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  1. The greek word "meraki" can be translated as the love you give in something you do. This is what can be expected to come out from your soundsystem when you will press the play button for the 2-track release 'Dolby Caramel - Iam Now'. Mushlight Records proudly presents you the new and 5th in order e.p release from the progressive psytrance project of Dj Django Music. Two top-notch tracks finecrafted and produced with "meraki" by Alexander Skembris. Ethereal melodic passages, psychedelic mindblowing riffs and groovy heavy basslines are some of the ingredients of this release that is gonna make y
  2. G.O.A Monks and Dj Django Music proudly presents 'FMPsy' single track release. A body mover and soul groover track that is destined to make you dance like never before and bring bright psychedelic trance smiles to the dancefloors worldwide. A psy-blaster, an audio spaceship for an endless supersonic mindtravelling. A true ear-candy tickler delivered with the top-notch quality of Mushlight Records. Tune in and prepare yourself to let your senses be enchanted freely through infinite, cordial waves of pure Psychedelia. Exclusive purchase link released December 02, 2019 -Project: G.O.A
  3. Koera Noera is the forest/dark psytrance project of Dj Django Music. 'Cyber Forest' is the official debut track of the project released on Mushlight Records. Exclusive purchase link released October 18, 2019 -Project: Koera Noera -Title: Cyber Forest -BPM: 175 -Produced, mixed&mastered @Mushlight Studios by Dj Django. -Released by: Mushlight Records catalog no: MR-KN01 -Artwork by: Gemini Art Lab -thanx to my family&friends and to you reading this right now. Don't forget to play the track at maximum volume!!!!
  4. New and 3rd E.P 'Dolby Caramel - Press Play To Life' coming this November on Infinity-Tunes!

  5. New and 3rd E.P 'Dolby Caramel - Press Play To Life' coming this Novemeber!

  6. V.A - Infinite Progression vol.1, completed by Enarxis on Infinity-Tunes. CLICK HERE: https://pro.beatport.com/release/infinite-progression-vol-1/1579983 Description: Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present you our very first Various Artists Compilation called 'Infinite Progression' Vol.1. A blend of creative artists contributing to a psychedelic cause. Completed by our brothers and family artists 'Enarxis', this compilation contains 9 tracks of well known artists but also from fresh and up-coming talents, presenting themselves in their very best way possible where each track beholds
  7. OUT NOW_'G.O.A Monks - Future Breeze' debut E.P

  8. Processing to our next catalogue release, Infinity-Tunes is proud to present you the new first debut Ep from G.O.A Monks! Forget about stereotyped formatted boring psytrance, forget about the repetitiveness, G.O.A Monks has the truly melodic blasting sound we all loved back from the golden years! Alexander Skembris aka 'G.O.A Monks', also well known from his solo project 'Dolby Caramel', is a young producer from Corfu / Greece. With this project, Alexander tries to keep the true spirit of psychedelic trance by having lots of melodies and tricky sound-layers. With his new Ep called 'Future Bree
  9. Finest psy-progressive trance from Corfu.Here is the long awaited second Ep of Dolby Caramel!We at Infinity-Tunes feeling extremely proud to present you the new work from Alexander Skembris,one of the finest progressive and upcoming trance producers of Greece today.His new Ep comes with two previously unreleased tracks and it's called 'Endless'!Each track will tell a story to your cosmic spirit while you could wonder: "is it an 'anomaly in your brain' or just 'something useful' for your mind"?Alexander manage to take the listener on a journey of his very personal world,delivering this fresh,st
  10. G.O.A Monks Debut E.P late this summer!!!!!!

  11. Multi-genre FREE Download Compilation Link here: https://yadi.sk/d/WLT6OXhih4zyJ VA - Liquid Space Distortion, compiled by Dj Django. 01-Micky Noise - Maya In Dub 02-Statmatica -We Are 1 Psy Nation 03-Drollkoppz - Reunion 04-Dual Effect - The Physical Freedom 05-Dolby Caramel - Firebird 06-Bamboo Forest - A Sub Story 07-Micky Noise - Maya Doomsday (2012 mix) 08-Adrenalin Drum - Mountain 09-Adrenalin Drum - In The Pool 10-D.p.P - Psytrance (128 BPM) 11-Galax - F Cero 12-Ghebro - On Acid 13-Ghebro - Overload 14-Looney - Alphadog 15-Atomental - Spoke Madness 16-Pffgoa - Liquid Dynamite Master
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