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  1. I didn't know that Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Cena had a son. This is too radi btw. https://rytmimystiikka.bandcamp.com/album/fuckboys-in-forest
  2. Another norwegian artist from the NOR GOA VA project have put his track on the SC-line .. . enjoy the calmness: (Unmastered)
  3. What a compilation, the CD includes the best remix of Dark Shoho's track by In R Voice. And its a debut release by psykovsky, the last track on the VA. aND HEY, THIS GUY IS NORWEGIAN
  4. Great releases from this label, i tip my sumbraro. Got no review to give on the OP release, but I just really wanted to comment this (push play from start) on the Full Face track
  5. Another track has been added to the "KER-GOA-NOR-VA" teas-list Like the track? Click the [↻ Repost] button! This is his participation the comprehensive “Norway’s Got Goatrance” VA-project presenting just about all Goatrance producers from Norway on the Psychedelic Trance & Chill Label, Kali Earth Records (KER) from Oslo, Norway. Stay tuned www.kaliearthrecords.com 'cause "Vimana Shastra - Tura" will be on this packed "GOAGILDE" VA Compilation with the best of the best Artists from the scarce but glowing Norwegian Goatrance scene. Other artists on this major VA-series incl. artists such as Ra, Goalien, Aion, Microcosm, Protostar One, Trold, Homegrown Lifeform, and many more. Boom ॐ - Namasté ~ Tura track temporarily Mastered by Johnny Wishoff, DK
  6. Spæm Psysex = Psychedelic System Exclusive
  7. Buy+listen https://freshfrequencies.bandcamp.com/album/goatrance-psystoned-v1-compiled-by-el-jay-fresh001-fresh-frequencies GoaTrance PsyStoned v1 - Compiled by EL-Jay (fresh001 - Fresh Frequencies) released March 8, 2019 *first track is a mix of the VA. *the VA seems to be containing most to all already released tracks on Geomagnetic L.B. - Like Material Music - Voice of Pressed Tin originally released on the Magic Science of DNA EP (Ovnimoon rec.)
  8. Compilation incl. Material Music - Voice of Pressed Tin
  9. For what I ear, the "jazziness" and more elements, a lot of dark psy forest sounds a lot like better modern fatter Demon Tea, oozie/suomi (Rippie Van Hippie and what not 90s flip). I bet the Danish Parvati gang had love there. Crazy Zoologians <3 The recharging, tumbling, restocking beats of forest that I usually connect to the wilder Sanatonians of sweeden, like Hallucinogenic Horses, I also hear here on these Dejan tracks, forest. And he's French .. origin of, or pathway to - donno .. https://shop.vertigo-records.com/album/terminator-dejan-overdrive
  10. Material Music - Æ (pt. 1 & 2): releases worldwide March 29, 2019 [Sting Records] Pre-order / Listen AUXIN: I recommend Foregone - https://beatspace-sting.bandcamp.com/album/auxin ~ https://www.psyshop.com/Auxin-Material-Music-Sting/sng1dw104/?fbclid=IwAR1LSJNL5T5zcBP8cxVFypQPT4I8DTfd3GTj4gYCeDNMPvXCQHvYsPYeQCA [Hi-Trip Records] Pre-order / Listen BELEN: I recommend Hallis - https://beatspace-hi-trip.bandcamp.com/album/belen ~ https://www.psyshop.com/Belen-Material-Music-HiTrip/htp1dw063/?fbclid=IwAR1mpfP4udCU-4KE6vdGGxqF-uLo3gE5ZG63PlJzk0D9o8gQ0eInBwoyyNQ - (or) check your fav. shop/streaming service ॐ
  11. Ok, I'll check it/ask and maybe send you a PM so you know :b:) *I was reffering to the links in my top post on this page, not the purple MM soundcloud that you quoted here btw. Anyway ... Im now listening to this bad boy *soon to be released*
  12. E-Mantra again ey, you know I know that name very well but not at all his music. I don't know how well familier Material Music is with E-Mantra but this is the seconed time someone (first being Manuser on the Love & Magic track) writes that it reminds of E-mantra. So I have to ask him about it. .. Do you think this sounds like E-mantra? Original track name = E Science (no -) - material Music said it has inspiration from Shakta.. But I can't hear it. I do hear the voice say Simon Power. I hear some CPC like tech in it but thats just me. Cool you liked the MM Dance track and this MM Bass track.
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