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  1. I have created a website on which everyone can pitch his released track to Spotify playlist curators for consideration, and most importantly.. for free. In case you don't want to watch my fuckface, which is unbearable also to myself, just go on the site. >> www.playlisterz.com
  2. Ravers Of The 90s ॐ The 1st Rave Parties In Greece - YouTube
  3. All dark psy trance producers united, are a tiny little hair of my left nutball.
  4. In this video i cite the reasons that I believe psytrance will soon cease to exist in the form that we know it. Check my music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2gponzmhHF1GO3L7J4Ox9B
  5. I don't know.. just some visuals. I tried to generate a surreal environment.
  6. Hi What you think about this legendary remix contest and the winners ? Post below your own remix of this contest. Here is mine: I made this remix long after the contest was finished. And i am sure other people found the stems and did the same. So feel free to post your remix below.
  7. Find me on Spotify: In this tutorial I demonstrate 3 tangible ways of coming up with your own melody.
  8. 15 interesting tips & tricks for Fruity Loops that you will find useful. 1. Use the Peak Controller 2. Keep all Windows open 3. Close all Windows at once 4. Undo properly 5. Spear Playlists 6. Give live feel to your Instruments 7. Insert gaps in your Timeline 8. Duplicate automation clips 9. Create reversed reverb 10. Smart disable & save CPU usage 11. Faster Recording 12. Copy/move Effects 13. Convert VST into Sample 14. Get the notes of a Sample 15. Smoother transition between Vocals Follow me on Spotify:
  9. A documentary produced in 1995 for the Greek Television. Translated & converted to HD in 2018 for everyone to enjoy.
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