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  1. Psychedelic Underground Records presents: ODD GODS - by - Ikaray OUT NOW !!! @ Beatspace https://beatspace-psychedelicunderground.bandcamp.com/album/odd-gods @ Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/odd-gods/3901625 Ikaray's debut EP is a compilation of 4 deep FOREST tracks. About Forests, poetry, rituals and stars. About whispers, visions, encounters and scars. Immerse yourself into the realms of the Odd Gods... have fun withe listening and playing
  2. Hello everyone! Also for FREE is NOW Cylith's Nightmare's album "Realm of Cata". have fun while listening and playing download @ Bandcamp https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/music greets P U R - Psychedelic Underground Records
  3. Hello everyone! Here is Oculum Romeodark and Cylith's Nightmare with a nice Psycore track. download @ Bandcamp https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/music listen @ Soundcloud greets P U R - Psychedlic Underground Records
  4. Hello everyone! Psychedelic Underground Records released some found tracks (mixed and masterd) of Cylith's Nightmare for FREE Infected by a game: Tetris Madness!!! (Theme @ Bandcamp to download https://psychedelicugr.bandcamp.com/music Have fun while listening and playing greets P U R - Psychedelic Underground Records
  5. Feel free to contact us, if you want to release @ our label ... ... ... ... ... ... espacially when your experimental sound is outstanding and does not fit in other labels.... lets rock @ psychedelic underground records
  6. I present you our new rising label Psychedelic Underground Records here the links to our sites: Website https://www.psychedelic-underground-records.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PsychedelicUndergroundRecords Soundcloud have fun and enjoy the previews Ungsunds Album will be released in a month greets Cylith
  7. Realm of Cata --- Out Now! Psycore with Metal Elements Cylith´s Nightmares 1st Album Most influenced by Catatonic Despair... Manuel Schutti started a Project called Cylith´s Nightmare to bring some Metal tunes on a spooky psycore floor. https://darksidegeneration.bandcamp.com/album/realm-of-cata Label: Darkside Generation Production Mastering: Mirgi / Darkside Generation Artwork: Danijel Alic (Psybox) Thx to all people ... supported my production, thx to E-Clip for his fantastic tutorials and courses, also thx to Dash/Glitch for tutorials https://darksidegeneration.bandcamp.com/album/realm-of-cata or Youtbe: have a listen and fun
  8. If you really like a part in a Song pls leave a comment on Soundcloud...thx greets Cylith
  9. Hello erverybody!!! I released 3 Tracks on my Soundcloud site to DOWNLOAD and listening.... Tracks: ----Infected By A Game 160bpm ---Solar 215bpm ---Sonom 190bpm I`m just working on my debut album (full of Metal Elements) (still unsigned), and made these Tracks beside..... Have a listen and ENJOY IT.... Thx and greets Cylith
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