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  1. I chose the exact same sandman tracks! Nice. You should definitely check this mix out. It has all three sandman tracks you've listed and a couple koxbox tracks including stratofierce plus hallucinogen's space pussy and hux flux's classic "time slices."
  2. Technology is a double edged sword. Through it, we were graced with the advent of the "DJ." And with it, we will suffer the heart felt anguish as it will lead to the death of the DJ. The now instant accessibility to virtual DJ software and mock DJ controller set ups that eliminate learning curve difficulties and allow just about anyone to call themselves a DJ is responsible for the steady decline of skillful DJs and has given rise to a collective indifference toward the art of transitional mixing and subsequently began the acceptance of the thousands upon thousands of self proclaimed DJs who are nothing more than an over glorified playlist shuffle button.

  3. LoL But no. I do not perform. I'm old and am too busy with my professional trade 6 days a week. Goa and psy is just a hobby I picked after first hearing it back in 97
  4. Lunar cycle makes for a great intro Check it out
  5. You can always make your own intro.. For example
  6. Check out cosmosis - deus (agnostic remix) when you get a chance
  7. I am not familiar with that track but I will check it out tonight
  8. Dude.. the title name is so sick. Only a few people will get the lovecraft reference of the city of r'lyeh
  9. I expect a showcase of skill in beat matching, phrasing, and transitional mixing. And a track list of lesser known bangers. For example
  10. Amazing set by one of the original pioneer DJs of goa trance
  11. +1 on the Deviant Electronics album. Also recommend the Orichalcum & The Deviant album
  12. Sandman - Witchcraft GMS - Chaos Laboratory Cosmosis - Cosmology Distance to goa 4 Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare Infected mushroom - The Gathering
  13. Sandman 1. Shockwave 2. Natural born killer 3. Highway 101 Hallucinogen 1. Space pussy 2. Deranger 3. Astral pancakes Cosmosis 1. Deus (agnostic remix) 2. Alien disco 3. Morphic resonance
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