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Found 49 results

  1. Artist: Various Artists Title: Phonophilia compiled by Gayle Adams Label: Phonix Records Cat no.: PHODIGI022 Format: Digital download Release Date: TBD Artwork by Paulo Etnarama Phonophilia is defined as the love of sounds. For Phonix Records and our extended family, 8 years into our journey, this love for sounds stays true. It is the north star that helps us stay the course. With that in mind, our very own Gayle Adams, partner and co-manager at Phonix Records, started her own journey to compile this release - a testament to the sounds we love. Over a year a later and Phonophilia was born - a journey built to stand the test of time. The release starts off with Infektion's 'Rage' (Bruno Lopes/Portugal). Deep and deliberate, it is an ode to the classic twilight sound only the way Infektion knows how to - intense and engaging without compromise. Glitch (Dash Hawkins/ South Africa) steps in to dispel any 'Misconceptions'. More energy, more groove and a robot communicating through melodies a single message - something wicked, this way comes. We then go into the depths of the inner self. Through the practice of deep meditation, and fundamental vibrations, L.E.O.F and Ionkhe (Mario Funes and Ivan Lugo/Mexico) show listeners how each one of us can be a 'Nuclear Army' unto ourselves. Reborn with a new sense of understanding - we encounter a message from the other side. FinalFlash (Robert Dalton/South Africa) share the otherworldly tail of 'Dhampyre'. A beautiful story with bone chilling atmospheres - a story as ancient as time itself. coRupt (Andre Rossouw/ South Africa) furthers this new found sense of focus through 'Strange Fiction'. He helps transition the release to the next level with an effortlessly woven story of epic proportions. The next chapter gets the adrenal glands working in overtime - Domination (Ricardo Barreto/Mexico) remixes Locked Locker's 'Alpha' (Marcelo Espindola/Brazil and Josue Guzman/Mexico). Carefully honed to a razor's edge - this is truly a diamond in the rough. Killer Buds (Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi/ Brazil) and Dirty Devils (Felipe Vidigal and Emilio Renault / Brazil) take this energy one step further with their outrageously over-powered tale of 'The Lumberjack'. Among all the chaos and mayhem, 'The Descent' into a melodic dimension starts with Earworm (Max Meshiv/Israel). The master does it again - with this slick psychedelic BOMB. Not to be outdone are Contrast and ReFractor's 'Hyper Drive' (Conor James Steed and Luan Boes/South Africa) - a deeper exploration further into the melodic dimension. With the final leg of this release, Epitaph (Andres Romero and Jose Novelo/Mexico) featuring Orc'N'Roll (Alejandro Olvera/Mexico) take listeners into a burst of energy, guitar riffs and shadowy melodies. Singularity (Andre Muller/South Africa) further explores this realm with his epic remix of Iron Lotus's 'Lotus of Sorrow' (Daniel Honor/South Africa). A well-executed story that effortlessly balances both power and beauty. Not to be outdone, Phonix scientist Omega Flight (Derren Nuttall/UK) teams with Twisted Reality (Ben Edge/UK) to present a deranged re-telling of Deliriant's 'Truth be Told' (Shane Renew/South Africa). A wormhole of an experience, their remix transforms this classic into something truly unique. Beware, the acid is indeed in the music. The final chapter of our journey is 'Anechoic Chamber' by FrontRunner (Marc Le Roux/South Africa) featuring Rubix Qube (Kieron Grieves/South Africa). It is a fitting end to our exploration of Phonophilia. Beware - the 'Anechoic Chamber' will completely absorb any residual waves and whatever is left of listeners with its measured manic chaos. The Phonix team would like to thank everyone involved with this release for helping us realize our vision. Now, let's follow the north star like we have done so in the past, and will do for many cycles more... Take us to your speakers! It is time to explore Phonophilia! TRACKLIST: 1. INFEKTION - Rage 141 BPM Written and produced by Bruno Lopes at Infektion Studio, France 2. Glitch - Misconceptions 143 BPM Written and produced by Dash Hawkins at Glitch Studio, South Africa 3. LEOF vs. Ionkhe - Nuclear Army 145 BPM Written and produced by Mario Funes and Ivan Lugo at Ionkhe Studio, Mexico 4. FinalFlash - Dhampyre 145 BPM Written and produced by Robert Dalton at FinalFlash Studio, South Africa 5. coRupt - Strange Fiction 145 BPM Written and produced by Andre Rossouw at coRupt Studio, South Africa 6. Locked Locker - Alpha ( DOMINATION RMX) 145 BPM Originally written and produced by Marcelo Espindola and Josue Guzman at Locked Locker Studio, Brazil/Mexico Remixed by Ricardo Barreto at Domination Studio, Mexico 7. Killer Buds vs. Dirty Devils - The Lumberjack 148 BPM Written and produced by Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi at Killer Buds Studio, Brazil and Felipe Vidigal and Emilio Renault at Dirty Devils Studio, Brazil 8. EARWORM - The Descent 147 BPM Written and produced by Max Meshiv, Earworm Studio, Israel 9. Contrast vs. ReFractor - Hyper Drive 147 BPM Written and produced by Conor James Steed at Contrast Studio, South Africa and Luan Boes at ReFractor Studio, South Africa 10. EpitaphPsy feat. Orc'N'Roll - Mental Illness 145 BPM Written and produced by Andres Romero and Jose Novelo, guitar by Alejandro Olvera, at Epitaph Studio, Mexico 11. Iron Lotus - Lotus of Sorrow ( Singularity Music RMX) 144 BPM Originally written and produced by Daniel Honor at Iron Lotus Studio, South Africa Remixed by Andre Muller at Singularity Studio, South Africa 12. Deliriant - Truth Be Told ( Omega Flight vs Twisted Reality RMX) 143 BPM Originally written and produced by Shane Renew at Deliriant Studio, South Africa Remixed by Derren Nuttall and Ben Edge at Omega Flight and Twisted Reality Studios, United Kingdom 13. FrontRunner featuring Rubix Qube - Anechoic Chamber 140 BPM Written and produced by Marc Le Roux at FrontRunner Studio, South Africa and Kieron Grieves at Rubix Qube Studio, South Africa SAMPLES HERE! Have a listen https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/sets/va-phonophilia-compiled-by-gayle-adams Mastering: Track 5 Mastered by Chris Hoy, sHiFt Studio, South Africa Track 6 Mastered by Ricardo Barreto, Domination Studio, Mexico All other tracks mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, South Africa Licensing: Track 6 released with permission from Marcelo Espindola and Josue Guzman (Locked Locker) Track 11 released with permission from Daniel Honor (Iron Lotus) and MMD Records (Official Fan Page) Records (South Africa) Track 12 released with permission from Shane Renew (Deliriant) Soon available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ AudioJelly http://www.audiojelly.com/labels/phonix-records/13262 DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  2. Styles almost always circle back and are approached with new gear and sometimes married with other ones, so I was wondering if there's a shortage atm for these or i'm just not looking good enough. Ideas do grow stale so i'm prepared if these are not coming back Thanks in advance my fellow Goa-heads Twilight ala Twisted system or Phatmatix? Theres a wave of new night time coming form South America particularly Mexico but it's not like the good ol' twilight Progressive/minimal ala Beatbizarre Lewd or X-dream? Goa or psy breakbeat like Endora?
  3. - OUT NOW - UnderVoice Rec Presents A massive meteorite of alien nature just entered the the atmosphere filled with extreme dangerous psychedelic content. The sequel for the Space Ganesh collection, comes recharged with a fine selection of 10 tracks featuring some the world wide favorite artist' s courtesy of PsyToniK Featuring: Hypereggs / Fungus Funk / Yabba Dabba - Sangoma records / Shotu Vs Steven / Dharma Looney Moon Rec Vs R2 ( Looney Moon / Psynomads ) / Psiked'eliah - Dream Project Records / Wizack Twizack (Aknoyd rmx) / Triqy & Antreas Kivittis / Disintegrated circuits vs ipotocaticac / Act One MASTERED By Wild Mastering ART COVER By Flowmotion Starspine ORDER (Special Price *) https://www.beatport.com/release/space-ganesh-pt-2/2223743 https://undervoice.bandcamp.com/
  4. This set is record on Màgürô's private room at monday morning. Fresh & powerful twilight psychedelic tunes!! BPM 149-150 Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records Podcast 017 Fractal Spin - Ttracker - Galactic Groove Records Ooblek aka Black Noise - Don’t Feed The Aliens - Sangoma Records Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music Peace-Ka , Module Virus - Siddhi - Sangoma Records Psiked’eliah , Ready - Premonitions - Dream Project Records Uka Uka - Boom Bahi - Sangoma Records Uka Uka - Ukadelic - Believe Lab Kaya Seneman - The Discovery - Clocktail Records Rezonant - Midnight - Sangoma Records Fungus Funk , Vial - Binary Sensation - Sangoma Records Leopardtron - So Good -Sun Station Records Yabba Dabba - Pineal Nerds - Sangoma Records Diksha , Purist - New Era -Sangoma Records
  5. Sangoma Sound System Catalogue no: TSANGEP033 Label: Sangoma Records Artist: Various Artists compiled by Emiel & Daksinamurti Genre: Electronic Style: Psychedelic Trance Format: Digital Compilation Release: December, 2017 Mastering: Module Virus @ Bruno Studio Mixing Productions Art: Whrikk 1. Peace- Ka & Module Virus – Siddhi 2. Ooblek (aka Black Noise) – Don’t feed the Aliens 3. Gaspard – Spaced rmx 4. Purist – Visionary States (Ingrained Instincts rmx) 5. Vial & Fungus Funk – Binary Sensation 6. Yabba Dabba – Pineal Nerds 7. Diksha & Purist – New Era 8. Rezonant – Midnight 9. Kabayun – Jaguar Dance 10. Cosinus – Somewhere out There 11. Elf De La Nooi – Demented Momentum 12. MPF & Yachay – Different Kind of Synthesis 13. Sequoya – Quarks and Bubbles 14. Fungus Funk – Kremlin Gremlin (Daksinamurti & Astronom rmx) 15. Via Axis – The Lizard (2017 Edit) 16. Babagoon – Red Eye Jedi 17. UkaUka – Boom Bhai 18. Dymons – Gizmos Wahgwaan bredren We at Sangoma are happy to present you our latest digital compilation to celebrate 6 years of Sangoma Records. Selectas Emiel and Daksi came up with this idea just a few weeks ago and have been busy selecting these irie tunes of our signed label-artist to give you a glimpse what is cooking in 2018 and to share some insights and visions. For this release we were inspired by the concept of the “Soundsystem”, an important part of Jamaican culture, which changed and revolutionized the concept of music. This release features comes with a multipage booklet - fresh tunes, rare remixes and collaborations by our label-artists. Sangomesque summertime jamrock for the cold winter months. The only good System is a soundsystem. https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com
  6. Hey whats up guys i am starting a new psy-platform on youtube, mainly focusing on forest and twilight, check it out! thank you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcv8UPq6vdwt3wq5197F4IA/videos?view_as=subscriber
  7. Hello Freaks!! Fresh & powerful twilight psychedelic tunes!! Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records Podcast 012 Dymons - Morere - Forestdelic Records Radikal Moodz - Globetrotters - Tantra Music Anubian - Trip To Euphoria - Tantra Music Slide - It’s Just a Ride - Woo-dog Recordings Antagon , Parsec - Offline - Xerks Music Criok Shatter - Nubase - Woo-dog Recordings Rusty Train - So There's Life On Other Planet - Tantra Music Southwild - Let’s Roll - Hadra Trance Festival Hookers , Buckle - Lost In Reality - Forestdelic Records Shred’er - Psy Hollow - Nataraja Music Rezonant - Circus DMT - Sangoma Records Curious Detail - Radiate - Forestdelic Records
  8. Welcome to my twilightly travel throughout my foresty way of travelling and get lost in creativity? "1st Set" plz give opinion? thanks you _/\_ https://soundcloud.com/henrique-tenreiro/twilight-forest-set-blindtravel Raizz
  9. Raizzz

    Forest Twilight set

    i am quite new to the psychedelic scene, but i really have been working on to reach the style i want. I have learnt everything by myself, trying and trying.. and hearing of course. I have no idea if people will like it or not, that way i searched for forums to post my work. So here´s a set of mine that i would really appreciate to get some feedback guys, thanks _/\_ https://soundcloud.com/henrique-tenreiro/2017-04-29-17h30m35
  10. Artist: Various Artists Title: Sangomandala compiled by Daksinamurti Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD013 Release: September 9th 2016 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Scorb @ TRK Mastering Artwork: Ashtak Singh (Trilochana) preorder: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/sangomandala-compiled-by-daksinamurti 1. Scorb vs Virtual Light & Random - Rogue Stimulants 145 2. Psymmetrix & Ajja Feeling the FX (Kabayun Rmx 2016 edit) 147 3. Diksha & Purist Natural Medicine 148 4. DripDrop Big Banyan 148 5. Virtual Light & Module Virus Luminous Flesh of Giants 149 6. Nektar & PoEt White Rocks 148 7. Yudhisthira & Kala (Anthill) Substance and Shadow 147 8. Obliviant & Fungus Funk Competitive Spirituality 146 9. Black Noise & Peyotes Bipolar 146 10. Ingrained Instincts & ManMadeMan Replicant 3 145 11. Cosinus & Daksinamurti Indra Tandava (bonus track) 150 samples: Sangoma Records present Sangomandala the new compilation of our labelmanager Daksinamurti a unique blend of sophisticated music, which gets straight to the point getting you into an ecstatic state of trance. Legends from the early days of Goatrance, new discoveries, Sangoma regulars and some of the best contemporary artists join forces and deliver some amazing collaborations. The selection is an inward journey full of analog sounds giving a very organic and timeless approach to the musical selection suitable for any hour of the day. A specific element of this release is its groove that develops its own deepness into hypnotic effects and inner landscapes. Creating archetypes in a Jungian sense that resonate with collectively unconscious ideas, primordial images and patterns of thought that is universally present in individual psyches. An aural music selection far away from any of this genres stereotypes and attitudes, like a sonic mandala this music may be employed for practitioners, adepts and listeners as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. Fb: www.facebook.com/Djdaksi www.sangomarecords.com
  11. Hi everyone, it's me again with a newly completed song called High-Voltage Séance. I hope it's gonna be a pleasant experience to listen to it - let me know how you liked it afterwards! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/high-voltage-seance Have an awesome day/night [wherever you are at the moment]!
  12. Dear people! Let me show you my recently finished night fullon-ish song called 'Weaving the Stream'. https://soundcloud.com/leonard-back-1/weaving-the-stream I hope, you gonna like it! [and I'm quiet excited about it for sure ] It's downloadable, if you happen to enjoy it. Also, check out my soundcloud profile, you'll find another track called 'Catacosmos', but its mastering is far from what I call a quality product. Best regards, have an awesome day!
  13. gastlee

    Twilight these days

    Hey guys, just wanted to get some general opinions on the twilight coming out of South Africa lately. It seems to be losing a bit of hardness and getting a bit "fluffy", yet I can't seem to dislike it. Would love everyone's feedback Some of the artists I have been obsessed with for a while...
  14. Our new Android Spirit - Overground EP just came out on BMSS Records! >>https://pro.beatport.com/release/overground/1613282 Android Spirit happily present their first EP "Overground" on BMSS Records. The German based duo consist of Tickets and Daksinamurti who have been in the psychedelic scene for years. Last seen together on their collaborative album " Synthetic Organism", they return to deliver more music for maniac mornings. The first track "Overground", an homage to early Goatrance, has a mechanical edge to it and a grinding dramatic character reminiscent of the times before Goatrance emerged from the underground, and was both recognized and demonized by mainstream media. "Overground" is reminiscent of the days when Goa was the Mecca of Psychedelic culture. Track two is Android Spirit's interpretation of the BMSS head, Boom Shankar and Soul Kontakt's track "Simulated Reality" which came out as a blistering piece of crackling morning euphoria. The edit is smoother, flecked with psychedelic nuances, orchestral highlights and a reinforcement of mechanical undertones. https://www.facebook.com/AndroidSpirit
  15. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Trancelvania"

    Artist: Various Title: Trancelvania Label: Pukka Music Date: 2005 1. No Complication Z MACHINE 2. Out of the Chaos BLISS 3. Harlequin's Guard PARRKET 4. New Mecca UNNATURAL 5. The other Side of the Scale ALTERNATIVE CONTROL feat. DJ AQUAPIPE 6. Alcohol 220V VS INTERACTIVE 7. Restricted Files INNER ACTION 8. Ambush ELEC3 9. After Hours ESKIMO First off I love the artwork. Very beautiful that has me finding new stuff in it the longer I stare at it. Second I know what you're gonna say. So much music and you choose to review something right smack dab in the middle of the full on tsunami? Yes, because I'm trying to clean out the hard drive. But news flash this ain't going. After you get through the disappointing Z-machine and Eskimo effort, this compilation takes a ride on an all black bullet train. Eerie atmosphere and twilight textures rule as movie samples tumble down causing me to smile in recognition. There is good layering here with punchy bass lines and rhythmic leads. A few buildups but nothing like the crap that comes out today. Very enjoyable and holds up well some 8 years later. I have it in sh*tty quality and a part of me wants to buy it again. But another part of me says if I do, it should come with a punch in the face. GoaStore Mdk
  16. Drumatik Illegal Space Activities Reloaded Temple Twisters Records Tracklist: 1. Cosmic Prayer - Drumatik & Airi 2. Time Out (Edit 2014) 3. Magic Tragic (Remix) 4. Tranceformers (Edit 2014) 5. Great Escape (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Airi 6. Scary Doors - Drumatik & Airi 7. Mirage (Edit 2014) 8. Lost In Storms (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Atomental 9. Illegal Space Activities (Edit 2014) 10. Restricted Area (Edit 2014) 11. Inner Activities - Drumatik & Airi From what I have been able to gather, "Illegal Space Activities" was originally released in 2013, tweaked & edited in 2014 and now re-released here for 2015. I'm not sure of the back story, if Drumatik was not pleased with the original (although that version does sound very good this "Reloaded" edition does sound better, much more space in the songs, all the layers aren't bunched together here,) or maybe he felt it deserved more attention than it initially received. Whatever it is, this version of "Illegal Space Activities" is fantastic! It comes with two tracks not available on the original (three if you're fortunate enough to get the version that contains song 12 "Go With The Flow (Edit 2014)." Don't miss it if possible!) and for many of these moments, as promised with that awesome and imaginative cover art, it is a wicked full-on and twilight romp through the outer limits. There are no tracks here that are instant classics, nothing that you will likely recall the morning after, but while it is going you cannot hope for much better. If boiling energy and full-on intensity are attractive traits than do not look beyond Drumatik & Airi's stellar pairing on "Scary Doors" and "Inner Activities." Too, Airi makes a great co-producing appearance on the wicked good full-on opener, "Cosmic Prayer." That track is the best one here and solid proof that when Drumatik & Airi get their heads together magic happens more often than not. (Though that "not" part does occur on "Great Escape," one of a couple of mid-album tracks that feel less than the rest.) From tracks one through four you are provided with some stellar full-on. You get the great "Scary Doors" nestled between two not-so-great tracks right there in the middle but beginning with Drumatik's pairing with Atomental on "Lost In Storms" the twilight music is deliciously overwhelming and sends this awesome collection off to its bombastic conclusion. For fans of full-on and twilight, I highly recommend this one. It's a helluva journey and, apparently, more than a bit illegal in certain parts of the galaxy. () Also check out the review for Drumatik's "Sacred Places" EP released earlier in 2015: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70111-drumatik-sacred-places/
  17. This is a remix of Deliriant's track that I did a while back Take a listen and let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/aptitudelive/deliriant-anti-god-aptitude-remix
  18. Hey guys. Got a new release on Ektoplazm! Albumpreview: Xenofish returns to Ektoplazm with his fifth album, Enhancer, jointly produced by fellow German producer Mellow Sonic. Whereas previous works strayed more into psychedelic drum ‘n bass territory this one marks a return to high-energy psychedelic trance without completely abandoning breakbeat influences. True to form for these artists the sound of the release is characterized by haunting twilight melodies and strong science fiction atmospheres. Mastering and artwork by Christian Becker. Here the downloadlink: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xenofish-mellow-sonic-enhancer Wish you all a happy new year!
  19. Out Now: V/A Freaks in Love Vol.1 Converting the Illusion. Compiled by Mantra Flow Tracklist: 01 Flooting Grooves – La Moqueca - (136 BPM) 02 Geocentric – Acid Inside Moon [Michrosphere Remix] (145 BPM) 03 Pura – 2 the Brain (144 BPM) 04 Zenkai - Agrabah (154 BPM) 05 Prozac – Lost Luggage (145 BPM) 06 Mantra Flow – Terra Incognita (146 BPM) 07 Atome – Root (154 BPM) 08 Parandroid – Liminal Proper (178 BPM) 09 Shunpo – New Meta (190 BPM) 10 Technical Hitch - Complex Emotions (160 BPM) 11 Argon Sphere – Space Safari (145 BPM) 12 Nocti Luca – Last Forest Standing (144 BPM) Free Download available! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/freaks-in-love-vol-1 All donations goes to the next edition of Freaks in Love Festival. http://freaksinlove.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-freaks-in-love-vol-1-converting-the-illusion Freaks In Love Family proudly brings you their first compilation, Freaks In Love Vol. 1, subtitled Converting The Illusion, in celebration of this year’s edition of their international gathering in Izmir, Turkey. Set on a beautiful beach near the ancient city of Ephesus, this festival offers a unique experience of true Turkish family vibes, a wide variety of psychedelic art and music, and experiences of traditional practices, food, and healing. This compilation features a handpicked selection of artists from this year’s festival line-up arranged to showcase the musical flow of a day on the main floor in a twelve chapter freak fairy tale story full of surprises and pure psychedelic dance floor delight! Compiled by Mantra Flow with mastering by Antilogic and cover design by Hakan Hisim.
  20. Trance2MoveU

    Tickets - Timelapse

    Artist: Tickets Title: Timelapse Label: Timecode Date: December, 2006 1. Power of Fear 2. Battery 3. Deficit Disorder 4. Existence 5. Showtime 6. The Funkus 7. Tinnitus 8. Back of Your Mind (Remix) 9. Phantom (Remix) "What's your f*cking problem?" Let's start with paying $6800 for a bed and not being able to sleep through the night. That'll make anyone a tad cranky don't you think? Sleep number? My sleep number is 4. As in 4 is the number of hours of uninterrupted sleep I seem to be able to string together. I could get that many on a Filipino transvestite hooker. Bah. Must have a lot on my mind. Money, getting adjusted to a new city and life. Isis. One thing thing that doesn't keep me up is Timecode (good God that is a terrible segue) and their commitment to quality psytrance. Tickets is Josef Summs and his debut album was a good one when it came out almost 8 years ago. It's since been surpassed in depth and chaos, but the powerful bass lines and strong kicks still sound good. True Timecode style with acid and dark atmospheres. While having lost a bit of it's luster it's still a strong release. Come get a digital punch in the face. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  21. Trance2MoveU

    Koxbox - Unexpected EP

    Artist: Various I guess? Title: Unexpected EP Label: 3D Vision Date: May, 2014 1. My Name Is Joe 2. Fuel On (Transwave Live Mix) Oh this was unexpected all right. Ok. Let's look at the facts. Awesome label in 3D Vision and the master(s) of psychedelia in Koxbox. Everything should be great. Got my pads on for safety and the helmet is cinched extra tight. Yet somehow this was a total clusterf*ck. Let's start with the Fuel On Remix. Transwave already tried this on the Frontfire album of 2009. Not content to leave well enough alone they Frontfired it again. Taken a classic track with zero flaws and full-on-ed it to the bone. It's too shiny and polished. I hate to bring up Astral and the album which shall not be named, but this lesson should've been learned a decade ago. My Name is Joe is a lot of pounding without any substance. Thumping beat and a lot of harsh, angry sounds. It's not often that I bash 3D Vision, but this one earned that treatment fairly. Beatport Mdk
  22. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Snuff"

    Artist: Various Title: Snuff Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: July, 2011 1. Brain Hunters - Snuff 2. Ironstein Vs. Dani Filth - Dr. Stein 3. Absense - Litt Avskum 4. Sub-Zero - Antichristvs 5. Dani Filth - The Harvesting V2 6. Ironstein Vs. Excell - Tripple Distilled 7. Damage - Blowing Up Your Speakers 8. Hiyamyzo - Pussy Power 9. Zinx - Articulator 10. Stereopanic - Viper 11. NRS - Evil Men "Hit me...hit me so it hurts." Good...God this terrible. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Forget the fact that the subject matter is reprehensible. The music itself is one buildup and d-list horror move sample after another. For those that don't know a snuff film is a film that shows an actual murder of a human being. Now Terrorlab Industries has made it a business model to shock. All you have to do is look at their album covers. At some point (um, we are way f*cking past that point) the shock value wears off and now you have to stand on the quality of the music. Well, see...now we've got a problem. The atmosphere as you may have guessed is dark with hammering bass lines. Incessant build ups and a structure that manages to crawl in that fetid dank space between darkpsy and night time full-on. Usually I can find a few tracks on their compilations that make the misery a little more bearable. Not here. This album reminds me of the goth kid in high school who dressed in black and wore trench coats. He always gave you a hateful look and was into some pretty twisted sh*t. Well he secretly had a crush on the head cheerleader and built it up in his mind that he was just misunderstood. If he could only explain to her and show her his true heart, she would see he was in pain and that all of "this" was just an elaborate act. Naturally she's horrified by this guy and spurns his advances. Next thing you know she and the whole squad are found in pieces in this psycho's fridge. I think these guys need a sabbatical to find some inner peace. Right now their music is all the same just with different album covers. You know what might be cool? If they did a dark ambient album...Yeah, that would work. Same vibe without the brutality. Because this world cannot afford to lose any more cheerleaders. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  23. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Night Terrors"

    Artist: Various Title: Night Terrors Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: February, 2012 1. Kwaailight RUBIX QUBE 2. Dark Jungle (Smashed rmx) Z3RO 3. Where Ever ORCA 4. Shinra Tensei SINFUL REACTIONS, EYETEK 5. Night Terror IRON LOTUS, ABSENSE, STEREOPANIC 6. The Trouble Maker (H1N1 rmx) PANAYOTA 7. The Forsaken TRYAMBAKA 8. Articulator (Ironstein rmx) ZINX 9. Dopeman DAMAGE 10. Awaken CRITICAL MASS 11. We have explosive LOST AND FOUND 12. Immolation (Brain Driver rmx) SHEHOOR 13. War Dialing IRONSTEIN, ZION LINGUIST 14. Crank (Karmacrop rmx) DAMAGE 15. The way of the master TWISTED SYSTEM 16. Multiverse B55 17. Head Trauma (Conscious Chaos rmx) ZION LINGUIST 18. Dopehat SUPER EVIL, EMP 19. Out of control DELIRIANT 20. Amazing Simba (Z3ro rmx) REMOVE 21. Absolute Truth ORCA, TECHNODROME "I'm in the VIP, Surrounded by groupies, Drinking up me some Patron, And they keep on telling me that I rock...and roll!" Wow, you really went there. Ok, ok... It's easy to pick on this label with its severely over the top imagery. But besides catering to the mentally disturbed and half naked vampire chicks they have actually thrown out some pretty good music. I liken it to working with Woody Allen. Sure he's embarrassing and probably a pedophile, but a butt load of people still line up to be in his sh*tty movies. And in no way am I insinuating that this Mexican label is associated with pedophilia. Last thing I need is a little Mexican justice showing up unannounced on the doorstep in the form of...let's say a package the approximate size of a hat box. So as you can tell from the disturbed individual on the cover in which the word terror appears 3 times this music firmly plants itself in the darkness. In fact the first CD is called Out of the Night. And oh boy does it come out swinging. Full power berserker mode with acid flung in all directions. Even Orca put out a bit of grooviness which means I gotta go get the shovel from the shed and dig up the daisy blanked I had dumped on him. It only took 5 tracks before Ironstein & Co. had to assault my ears with those ostentatious buildups, which for this label is a win. And the cheesy samples didn't begin until The Forsaken. No big deal. That's why God invented the skip button. The entire first disc is intense and will tire you out. By the end your mosh pit brutality will be little more than pinballing off other dancers. P*ssy. I know I should be embarrassed by listening to Dopeman. And I am. But I can also tell you that I've been singing that hook all morning. My groupies are ages 2 and 5 and they just kicked my ass in Candyland while sipping on apple juice. The second disc into the light starts with We Have Explosive...shouldn't that be explosives? Unless you just have one. Maybe they didn't let you finish...perhaps it's explosive diarrhea. In which case you go stand over there. Keep going. It's a slower track (as if they knew you needed concussion recovery time) but it still fits right in. Even though the second disc is on the lighter side it's not sleepy time. The problem is if this label isn't bringing the heat the rest comes off as rather impotent sounding stuff. Hardly worth being thrown in the cell with the anarchist on the cover. It seems like they did it this way to broaden their market share and catch those who don't like it as heavy whilst still appealing to the base. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  24. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Sonic Solutions"

    Artist: Various Title: Sonic Solutions Label: Timecode Records Date: October, 2005 1. Bringdanoise (Broken Toy rmx) DAMAGE 2. Far Side DIGITAL TALK 3. Mutant Rebellion XTRA UNIT 4. Alien Hunterz CHROMATONE AND RANDOM 5. Human Poison PHATMATIX 6. Terror Former SHIFT 7. Contraband PHYX 8. Asnamus AZAX SYNDROM 9. Dendron ARTIFAKT "I wanna see stars!" You need to see a doctor. There's a grapefruit stickin' out yo forehead! Ah this is one of the thoroughbreds in the Timecode stable. Run horsey run! Darkly melodic smashes tumble one after the other with well known artists doing the damage. Acid everywhere and grooves to keep the body moving. The trakcs are bursting with power and samples that add to the atmosphere. Only downside? Triskell and Phatmatix (Xtra Unit) only made one track together. But holy sh*t what a track. Timecode Bandcamp - Digital Download Psyshop Beatspace - Digital Download