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  1. Transitional mixing in goa is a dying art Listen to visible sound recordings by Project 2501 LSD-25 rec. on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jasonkillstar/visible-sound-recordings
  2. Even though I am pretty much retired.. Started in 98 but I havnt recorded a set since 2014... I started with vinyl and then moved on to serato. I never learned how to use a controller.. I used my technics sl-1200mkii and vestax pmc-05 mixer for everything... But...I'll just go ahead and drop this hear if you havnt heard it.. my last and (personal best) mixed set. It's a preplanned and rehearsed set that I practiced and practiced until it was perfect... and I'm very pleased with the results... Enjoy..
  3. So I just finished listening to one of your sets on youtube... it was the 40 min long video showing your deck and live mixing.. You are a DJ.... Highly skilled and a joy to watch and listen to.. You have every right to criticize the current state of DJing and other DJs need to pay attention..
  4. I like how you think... But the sad reality is that the only people who really care about beat matching, phrasing, mixing in key, or any other skills involved in DJing are other DJs... Party goers and fans of the music have no clue what the DJ is doing and they only care about the track being played. I on the other hand am admittedly a tough critic and the only thing I pay attention to and desire in a mix are perfect transitions done in a variety of different ways and methods.. and the more clever and difficult the transition is the more enjoyable it is for me to listen to..
  5. I mean... Listen to this starting at about 9:10 and witness that horrendous transition..
  6. Are you serious? Goa Gil??? Hes a legend and all but as far as skills? Hes terrible. I never understood why the record labels he was signed to that released his CDs allowed his horribly un beatmatched transitions to appear on his albums.. I mean no offense by saying this but the fact that you said Goa Gil is a clear indicator that you have no idea what a good DJ is..
  7. Crap.. I didnt realize the thread was about "headphone" systems.. My mistake
  8. Some of the best stereo imaging and sharpest soundstage can be found in these... Hux Flux - Experimenting with potions. (The whole cryptic crunch album actually) Cosmosis - Disassociation Infected mushroom - nutmeg Beast - spawn / trouble BIC - Vermillion Technossomy - VTOL Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare The Deviant - STC Charm - Brain Structure
  9. Merkaba is exactly. The name of the album has slipped my mind but the low frequency manipulation is unique amongst everything in the genre. Good call
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