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Found 6 results

  1. Information : Artist : Atma Title : The Secrets of Meditation Label : Yellow Sunshine Explosion Date : 03 January 2009 Genre : Psy-trance Tracklist : 1. Intro 2. Fortress of the Mind 3. Timeless Solitude 4. The Secrets Of Meditation 5. Moments Of Truth 6. The Dome Of The New Era 7. Paranormal Activity 8. The Tomes Of Power 9. Spiritualism And Love 10. The Rise Of Overman Review : Here we go ! After it's first album, Beyond Good and Evil, Atma come back with another album, this time realized under another label : Yellow Sunshine Explosion...This label is know to be a massive "Goa" compilation production, and most of time they doesn't make good releases. But some time it happend that they give some good stuff, and trust me, this is what happend with this album from Atma ! Atma is well know for making tracks having strong kick with great bassline, accompanied with beautiful melodies. With this album he definitly confirmed that he's one of the pioneer of the Psy-trance scene. Intro : Not much to say about it, a short introduction, nothing really amazing there. Fortress of the Mind : The song start after a very short introduction, and here comme a pretty kick with nice bassline. Slowly but surely, some tune begin to grow up. In this track, Atma build up a fantastic atmosphere, spacy and deep. A nice song, althought melodies could have been more developped. Timeless Solitude : Definitly a very good track ! Still with a heavy kick and nice bassline, Atma create a complete atmosphere with this song : he builds the main melody using break, short light tune, and he rise his song with new tunes and melodies ! When you listen to this song, you really feel being in a Spaceship travelling out of the earth. Solid realisation, however instead of building a main melodie, Atma decided to come with some strange noisy sound at end of the track, wich is good and bad : good because it really enhance the atmosphere of the track, bad because it doesn't give this song a true powerful melody. The Secret of Meditation : What a track ! What a melody ! What a kick ! What a bassline ! Well, this is for me one of the best track of this album. The kick and bassline give a strong energy to the track, while the background tune establish the spacy atmosphere of this song. The voice samples fits also very well this track. On 1:47 come a break, and it's there that Atma decide to give the complete beautiful Melody of the song. And on 2:23, he throws all the element he got to give this track a powerfull energy. Rest of the song is filled with original tune, always giving something more to the song, and also filled with nice break. Amazing track, respect ! Moments Of Truth : The song start with a Piano melody, which is not one of the best melody of this album but which is ok. Than as for the other track, the whole stuff is coming with kick, bassline, tune in background making nice atmosphere. However, the main melody is really what I don't like in this song. I mean this melody at start sound ok, but it's when Atma developes it more that I don't like it. I don't know, this ain't a bad melody at all but this ain't neither a great melody too. At 5:37 it's getting better with nice background tune. A good track but one of the worse of this album (Still a good track !). The Dome Of The New Era : Very short intro to start, and fast come this loud kick with good bassline...Than the kick is raised up, a strong kick ! In this track, I don't like the melody but I love the background Tune, they are very nice and you really feel like being in another part of this world. At 5:36, Atma offer us a great breakdown part of this song, this is really amazing how he slow the track down keeping this spacy atmosphere ! And than he just give back to the track it's standard energy, doing it very well ! A very nice track, not by it's melodies, but by the technics used to make the structure of the track. Final melody make it sound like alien, very nice ! Paranormal Activity : No need to say that : great kick and bassline, always in the same kind of style but never the same as you hear in the other track. How to describe this song ? Nice melodies, good background tune who make you feel this track has been written on Mars (haha), and nice track's structure. That's a good track of this album, not one of the best but not one of the worse ! The Tomes Of Power : At start, you hear a voice sample, than come background tune and noise...Until here, everything is ok. Than come some breakdown, well brought. On 2:20 you can even hear some guitar's riff, the first you may hear in this album, and that fit well with the track. But then, come this horrible melody, at 2:33 (in background), wich for me just kill the track ! It's really a shame, all was great until there, but this melody doesn't fit at all with this track. It sound good, but I don't like how the note are thrown. I don't even talk about the melody going up on 4:08 : it sound good but note are not well thrown. Still it's an okay track, not bad but could be much better. Worse track of the album personnaly ! Spiritualism And Love : This track begin with a growing up volume, giving this song a little "introduction". The background tune are very nice. This is a more progressive track than the other (You could even find this track on Goa 2009 Vol 1, from YSE), but that's one of the best of the album ! Great break at 2:19, you really feel emotion hearing the melodies and background tunes. Nothing more to say ; good structure, amazing atmosphere, and very good sounds used. Very nice track ! The Rise Of Overman : Last track of this great album, and for the end Atma give the best. For me that is definitly the best track of this album, and one of the best of whole Atma's song until now ! Kick and bassline are good, but the best is for sure the melody. At 1:52 you can clearly hear it. Man ! That's it ! Spacy, deep, light but strong ! How can you make it better ? Excellent tune in background too. This track as also a great energy. I feel so many emotion with the amazing melodies you find in this track. Good structure of the track too. Overall : What an album ! For every song, it's the the same recipe : building the atmosphere with background tune and giving energy with kick and bassline. Atma does it for every track but it always sounds good and it's never getting repetitiv, it's what make this album great ! Most of the melodies used are beautiful. The presence of amazing song like "Secret of Meditation", "Spiritualism and Love" and "The Rise of Overman" make this album a must-have for those who love Psychedelic Trance ! Best Track : 4, 9, 10. Worst track : 5, 8. Rating : 8,5/10 To buy it : Psyshop Amazon Itunes
  2. https://www.facebook.com/goasiamusic/videos/10154311588688866/
  3. Well since Boris Bleen, Etnica, Chi-ad and some other have had their topic, I think Atma deserve it's one too . So c'mon, what are you top 3 favorite Atma's track ? Mine are : 1) The Exorcism of spirit (from Map of goa vol 2) 2) The Rise of Overman (from The secret of meditation) 3) Forbidden Paradise (from Music revolution)
  4. Release Info: Artist: Atma Album Title: Music Revolution Label: BMSS Records (Brother Moon Sister Sun) Format: CD Album Genre: Psychedelic / Melodic Full On Tracks: 10 Catalog#: BMSS1CD005 URL: http://www.bmss.eu Release Date: 25. November 2011. Release notes: It has been 20 years now since Andrei Oliver Brasovean embarked on his journey into the world of electronic music production. After a long and successful career with different musical projects, Andrei is surprising us again with a brand new Atma album: "Music Revolution". While most of the electronic music nowadays is based on linear drums, baselines and overuse of sound effects, Atma leads us into a completely new perspective of electronic music. Deep and mystical melodic lines, complex chords, and crystal-clear acoustic instruments are the perfect combination to rewind your mind back into the abyss of the Trance music roots. Tracklist: 01: The Outer Limits 02: Freedom 03: Forbidden Paradise 04: Music Revolution 05: Disturbing Silence 06: Into the Void 07: Space Conquest 08: It`s time 09: When we dream 10: The Guide Credits: Mastered by Andrei Oliver Brasovean Coverart by Daniel Borh @ Kuluri Malta Shops: www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/bms/bms1cd005.html www.beatspace.com/6737/BMSS+Records/ATMA/Music+Revolution/detail.aspx www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4674&osCsid=b8560e77a3885127c474be16ccdfab1b www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8924
  5. - 4 DAYS ULTIMATE PSY ADVENTURE - IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS SILENCE... Free acoustic thursday creating tribal spirit conection movie projections workshops drummers fire shows ...AND THEN OUT OF SILENCE CAME SOUND L I V E A C T S -:: ATMA ::- (BMSS Records) ROMANIA http://www.myspace.com/atmastudio -:: E - CLIP ::- (Iono Music) Serbia http://soundcloud.com/e-clip -:: SONIC ENTITY ::- (YSE Recordings) Serbia http://soundcloud.com/sonic-entity -:: SEVEN11 ::- (Aphonix Records / Narmada Music) SWITZERLAND http://soundcloud.co...n11-switzerland -:: ELECTRIC SHIMANA ::- (digitalFrequenz-Records) GERMANY http://soundcloud.com/electricshimana -:: ASKARI ::- (Synaestatice / Ganjatree Records) BELGIUM http://soundcloud.com/askariproject -:: ARIES ::- (digital frequenz rec.) ITALY http://soundcloud.com/mantonji D J S E T S -:: AGENT MUSHROOM ::- (TrancÆdventure, FlyingCarpet) SLOVENIJA http://mixcloud.com/agentmushroom/ -:: ALBY ::- (Psytronic/Soundsplatters) ITALIA http://soundcloud.co...djset-psy-xmass -:: ASI ::- (goa explorers, freeland) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/arsentkalec/ -:: AURORA NIGHTS PROJECT ::- (Aurora Nights) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud....-stars-1982011/ -:: BABU SHIVAMOON ::- (O.C.B.) SLOVENIJA -:: CUICH ::- (TrancÆdventure, Psydezero) SLOVENIJA -:: Don DIGITAL ::- (Digital Delight) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud....al__03_05_2012/ -:: EMPHATOGENIX ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: HIPPI ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: LUKY ::- (Purple Hexagon Records) ITALIA http://soundcloud.co...towards-the-sun -:: MAGICA ::- (MamisMagic) SLOVENIJA -:: MAHI ::- (Aphonix Records / Narmada Music) SWITZERLAND http://facebook.com/...hi/104615743658 -:: PSYCHOSOMATIK ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: PHOBOS ::- (Looney Moon Records) ITALIA http://soundcloud.com/phobos_looney -:: REDBROWN ::- (TrancÆdventure) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/redbrown -::SHANTI SHAMBHO ::- (Bholenath psy) IRAN/SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/shanti-shambo -:: SOUNDSLAVE ::- (freelance) SLOVENIJA -:: SKOKNIPALOKNI ::- (Forestdelic) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/SkOkNiPaLoKNi/ -:: TIANN ::- (Forestdelic, Mizzart) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/djtiann -:: WHITEWAFL ::- (independent) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/dj-whitewafl -:: ZERO ::- (Blacklight Records) ITALIA http://soundcloud.co...he-ride-144-bpm -:: ZVUUK ::- (Apsurdistan) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/nebulatovich C H I L L -:: MAHA SUN ::- (live) (Synergetic Records / Narmada Music) SWITZERLAND http://soundcloud.com/maha-sun -:: DJANE DIDIPOKA ::- (Freelance) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/didipoka -:: SHOSHANA ::- (MamisMagic) SLOVENIJA -:: X0CHIPILLI ::- SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/x0chipilli/ D E C O / V I S U A L S - HiGashi - TÆ crew M O R E - psychedelic and progressive trance music - chill floor - intact nature - workshops - movie projections - exhibitions - performances - beautiful decorations - drink and food - free water - shops - green market - free camping area - WC and shower - children welcome - pets welcome I N F O T I C K E T S: Presale: LINK festival ticket - 30€ On the gates: festival ticket - 40€ 1day ticket - 25€ *Thursday free* - acoustic night gathering PRESALE AMBASSADORS: ITALY AUSTRIA CROATIA GERMANY SERBIA tickets online: ------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.trance-ad...e.com/karte.php ------------------------------------------------------------------- KEEP CLEAN NATURE DO NOT DISTURB ANIMALS NO OPEN FIRE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO USE SOME REPELLENT AGAINST TICKS NO INDEPENDENT SOUND SYSTEMS FOLLOW AND RESPECT THE INSTRUCTIONS OF OUR STUFF http://www.zrsvn.si/...bonton1_916.pdf In the beginning there was silence and then out of the silence came sound... ceative artists, workshop mentors, and volunteers, contact us! tranceadventure@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- FLIGHT INFORMATIONS: (to Trieste) 40 km from Dornberk ADRIA : www.adria.si AIR DOLOMITI : www.airdolomiti.it AL ITALIA : www.alitalia.com BELLE AIR : www.belleair.it LUFTHANSA : www.lufthansa.com RYANAIR : www.ryanair.com VOLOTEA : www.volotea.com (to Ljubljana and Venice): EASYJET : [easyjet.com] (to Pula): GERMANWINGS : [germanwings.com] RYANAIR : [ryanair.com] SKYSCANNER : [skyscanner.de] CHEAPTICKETS : [cheaptickets.de] (to Rijeka): AIR BERLIN : [airberlin.com] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- CAR INFORMATIONS: Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Dornberk by car: 100 km Trieste (Italy) to Dornberk by car: 40 km Venice (Italy) to Dornberk by car: 150 km Milano (Italy) to Dornberk by car: 400 km Villach (Austria) to Dornberk by car: 180 km Graz (Austria) to Dornberk by car: 300 km Zagreb (Croatia) to Dornberk by car: 230 km München (Germany) to Dornberk by car: 400 km ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- TRAIN INFORMATIONS: Slovenian Railway: [slo-zeleznice.si] Croatian Railway: [hznet.hr] Serbian Railway: [serbianrailways.com] Italian Railway (Venice to Trieste): [italiarail.com] Austrian Railway (Austria to Pula): [oebb.at] Interrail Website (Europe): [interrailnet.com] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- BUS INFORMATIONS: from ITALY: http://www.veolia-transport.si/ http://www.bigliette...bus.it/privati/ http://www.drd.si/ from AUSTRIA http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng/ from GERMANY http://www.cazmatrans.hr/ CONTACT: >>> www.trance-adventure.com >>> tranceadventure@gmail.com >>> facebook.com/tranceadventure LOCATION: maps: www.goo.gl/b8yPg GPS: 45° 51' 48,50'' N 13° 43' 06,80'' E
  6. Hi everyone, Sometimes the story ends before it starts... We are really sorry to inform you that we need to cancel our event. We would like to thank all our friends, volunteers and all other people for hard work helping us organization and promotion. Once again we are really sorry for the inconveniences regarding cancellation, and we hope that you can somehow reorganize your summer program. TranceAdventure Team
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