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  1. FURTHUR PROGRESSIONS RECORDS 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - London 23rd March Prism London.... Presenting a new electronic music brand conceptualised around a journey through sound. Creating events with no boundaries and endless possibilities as we look to bring together quality sounds all under one roof to create a sojourn of salubrious beats! Our first event, held at the fantastic and revamped Steelyard, represents a celebration of electronic dance music fused with an audio-visual spectacle guaranteed to captivate, fascinate and mesmerise. In the main room Furthur Progressions Records - the UK-based purveyor of progressive psy trance, chunky techno and emotive house music - is turning 10 years old, bringing with them the immersive, imaginative and enchanting experience for which they are renown! In celebration of this we invite you to join us in a sonic playground of music, magic and mayhem as a music spectacle is launched into the London night. Main room lineup: Allaby (UK - NANO RECORDS) Bedders (UK - Furthur Progressions Records) Cimi (IT - Furthur Progressions Records) Hamish (UK - Furthur Progressions Records) Multiphase (DM - Furthur Progressions Records) Protonica (GER - Iono-Music) And more artists to be announced.... * Immersive experience created by Dreamscape and friends * * Visual projection and mapping * * Expansive bespoke lighting and lasers show * * Customer Line Array sound system * * Chill out area * * Reali-tea Stand * * Stalls * Tickets: Earlybird tickets on sale now - £12.50 +bf Access All Areas: http://bit.ly/prism10yrAAA Event Brite: http://bit.ly/prismeventbrite Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/prism10yr Ticket Arena: http://bit.ly/prism10yrTA Links: www.furthurprogressions.com https://www.facebook.com/events/204346356821510/ Venue: The Steelyard, All Hallows Lane, London EC4R 3UE Show time: 22:00 - 06:00
  2. Cimi's debut album is out now! ‘White World Bridger’ is now available for your pleasure as a Beatport exclusive - www.beatport.com/release/white-world-bridger/1072803 Full digital release - Monday 13th May Listen, feedback, support and enjoy! www.furthurprogressions.com @furthurprog www.facebook.com/furthurprog
  3. Artist: CIMI Title: White World Bridger Label: Furthur Progressions Records Cat: FUP1CD002 Format: CD Release date: Out now! Buy on CD here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/fup/fup1cd002.html **Soon also out as digital download!** CIMI's debut album 'White World Bridger' is the result of two hard-working years trying to find the right balance between innovative and classic, deep, bouncy progressive trance. Behind the project is Marcello, also known as M-Theory (Alchemy Records). Up to today Marcello's two projects have contributed to the psytrance scene with more than 60 releases and 2 albums with some of the most recognized labels including Alchemy, Furthur Progressions, Neurobiotic, Plusquam, Free-Spirit, Digital Nature, Synergetic, Solar-Tech, Antu, Blacklite, Headstick and many more. The album title is a contribution by maestro Gaudi (Six Degrees Records). Marcello has had the honour to remix one of his tracks as M-Theory. It is during their studio sessions that Gaudi made the link between Marcello's new project name and its meaning. Cimi is a sign in the Mayan Calendar which is loosely translated in English as 'white world bridger'. Each track was crafted to reflect Marcello's taste for progressive trance, from less melodic to more layered sounds on a backdrop of psychedelic landscapes. A very versatile producer, the album doesn't fail to show Marcello's ability in covering a wide spectrum of genres from full-on psytrance to typical progressive. The quality of sound is at the forefront of his production, hence the choice of talented sound engineer Ido Ophir (aka Domestic) with regards to album mastering. The result is delightful to the ear and will take the listener through a multi-coloured journey of high quality tunes. Tracklist 1. Kind of Sirius 2. The Flying Scotsman feat. Dj Hamish 3. Drops & Triplets 4. Reanimation by Flegma & Zyce (CIMI remix) 5. The Surfer 6. Buddha Nature CIMI vs Liftshift 7. Alien Feelings 8. Underground Bouncers by Solar Spectrum (CIMI remix) 9. Sunset Bar 2012 Furthur Progressions Records Furthur Progressions Records is a UK-based electronic music label which evolved from events thrown in the UK since 2003. Inspired by the experiences and by the incredible artists they worked with, along with the passion of the team to support UK talent, Furthur Progressions was borne: a platform for the release of innovative, effective, high-quality music. CIMI https://www.facebook.com/cimisounds Furthur Progressions Records https://www.facebook.com/furthurprog
  4. Hi everyone! An update from the Furthur Progressions stable in London... Coming soon is Cimi's debut album White World Bridger - 2 years in the making, and featuring collaborations with Flegma, Zyce and Hamish. http://www.facebook....149198648428027 Come and Like us / Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates: http://www.facebook.com/furthurprog @furthurprog http://www.furthurprogressions.com
  5. New from Furthur Progressions: Flegma and Neurso team up for a new progressive offering. This time around they have let loose on Ace Ventura's epic 'Genesis', turning the strong bass-infused track dripping in 303 synth into a deep, rumbling dancefloor monster. The title track - Sensei - is a perfect combination of atmospheric synths and a beautiful rolling bassline that filters down into a breath-taking build-up and break. Flegma & Nerso - Sensei EP 1. Ace Ventura - Genesis (Flegma & Nerso Remix) 2. Flegma & Nerso - Sensei Release date 10-10-11 Catalogue number - FRPEP006 Out now on all good digital outlets, like this one: http://www.beatport....ensei-ep/676052 http://www.furthurprogressions.com @furthurprog
  6. If you do make it Burning Man be sure to stop by 2 and Coming Out for a bit of Ooligan Alley fun (especially on Thursday!) www.ooliganalley.co.uk Ooligan Alley 2011: 2 & C (Coming Out) Tuesday (30th August) | Magic Beat-Mix-Mash Spectacular 01:00 pm – Cheyenne (live) 02:00 pm – Fede vs Fastly 03:00 pm – Freddie Fellowes 04:00 pm – Roll Players 05:00 pm - Disco Stu (retro set) 06:00 pm – Davi 07:00 pm – Hamish vs Sentient (techno set) 08:00 pm - Krankbrothers Wednesday (31st August) | Techno House Funk 06:00 pm – Alex Kaas 07:30 pm - *Special Guest* 08:30 pm – Canary Fontaine 10:00 pm – Desyn Masiello 11:30 pm – Disco Stu 01:00 am – Wildkats 02:30 am – Thugfucker 04:00 am – Mayaan Nidam, No Regular Play & Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap 09:00 – 10:00 am – James What (live) Thursday (1st September) | Psy - Prog Trance 06:30 pm – Fastly 08:00 pm – Borris (3rd Empire) 09:30 pm – Grouch (live) 10:30 pm – Electrik and Sm0ke 12:00 am – L S Dave 01:30 am – Avalon (live) 02:30 am – Sentient 04:00 am – Killerwatts 05:00 am – Tristan (live) 06:00 am – Hamish 07:30 – 09:00 am – Fede Friday (2nd September) Dub-Step Breaks Electronica 06:00 pm – Chris B 07:00 pm – Gladkill 08:00 pm – Dubble Penetration 09:00 pm – Ill.Gates 10:00 pm – R/D 11:00 pm – Sugarpill 12:00 am – Love & Light 01:00 am – Neurodriver 02:00 am – Ben Samples 03:00 am – Freq Nasty 04:00 am – Nervous Interface 05:00 am – Mochipet 06:00 am – Stephan Jacobs 07:00 am – Russ Liquid 08:00 – 09:30 am – GAUDI (live) Line-up subject to change. With obscure shenanigans and much of the unexpected, the English Ooligans welcome the eccentric with open arms at Burning Man 2011, with our stage reflected in our music ranging from electro swing to breaks to pumping prog, with the odd early morning whale song and some Tchaikovsky at dawn! From the epic duo-deca-hedron centre-piece to the 40Kw rectangular sources of aural joy to the mobile cocktail bar, all designed to give back to Black Rock City. We are united in our desire to bring a tongue-in-cheek and sensually provoking corner of surreal silliness to the desert. Have a penchant for Victorian fancy dress and nipple tassels? Cider on ice washed down with a funky bass? Come and indulge your inner Ooligan with musical delights, visual adventures and our own special brand of mischevious mayhem! Here we go!
  7. Set times for this evening: Progressive Arena 11.00 - 12.45 - John B 12.45 - 02.30 - Wicki 02.30 - 04.15 - Neutrino 04.15 - 05.15 - Nok *live* 05.15 - 07.00 - Hamish 07.00 - 08.00 - Time in Motion *live* 08.00 - 09.45 - Sofire 09.45 - 11.00 - Cimi *live* 11.00 - 13.00 - Sinan Psy Trance Zone 12.00 - 01.30 - Nic Frolic 01.30 - 03.30 - Liquid Ross 03.30 - 05.30 - Shane Gobi 05.30 - 06.30 - Savage Circuit *live* 06.30 - 08.00 - M-Theory DJ set 08.00 - 09.30 - Digoa 09.30 - 11.00 - Razzek Chill out 12.00 - 02.00 - Robin Triskele 02.00 - 04.00 - Julien 04.00 - 06.00 - Epicana *live* 06.00 - 08.00 - Sayuri 08.00 - 10.00 - Solar Quest 10.00 - 12.00 - Serin
  8. Welcoming Nic Frolic and John Banford to the lineup. There will be a welcome pack for the first people through the door including CD's and T-shirt. We will announce the location on Friday but I can confirm that it is in E2.
  9. We can confirm that Nok (Blue Tunes Records) will be joining us from Germany for the main room! Also to announce is the Chill line-up - an ever-changing entertaining movements through electronica and ambient sounds: LOUNGE ( Chill out and Balkan Beats ) ► Epicana - Entropica (Live) ► Sayuri - Frangipani ► Serin - Orgonite ► SolarQuest - Entropica ► Splad - Entropica ► Robin Triskele -- Psy floor to follow....
  10. THE 7TH HEAVEN PROJECT presents FURTHUR PROGRESSIONS LABEL SHOWCASE THE PLAYGROUND ( Progressive arena ) ► Time in Motion * live* Iono Records ► Nok * live * Blue Tunes Records ► Cimi * live * Furthur Progressions ► Hamish - Furthur Progressions ► Mark Bedouin - Further Progressions ► Sofire - Digital Nature Records ► Sinan - Furthur Progressions ► Neutrino - Furthur Progressions ► Wicki - Furthur Progressions ► John Banford ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ALCHEMY ZONE ( Psy electronica ) ► Savage Circuit * Live * Alchemy Records ► M-Theory ( dj set ) Alchemy Records ► Shane Gobi - Alchemy Records ► Digoa - Alchemy Records ► Liquid Ross - Liquid Records ► Nic Frolic ► Razzek ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ THE LOUNGE ( Chill out and Balkan Beats ) ► Epicana - Entropica (Live) ► Sayuri - Frangipani ► Serin - Orgonite ► SolarQuest - Entropica ► Splad - Entropica ► Robin Triskele :: ADDITIONAL INFO :: OPUS sound system Lighting and Lazer show by FROLIC Mind blowing LED decor installations by LUCID Chill out Lounge by MAD BROTHER Bar & EARTHEART CHAI CAFE Friendly Security
  11. EP out now!! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/331941/Chemical Reaction EP Enjoy!
  12. Cimi & Time in Motion - Chemical Reaction EP UK-based Cimi (Marcello Baccheschi) and Denmark's Time in Motion (Thomas & Les Cowan) have teamed up a collaboration of styles, ideas and music ethos to present the Chemical Reaction EP. With a mutual understand and love of energetic and hypnotic progressive sounds, the project between the artists felt the right thing to do and the result speaks for itself .::... Cimi & Time in Motion Chemical Reaction EP 1. Cimi & Time in Motion - Much Furthur 2. Time in Motion - Dreamscape (Cimi Remix) 3. Cimi - Weird & Delicious (Time in Motion Remix) Release date: 25th February 2011 Catalogue No. FPGEP005 Listen to samples here www.furthurprogressions.com FaceBook Myspace
  13. Presenting remixes of Liquid Soul's 'Perfect Day': Bringing a new slant to a Liquid Soul special, the latest release from Furthur Progressions is the Perfect Day Remixed EP. Focusing on one of the hits from 2008 on London Landscapes, Greek talents Aquafeel and Normalize have each twisted, mixed, cut and blended to bring their particular styles to the track. Aquafeel moves through the paces from groovy to rolling, with epic riffs skilfully blended with the floating hypnotic synths of Liquid Soul. Next up Normalize offers a rolling vibrant dance floor bomb which will demand all of your attention when it bounces out of the speakers! Perfect Day Remixed EP ft. Aquafeel & Normalize 1. Liquid Soul - Perfect Day (Aquafeel Remix) 2. Liquid Soul - Perfect Day (Normalize Remix) Release date: 17th January 2011 Catalogue No. FPGEP004 Available to buy now - Beatport Samples available at soundcloud.com/furthurprog www.furthurprogressions.com FaceBook Myspace
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