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  1. thank you all very much 4 kind comment. enlithened ape will try to do so next time
  2. new compilation compiled by idan or aka lemonchill and aydin bz. this compilation while more dark,space trance , minimal, even has some Brian eno influences still manage to keep the downtempo vibes and atmosphere.more uptempo at times with low beat tracks and bpm. a new high quality compilation,that concentrate on both sound quality and concept. we made an effort to bring some of the most talented artists out there today on the downtempo electronica music genre. http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com/album/moving-dreams
  3. new label found by idan or aka lemonchill and adyin bz. our aim- to bring new sounds of space,trance quality.callit psybient chillgressive old school trance what ever,we promise to take you the electronic music lover on a wonderful joureny through space earth and time. https://soundcloud.com/moving-sounds-compilation/moving-dreams-previews
  4. you can now buy mastered wave files of album :"buddhism" from bandcamp http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com/album/buddhism
  5. last copies of lemonchill "sentant" "sleeping with giants" at low price of 6$ each,that include shipping too. payment through paypal only for more info please contact this e mail address meshtron@mailbolt.com
  6. new cd album :"buddhism" track list: 1 premonition featuring kota 2 amina mea alwoods remix 3 siren song 4 i missed a heart beat 5 last chance to paradise reborn soul remix 6 my personal butterfly javier remix 7 my innerself 8 that old sin featuirng Cabeiri 9 so what now available now on psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../ovn1cd044.html
  7. lemonchill discography and cds now available on band camp: http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com/
  8. some more surprises and gifts for the holiday season "injection of dreams" coming out on december: tracks list: 1. Indian Culture LAB'C CLOUD 2. Demotion STEFAN TORTO 3. For so long I've been wondering DEEPERNET 4. Fiti's Lament AUREON PROJECT 5. Moon People EASILY EMBARASSED 6. Anesperos Light ALPHA-TEK AND NORTOEL 7. Drifting Stones FLAQUE 8. Catch the Chimera INLIGHTNEED 9. Crystal Age (Grebau Prism rmx) ENOCH PRUSAK 10. Mirror Dance KUBA 11. Freak (Deepernet rmx) LEMONCHILL link: http://www.psyshop.c.../plc1cd065.html
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaoCVmXJAkY
  10. With his new album titled:”buddhism”, Idan Or aka Lemonchill set his mind to bring new vibes and emotions. His new album influenced by 90s electronica sounds and grooves combined with lemonchill well known melodies created groovy rhythms and an intense sensation of tranquility,with help from artists such as: “kota” and “cabirei bro” and remixes by “Javier” , “reborn soul” and “alwoods”. Buddhism will surly be a new and exiting sensation to your ears and minds. Forget the past don’t think about the future concentrate on the present this is Buddhism! will be released soon as a cd on goa magnetic tv records. http://lemonchill.ba...uddhism-preview
  11. one hour set of lemonchill tracks music style: astropilot,asura, aes dana,banco de gaia,future sound of london link: http://soundcloud.co...chill-music-set track list: 1 subconsciousness whispers (terra nine rmx) 2 open rene 3 dragonfly zero cult remix featuring vocals by hideyo blackmoon 4 moon light sonata astropilot remix 5 adam and eve 6 mantra 7 dragonfly (original) 8 adam and eve (the angels are crying) 9 en larmes (chronos remix) 10 journey through an electric garden 11 Electric Waves of silence (Hypnotizer rmx) 12 mantra (cabeiri bro remix) enjoy...
  12. preview track from lemonchill new album link: track list: 1 premonition featuring kota (clean version) 2 amina mea alwoods remix 3 siren song 4 i missed a hreat beat 5 last chanse to paradise reborn soul remix 6 my personal butterfly Javier remix 7 my inner self 8 that old sin featuring cabeiri bro 9 so what now release date coming soon
  13. "when melancholy speaks" is a new chillout compilation compiled by lemonchill now available at psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../uxm1cd009.html
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