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Found 6 results

  1. NEXT ON BLACKLITE RECORDS:HASMODAI - LIMBIC EXPRESS EP / OUT FEB 2ND 2016 Artist: Hasmodai Title: Limbic Express EP Label: Blacklite Records Catalogue No: BLKLEP026 Mastered by Ido Ophir Artwork sketches: Alejandro Almazán Artwork finalization: Ayalien Release Date: 02/02/2016 Tracklist: Track 01: Hasmodai, Nukleall: Synthetic Bliss (Original Mix) - 140 BPM W&P by Alfonso Salinas and Alessandro Mistretta @ Hasmodai Starship (MX) and Blacklite Studios (IT) Track 02: Hasmodai, Dr. Hoffman: John’s Mind - 143 BPM W&P by Alfonso Salinas and Cris Robles @ Hasm
  2. Artist: Mothership Loudspeakerz Title: "Psyber" Label: Zombster Records Format: CD, WAV, Mp3 (320, 192) Catalog: ZMB132 It's time for Mothership Loudspeakerz new album, the proof that with the right adjustments and new elements, the 145BPM formula can still rock the dancefloors! Rolling baselines entwine with FM-based cybernetic madness, creating the foundation for a series of track that share the same "dark" feeling without being a collection of audio clones. Long story short, think about a fusion of Psytrance, The Prodigy and sci-fi soundscapes! Get your copy here! http:
  3. Hello! (I cant post on travel section) So.. Im moving to Italy cause of family.. I plan to stay for a couple of years to learn italian, and take some art course, and find a job hopefully MY question is::: where in Italy is a good place to live? Things to consider could be - a youthful city/town - good nightlife (psy-trance, dubsptep - alternative culture - nice nature surrounding the town - good for studying art hm... good food i guess everywhere how about organic shops? what else... hmmm... friendly and sexy people =^.^= And people that talke like t
  4. Eleusis Records returns with a very unique release from Italian Psy-Mr. Borderline EP comes with 2 fresh tracks and a collaboration with Caveman for your borderine Dancefloor moments . Tracklist 1.Borderline 160 Bpm 2.Backspace 160 Bpm 3.Sinergy started (Vs Caveman) 155 Bpm Info about Psy-Mr. : http://hss-odyssey-2011.blogspot.gr/2013/09/psy-mr-italy.html Mastering by Block 25 Studios Cover by Digital Mind Distribution by HSM Buy it from http://heliconvibrations.blogspot.gr/2013/10/elep004-psy-mr-borderline.html
  5. In a time of long extended swine where an all too real disillusion of psychic and physical war with obesity and corruption is ruling our consciousness while trying to make us work in fear against each other sneering a suspected eye to your neighboring side, there is a strong native force working to contain a universal and earthly balance of light and darkness, of truth and false. “It is said that what is called a spirit of an age, is something to which we cannot contain - That the spirit gradually dissipates and gives away to a system world that is coming to an end. The one true source is all
  6. 21.09.2012 MAGIC GARDEN | A journey through mind and spirit - FREE PSYTRANCE OPEN AIR PARTY! ---> Parco Forlanini (Milano) If during the last summer you have not had the chance to unleash your desire to dance, or you still have so much that you would like to step on a dance floor for hours then we strongly advise you to take part in this last Milan open air party. Surrounded by greenery and away from the stressful city confusion, we offer you 5 hours of good music ... completely free! Music starts at 23.00 --------------------------------------------- ------------------DJ
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