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  1. Illuminati return, with a full on PsyTrance belter. This has everything, fast paced, and energy rich synths, punchy percussion, kicks, snares and hat work. It is the full on package, a modern day Psytrance fully fuelled album. Addictive, seductive, it's an album that will burn itself into your very essence, and one you'll play over and over again. TRACK 1 (FULL LENGTH PREVIEWS ON SOUNDCLOUD) TRACK 2 TRACK 3 TRACK 4 TRACK 5 TRACK 6 TRACK 7 TRACK 8 TRACK 9 Download From ITunes Download from Beatport Visit http://www.emlrecordings.org
  2. Illumniati produces some of the most inspiring Psytrance you will ever have the luxury to listen and dance to. Uplifting in the extreme, some classic and yet novel bass riffs and synth's, arp's that are unique and yet familiar to the Full On style of Psy, all intelligently designed and structured with both Dj's and the party animals in mind. Drop any of these 9 thumper's into your set, and you'll be a instant hit with you're crowd and listeners. Illuminati continues EML Recordings supreme growth in Psytrance with this,one of our finest releases yet. Preview Each track as a 30 second clip (Autoplays) Available From Amazon Available from Juno Available from ITunes Available from Beatport
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