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  1. OUT NOW! FREE!!! Cylith's Nightmare --- Raven Claw https://pu-records.bandcamp.com/album/raven-claw "Raven Claw" is a relentless journey into the heart of Psycore/Hitech. With lightning-fast driving beats and mind-bending sonic explorations, this album delivers an immersive, high-octane experience that will leave you breathless. Prepare to be taken on a wild ride through the depths of your own psyche as the music pulses, throbs, and warps reality. Each track is a unique doorway into a world of surreal soundscapes and rhythm-driven intensity, offering an electrifying fusion of the raw and the transcendent. For those who seek sonic adventure, "Raven Claw" is your guide into uncharted territory. With a sound that is both aggressive and hypnotic, this album pushes the boundaries of what Psycore and HiTech can be, forging a new path into unexplored realms of audio expression. pls support the artist with 0,50€ and leave a comment with your favorite track
  2. OUT NOW! Psychedelic Underground V/A from Twilight to Forest to Darkpsy to HiTech and Psycore Tracklist: 1 Sonic Flux - Night Safari - 148bpm 2 Ikaray - Tumult In The Elven Kingdom - 149bpm 3 Ikaray - Pessimistic Pixie - 151bpm 4 Sonic FLux vs Cylith's Nightmare - Vortex of Obscurity - 160bpm 5 Vetart - LanceerBasis - 165bpm 6 Romeodark vs Cylith's Nightmare - Enigmatic Rhythms - 170bpm 7 Realtek - Night Evolve - 172bpm 8 Dreamcore - Shamanic Revival - 175 9 Dreamcore vs Cylith's Nightmare - Cosimc Impact - 200bpm 10 Cylith's Nightmare - Fractal Collider - 210bpm 11 Oculum - Anubis - 220bpm 12 Codex Gigas - Chucky - 220bpm 13 Bonus Track: Naatero - Metsaan Prepare to embark on a mind-expanding expedition with "Psychedelic Underground V/A," a mesmerizing compilation that showcases the cutting-edge sounds of a new wave of talented artists within the psytrance genre. This carefully curated collection takes you on a sonic adventure, delving deep into the realms of consciousness, and igniting your imagination with its vibrant and kaleidoscopic compositions. Unleashing a tapestry of hypnotic beats, pulsating rhythms, and ethereal melodies, "Psychedelic Underground V/A" pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration. With each track serving as a portal to uncharted dimensions, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where the boundaries between reality and the psychedelic realm blur, and the music becomes an extension of your very being. https://pu-records.bandcamp.com/album/psychedelic-undergound-v-a-free
  3. New FREE EP on Sonic Contrast Beings!!! https://scbrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-shadow-woods-ep or listen @ Youtube "Shadow Woods" is the 3rd album by Psytrance artist Cylith's Nightmare. The music is an exploration of the mysterious and eerie atmosphere of the shadowy forests, with driving beats, haunting melodies, and dark, ambient textures. The five tracks on the album take the listener on a journey through the moonlit glades and twisted paths of the forest, where they encounter ancient forest spirits, fearsome beasts, and mystical creatures. This music is suitable for fans of the Psytrance genre and for anyone who enjoys dark, eerie music with a touch of mysticism
  4. New EP is OUT NOW!!! FREE Moonshine Void is a captivating blend of minimal and psytrance, taking you on a cosmic journey through pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies. With tracks like "Deepest Outer Space," "Moonshine," "Void," and "Braindrive," Mycelistic Project creates a hypnotic and immersive experience that transports listeners to a realm where minimalistic grooves meet the expansive energy of psytrance. Each track showcases intricate layers, hypnotic beats, and mind-altering soundscapes, inviting you to surrender to the captivating void and embrace the transcendental power of music. Free Download @ Bandcamp https://pu-records.bandcamp.com/album/moonshine-void Listening @ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@PsychedelicUndergroundRecords
  5. Psychedelic Underground Records presents a few new previews on Soundcloud for upcoming releases: NEW PROJECT - Mycelistic - upcoming EP in spring 2023: MoonshineVoid - Techtrance/Minimal/Psytrance ARITIST NEWS - Cylith's Nightmare - 3rd album coming in spring 2023: RavenClaw - Psycore/HiTech/Darkpsy/Forest ARTIST NEWS - Ikaray - 2nd EP: News From Arda - june 2023 - Forest NEW COLLABORATION - between Oculum and Cylith's Nightmare - upcoming EP summer 2023 COLLAB V/A - Cylith's Nightmare and Friends vol1: Woods from Hell - 2023 (feel free to join in - soundstyle range from DarkProg to Darkpsy to Forest to Psycore to HiTech - contact us on Facebook) Some new Previews are available on Soundcloud @ FREE SOUNDS are available @ Bandcamp https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/ Feel free to join our new rising label and let it grow.... Just released: Oculum - Ascension Technology Cylith's Nightmare - Face the Demon Ikaray - Oblivion Ikaray - Odd Gods greets from Austria/Innsbruck
  6. Psychedelic Underground Records presents: Ascension Technology -by- Oculum After the technological rise in the 3000s the world was no longer the same, it was completely decimated by famine and war! thus making humans look for a habitable planet.... HORUS - was found, but with the advanced technology of that small dark planet the advancement of humanity and 0%. The exploitation of humans provokes the wrath of the machines and day by day they hunt humans one by one, little by little there are few remnants of human identity throughout the planet HORUS. Humans, who traveled from EARTH, try to survive fighting Horus Intelligence in this chaotic and dark world. https://oculum.bandcamp.com/album/oculum-ascension-technology-3
  7. Hi i want to make a collab track for my collab VA..... Just need Discord Or Discord and Bitwig would be outstanding but not necessary greets Cylith
  8. OUT NOW! Face the Demon -by- Cylith's Nightmare Spooky nighttime floors with jucy guitar riffs ROCK! until you face the Demon ;))) from 145bpm to 205bpm available @ Bandcamp/Beatspace, Spotify, Beatport, iTunes;.... https://beatspace-psychedelicunderground.bandcamp.com/album/face-the-demon
  9. Psychedelic Underground Records presents: ODD GODS - by - Ikaray OUT NOW !!! @ Beatspace https://beatspace-psychedelicunderground.bandcamp.com/album/odd-gods @ Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/odd-gods/3901625 Ikaray's debut EP is a compilation of 4 deep FOREST tracks. About Forests, poetry, rituals and stars. About whispers, visions, encounters and scars. Immerse yourself into the realms of the Odd Gods... have fun withe listening and playing
  10. Hello everyone! Also for FREE is NOW Cylith's Nightmare's album "Realm of Cata". have fun while listening and playing download @ Bandcamp https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/music greets P U R - Psychedelic Underground Records
  11. Hello everyone! Here is Oculum Romeodark and Cylith's Nightmare with a nice Psycore track. download @ Bandcamp https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/music listen @ Soundcloud greets P U R - Psychedlic Underground Records
  12. Hello everyone! Psychedelic Underground Records released some found tracks (mixed and masterd) of Cylith's Nightmare for FREE Infected by a game: Tetris Madness!!! (Theme @ Bandcamp to download https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/music Have fun while listening and playing greets P U R - Psychedelic Underground Records
  13. Feel free to contact us, if you want to release @ our label ... ... ... ... ... ... espacially when your experimental sound is outstanding and does not fit in other labels.... lets rock @ psychedelic underground records
  14. I present you our new rising label Psychedelic Underground Records here the links to our sites: Website https://www.psychedelic-underground-records.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PsychedelicUndergroundRecords Soundcloud have fun and enjoy the previews Ungsunds Album will be released in a month greets Cylith
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