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  1. -New Release Announcement- I'm super excited to announce my upcoming release, "Koera Noera - The Cyber Dragon Saga," a remastered and reworked version of the first two tracks from this project. Feel welcome to a journey through the epic world of Koera Noera, my dark/forest psytrance project. Experience the tracks like never before with enhanced sound quality and innovative new elements. -You can now pre-order it on Bandcamp and Beatport- Secure your copy today and sneak a peek at what's to come! BEATPORT BANDCAMP Release Date: November 20th, 2023 I'm so grateful for your support. I can't wait for you to experience this unique release. Thank you for being part of my journey. Pre-order your copy today and let's make some noise
  2. Hi everybody Since I discovered Psychedelic Trance, there are approximately 1-2 years I have never ceased to observe what I had observed in the Hardcore scene, Industrial, Rock,...etc : there are so many styles and sub-styles that it becomes a mess to find a way and we sometimes end (or even often) to nonsensical debates about how we will appoint or not appoint, define or not define, this or that music or this or that style. So I decided there are now more than a year to create a doc in PDF form gathering all styles of Psychedelic Trance and their characteristics without making pies of texts to infinity and beyond. http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/2901243725316.jpg It will be a little more than a year (or almost, must take breaks anyway ) to skim all anglophone and francophone forums, searching the most representative artists of every style, and recovering some information and definitions stuffed with spelling mistakes on Wikipedia, clumsy repetitions, discount translations all straight out of the English version of Wikipedia passed under Google Translate, and other calamities, and to correct then to complement them. Obviously, if you find an ugly lack of agreement/spelling well hidden in the bushes, an incomplete definition, or one of your prefered style/artist thatsmasheseverythingbutreallyeverything that is not referenced, feel free to sh*t in my face please let me know, it will be corrected in the shortest possible time if need there. Last update of the PDF: 03.10.2019 at 11:56 p.m. (Paris time) Here is the link for the English version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hr2pdwhonek82o/Psytrance (EN).pdf?dl=0 Here is the link for the (original) French version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q84tbn46xrmmgji/Psytrance.pdf?dl=0 /!\ The Dropbox online reader doesn't support external and internal links in pdf files anymore, so you must download it and open it with a pdf reader if you want the links to work /!\ Here is the original (French) post on the French forum "trancegoa.org" : https://www.trancegoa.org/forum/trance/40857_mise-a-jour-n50-la-trance-psychedelique-dans-son-integralite Thank you for your attention
  3. Facebook Event Page Tickets We would like to celebrate our 40th event with a very special line up presents Psy-Sisters! Save some energy for this night as you will need it! --- ρรᎩ-Շгคภςe รՇคge --- • PSIBINDI - Live / DJ (Aphid Records / Psy-Sisters) • BACK TO MARS (Forestdelic Records) • EBRU AL (Green Tree Rec / Psy-Sisters) • LORRAINE (Psilocybe Tribe / Sunrise) • SATI (Expo Rec / Psy-Sisters) • MUTATED PONY (AudioAddictz / Mechanik Rec / Psy-Sisters) • ANASTAZJA (Crystal Kids / Enterrec) --- Շeςhภ๏ г๏๏m --- • MARCIANA - Live (Electric Power Pole Rec) • EMMA CLAIR - Live / DJ (Crystal Kids) • EBRU AL (Psy-Boutique) • SUSI QU (Hurricane / Don’t Push) • MEDUSA (AudioAddictz) • ELECTRICK BLUE (Sunrise) --- TICKETS --- skiddle.com/e/35986569 Early Birds: £8+bf (Sold out) Phase 1 : £10+bf (Sold out) Phase 2 : £12+bf (Sold out) Phase 3 : £15+bf (Limited) OTD : £20 --- MORE INFO --- Doors open: 9pm Last entry: 2am Free entry for B-Day Girls & Boys! * Please show your photo ID for free b-day entry Venue has a smoking garden Cloakroom is operated by the venue Lovely colourful stalls Please bring some good vibes Organized by CRYSTAL KIDS https://linktr.ee/crystalkids • RESPECT, UNITY, PEACE & LOVE •
  4. Psychedelic Underground Records presents: ODD GODS - by - Ikaray OUT NOW !!! @ Beatspace https://beatspace-psychedelicunderground.bandcamp.com/album/odd-gods @ Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/odd-gods/3901625 Ikaray's debut EP is a compilation of 4 deep FOREST tracks. About Forests, poetry, rituals and stars. About whispers, visions, encounters and scars. Immerse yourself into the realms of the Odd Gods... have fun withe listening and playing
  5. Various Artists - Source Transmission 01. PROCS - Bortbyting 02. WHRIKK - Cannabis Klondike 03. NAKED MUBALI - Frozen 04. GHREG ON EARTH - 2037 LostBahnhof 05. NOIZEBUG - Retarded Drops 06. LOKE - Chilly Thrills 07. PUROSURPO - Audioghost 08. TROGLODYTES - Holy Cows 09. ANNOYINGNINJAS - Kalashnilove Compiled and designed by Catalyx Art by Martina Hoffmann :: http://martinahoffmann.com Mastered by Sean Price @ Misery Loves Company :: http://miserylov.es Released on May 18, 2015 The transmission is available now at: http://beatspace.com/8277/MindFull+Records/Various/Source+Transmission+/detail.aspx Digital copies available at: http://mindfullrecords.bandcamp.com Check out and follow MindFull Records at: http://MindFullRecords.com
  6. Tsotsi

    VA - Aloz Nogrog

    Artist: Various Title: Aloz Nogrog Label: Kandiszucker Records Release: 05, Dec 2021 Tracklist: - 1. Killer Eat Nutella - Virus Conspiracy 2. Theiamani - Gnome Toasted 3. Morichino - Lavazza Spirit 4. Triquetra - Talk Binary To Me 5. Narziss & Goldmund - Magnetik Storm 6. Galaktik Wizdom - Wild Cherry 7. Morioun - Lactera Rex 8. Zoon - Vilse Bland Kontrollerna (Weird Wizard Remix) 9. Slavs From Mars - Disco Satanico 10. Hada - Analogia Singuinalis Labels come and labels go. Meet Kandiszucker Records, the latest label to come (I could've made that dirty, but this album is going to get plenty of grim and grit into your crevices without my help). Straddling Goa and Forest with some loud boisterous melodies and more confidence than Hillary Clinton in 2016.
  7. So the RYM Box Set project was started on the music database rateyourmusic (RYM for short) now known as Sonemic. It's a group project to highlight the essential artists, albums, and tracks for every music genre + scene. The ultimate guide to music genres. 11 Years+ Now!. It's as easy a way to explore a genre as it gets and is a chronological mixtape with a purpose. It was created on 2009 and is still being very actively worked and expanded by a multitude of people. It has over 1,000 genre sets with nearly 1,300 discs worth of music. Many of these are stream-able on YouTube and Spotify. I helm that project and while we've always had a few sets for psytrance, many of those are the more traditional splits. Goa and Psy-Trance has often been lumped together instead of separated (even my main set needs some re-doing). Dark, Progressive, and Full On more recently acknowledged. I've made a few sets in the past few years to reflect the subgenres off Trance and Psy-Trance based off the sources out there. I'm always up for improving my existing sets and getting to these newer ones but would also love to get some help from the experts here if possible. I have a few upcoming sets in draft and in order on discogs. https://www.discogs.com/user/freewave/lists but the rest of the subgenres under Psychedelic Trance are all linked on the main list and below on RYM in much more detail Goa Trance / Psytrance Psybient Nitzhonot Suomisaundi Full-On Psytrance Progressive Psytrance Psy Tech Dark Psytrance Forest Psytrance New School GOA Twilight Psytrance Zenonesque Hi-Tech Psytrance / Psycore If an album is a solid choice, then it just needs an ideal track to represent that genre best. If you think I need to add something or remove something, let me know. Ultimately experts on this forum will know much more than I will what best represents each subgenre then I ever will and many quotes have been included to give an oral history of the genres and the importance of the selections. . If anyone would like to help I'd love to best reflect them in depth and accurately. Even feedback after I do put out a new set this month on RYM. Thanks!
  8. A Forest and Dark Psymix with some older delicious tracks and also new tracks mixed by a DJ from the underground of austria Soundcloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/AYhfJv1EX4vLhGbi6 Youtube: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=cCWKE6SDTeg&feature=share Tracklist will be added the next days Enjoy
  9. 1. Intro 2. Man with No Name - Lunar Cycle 3. Green Nuns - Two Vindaloos and & Onion Bagee 4. SETI Project - Floating Point 5. Cosmosis - Alien Disco 6. Johann Bley - New Kicks 7. Organic Noise - Labyrinth of color 8. Cosmosis - Emanations 9. Infected Mushroom - Symptomatic 10. Moonweed - Telepathy 11. Cosmosis - Morphic Resonance 12. Amenia - Carbon Dioxide 13. Digital Karma - Visitors 14. Yahel - Last Man in the Universe 15. Yahel - For the People (Radio Edit) 16. Outro https://youtu.be/97fVcAjPNwI
  10. 1. Intro 2. Psysex - L.S.Dance 3. Son Kite - Back Beyond Rotation 4. Son Kite - On Air 5. Zorba - Mr. Nice Guy 6. Electric Universe - Impulse 7. Lemurians - Input Flip 8. Son Kite - The Stars Within Us 9. Genetic - Drop the Bomb 10. Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D 11. 1200 Mics - LSD 12. Hallucinogen - LSD (Doof Remix)
  11. Hey party peeps, looking for something to swamp up your living room? Maybe you want to treat your grandma to a night out dancing with the donkeys? We are happy to announce our Debut EP: Waiting Forever, No Time to Spare. Is now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It should be up on beatport and all the less artist friendly services soon. Have a listen at: https://pistolerorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/sideways-people-waiting-forever-no-time-to-spare-ep or if you don't bandcamp point your ears to soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/sidewayspeople Warning: may contain traces of swamp gas, forest juice, saucy techno and a bit of filth. Patent pending, terms and conditions may apply.
  12. Artist: Moonbird Title: The Indescribable Label: Self-Released Date: August, 2013 01 - Gates Of Haraom (75 BPM) 02 - (An)other Dimension (145 BPM) 03 - Punishment System (148 BPM) 04 - Jazz With Wartuba (145 BPM) 05 - The Small Sorcerer (136 BPM) 06 - How To Style The Drive (138 BPM) 07 - Sound Gamma Radiation (154 BPM) 08 - Violet Noise For 7 Days (140 BPM) 09 - Circle Of Stones (152 BPM) 10 - We Are Light (Full Mix) (148 BPM) I sincerely hope that the psychedelic community is visiting Ektoplazm on a regular basis. It has been an invaluable resource for great music that would otherwise have been relegated to the unheard bits and bytes of the internet. They truly have something for everyone regardless of taste. Vytautas Paukstelis is from Lithuania and at this time this is his only release. Is it darkpsy? Forest? Psy or progressive? A little bit of all actually. The details (effects that amplify the atmosphere and where I think his strength lay) stand out on the downtempo intro and dark tracks like (An)other Dimension thrusting the listener right into the ancient forest. Jazz With Wartuba is creepy with liquid hallucinations and the dark vibe is palpable. I love the break in How To Style the Drive...involving. Sound Gamma Radiation is part darkpsy, part...Suomi? I dunno, but I enjoyed it. If I had a criticism it would be that some of the details and atmosphere get lost in the overwhelming beat and bass. It's accessible for the casual listener (even if it's a bit all over the place) and while far from my favorite album I was glad I gave it a listen. Some good ideas in here. Free at Ektoplazm
  13. Set deep in the majestic hills around Sofia at the heart of Bulgaria. AYMON festival is an electronic music and arts festival which lies in one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the country. Totally contained amongst the mountain creating a safe haven where hedonism can flourish and thrive. AYMON festival will be host to some of the most exciting musical talents from the country and abroad, along with interesting performances, innovative installations and mind blowing visual arts. You can expect to hear an extremely diverse collection of music; ranging from Psychedelic trance, techno and ambient music. Whilst rooted in the electronic music scenes, AYMON festival is a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul. It’s a celebration of psychedelic art and culture in a society which is increasingly looking within for happiness and fulfilment. We have an amazing, receptive and intelligent community of people who we aim to mobilise through transformational experience and creative expression. By inspiring personal growth and social responsibility via the medium of art, music and healing, we hope to empower the individual to affect real positive change in the world. Our journey was inspired by sacred rhythms and healing frequencies. Join us and we will lead you to unexplored corners of the YOUniverse. Divine Magic Theory presents: ♫ • AYMON Festival 2020 • ♫ ☀ 04 - 06 September 2020 ☀ ☯ MEGDAMON - the main stage with a colourful variety of psychedelic music -Progressive, Full on, Twilight, Forest, Dark, Hi-tech, Psybient, Ambient/Downtempo ☯ ZEN SPACE - yoga, lectures, shamanic wisdom sharing, ancient rituals... For your well- being you will find also: ✮ Quality sound systems ✮ Decoration art by Lunar Deco https://www.facebook.com/Lunar-Deco-410406372393215/ ✮ Hand made accessories ✮ Friendly bar ✮ Vedic kitchen ✮ Natural spring water under the shadows of the forest ✮ Camping area ✮ Parking ✮ Friendly security ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ ~More information coming very S☀☀N ~ Organized by Divine Magic Theory crew. https://www.facebook.com/divine.rec/ Facebook page Facebook event:
  14. Forest Freaks Records 1 The Sound is Revealed 7:02 2 Lonely Dogs From Siolim 6:59 3 Changes Come Harder 7:16 4 Passing Through 7:02 5 Defragmentation Inside 7:10 6 November 7:02 7 Unstoppable Fate 7:15 8 Just Us 7:08 9 Use Your Abilities 7:07 Second album from Domas Gudelis straight from the power and smoothness of forest psytrance! 9 tracks of very similar length on which the artist acknowledged he spent more time than expected, but the final output was really worth the wait. The music is more atmospheric and storytelling than your average forest, with more melodic and melancholic pads, and in total connection with what psytrance is supposed to be. This album will also please the people allergic to noisy forest, this release is quite smooth to the ears, it delivers a nice haunting, mystic and emotional touch and Domas did a nice job with the key changes. It is highly psychedelic, mental psytrance, it has all the ingredients we love in forest psytrance. Favorite tracks: #2, #3, #4, #6, #8. Dohm set the bar high to start the year :) Rating: 8.5/10. Listen / Buy: https://www.forest-freaks.com/dohm-music Also available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nueQ4hUZq2c
  15. I don't know.. just some visuals. I tried to generate a surreal environment.
  16. First track is defo my cup of organic joe. http://banyanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-beltane-ritual Track 6 has a funny put together sample
  17. Ya-hey all, what a wonderful world * Hope all is doing good and feeling well. Artist: GOCH EP title: FORTE Label: KER Release date: 15th of October 2019 cat. number: KERDiG004 + KERCDr004 main distributor: Koldbeat/Beatspace Do you enjoy the music drive and flow of GOCH? Visit him here: goch.bandcamp.com ----- Kali Earth Records from Norway utter awe by shock-releasing a hard- and void dripping dark psychedelic Forest trance EP by the artistic and powerful sonic sensation "GOCH" whose musical exhalation and touch in stellar groove is made of what ingredients few others possess, and access .... So let go of your pillow- and get pulled and prepare for a merciless mystical 4-track ride through hot kicks, bearing basses, and arboreal spirit ghosts with stomping chakras' ready to surround your presence and knock reminisces from a carved matrix indulged in natures burial space. Take care. With P.L.U.R, KER Just push play: ^ if you like it pre-order it -if you can- for extra support and the pleasure of owning it. Pre-order the release here, all economical support will go to the artist: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/forte-ep Or pre-order it from the distribution's channels here (more shops will be posted): Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/forte/2731857 ॐ Namaskar ~;~
  18. Tsotsi

    VA - Lost In Bass

    Artist: Various Title: Lost In Bass Label: Troll N' Roll Records Release: March 22, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Katastrof - Blurry Days 2. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Cell out 3. Gubbology - Cold Heart Warm Ass 4. Squees - Itchy Grub 5. Sonic Bandits - Techno Morgan 6. Frosty Fennic - Lost in Lost Out 7. Oliveira - Crystals 8. Kalumet - Ashram 9. Fractal Fungi - Keep Your Pants On 10. Svajigt - Gaffeltrucken 11. Total - Oljud 12. School Of Crystal Healing - Vayra Medicine Katastrof - Blurry Days: The compilation starts of nice and evil. Electro concrete blocks grind across the soundscape leavings shavings of psychedelia all around this track. The intro is trollrific. the rest of the track follows through with the relentless sputtering of composite layers going at one another. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Cell out: Moody and creepy is how Toxic Anger Syndrome starts and finishes Cell out. The higher pitched moments in the middle leave me a little unimpressed. Gubbology - Cold Heart Warm Ass: Exactly how i feel when the seat warmers take me by surprise. This guy gets better and better with every track. How he fits so much into 7 minutes is just testament to this little show off. A Leshen in the night that hangs over your head to taunt you with fingers of vines that come out from the tree tops to play. Squees - Itchy Grub: Another short track comes out of the depths to make you sway and stomp softly. Pulling at every part of your attention Itchy Grub sucks you down and spits you back out. Sonic Bandits - Techno Morgan: A fast pounder that trips you into another world. Tighten the Velcro on your jungle boots because from 2 minutes on you wont know what has taken over you & you're gonna need some reliable footwear. My Favourite so Far. Frosty Fennic - Lost in Lost Out: Organic intro and sweet hymning tells me this tracks gonna be a ride. Not the kind of ride that shoots you 2000 km's into the sky right away but the kind that gets you there in it's own time. Prepare for some whirly durlies. Oliveira - Crystals: Starting the track off like a Bluetunes prog banger Oliveira brings in a kick that assures you that will not be what you're getting. Instead we get a deep and exciting track that like all tracks here today suck you in. Another favourite for the stromy poise. Kalumet - Ashram: Just like the title suggests spirituality is everywhere for the intro at least. Speckled electrosis gets flung at you for the short 6 minutes and 18 seconds that make this track up. The first few minutes do it for me but the last 3 seem like they could have been a little more exciting. Fractal Fungi - Keep Your Pants On: Oh so Fractal Fungi is the morality police now huh? Not allowed to take my dacks off in the middle of the city? Not even if it's 3am? Or is the track that Fractal plays when a reveler can't help but go full frontal schlongle in the muddy center of the dancefloor? That would be a great inside joke. Psychedelic track that bangs and bangs and bangs, the outskirts of the track are like the outskirts of a dark forest that call you in for some mystery. Calling. Calling. & gotcha! Super trippy madness. Svajigt - Gaffeltrucken: I love the title and even more so when I find that it means Forklift in Danish. This is one Gaffeltruck you don't need a licence to ride. Just the courage to stand in the middle of a dark swamp alone with this playing in the background. *Shivers, all right then. Total - Oljud: Creepy ass intro has me scared straight away, the most evil of the tracks so far. The main lead is super aggressive and in your face but kind of in an endearing way. Like our fates we just have to accept it, my fate is clearly to sit here in darkness looking over my shoulder to make sure that a Jötnar hasn't just been summoned to gobble me down. School Of Crystal Healing - Vayra Medicine: Wow, just what the doctor ordered. A nice mellow outro track that heals the broken parts of you. Parts twisted and warped from the psychosis of some of these tracks. The second half takes us off into a new world that i was hoping for but not expecting. The best surprises of all you might say. I leave this Comp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed thanks to SOCH. I feel like Troll N' Roll have hit a six with this release. Some of the tracks didn't do it for me but will definitely appeal to those that like this labels darker and twisted works. The rest of the melodic pieces are what grabbed me. Favourites were 1, 3, 5, 7 11 & 12. https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-lost-in-bass
  19. V/A - Acousma " Compiled by Chazz Twentyfive " !! ► Get Digital Download & Digipack CD: https://gylfaginningrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-acousma Includes tracks by: Chazz25 | M3dra | Whrikk | Svajigt | Smuds | Molchun | Volapyk | Captain Kirk | Kuro Fusion "Acousma, a new compilation of musical experiments collected by Chazz25. Nine devious audio manipulators have assembled their most extraordinary sounds in a series of puzzling compositions that will transport your mind to intricate and bizarre sonic worlds." Mastering: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios Artwork: Amal Dev Special Thanks to Chazz Twentyfive, Fabs Medra, Evgeniy Donskoy, Oskar Enghoff !! Gylfaginning Records l Audionauts Organic Puzzle www.gylfaginningrecords.in
  20. A 4 hour Psychedelic Experience by the maestros of the forest Goa psy Trance Ka-Sol Vs Battle of the Future Buddhas @ IT Athens 18/01/2020 Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/466756760930493/
  21. Hello space travellers, We are Divine Magic Theory, a psychedelic trance music label and event organisation based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our journey started in 2015 and it was inspired by sacred rhythms and healing frequencies. Join us and we will lead you to unexplored corners of the YOUniverse. Divine Magic Theory - follow us on Facebook Divine Magic Theory is happy to present a forest psychedelic trance EP "Ancient Codes" by our artist DNAprocess. With this dark and tribal sounds you will feel how the unconscious becomes conscious and activates your mind to a higher potential. Let these deep psychedelic grooves enable you to enter the altered states of your mind. Expect a mixture of influences, from groovy basslines and unpredictable leads to deep shamanic storytelling and otherworldly atmospheres. You can listen online on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms: DNAprocess - Ancient Codes You can support the artist on Bandcamp: DNAprocess Bandcamp Follow DNAprocess for more dark psychedelic music: DNAprocess Facebook DNAprocess Soundcloud
  22. Basalt Records proudly presents the second release "Modular Sorcery" from French psytrance producer "Euphox". Grab your free copy here : https://basaltrecords.bandcamp.com/album/euphox-modular-sorcery-free-download Thank you for supporting us by making a donation ! You will be bewitched by this new EP. Haunted atmospheres, crispy sounds, psychedelic witchcraft is the main purpose of this groovy and nocturnal release. We hope that you will enjoy this release as much as anyone involved had pleasure to bring it to life. Tracklist : 01 Euphox-Dark Future (149 bpm) 02 Euphox-Modular Sorcery (149 bpm) 03 Euphox-Miserable Witches (149 bpm) released November 8, 2019 Euphox (France) www.facebook.com/Euphox.prods/ soundcloud.com/euphox Mastering by Storm Mastering (France) www.facebook.com/StormMastering/ Artwork & Design by Manu Vasquez (Mexico) www.facebook.com/mvasquezperez Original Artwork by Nā-Maka (France) www.facebook.com/namakaillustration/ Basalt Records www.facebook.com/basaltrecords/ soundcloud.com/basaltrecords
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