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  1. Hey party peeps, looking for something to swamp up your living room? Maybe you want to treat your grandma to a night out dancing with the donkeys? We are happy to announce our Debut EP: Waiting Forever, No Time to Spare. Is now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It should be up on beatport and all the less artist friendly services soon. Have a listen at: https://pistolerorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/sideways-people-waiting-forever-no-time-to-spare-ep or if you don't bandcamp point your ears to soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/sidewayspeople Warning: may contain traces of swamp gas, forest juice, saucy techno and a bit of filth. Patent pending, terms and conditions may apply.
  2. Hi, My fresh mix for Universal Tribe Records is up. A selection of old classics to the latest and greatest. Enjoy the ride. Q
  3. “All I Know” is the latest EP release from Polish artist, singer and producer, Rita Raga. “All I Know” is an EP packed with three infusions of audio bliss as its original mix; psygressive mix and intro mix take over your audio sensory calming your mind with mystical atmospheres and metaphysical lyrics, subtle ethnic and psychedelic inspirations, intimate and divine vocals accompanied by electric guitar. Inspired by Rita Raga’s reflections on our place within the Universe and the duality of human nature – the contradictions which may confuse us, yet they define us. Buy | Listen @ Bandcamp: Click Here Buy | Listen @ Beatport: Click Here Rita Raga Social Media & Links: Facebook: Click Here Soundcloud: Click Here Mixcloud: Click Here Youtube: Click Here Bandcamp: Click Here
  4. 3 new boots for yuz...enjoy! Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Denstrow boot) Emika - Eternity (Pinch remix) (Denstrow boot) The Golden Filter - End of Times (Denstrow boot)
  5. Djing recorded live between 13:00 and 14:00 hours with Pioneer DJm-800 + 2x CDJ-800, in a cozy green city-park with 2 beachvolleyball courts, in the middle of Oslo centrum!! 2019's Musikkfest date was on the 1st of June
  6. Tystix - Teaming With Microbes by Pistolero Recordings 01 Tystix - Glisten (6:40) [127 BPM] 02 Tystix - Mangrove Mist (6:39) [130 BPM] 03 Tystix - Circular (9:19) [135 BPM] 04 Tystix - Grid Land (10:25) [136 BPM] 05 Tystix - Remote View (9:31) [137 BPM] 06 Tystix - Halogen (4:05) [160 BPM] 07 Tystix - With The Grain (7:03) [125 BPM] 08 Tystix - Ferro Fluid (7:20) [132 BPM] 09 Tystix - Plant Technology (6:50) [125 BPM] Label: Pistolero Recordings Style: Psytechno / Dark Prog / Tech-Funk / Psybass Cat #: PISTOLERO.023 Released: August 2017. Format: FLAC, Album Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Katarina @ Pistolero Rec Design “Teaming With Microbes” is first full length album from South African producer Tystix. Different psychedelic styles, from psytechno/darkprog to psybass grooves, are driving through deep, spacey and futuristic vibes. www.soundcloud.com/tystixsouthafrica
  7. Psydewise - Externalize EP by Pistolero Recordings 01 Psydewise - Shadows In My Mind (8:22) [127 BPM] 02 Psydewise - Jungus Fungal (5:47) [130 BPM] 03 Psydewise - Analogue Session (7:17) [137 BPM] 04 Psydewise - Externalize (7:05) [138 BPM] Label: Pistolero Recordings Style: Psytechno / Psygressive / Dark Prog Cat #: PISTOLERO.021 Released: July 2017. Format: FLAC Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Katarina @ Pistolero Rec Design “Externalize” EP from South African producer Psydewise delivers 4 psychedelic groovy tracks, ranging from 127 to 138 bpms inna psytech-psyprog vibes. www.soundcloud.com/psygoonz
  8. VA - Serious Hypnospace (compiled by Mayix) by Pistolero Recordings 01 Hans Dunkelkammer - Sandworm 06:14 [136 BPM] 02 SensiDrop - Espace Synaptique 07:38 [128 BPM] 03 Hefty - Take You Underground (Neuronod Remix) 09:49 [132 BPM] 04 Mobular - Nervioso 07:23 [135 BPM] 05 Frame - Weird Neighbours 08:29 [136 BPM] 06 Oddrapod - On The Mogadon 06:45 [142 BPM] 07 Alchemy Circle - Serious Business 08:01 [136 BPM] 08 Gojja - She Got The Furry Teeths (Neurolabz Remix) 10:33 [138 BPM] 09 Sensitrope - Excursus Hypnotico 13:18 [134 BPM] Label: Pistolero Recordings Style: Dark Prog / Psytechno Cat #: PISTOLERO.020 Released: June 2017. Format: FLAC Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Katarina @ Pistolero Rec Design “Serious Hypnospace” (compiled by Mayix) is 2nd Pistolero Rec compilation and includes some of the finest artists from underground psychedelic scene. Tracks are ranging from psytechno depths to darkprog bangers. www.soundcloud.com/m-a-y-i-x
  9. Hydrosplifix - Nemesis EP by Pistolero Recordings 1.Hydrosplifix - Nemesis 2.Hydrosplifix - Psilosynthetix Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.010 Format: FLAC Released: October 2016 Style: Psygressive / Psytrance Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco “Psygressive/Psytrance grooves from South African producer Hydrosplifix”. released October 2, 2016
  10. The Greys - Alien Tech EP bandcamp / soundcloud 01.Alien Tech 02.Black Hole 03.Minimal Regressive (feat. Al-Chemy) Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.008 Format: FLAC Released: August 2016 Style: Psyprog / Psygressive / Psytrance Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio. Artwork: Katarina Psyprog bangers from The Greys. www.soundcloud.com/thegreysofficial
  11. Hey folks, played a couple of months ago at Connection Festival. https://soundcloud.com/intuitiu/intuitiu-at-connection-festival-2015 Tracklist: Kabi - Wobbies Yes (Uroboros Records) Gaz Mask - Gooey Liquid (Insonitus Records) Filt - Primal Instinct (Quantum Digits Records) Electrypnose - Happy Axon (Zenon Records) Kromagon - Patient Zero (Zenon Records) LAB - Clean Air Turbulence (Ivort Remix) (DVSM Records) Filt - Muting Vegetarians (Insonitus Records) Geometory - Dimensionless (Technophobia Records) Soulid & Haggen - Silent Madness (Insonitus Records) Hellquist - Love Is Evil (Zenon Records) Filt - Frog'a'delic Forest Tribe (Melting Runes Records) Mojo Ears - Unlighted Skills (Padang Records)
  12. Available now,,free download or please donate if you can https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/jekyll-monkey-pig-dolphin Moneky Pig Dolphin 1. Jekyll - Dellusional Waveforms 2. Jekyll - Mind Edge 3. Grouch - Mayan Toolkit (Jekyll 'dirtythirtytribute' Remix)
  13. Available now from No Qualms Records...Bush Matters https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/jekyll-bush-matters Just like in a seventies porno, Bush Matters. In a world gone mad with lust for itself, this refreshing dose of herbal bush medicine reminds us to step back from our social wankery and technological fetish worship, and return to the sounds of the bush. The new album from the fractal hypermind of Jekyll features throbbing organic beats layered with a cosmic interplay between the synthetic screams of our constructed societies, and the analog sounds of the universes within. What matters? Bush Matters. http://www.noqualmsrecords.com/jekyll.html
  14. Here lays the shadows of the sun. We dare you to explore what lies beneath. Feel it in your mind, feel it in your guts. The purity of it's intention, grasping your inner most being, revealing a side we thought we could hide. Allow the darkness a moment of truth. There is a sense of beauty that exists when some of our most private, some of our most immaculately raw emotions are brought to the surface through sound. No Qualms Records would like to show you how diverse the No Qualms sound can be and a glimpse of where we are headed in the future. https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-the-sun 1.Pspiralife & Hellquist - Dead Men Tell No Tales 2.Illume - One of Us 3.One Tasty Morsel - Sleep Disorder 4.Jekyll - Sportal Swombat 5.Legacy - Distinct Section 6.Rythmn Nectar - Damaged 7.Tomple2oon - External Frump (feat. Spliffun) 8.Mecca - Unsterblich 9.Bush Mech - Alterations 10.moT - Ganesh https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-the-sun http://www.noqualmsrecords.com/
  15. Hello, here is my latest set: Soundcloud Tracklist: 01. Kromagon - Mushroom Therapy 02. Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business (Dr. Strangefunk Remix) 03. Dirty Hippy - Fractal Cabbage 04. Evil Oil Man - Westworld 05. Minimal Criminal - Possessed By Papa Legba 06. MoGo - It's Gonna Be Hot! 07. Pspiralife - Glass Half Empty (Ryanosaurus Remix) 08. Captain Hook - Human Design (Smoke Sign Remix) 09. Pick - And Your Mama Told You (Brujo's Bowl Remix) 10. Tetrameth - The Quickening (Dharana remix) All the credit goes to the artists and the labels. Peace upon you and yours.
  16. Track Listing: 1) Ethnic Proportions 2) Vision Heir Mastered by Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM @Killah Mastering Studios, London N22 www.facebook.com/killahmasteringstudios Listen to samples: www.soundcloud.com/liftshift/sets/liftshift-vision-heir-ep-out-on-july-1st-2014-free-spirit-rec Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 14/07/2014 General Release 28/07/2014 Genre: Psychedelic Trance Cat No: FSR0053EP Worldwide distribution by INgrooves, San Franciso, CA Tel: +1 415 489 7000 http://www.INgrooves.com/ LIFTSHIFT - Vision Heir P.R by DMG Liftshift springs forth dumping into our consciousness a brand new release, Vision Heir, which is as demanding of attention as an ice cream store is on a hot summer’s day and once you have indulged in it, as with that ice cream, it will be forever etched in your memory. Busting out all over the place Liftshift is a regular feature on the psy-trance party and festival circuit and as a producer can be found across all manner of labels and compilations. This new two-track EP released by everybody’s favourite London all-things-psychedelic, Free-Spirit Records, who’s own discography grows by the week and satisfies all comers to the genre. Track one is called Ethnic Proportions, the name of the track unveiling somewhat the tribal atmosphere bound to be unleashed upon the listener. Liftshift is of the progressive psychedelic persuasion where often not a lot goes on but that cannot be said of this piece, with an ethereal base there is definitely an atmosphere of exultation throughout and through the track’s progression so does that mood further soar, first teasingly before going all out taking the listener to the boundaries of the universe where interaction with other life forms is now a real possibility. By dropping in some percussion serves merely to reinforce the celebratory nature of what has been achieved and if you don’t have head and hands in the heavens on completion it must only be because you have none. Track two, Vision Heir, is a tad more grounded so that the greater response is to go a stomping, visions of dust clouds being raised as a result are not too hard to conjure. Once it has been confirmed that this is the correct response it is time to go no nonsense but before you get too carried away with this pre-occupation it is worthwhile acknowledging the room that has still been provided to allow interactions between beings of shared desires as a lightness of spirit maintains to pervade in the inherent organic earthliness of the raw componentry. Come up for air and everything has now changed. These two tracks bound to be popping up in DJ sets across the psy-planet and break down dance floors in equal measure. Now, did someone mention ice cream? Liftshift Since Eric Bijl started producing his own music in 2003 putting the trance vibe into his own music, he took off on a journey that would soon take him to many dance-floors worldwide to play his fat and unique progressive sound. Since that time he has been releasing on labels like Echoes, Neurobiotic, Flow, Spin Twist and Plusquam frequently placing himself high in the top 10 of the Beatport charts if not on a No.1 position. These successes have taken him from Universo Paralello festival in Brazil, Boom in Portugal to Summer Never Ends festival and Timegate in Switzerland as well as the classical surrounding of ancient Italy for the infamous Sonica Gatherings and Trimurti festival in the Golden circle around Moscow amongst many others. In 2010 Eric started working together with “Neurobiotic records” and released the highly acclaimed 3 track “Full Cycle” Ep as well as a remix on the “Zen Mechanics Remodified” remix album. He collaborated with Cimi (M-theory) on his album “White world bridger” from 2013 and frequently get’s his work re-released by bigger and more commercial labels. Currently Liftshift is working on a lot of new music, to come out soon. So stay tuned and check back here for samples! :: Booking Opportunities :: We are always looking for quality promoters and production crews worldwide to host Free Spirit CD Release Parties and also Free Spirit Records Label parties. If you are interested, please contact bridget@free-spiritrecords.com at Free Spirit to discuss what’s on offer. www.free-spiritrecords.com info@free-spiritrecords.com Free-Spirit Records Liftshift POSTS
  17. Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure.... Sat 6th September 2014 Tribal Village is the playground of the wanderers, the explorers, the mystics and the magicians. It is where our subconscious guides us in search of a story, where we find new beginnings, or where journeys complete their circle. Tribal Village is our collective space, to explore the infinite realms of consciousness, and to re-discover our human experience from which we are disconnected. It is where the universe travels around us, instead of us traversing the universe. It is where we can explode and re-construct, where we can invigorate our imagination, and it is where we can suspend our fears and glimpse freedom, for a moment. Take the road through Tribal Village! A hiatus from your long adventure is due; we have enchantment to share and tales to tell, wonder to bestow and people to meet. Relight the fire! The tribes are gathering… ...with Two Rooms, 15 Artists Amazing Deco by Floating Bush Collective Laser Show by Subsonic Systems, LED Show by GeoMatrix, Video Multi-Mapping, Clear Sound, Chai Bar by Soma PsyLounge, Stall by Lillycat, Face Painting, Healing Area by Delia Akasha, Massage Inversion Therapy and Osteopathy by Alex Hickman, Poi Performers, Jugglers, Psychedelic, Full On, Trance, Progressive, Down Tempo, Dub, Breaks, Balkan, Chill Out, Good Vibes... Tribal Music...! :: PLAYGROUND IN BOTH ROOMS :: :: ALLABY LIVE (UK) :: CIMI LIVE (ITALY) :: DILLAN M (SOUTH AFRICA) :: FACE (ITALY) :: IMRY LIVE (ITALY) Worldwide Début :: JAY OM (ITALY) :: K.I.M LIVE (SWEDEN) :: LAUREN LYON (UK) :: MR. MUSH & LADY RAINBOW (UK) :: NEUTRINO (SOUTH AFRICA) :: NOVA (ITALY) :: SEAN SPINDRIFT (UK) :: SOMATRIXX (GERMANY) First time in UK :: STEREOMANTRA (HUNGARY) First time in UK :: Show Case Premier of his new Album 'Projections' :: YOUNG KIM (SOUTH KOREA) :: Show Case Premier of his new compilation Totemism2 600 people capacity...friendly security...smoking area... Online Tickets: First phase: 150 Early Bird Tickets £10+ B/F Second Phase: 50 Tickets £15 + B/F Third Phase: Tickets £20 + B/F Available from Access All Areas http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4715 Limited Physical Advance Tickets First Phase: at £10+ B/F , Second Phase: at £15, + B/F Third Phase: £20 + B/F Available from Twelve Tribes Clothing and Cafe (Camden) Unit 737, The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH, London - UK ...if not sold out, the rest of the Tickets will be available at the door at £20 till the legal capacity will be achieved. 600 people capacity...friendly security...smoking area... @Crucifix Lane, 7-9 Crucifix Lane, SE1 3JW, London Bridge, London - UK www.tribalvillage.co.uk Tribal Village Access All Areas Network Subsonic Systems Soma PsyLounge JOURNEY aka Jay OM Imry https://soundcloud.com/imry https://soundcloud.com/joakimfogelmark https://soundcloud.com/allaby https://soundcloud.com/psygemini https://soundcloud.com/dillanm https://www.mixcloud.com/WWWSOUNDSPLATTERSNET https://soundcloud.com/radiozora/live-set-by-jay-om-for https://soundcloud.com/joakimfogelmark https://soundcloud.com/xxlslxx https://soundcloud.com/mr-mush-free-spirit https://soundcloud.com/neutrino https://soundcloud.com/sean-spindrift https://soundcloud.com/somatrixx https://soundcloud.com/stereomantra https://soundcloud.com/djyoungkim
  18. New Reflection Dark Prog album out soon on glitchy tonic records https://soundcloud.com/gibbanez/the-art-of-magic-album-promo
  19. Robert Hundt, Berlin based producer and performer, is the guy behind Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, Munstrous and Dark Passenger. Those are his main projects today but if someone did a good research and bribed some people, he would find out that Robert is [and was] doing even more in his music career so far. A couple of other projects and we got permission to tell you [] that he also provides professional audio mastering with "Anti-Logic Berlin". Robert was born in 1981 in north-east Germany, moved to Berlin in 2003 and that's where his mind was blown first and developed into the creative esprit we find today. Another relatively big thing that Robert has started in September 2009 was Glitchy.Tonic.Records, which he is still runing today. Now we are saying 'relatively big thing' becaue this record label has grown to be a vital part of the independent or alternative psychedelic music culture. Glitchy.Tonic.Records provides quality music with a strong leaning towards musical ideas that are often refered to as Dark Progressive and also Psygressive and all of it is free to access and to download. That service is appreciated by artists and their followers so much that nowadays you find even more free netlabels that hooked up to this idea of distribution. Coming to the point, this mix by Radioactive.Cake features 20 tracks of which 85% are Glitchy.Tonic material To show off what good quality music there is on G.T.Rec he chose on 17 tracks from their repertoire and three of his own tracks from a) his album 'Motorheart', released by Electronic Power Pole in July 2013, and a track from a Maia Brasil Rec compilation and c) a collaboration with young master Mirror Me, released by Atomes Music. So use this powerful tool you're give here and let your mind explore the depths of "glitchy and tonic" music Radioactive.Cake Website https://soundcloud.com/radiozora/radioactive-cake-rattling Rattling Robots – Mix for radiOzora Tracklist: 1. Dr. Strangefunk - Think Twice (Multidimensional Merge / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 2. Electronic Grind - Just Human (Pappedelic / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 3. Zeitgeist & Mirror Me - False Awakening (Technozoide / Atmoes Music) 4. Evil Oil Man - Deep Virus Master (Pappedelic / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 5. Amuzing The Freak - Reckoning (Multidimensional Merge / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 6. Millivolt - Reality Show [ivort Remix] (unreleased Millivolt EP/ Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 7. Ellis Thomas - Land Of Enchantment (Particle Displacement / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 8. Reactant - Calm Down [Paracozm Remix] (Particle Displacement / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 9. Reactant - Calm Down (To'n Fro / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 10. Phasenverschiebungen - No Fear (Hypno.Tembr / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 11. Tiptaktik - Wake Up (Pappedelic / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 12. Radioactive.Cake - Dear Devil (Interstellar Frequencies Vol.2 / Maia Brasil Records) 13. Variant - In Formation (Sinister Grin / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 14. Minimal Criminal - Possessed By Papa Legba (Sinister Grin / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 15. Radioactive.Cake - I Hunt...Therefore I Am (Motorheart Album/ Electric Power Pole) 16. Jekyll - Yogart (Sinister Grin / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 17. Tomple2oon - The Cave Is Alive With The Sound Of Aliens (unreleased Tomple2oon EP / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 18. Radioactive.Cake - Honky Tonk (Pappedelic / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 19. Tomple2oon - Groove Business (unreleased Tomple2oon EP / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) 20. Merkaba - Starseed (Multidimensional Merge / Glitchy.Tonic.Records) Other Projects: Glitchy.Tonic.Records: http://www.glitchytonicrecords.com Radioactive.Cake: https://soundcloud.com/radioactive-cake Zeitgeist: https://soundcloud.com/zeitgeist-aka-r-cake Munstrous: https://soundcloud.com/munstrous Dark Passenger: https://soundcloud.com/dark-passenger
  20. Your trip into this subterranean world is bound to be different from any other. Providing a colourful display of sound and textures, here lurks the solid funky bass alien, looking to make contact with your cerebral appendage…Be ready for experimental terrain and extraterrestrial grooves, slabs of gnarly bass accompanied by a healthy and unique range of frequencies, digitally mutated for this adventure into the subterranean subconsious. 01 - Tomple2oon - Hoffmans Two-Toned Sloth 02 - Tomple2oon - The Cave Is Alive With The Sound Of Aliens 03 - Tomple2oon - Groove Business (feat. Jekyll) Available from Bandcamp for 2,50 € If you want to wait a bit, it will eventually turn into a free download in a couple of months. http://glitchytonicrecords.com/release/release/gtr044.html Artwork done by Xymonau. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives. Glitchy.Tonic.Records on Bandcamp Glitchy.Tonic.Records website Radioactive.Cake artist website
  21. Hey *Psyheadz*!!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately - I recently moved to Berlin - but here's my latest mix "Electromagnetic", a set @ 138 BPM, starting with dark twisted zenonesque sounds and progressively evolving towards psygressive vibes, all served on heavy rolling basslines. Enjoy! Streaming on soundcloud Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! Get my FREE app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. PLUR, DJ Celteric
  22. FREE DOWNLOAD: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/quadrophenia-dark/consciousness Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8xru07 Track List: 1 - Slytrance - Chuggernaut 2 - Malfunktion - Insight or Insanity 3 - Flicker Light - Shamaniac Journey 4 - Merkaba - Voodoo Frequency 5 - Rollercoaster - Still Breather 6 - Slytrance vs Onionbrain - Overthought 7 - Minimal Criminal - Zulu Pazuzu 8 - Wormhole vs Bupho - Blue Moon 9 - Gaz Mask - Stronger Acid 10 - Merkaba - Tools of Intent
  23. Hi there ! Here's a new dj set for you, with Love ! http://www.mixcloud.com/120_Cell/de-automate-dj-set-june-2013/ - There it is Part 2 By Cranium pie - Age of history (Phaxe remix) By Midimal - Blue Delight By Alter nature - Galactic Society By Lyctum - Human Machne By Sphera, Ritmo - Sacred Science By E-Clip - Mind=God By Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics - Lazer Shot (Symbolic Remix) By Vertical Mode - Operation By Sphera & Gaudium - Burning Babylon By Relativ - Spice travel By Sonic Species & Zen Mechanics https://www.facebook.com/pages/120Cell/134796853357117?fref=ts mig
  24. Dj set by Moss(Zenon/Uroboros Records) Genre: Dark-Prog/Psygressive Tempo: 130-135 BPM Lenght: 60 minutes https://soundcloud.com/luminous_moss/2012-mix-1 TRACKLIST: Hypogeo - Trip to Ixtlan Kromagon - And your Mama Told You..(Pick RMX) Sensient - Running With Scissors - UNR Zentrix - Drill and Clean Disfunction - Darkness(Pick RMX) Pick - The Dark Side Hypogeo - Plyomatik Mirror Me - Putrid Radioactive Cake - Let's go Beyond - UNR Sensient - Glass Eye - UNR Hellquist - Northern Night Enjoy! --------------- https://www.facebook.com/joell.moss http://www.zenonrecords.com/zenon/artist/moss/ http://www.uroborosrecords.com/artists/dj_moss.php
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