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  1. Vintage Memories AVA088 - https://avatarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/retrodelic-vibes-6 np. Cydonia - Animal People x 2
  2. So yeah, released today. I for one miss to listen to Psykovsky solo productions. Thinking it's been too much collabs over the years.. https://psykovsky.bandcamp.com/album/prostra-potustoronnego-zertsala released July 12, 2018 maquillage-coiffure:: Elian Jani & Plastic Mushroom www.instagram.com/elian_jani/ plasticmushroom.deviantart.com tous les non-dits:: soundcloud.com/echovskeybs/ duckduckgo.com?t=disconnect&x=%2Fhtml&q=merci+%C3%A0+tous&iax=images&ia=images https://psykovsky.bandcamp.com/album/prostra-potustoronnego-zertsala
  3. Groovey gravy! The I almost wanted to buy this one now. BAM! Batman on cocktail <(^-^)> ps. welcome to Arkham Rave-asylum: @ 01:32:00 ~ "Bat-man on vinyl-dj-decks : :
  4. KER

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Before I pushed play on this preview for the fun of it (looked sci-fi, thought it might be psy-fi), i thought maybe it would contain cheesy full-on. It didn't, it just had cheesy euro-trance. *still interesting to listen to modern (euro-)trance today compared to the oldee days with Magik and Tiesto stuff. Speaking of fluff, I believe these two albums added below to be the best fluffy (almost cheesy) Psytrance albums released, ever. (might be more but these two are strong within my head-top): Tripping to that new Paul Van Dyke stuff btw. is far from Psychedelic and when listening to it haven listened to normal euro-trance on strong mushroom trip before, I totally recognize it not being of psychedelic friendlyness. You know/remember that phenanonom when the cassette-player is going empty on battery. Thats how these kinda normal trance music stuff sounds like on the psy, whilst Psytrance/GOA. Rock it, at least most of the times. Much non-psy there as well if you dive into it. Of course, might be a personal thing cause as they say when speaking about music, "everything is psychedelic.." ... I think not. Anyway, what better fluffy psy-trance (full-on) album exist then that Deedrah and that Psysex example eh? Jesus christ their good.
  5. Tickle them feathers! The LP release by Material Music on Kali Earth Records, "Love & Magic the Dust Album" .. has flown over ground! >>>>>>>>> ~,~ eh, r e c o r d s. You will (still) find the physical version availible for purches on the KER Bandcamp page if you'd like it in your shelf or where ever you have your CD's at. It's a beauty, a proper nice official CDr with Jewel-case and the lot. PS. if you wanna buy it cheaper (all tracks can be downloaded for free individually), use the code-word PSYNEWS in the checkout to get a 70% discount: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/ PEACE .... LOVE MAGIC
  6. Hey, i believe you'll get the full digital download option as soon as the album is actually released .. here are some quotes from their Bandcamp site: "digital download will be available after the release of the physical cd" "Thank you! Your order ships within 3 days. Early fusion, UBAR TMAR - Early fusion | ZION604CD018 From UBAR TMAR Includes digital album The digital portion of your order is now in your collection, ready for immediate, unlimited streaming with the free Bandcamp app for iOS and Android." "Early fusion, UBAR TMAR - Early fusion | ZION604CD018, by UBAR TMAR Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album" Also in the mail you got becasue of your purchess, (Thank you!), there is a link that reads; Download your purchase, which enables you to download the current samples ........ I'm guessing as soon as the full album is released, the digital album with full tracks will be availible for Download also.
  7. KER

    What music are you listening to right now?

    @ 30 minutes ~ No word for fluffy!
  8. KER

    Microcosm - Higher Levels

    Still a masteriece! It sounded like old 'maximum' Goatrance glory in 2011, and sounds the same today. Fredrik og Georg ~ two Norwegians classic stellar goa-trance album on Ektoplazm - a "self-release". A high rise from the north of PLUR to the Goatrance scene. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/microcosm-higher-levels ~ Old-school Goatrance figs kind of fruit music *wasp inside*, holy grail and the floating astral dance, right into the end of the grave. Aum namah Shivaya, Aum namah Shivaya ~ Classic GOA. Quality gets a say. Diverts in the speaker, jah man. Let the sunshine in. 1Love Boom Shankar!