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  1. Shoes aside, let's try to keep it on General Psytrance topic, shall we? XD .... I was gonna find a Kailum track, if you remember that obscure artist
  2. Thought this would be pleasing to share here https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/75245-ganguru-mix-a-mixed-gang-of-gurus-by-aztronaut/
  3. Thanks for clicking. So an inside info about the compiler, SPECTRUM. Spectrum is Ambient Mann (DJ @ Radio Q37 / Love&Magic + Artist @ KER)
  4. ^ amazing tracks up in here, someone has to do it, so I'll post a x-train track
  5. DETOX! OMGOA didn't think you where still kicking it btw. you might as well know that Noah the guy behind this EP https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep is about to release a track on Dacru Records, a track made together with another Norwegian called Vimana Shastra. U-Reckon is the man who wants to release it and knows Noah/Ambient Mann from before. If you ask him about it I'm sure he will be thrilled for the random connection:) Boomz, and best of luck with your party .. Bubble eh
  6. KER

    Musikkfest Oslo

    The focus is psy-tones *blink* within the chillout we (Love&Magic = 10 years about 60 -proud of- party events) present to hundreds to thousands of people each year on this first saturday in June day in the middle of Oslo city in a green pearl of a park with 2 beachvolleyball courts on it, and the famouse city river running by. You wanna join us? Please do Hutti Heita, and Unknown Cause (Fragletrollet) is this years "big" names. And there will be a night party as well with thumping super Psy (we've not decided beach or forest yet). Anyway, it's about the music, not the names .. And this annual music celebration day is special. This year is our 7th year of spreading PLUR and PsyChill on the Fête de la Musique in Norway (the official date in Norway had to be changed..because of our public holiday clash) .. over 50 stages this year, spread all around the city. Oh and yeah we also OF COURSE each year spread Goatrance love on this ChillOut-scene, so this year the massive DJ-HOVA will DJ Goatrance vinyls before Hutti Heita finnishes off the music day ॐ Leading in to party-night https://www.facebook.com/events/314196742614690/ B :wub: M
  7. Does anyone happen to have information about the "Baby Killer" melody by Infected Mushroom and its origin?
  8. Track 1 of 7 on the MADI Experience LP by Material Music on OHM Ganesh Pro: Or check out the original 7th track : The fifth Madi Experience LP track:
  9. "they" repeates *voice scratches* "God you're messed up" A classic sundance track with amazing pit-crew tune-up in it
  10. This track, is bad ass. Horriblly cool, heavy, annoying, and a piece of Psytrance art anno 2017 that should have never been made, but apperantlly the whole scene mounted up to its birth A shame of a track, but its fucking kewl. Haters gonna hate.
  11. Thanks a lot for a full answer, and your welcome:) I guess to have the releases at i.e. 6 Euro wouldn't attract even more buyers? You don't have to answer this, more asking myself. I noticed by myself as a loving consumer that I bought downloadable Hallucinogen-Shpongle album from the (Bandcamp) music shop, releases that I already have from before on physical, for 6 Euros per release. If it had costed 10 Euros, I honestlly don't think I would have bought them. Which makes me think with a 10-er your missing out on some sales to many. And I sometimes worry about people in lesser strong currency that a person there will wish to buy and support, but with such a price, that person is "forced" not to support unlsss it's A release he or she really wants and saves up the funds needed to buy and support it. -- wow, Rain No Water .. it's playing on my sound. What a teardropping track if I ever heard one, kinda sad that this got a very poor physical print. But it's OK. Music first. * We all need money. PS. Will there be a Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden release on ClassicGOATrax? I never got to truly listen to it but know I would (be able to) buy it (for 10Euro)
  12. KER

    Review Requests

    Would Love of course to read whatever unbiased or biased opinion you got on Material Music as a review in the review section (search him in your preffered music site and PM me for the free release, unless you just review it from whatever and don't want it on your device. All good,). For the fun, the wish is to read a review for his DNA album on Goa Records.. bOm!
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