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Found 3 results

  1. Set deep in the majestic hills around Sofia at the heart of Bulgaria. AYMON festival is an electronic music and arts festival which lies in one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the country. Totally contained amongst the mountain creating a safe haven where hedonism can flourish and thrive. AYMON festival will be host to some of the most exciting musical talents from the country and abroad, along with interesting performances, innovative installations and mind blowing visual arts. You can expect to hear an extremely diverse collection of music; ranging from Psychedelic trance, techno and ambient music. Whilst rooted in the electronic music scenes, AYMON festival is a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul. It’s a celebration of psychedelic art and culture in a society which is increasingly looking within for happiness and fulfilment. We have an amazing, receptive and intelligent community of people who we aim to mobilise through transformational experience and creative expression. By inspiring personal growth and social responsibility via the medium of art, music and healing, we hope to empower the individual to affect real positive change in the world. Our journey was inspired by sacred rhythms and healing frequencies. Join us and we will lead you to unexplored corners of the YOUniverse. Divine Magic Theory presents: ♫ • AYMON Festival 2020 • ♫ ☀ 04 - 06 September 2020 ☀ ☯ MEGDAMON - the main stage with a colourful variety of psychedelic music -Progressive, Full on, Twilight, Forest, Dark, Hi-tech, Psybient, Ambient/Downtempo ☯ ZEN SPACE - yoga, lectures, shamanic wisdom sharing, ancient rituals... For your well- being you will find also: ✮ Quality sound systems ✮ Decoration art by Lunar Deco https://www.facebook.com/Lunar-Deco-410406372393215/ ✮ Hand made accessories ✮ Friendly bar ✮ Vedic kitchen ✮ Natural spring water under the shadows of the forest ✮ Camping area ✮ Parking ✮ Friendly security ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ●•٠··٠•●ૐ ~More information coming very S☀☀N ~ Organized by Divine Magic Theory crew. https://www.facebook.com/divine.rec/ Facebook page Facebook event:
  2. The 15th annual! July 24-28 2014 Golden BC Canada Four nights in a spectacular venue surrounded by mountains and untouched national park. Four stages, all styles of electronic music (emphasis on psy at night), camping, workshops, wood fired sauna, live art, public art wall, performers, costumes, fire effects, lazers, professional sound, vendors, glacial river, pond, BYOB, pets, all ages, 24hr security, 24hr medical, 24hr sanctuary. http://www.motionnotion.com http://www.facebook.com/motionnotionfestival
  3. GEOPARADISE FULL MOON GATHERING RED FROG BEACH, BASTIMENTOS ISLAND (BOCAS DEL TORO) ** THE CARIBBEAN SEA ** PANAMA 5th-6th MAY 2012 Live BEARDY WEIRDY (UK) - Wild Things Records www.wildthingsrecords.co.uk SIMON BARING (UK) - Nano Rec / Neon / Twisted www.nanorecords.co.uk ROBIN TRISKELE (UK) - Triskele Management www.triskelemanagement.com MI5 (UK) - GeoParadise GeoParadise.org LUA MEIGA (ES) - GeoParadise GeoParadise.org NAAZ (CAN) - Sonesta Records www.sonestarecords.com PHOENIX (CR) MURLIDELIC (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org GIZZ ORO (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org PROPORTION (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org D'JK (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org MIND PULSE (PA) Many more DJ's to come Welcome to the fourth edition in our series of free Full Moon Gatherings So, here it is, a bit late in the posting, number 4 on our series of Caribbean Full Moon Gatherings. This time on the world famous Red Frog Beach, Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro. Flying in all the way from England, three amazing artists from the chill out, progressive and full on UK psytrance family. Beardy Weirdy will be laying down the much anticipated debut album Squelch Monster (official release date: May 12th). Simon Baring will rearrange your grey matter with an undoubtedly twisted rendition on the ones and twos and the stupendously experienced Robin Triskele will be bringing home the veggie bacon like only a psy goddess of her caliber could do. At its best MI5 will be on site with the deepest dance music going. From Costa Rica we have Phoenix with fully psychedelic and mind-blowing music. Lua Meiga, our resident Galician spinner, will as usual weave her own blend of magic. Crossing the country from the capital the BPM crew headed by the irrepressible Murlidelic are for sure gonna rock the place with the funkiest tunnage on the dance floor. Mind Pulse, the busiest local DJ in Bocas will add to the already impressive line up with his full-on, dark and wonderfully introspective music. As with all our gatherings, more acts will be added to the line up as and when they are confirmed. Musicians and djs play for free and many have expressed their intent to come by their own means to the gatherings. This is what the line up shows. Circumstances out of our control might cause changes in the line up that GeoParadise cannot predict or assume responsibility for. The Full Moon Gatherings are FREE, that said we are more than happy to accept donations to help fund the Indigenous Meeting in the Tribal Gathering 2012. BOCAS DEL TORO IS A TROPICAL PARADISE CONSISTING OF 64 PERFECT CORAL REEFED ISLANDS, ADORNED WITH COCONUT PALMS AND WHITE SANDY BEACHES, NESTLED IN THE WARM CARIBBEAN SEA OFF THE COAST OF PANAMA. Food and drink: We kindly ask you to leave your coolers and alcohol at home, please. The party is free and your money at the bar helps cover some of the costs. There is food available nearby at the beach in 2 gorgeous restaurants or you are more than welcome to bring your own. PLEASE BRING DRINKING WATER for the duration of the event. Accommodation: You should bring your tent or hammock. Camping at the beach is free. There are also a budget hostel and luxury villas at a walking distance from the beach and an affordable and beautiful tent lodge close-by on the beach. Camping in the tent lodge is not free, but is very cheap and comes with the bonus of the use of their community kitchen, showers and other amenities. There are also other accommodation options on the island, but they all require a boat ride to Red Frog. For more information, please, contact us Guidelines: This event is on a beautiful, natural beach, so please take everything home that you decide to bring. Your litter is your responsibility. If you visit the neighbor beach "Playa de las Estrellas" (Starfish beach), please, do not touch or disturb the starfish to keep them healthy. IMPORTANT!! Cash machine and petrol available in Bocas Town. There is no petrol or cash machines available in Boca del Drago, so make sure you bring enough for the weekend!! Locals are really friendly, you just have to ask around to find anything you need. Entry fee: FREE Location: Red Frog Beach Bastimentos Island Bocas Del Toro, Panama In the Caribbean sea by the border of Panama and Costa Rica GETTING HERE COULDN'T BE EASIER: There are numerous buses to Bocas Del Toro Panama. Costs from Panama city are around $23, David around $12 and around $15 from San Jose (Costa Rica) (add $3 for the boat to Colon island). Flights from Panama city to Bocas are around $80 + taxes each way operated by Air Panama. Nature Air flies from San José (Costa Rica) to Bocas at about $180-200 each way. Check their websites for more info and book in advance to guarantee your place. Once in Bocas town catch one of the lanchas (boats) at $5 to Red Frog Beach in Isla Bastimentos. There are plenty drivers and companies that offer the service in town, you just need to ask around at the main street. For the shortest walk to the gathering site, get the boat to drop you at the first entrance to Red Frog, although you can also come from the public pier. Both ways there is a $3 fee to pay to the land owners for using their private paths to cross their properties and access the beach. These are the only two ways to access Red Frog Beach since boat access onto the beach is not possible. For more information on transport, please contact us. Pop to our website for more info
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