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  1. Enjoy! New clip. Just 3 minutes! 3D Cartoon. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc1vS0UpHA0&feature=youtu.be Artist: _________Anix Gleo Title: __________Fatum Label: _________Arkona Creation Records Listen: http://anixgleo.com/...lbum/album.html http://arkona-creati...anix-gleo/fatum Good guck.
  2. Enjoy! New clip. Just 3 minutes! 3D Cartoon. Good guck.
  3. Hi! Thank you for your consideration! Artist: _________Anix Gleo Title: __________Fatum Label: _________Arkona Creation Records Format:________CD, Digital Tracks: ________08 Mastering: _____Colin OOOD release date: ____02 November 2012 Catalog number: _ARKNCD005 Listen: http://anixgleo.com/...lbum/album.html http://arkona-creati...anix-gleo/fatum Buy: http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com/ This album was created in three years. Each of the tracks was born first on paper in the form of logical-art scenario, and after with the sound it gained flesh. This music is not a totally dance orientated due to the whim of the author .Half is dance and half is history, stories with his actors, conflict, complication, crisis and denouement. 99% of the attention on the album is devoted to the development of sound parts, but does not fill the frequency space evenly by design. The structure of the album "FATUM" has two breaths, two emotional splashes - in the first half and in the final. This was not planned initially but t by the end of the album, the music actually ceases to be a trance in its usually understood form. The whole collection of experiments led to the pure psychedelic sounds of the album outweighing the dance floor’s psychedelic prowess. Some dialogs from the following films were used in the tracks of the album: - "Romeo and Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli, 1968 ..) - Freestyle. - "Night on Earth" (Jim Jarmusch, 1991 ..) - Highway Loop. - "The Departed" (Martin Scorsese, 2006 ..) - 1 000000 Dollars. - "Dead Man" (Jim Jarmusch, 1995 ..) - Moondub. - "Gaslight" (George Cukor, 1944 ..) - Moondub. - "Ten Little Niggers" (Stanislav Govoruhin, 1987 ..) – Moondub
  4. hi All! This is preview of debut album Anix Gleo "Fatum". Will be released on November 2011 at Trimurti Records. http://soundcloud.com/trimurti-records/set...x-greo-fatum-1/ Good luck.
  5. Label: Arkona Creation Format: CD Release Date: 2011-07-08 Genre: Progressive Catalogue Number: ARKNCD004CD Ancient alchemists used the symbol of the peacock in specific ways reflecting it's esoteric content. The essential thing about peacocks is that they, having as their domain the air element, mediate between the earthly realm and the heavenly world. The alchemist in observing the flight of birds recognised in them a picture of the human soul undergoing spiritual development. The soul, aspiring upwards and flying free of the restraints of the earth bound body, seeks the heavenly light only to have to return tothe earthly consciousness again after the meditation - the alchemist symbolised by the bird. 1. Kained and Able - Warped village 2. Project Sketch - Left is right 3. Pradox - Forms 4. Bassid - Drumdefactory 5. AnixGleo - Fantomas Non Stop 6. Portal Protection - Psyrium 7. Luminexia - Groover 8. Triphonic - Digebass 9. Trollwood - Dream Pre listening: http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com/ Compiled by Zooch. mastered by Colin Benunn @ The Stooodio, Bristol/UK artwork by Anix Gleo, Moscow/Russia more info: www.arkona-creation.org www.myspace.com/arkonacreation www.soundcloud.com/arkona-creation
  6. Anix Gleo – Promomix. Link: http://psytribe.ru/redirector.php?url=http://soundcloud.com/anixgleo/anix-gleo-live-set/download http://anixgleo.com/AnixGleo_promomix.mp3 Tracklist Anix Gleo - 2-1-0 (Psylife Music, VA – Free Runners) unreleased Anix Gleo - Daddy Honest Dance (Sun Station Records, "Fatum" Album) unreleased Anix Gleo - Cyberpunk (Sun Station Records, Anix Gleo EP) Anix Gleo - Light in a Web (Feeless Records, VA - Firestarter) Anix Gleo - Deep Sky (Sun Station Records, "Fatum" Album) unreleased Anix Gleo - Voices and Footsteps (SkyGravity Records, VA - Urban Forest) Anix Gleo - Zoo (Trimurti Records, VA - Trimurti Avenue) Anix Gleo - Moondub (Sun Station Records, "Fatum" Album) unreleased Anix Gleo - Cosmopunk (Sun Station Records, Anix Gleo EP)
  7. . . . The Rhetoric of Psytrance: Anix Gleo, Astroff, The Fusion, and Martin Cloud http://www.farfrommoscow.com/articles/anix-gleo-astroff-the-fusion-and-martin-cloud.html http://anixgleo.com/music/AnixGleo_All_music.rar
  8. Hi. This is psytrance music... Art trance, maybe. good luck.
  9. Genre : Psychedelic Date : Feb-03-2011 Year : 2011 Quality : 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo Songs : 04 Playtime : 30:15 min Company : Sun Station Records Streetdate : Feb-12-2011 Type : EP Catalognr : SSTAR10 Track list: 1. CosmoPunk - 10:26 2. SteamPunk - 10:26 3. CyberPunk - 7:10 4. Lullaby for Punk - 2:07 Download wav: http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Anix%20Gleo%20-%20Stupid%20Me%20And%20My%20Smart%20Computer%20-%202011%20-%20WAV.rar Download flac: http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Anix%20Gleo%20-%20Stupid%20Me%20And%20My%20Smart%20Computer%20-%202011%20-%20FLAC.zip Download mp3: http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Anix%20Gleo%20-%20Stupid%20Me%20And%20My%20Smart%20Computer%20-%202011%20-%20MP3.zip Links: anixgleo.com sunstation.ru About I don’t know, really, who did more for this music - me or my computer? - If computer break down I’ll remain without music. If I "break down" - the music will live and others will easily able to revive her. - If I buy a more powerful computer - making music becomes easier and the quality of it increases. As for me, all I can do to upgrade myself is reading dozens of articles, this process can lasts months and years, and most insulting, if you are not talented enough- it won’t do. - How often I have no idea what sound I want to create and with the help of random combinations of effects looking for something new and interesting! Whose tastes I’m following - mine or my computer’s ones? Thank you, my friend. Illustrations by Manush Mkrtchyan. CosmoPunk SteamPunk CyberPunk Lullaby for Punk
  10. hi people. i'd like to show you my videoclip and music: http://www.anixgleo.com/video.html full track can be download here: http://www.anixgleo.com/music.html realese info: Title: Urban Forest Artists: Various artists Label: Skygravity records Tracks: 10 Format: CD & Digital Barcode: ... Catalogue Number: SGCD004 Distributer: Beatspace Release date: January 2010 01. Anix Gleo - Voices & footsteps - 144 w&p - Aleksander Livencov http://www.myspace.com/anixgleo 02. PsyTest - Systo - 148 w&p - Lepetan Sergey http://www.myspace.com/psytest 03. Cifroteca - Skvozolad - 148 w&p - Iofik Yuriy http://www.myspace.com/cifroteca 04. Karash - Liquid painting - 148 w&p - Marc Garabedian http://www.myspace.com/karash79 05. Paganopath - The mist - 148 w&p - Oliver Asanoski http://www.myspace.com/paganizam 06. Biosynthesis - Ghost are always - 150 w&p Daniel Kulczycki & Metodi Kocev http://www.myspace.com/biosynthesisproject 07. Roof Raiser - Ritual of trolls - 148 w&p - Alexey Petrovskiy http://www.myspace.com/rraiser 08. Overdream - Sound happens 148 W&P - Olga Robotneva & Maksim Kurushin http://www.myspace.com/overdreammusic 09. Saikozaurus - Tour De swamp - 150 w&p - Daniil Postushenko http://www.myspace.com/saikozaurus 10. Pharmacore - Peace data - 149 w&p - Valentin Nevinglovsky http://www.myspace.com/pharmatrance Compiled & Mastered by Cifroteca at semi-conductors studio (Kiev) Cover by Anix Gleo (http://www.anixgleo.com) Demo send to : skygravityrec@gmail.com www.myspace.com/skygravityrec www.skygravity-records.com www.skygravity.org good luck.
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