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  1. When you all of the sudden realize that the "new" FSOL album cover-art is really similar to the "old" KER logo:
  2. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Natraj-Tempel-Psychedelic-Trance-Compilation/release/328741 Question
  3. Congratulations, and an extra congratulations to Vas Cosmogenesis! He must be very proud *snicker*
  4. The artwork is done, all which is missing now is only to put on the text information and logo + barcode. I'd like to ask you who reads, for advice.. Should I not share the final art like here, for extra suprise when the buyer opens ithe VA..? I want to post it now, here for you to see. But also feel respect towards the buyers to not reviel and ruin the (complete cd123 artwork) surprise. Inputs are most welcome, im very close to showing it off. e. Haha, so inpatient and want you to see it, so here you go, the naked 3xCD VA art! and else wells, keep it a secret so the buying people will be more surprised when opening up the VA. Namaste from Norway
  5. Yes it really is And it looks like we have enough funds now to order slipcase as well! *image on the VAs prelisten-bandcamp No, the e-mail you use as your PayPal is given to us automatically (safe) , so we will contact you there when time is ready to get your post address (also safe, we will not send you brunost, unless you ask us to, he he). Again, if someone does not use PayPal or can not use it because of country restrictions, send us a mail *info in the PayPal pool link.
  6. Info: It will take about 3 weeks from VA completion (the Digipak Artwork, it's just about done!:) to it is ready to be shipped out to the ones who pre-ordered it on the the fundraiser*, then another 10 days or so until it's officially released worldwide through Beatspace Publishing/Distribution. Sooooo .if you want to preorder it as well or just spit in a cent for support..... We're now only missing 3 kroner & 4 øre to round NOK 7000. Goahead, make our day (your support is not needed as all finances are in order, but we truly appreciate your support, and preordering if you can afford it) OT* https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D
  7. #Crystallized #Mountain #Forest #Darkpsy. Can you dig those synthetic layers https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/stratum Listen out for the earth slide section. It's so Fat
  8. A after recording (5. Oct. 2019) of the DJ-set played by HOVA at Musikkfest Oslo (1. June) 2019 in a open air green park in Oslo Centrum by the city river with 2 x beach volleyball courts. 11:00- TVNDR4 (live) 12:00- SaLamandra (dj-set) 13:00- Shine (dj-set) 14:00- Brynjulv Guddal (dj+live) + Yoga 15:00- Noah's Skogsdrøm (dj+live) 16:30- Aion (dj+live) 18:00- Unknown Cause (live) 19:00- GRATIS LODDTREKNING! 19:15- TrømBorg (live) 20:15- Dj-Hova (dj-set) 21:30- Hutti Heita (live) 23:00- Slutt.
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