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  1. ฬ เ ς к є ๔ ฬ เ ƫ ς ђ Artist dark psytrance 'Wicked Witch' creates low tempo hallucinatory experience to visualize underground India using mature quality patches and sound from underbelly of darkness. 3 fresh audio trips: https://soundcloud.com/spuriousflora/sets/enzyme https://soundcloud.com/spuriousflora/sets/alkaliz https://soundcloud.com/spuriousflora/sets/necronomicon AUDIO TRIPS PRODUCED BY: NIKHIL (WICKED WITCH)
  2. WICKED WITCH Artist dark psytrance 'Wicked Witch' released his album 'Kanibal Vuduist' on 13th October, 2019. Independent production with mature quality patches, hallucinatory experience through sound to visualize the underground India. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD! Wicked Witch - Kanibal Vuduist (ALBUM 2019) [TRACKLIST] 1. RHYTHMIC SCREAM 2. KALA MAGIK 3. KAYAPSYCLOBIN 4. NAGYAGA 5. RABBIT HOLE BLINDS 6. CANINE FELINE 7. HENNIN SNARE 8. SERUM 9. PUNGENT POTION 10. LORD OF THE TREES -PEACE, CHILL, RESPECT- ________________________________________
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