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  1. Welcome to Psylicious Radio Friday 13th Special… This special producer show case show presents a psychedelic audio exclusive for your listening pleasure with: N.A.S.A. (DK) – MUTALISK (DK) – INFERNAL GIFT (GR / USA) N.A.S.A. takes you into his hypnotic progressive musical journey before he flies you deeper into the murky dark depths of his dark psychedelic sound that is Mutalisk - the sound of Mutalisk is really special and a must too be heard. Rounding off is Infernal Gift - his sound progressive dark psytrance combined with dark psytrance. With releases on Ovnimoon Records and Goa Records, you know this is the sound of darker qualities. With a 20 year history of musical production behind him along with working as a key producer with some of trance music’s legendary names, including a catalogue of releases under his belt, Infernal Gift is his new and latest musical project. Look out for his next release, coming soon...! Listen To The Show Psylicious Links Website: http://www.psylicious.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/psylicious Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/psylicious Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/Psylicious Mailing List: https://psylicious.fanbridge.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psyliciousofficial Psylicious Radio Links Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/psyliciousradio Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PsyliciousRadio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psyliciousradio
  2. Psylicious Radio is now relaunched and back in orbit after spending a brief hiatus visiting galaxies far away. We teamed up with our good friends from the Polish psychedelic scene, Be Psychedelic for this show. Be Psychedelics next party celebrates the KoxBox 30 Year Anniversary Tour! Listen To The Show Radio Show Schedule Running Order Remo Klein aka VIS MAIOR [Be Psychedelic] EarthAlien [Psylicious] Tuszi Tushe [Be Psychedelic] Daclee [Be Psychedelic] Spread the LoVe Enjoy! Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/psyliciousradio Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PsyliciousRadio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psyliciousradio Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psyliciousofficial Mailing List: https://psylicious.fanbridge.com Website: http://www.psylicious.com
  3. Illuminacja 6 - KoxBox 30 Year Anniversary Tour Date: Friday October 4th '19 Time: 21:00 - 06:00 Venue: Bunkier, Olejarna 3, 80-843 Gdansk, Poland https://bunkierclub.pl Tickets: 45 zl - 55 zl Main KOXBOX (Zer01 Dania) 30 Year Anniversary set! EarthAlien (Psylicious, UK) Elf (SCC) Meff (Egodrop / Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival) Remo Klein (Be psychedelic) Silicium Acid Orange Crew Sterling Moss (Rebeltek / Stay Up Forever Collective UK) Dusha (Absurd Squad / Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival) Pako (Acid Orange Crew / PAKO AOC) R-miX (Acid Orange Crew) Robo (Acid Orange Crew) Chillout Asphodel (Moon Unity) Daclee (Be psychedelic) Korn L (Be psychedelic) Kuczer (Shiva Space Technology) Kudlaty (Be psychedelic) Muzyczny Krawiec Décor 2Deko (Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival) Swierszcz (Dance For Life) Przemek Kryszk Architipi (Be psychedelic) Baba Yaga's Masks (Be psychedelic) Psyday art (Be psychedelic) Party Info: Be Psychedelic Party Info
  4. Auricle is an established and respected DJ within the Australian and International psychedelic trance scene; having launched herself as a Psytrance DJ in 2004 with her International debut in the same year in Hong Kong for Sonic Dragon, witnessed and memorized by 1200+ party goers! With an expanse of knowledge and understanding for all genres of electronic music the sound of Auricle has a solid foundation of which her sonic infusions are created onto the trance floor; from progressive to full onto tracks with a harder edge are what flows from Auricle’s heart with accurate mixing skill and energy, as she delivers her psychedelic journey of soundscapes that are full of melodic rhythms, spine-tingling melodies and driving bass lines that ensure she is a DJ that is defined for quality and perfection. Follow Auricle on... Facebook | Mixcloud | Instagram Auricle | Psylicious | Subscribe To The Mailing List Bookings & Info: bookings@psylicious.com auricle@psylicious.com
  5. Auricles 'Deeper' psychedelic journey takes you on a slower and smoother ride - complimented with hypnotic grooves and laden with melodic depth that will encapsulate your mind throughout this deeper auricular experience! Enjoy! Track Listing: 01: Psyonysus - Dimensions of Consciousness 02: Egorythmia & Yestermorrow - Midnight Ritual 03: Shanko - Deep Space Traveler 04: Ritmo & Liquid Soul - Be Right 05: Audiotec & Zen Mechanics - Telemetry 06: One function - Time & Space 07: Protonica & Tristate - Source Code 08: Atacama & Jakaan - Etros Protector 09: Mindbenderz - Wormhole 10: Atomizers - Silence SoundCloud Follow Auricle on... Facebook | Mixcloud | Instagram Auricle | Psylicious | Subscribe To The Mailing List Bookings & Info: bookings@psylicious.com auricle@psylicious.com
  6. Psylicious Radio will be relaunching fully on Friday 6th September 2019. The radio show will return weekly, each Friday with all shows uploaded to our Psylicious Radio Mixcloud page. Psylicious Radio Show History Psylicious Radio was launched in 2007 and then moved over to the AudioAddictz Psy Trance Internet Radio station in 2008, based in the UK, serving a World Wide audience with the many wonders of Psychedelic trance music. AudioAddictz ran it's station continuously 24/7 and featured some major shows with up to 40 Acts and DJs. Psylicious Radio was featured every last Wednesday of the month before running it's shows weekly. Guest mixes & sets are featured on each Psylicious Radio show, past guest DJ mixes and Producer live set's have included names such as; Auricle, BPM, Doctor Spook, Ed Tangent, N.A.S.A., O.O.O.D, Psykia, Talamasca, Twisted ReAction, Safi Connection as well as the "Resident Showcase" and "Label Showcase" concepts that have drawn listeners to shows each night. Our concept & show format will remain the same as it always has done so if you are a DJ or producer wishing to have your mixes and sets showcased then please make contact through the Psylicious Website contact page, selecting Radio in the subject option. Psylicious Radio | News | Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud | Psylicious Radio | Facebook | Subscribe To The Mailing List
  7. TranceMission is the latest DJ promotion mix from EarthAlien.Blasting off into this psychedelic fueled journey 'TranceMission' is sure to oscillate your audio senses, with its cosmic break downs and driving bass lines, giving you a full on psychedelic experience. Track Listing: 01: Spectra Sonics - Anyone Out There 02: Hopeku - Acid Man 03: Disorder - Deranged Labyrinths Of DNA 04: Man Made Man - Karahana (Blazed Rmx) 05: Laughing Buddha & Space Tribe - Mind Altering Technology 06: FrankE & Illington - Hidden Pathways 07: Massive - Full Blasting 08: Everblast - Ergot 09: Arkomo - Lost Mountain 10: Coral - Oracular 11: Mekkanikk - Psywalker Info & Bookings
  8. Tracklisting: 01: All That Remains 02: Addicted to Sin 03: A Bit Closer to Heaven 04: Mindfly - Being Arrogant(N.A.S.A. Remix) 05: Legolam 06: Absolute Magnetism 07: Penetration Generation 08: Flodekaramel 09: Menage A Trois 10: Daylight 11: Snaredrop 12: Someone to Watch Over Me 13: Chemical Religion 14: Log On 15: Sloppy Noodle 16: Cherry Lips 17: Delysid 18: Lulu 19: Unfaithful 20: Mortal Coil 21: Ultrasaved 22: Ultrasaved(Remix) Re-Releases is a collectible album release by N.A.S.A.boasting 22 tracks previously released and now available to buy from Bandcamp. N.A.S.A. needs little introduction, his trade mark sound has echoed throughout the psychedelic scene for many years and, seen him play at some of the most established and reputable parties and festivals the scene has to offer. Re-Releases contains all the flavours of progressive psytrance and deep psytrance music that N.A.S.A. is well known for. Deep hypnotic tones combined with spine tingling melodies, infused with groundbreaking bass lines are all within this splendid collection of music that is an engineered timeline of audio pleasure for all listeners, fans and you guessed it, trance floors. Enjoy! Available to preview and buy at Bandcamp N.A.S.A. Bookings & Information Information & Bookings Facebook Soundcloud Twitter
  9. Robert Vadney - Cosmic Trance Mission Release Date: 2015-10-15 Label: Pulsar Dark Catalog: PULSARD010 Tracklisting: 01: Moonshot(Original Mix) 02: Man On The Moon 03: Strayed Satellite 04: The Lost Planet(Original Mix) 05: Black Hole Zion(Original Mix) 06: Master Of The Universe 07: Big Bang Theory 08: Astral Fireworks 09: Spaceman's Theme After spending many years honing his skills, dabbling in all sorts of genres, producing for Paul Oakenfold and many others, helping establish his name among the Trance and general EDM listeners as a truly unique producer with a very distinct sound, Robert decided it was high time to drop the ball and return to his beloved roots; the true sound of underground Trance fused with the old-school Rave elements and flavors of the Psy/Goa scene of his childhood. 'Cosmic Trance Mission' is his first full-on, all-Trance album that will take you on a journey like no other. Listen / Buy: Beatport
  10. Formed in 2005 by Israeli producers Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have escalated throughout the world of Psychedelic Trance and EDM. Their music is original and quality high, as they combine the cutting edge with the roots of the old school, always following their own musical journey. Having played in almost every country that holds electronic dance music events both Kobi and Eitan are well known for their energy, stage presence and crowd interaction as the dance floor responds ensuring they have heard them LOUD and clear! With 4 albums, a remix album and compilation album released, not counting the many EPs and tracks released LOUD continue to break down the musical barriers and ignite dance floors where ever they go. Signed to globally respected Nano Records, LOUD continue to enjoy the respect from other leading musicians and producers, including collaborations and been remixed by names such as Union Jack, Hallucinogen, Son Kite, Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Shulman, Prometheus, Ace Ventura, Domestic, and many others. Want to know more? Cause you do! So on that not it gives me great pleasure to introduce Kobi and Eitan to the Psylicious interview table to find out more! [Read the full interview here].
  11. We all have different tatses and expectations Just finished an interview with Ben Watkins, Read the full interview feature here
  12. Formed as an art project in 1990 Juno Reactor have been pushing the musical boundaries of ‘genius’, since their first single release ‘Laughing Gas’ in 1993, a pioneering Goa trance track that has stood its test of time, still sounding fresh as it did back then! Juno Reactors wide spectrum of musical genres have provided an epicentre of creativity that has so far seen the release of 8 albums, with their 9th a compilation of remixes of their 8th album, ‘The Golden Sun of the Great East’, aptly named ‘The Golden Sun….Remixed’, due for release on the 15th June 2015 on Metropolis Records. The music of Juno Reactors Ben Watkins and the many collaborations attained during its history has throbbed many dance floors around the World and pulsated onto the big screens of cinema and film; notably Mortal Kombat , Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions to name a few. If the name of Ben Watkins and Juno Reactor are new to you, I urge you to discover the music and re-watch the films for a greater understanding of what Juno Reactor is all about, pushing musical boundaries to the very edge of your consciousness! So on that note, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Juno Reactors, Ben Watkins to the Psylicious interview table to find out much more! Read the full interview feature here
  13. ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is the newest album release from Juno Reactor, whom need no introduction at all! The very word ‘Remixed’ can indicate only one thing; rewinding back to 2013 when Juno Reactor released his 8th album ‘The Golden Sun Of The Great East’. Fast forward to 2015, venturing into the reactor once again, coupled with an atomic selection of remixes creating an ‘audio reaction’ of musical creativity that simply pushes this album to the very brink of? Genius!! With a strong Juno Reactor fan base already attained, ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ album will no doubt inject its self further onto trance floors as it creates a path way for established and new fans alike. So is this just ‘another’ remix album to pacify Juno Reactors fan base? Certainly not! ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is a strong credit to the power that Juno Rectors Ben Watkins injects into his music, even more so when there is no loss to the original material. You could simply call this a ‘musical extension’ that is built upon the solid foundation that is, ‘The Golden Sun Of The Great East’. Extrawelts remix of ‘Final Frontier’ evokes a sensorial stimulus that really hooks you into what ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed has to offer’. Tracks such as the GMS remix of ‘Zombie’, Zeologics’ remix of ‘Tempest’ and Cylons’ remix of ‘Trans Siberian’ each penetrate into the existing power that Ben Watkins originally achieved in keeping with the Juno Reactor sound albeit optimising a refreshing vitality throughout. In its own right ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is a heavy weight album infused with psychedelic preservation of freshness that is a musical testament to the core of Juno Reactor; its past, present and future. By no means is this just some…dare I say it ‘cheesy’ cliché rushed album to elude the hunger for another Juno Reactor album. ‘The Golden Sun _ Remixed’ is long awaited and what you have all been waiting for, fulfilling your hunger leaving very little room for more! Enjoy!! Remixed by: Extrawelt (Final Frontier) GMS (Zombie) Bliss (Guillotine) Ritmo (Invisible) Zeologic (Tempest) Cylone (Trans Siberian) Modus (Shine) Tortured Brain (2 Byculla) Jitter (Playing with Fire) Listen / Buy: Beatport Written by: Psylicious
  14. Recorded live at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM). Dryad is well known as a DJ who plays dark forest sounds, but lets rewind time back to July 21st 2012!Dryad performed this set at 'The Visionary Tattoo' in collaboration with CoSM and famed visionary artist Alex Grey. The result; a seamless blend of down tempo, progressive, psydub, interwoven with psychedelic soundscapes. This set is a testament to the ability and skill Dryad has to offer. https://www.mixcloud.com/Psylicious/dryad-chapel-of-sacred-mirrors-cosm TRACK LISTING: 01. Bluetech - Finding The Future By Looking Backwards 02. Aes Dana - Chernozem (Remix) 03. Sympath - Zero Sum 04. Sphingida - Over The Depth 05. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis 06. Atriohm - Tengri 07. Phutureprimitive - Innerverse 08. Eat Static - Sands Of Time 09. Desert Dwellers - Moonlit Horizons 10. Kaya Project - Raag To Ragga 11. Kaya Project feat. Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Eye Of The Storm 12. Slackbaba - Tsenstak 13. Scann-Tec - Hope 14. Zero Cult - Redreaming 15. Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze (Ott Remix) 16. Eat Static - Holy Stone 17. Pitch Black - South Of The Line 18. Gaiana - Silenzio delle Sirene 19. Vonoom - Aboard The Earthship 20. Etnoscope - Qula 21. BLT & Cosma - Global Spirit 22. Tantrumz - Ignition 23. Buzz & Symphonix - Perfect Day 24. Bitmonx & DJ Fabio - Deep Sense 25. Grouch - Monster 26. Bitmonx - Blindspot 27. Nerso - Enchanted Forest 28. M-Field - Unified Theory 29. Cosma - Lost In Space 30. Slackbaba - Dubterrania 31. Quanta - Coping With Babylon 32. Globular - A Highly Sprung Spring 33. Desert Dwellers - Snake Charmer 34. Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit :: Dryad 2015 European Tour Bookings Now Available :: :: INFO :: DOWNLOADS :: NEWS :: BOOKING CONTACT :: http://www.psylicious.com/acts/dryad
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