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  1. CalledByCthulhu

    Your favorite goatrance / psytrance DJ sets ?

    Thanks for all the love in this thread. I'm stoked that you liked it Project 2501 LSD -25 Visible sound recordings
  2. CalledByCthulhu

    Project 2501 -Derelict Space Beacon *New Full Length Set*

    A collaboration with gumbie heart of the 420 nurses. 2 tracks mixed with sampling I created.
  3. CalledByCthulhu

    Throwback to 2011 top viewed mix (Project 2501 - Derelict Space Beacon)

    Soundcloud download link Listen to PROJECT 2501 - DERELICT SPACE BEACON - LSD25 visible sound recordings by Project 2501 LSD-25 rec. #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jasonkillstar/derelict-space-beacon-lsd25
  4. CalledByCthulhu

    Skizologic - Stimulation

    What a coincidence!!! There is a dj that goes by the name of Project 2501 that released a psytrance mix entitled coexist about 7 years ago!
  5. CalledByCthulhu

    Project 2501 -Derelict Space Beacon *New Full Length Set*

    thank you for the kind words.....which practice sessions are you referring to? just curious
  6. CalledByCthulhu

    Screamjack - Cosmic Orgasm (Goa Trance)

    Nice work