tension rec. 2018) Jayex's return to the source. Old-school has got a new hypnotic coat, woven from synthetic swirling thread. Special wide stereo chip implanted and bass add-on granted (note: insufficient data slot for generic carousel audio). Inspired by: Moravian folk music, 90's goatrance, 2000s progressive, breakbeat Bandcamp: https://surf10rec.bandcamp.com/album/soul-echoes Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spacekirtan/sets/jayex-soul-echoes-album-2018 Czech producer Jayex aka Smoke Visions is a long-standing creature on local Moravian psytrance scene. Summers he is roaming open-airs and during winters he is closed in his studio with cat, old laptop and string decos. This album has taken 4 years to be ready and about 25 years of listening to psychedelic electronic music....
  4. I would like to present you our new album made by czech producer I-One - "Flowerfull". Music was inspired by shapes of petals, seeds and blossoms and apart from synthetizers there are sequences of acoustic instruments and field recordings. Multi-instrumentalist Ivan Jasek aka I-One, from Brno Czech republic, is active in Shivanam band (and many other projects) and they are roaming music festivals in Europe summer time. Their music can be described as psychedelic world music played on electronic and ethnic instruments, guitars, flutes, indian, middle-east and african drums. Ivan himself is as well playing his own vision of psytrance and goa music live. Often using acoustic instruments and original approach in synthesiz. If you like this music and you want to support our future releases, please buy it on: http://i-one.bandcamp.com/album/flowerfull We are available as well on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc. http://www.surf10rec.net
  5. Album is finally out! UNTR - Darkmoon (Surface Tension records @ 2014, cat. no. STR 001) 1. Slow Incredibles 2. Activate Nemesis Program 3. I Am Not Sharing My Body 4. En Ej Es 5. Mnemonic 6. Monster 7. And They Were Singing 8. Hypnocil 9. Equilibrium 10. Your Eyes Will Lie To You 11. There Is Nothing Wrong You can listen it on Youtube, Spotify, Deezer or Google Play and it is available for purchase in many digital shops as well. If you like it please buy it for example on our bandcamp: https://surf10rec.bandcamp.com/album/darkmoon There are few free releases worth to check as well. Thank you for support. In case there are any questions about music, artist or related stuff, please ask
  6. Uau! this forum rocks! I am really happy to get this kind of feedbacks. When I heard UNTR's music first time this was exactly what I felt - I could name tracks or artists from the past which sounded so-alike. It was about same "feeling" in music, similar drive, same archetype. Even UNTR's music sounds retro and old-school it is still fresh and insistent. After long process of mixing and then mastering now it can be played alongside with contemporary darkpsy production which makes me even happier It was really very long run to finish this project. It took like 5 years...?!
  7. 11 tracks full of dark atmospheres, pressing melodies and movie quirks made by czech producer UNTR. check the album preview here:
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