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  1. That's a real KER Vinyl record, btw. On it's long route to it's 1st customer. Which release you ask? ..well if you ask you will get a reply, else it's to be found in the URL .. kaliearth.bandcamp.com
  2. Tu-whit tu-whoo .. Morioun's Album is now fully released .. Expect it worldwide on your preffered shop or streaming site as the clock ticks .. KER's BC-page: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/eulenspiegel Morioun's Promo Video:
  3. Check out Morioun's promotional Video where he shows off the equipment used to create his upcoming 2nd Studio Album, 'Eulenspiegel'! It will be released worldwide on the 15th of March '24 :
  4. R U Ready for more MORIOUN? Enjoy the Preview Tracks! https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/eulenspiegel This is the LP to his '7 States Of Madness' EP. , KER & Morioun
  5. Releases worldwide on the 29th of Feb. .. This year has 366 days because August stole a day from Feb. ' ' When the Senate decided to dedicate the eighth month of the year to Octavian Augustus, someone pointed out that that month had only 30 days, while July, dedicated to Julius Caesar, had 31. In order not to wrong the new emperor, it was decided to remove a day in February and add it to August. ' '
  6. Here: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/mind-boggler & everywhere ...
  7. 2 releases by Morioun coming up 29. feb. & 15. mars '24 - EP, and LP - on K.E.R. Cat.# KERDiG032 Jacket CDR: KERCDr032 Jacket Vinyl : KERLPx032 Cat.# KERDiG033 Digipak CD: KERCD002 2xVinyl LP: KERLP001
  8. One Link to rule all them pre-order sites,One Link to find them,One Link to bring them all and on the screen bind them.
  9. Hodd, a Viking word for Forest. Yaar, the indication of Goa-Trance. Welcome to the first Hoddyaar Compilation! Availible worldwide on your preffered shop or streaming site. T1 - SPINDRIFT T2 - BEATANGE (Dj Stevo + friend) T3 - SAB KUCH MILEGATOR KER's BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/hoddyaar PS. Happy Newyears
  10. ^ Yeah Megatron, you're right. Awesome track. Personally I can not recognize the Schlabbaduerst .. But that's quite the compliment. I guess I should revisit the Rekkords releases better to hear your comparsment. About your question there's still no reply from Olof. We both approved the Mastering long time ago and production wise it is a concept album, a journey with all it's variation for audio trip effect (...) -not to copout on your observation. The album's intro and closing track for sure, and inside the album .. Mind Boggling PS. https://facebook.com/events/s/va-hoddyaar-ep-worldwide-relea/1603279213779840/
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